Father Says: “Don’t Cry. I’ve Got You.”

Father Says: "Don't Cry. I've Got You." | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comMy son wouldn’t stop crying this morning. He’s just over three months old, and he’s going through a developmental leap right now. Leaps make babies extra-fussy, and he was sure demonstrating that today.

At first, I wore him in my baby wrap; usually the closeness of being snuggled up to my chest calms him down after a few minutes. But today, it didn’t work. Then I changed his diaper, just in case. Didn’t help. I tried feeding him, but he wouldn’t eat. He still cried and fussed.

So I walked him around the house; that usually helps too, because he can feel the movement and (I’m told) it reminds him of the womb.

No go, though. Still crying and crying and fussing.

So finally, I sat down with him in my rocking chair and just rocked him.

He kept crying, sometimes at the top of his lungs. All the while, I was holding him tight to my chest and nuzzling his head. He was swaddled and warm and all of his needs were met. He was safe as can be.

But he kept crying.

Finally, after a long time of crying, I grabbed my phone and turned on my favorite song: “Good, Good Father” by Housefires. This song means the world to me, and I played it a lot while I carried Elijah in the womb. So he heard it a lot.

The guitar intro came on, and he didn’t stop crying. The vocals began, and I sang along, and at first he still cried.

But gradually, as the words “You’re a good, good Father … It’s who You are … It’s who You are … It’s who You are … and I’m loved by You … It’s who I am … It’s who I am … It’s who I am … You’re a good, good Father …” sounded in the room, a miracle happened.

Suddenly the strength of his crying began to ease.

Within a few moments, it stopped together.

Within a minute or two after that, Elijah was sound asleep.

And I got a revelation.

The whole time my son was crying, he was in my arms. all his needs were met in spades. I love him with all my heart and was making sure he wasn’t cold, hungry, wet, or anything else.

But he didn’t receive my comfort at first. Not until I played him the song about his good, good Father–a song about how Daddy’s got him, and how He’s perfect in all of His ways, and he’s loved by his Father–was he comforted.

And I think you and I are exactly like that.

At least, I know I am, so often.

When I get sad or upset about something, I’m fussy. Sometimes I cry. Sometimes I won’t stop crying. And all the while, Father’s got me. He has already made sure I’m warm, fed, dry, and in need of nothing.

But still I fuss. I fuss even while my good, good Father holds me tight to His chest with both arms, face nuzzling mine, taking care of me with His big, strong love.

But not until I get a revelation that He’s a good, good Father, and that’s who He is; and I’m loved by Him, and that’s who I am, am I comforted.

Not until I truly understand, yet again, that He’s got me and He’s perfect in all of His ways–so He’s got this, and it will be okay–do I stop fussing.

Not until I receive His love for me do I stop crying.

I’m just like my son in that respect.

Aren’t you?

We’re all our Father’s babies. And just like He’s holding me, He’s holding you right up against His chest right now too.

He’s got both of His big, strong arms wrapped around you. He’s already wrapped you in a blanket and keeping you so you can’t get out. He knows that the safety and security of His arms is what you need. He’s fed you; even though you’ll be hungry again in the future–at which time He’ll provide again–RIGHT NOW you have everything you need.

And your good, good Father is holding you in His arms, rocking you back and forth, and saying: “Don’t cry. I’ve got you.”

He’s got you.

You’re safe.

And you’re loved.

You have nothing to fear. Nothing to worry about. Just like I could see my son’s needs and I made sure they were all met, Father sees all of YOUR needs–even more than we mothers ever could–and He’s got them all taken care of.

All that’s left for you is to receive His love, trust Him, and rest on His chest.

He’s a good, good Father. He’s perfect in all of His ways. Anything He has allowed, He’s working out for your good. Anything you need, He has already provided. All of your cries are heard–

–but not heard from far away.

Your cries are heard in His ears that are right above yours, because you’re nestled right under His chin and He’s kissing your head right now.

“Don’t cry. I’ve got you,” Father says.

“Don’t cry. Shhhhhhh. Shh shh shh shh shh. I’ve got you. Muah muah muah muah (insert Father’s kisses on your soft, downy hair here). Shhh. Everything is all right.”

“I’ve got you.”

And He does!

Will you rest in Him today? Will you receive His love?

Your good, good Father loves you with an everlasting love. With great mercies He has borne you. He has carried you all the days of your life. He’s carrying you in His arms right now, and He’ll continue to do so. He’s never going to set you down, not ever.

Father’s got you. His big, strong arms are wrapped around you and He’s holding you tight to His chest …

… And you are loved.

Listen to Housefires sing “Good, Good Father” today (video below), and meditate on your Papa’s love. He’s got you. Don’t cry. You’re safe, and you’re going to be all right.

Does this word minister to your heart today? If so, please leave a comment below. I love to hear from you!


  1. Ann-Charlotte Karlsdotter says:

    Hi Jamie!
    I know what You are going through with your son, my firstborn son did the same, he cried through his first three mounts of his life. Everything will be good for you and your son. God is with you ❤️ Thank you for your encouraging words always. God bless you and your family. I’m praying for you. Hugs from Ann-Charlotte

  2. I could feel my usually strong seasoned legs of faith wobbling on the unfamiliar path I find myself standing on. I had stepped out yet again by faith and left the Chattanooga/Harrison TN upstairs bedroom we had occupied for 8 months and drove back to my comfort zone of Phoenix, Scottsdale and Glendale Arizona area only this time without my wonderful spirit led husband of 42 years. Being called home by our Lord in mid December just a few months after arriving.

    Where are you Lord? I could hear the words of fear and doubt being summoned in place of the once scripture quoting giant slaying faith filled lips that were reared up and sold out to Christ.
    Filling up with tears ….I could feel here , right here- in public, in the coffee shop an imminent gush was about to flood my spirit and even my table….when it happened.

    I opened my email trying to appear like all the other coffee shop regulars and saw it! “DON’T CRY! I’VE GOT YOU!!!
    AND NOW…I CAN get up again. Another day. No! I have no house EXCEPT IN THE HEAVENLY REALM…I have sent it down from the heavens where we are all seated.. Nearly all $ spent. No job…yet But I have ABBA FATHER! I AM NOT ALONE! HE’S GOT THIS!!

  3. Stephanie Cobb says:

    This is hard to receive when your physical needs aren’t being met and your being faithful to tithe… just say in’.

    Stephanie Cobb

    1. Praying for your needs :that God opens the door to much needed
      Physical needs
      today. Lord touch this heart today- help them to feel loved and not forgotten- bless them financially and in every way!
      In Jesus precious name,

  4. I can surely relate to you Mari. After living in the same house over 50 years in Washington state, I’m selling it and everything in it and heading south to warmer climate. I didn’t lose a husband to heaven but I’m alone because of divorce.
    I feel like Abraham going out not knowing where I’m going , but just knowing He is leading, as every door now is opening just when it needs to open. I woukd love to connect with Mari

    1. Ready to walk your same path sister. The Lord does not approve of abuse. Prayers for you!

    2. Here there Michele-

      Praise God for new seasons. Yes, You are just like Abraham. That well known story in scripture God gave our family way back on 1985 when he led us up and out….for the very first of what was to be many many more, away from our family, friends and everything we called home. It was very much I suppose like Charles Dickens first sentence in TALE OF TWO CITIES..” IT WAS THE BEST OF TIMES…AND THE WORST OF TIMES…jk…sorta

      STAY EXCITED SIS! and if you find you are not- tthen GET EXCITED! JERM. 29:11 Gods got this!! I could not tell you how many times he led us ….Oh the stories of his faithfulness! It would blow you away!!!

      Allow me to at least leave you with this nugget: Early into our walk, 1980 the Lord waited for me to lift my head early one morning off the pillow and said ” stay out of debt!” He was clear…I laughed because we had none and we at that time saw no reason to be selected to get any. My husband and I agreed…and never ever looked back. Everything we receive is through him,by faith, and back then except for a small paid back loan from his mom to buy a used car, absolutely no debt.(which is whole other pile of testimony)) So when he began leading us out by faith to California from Wisconsin with 6 children in tow, knowing no one, never having been to Sacramento, the only money was from selling leftover furniture we didn’t want to take, which was considerable because we were RENTING a huge Victorian home and it was full from a 5 year lease experience, and leading us to a specific church to join- we obeyed. Was it hard? Ya think? Was it scary? You know it! Was it thrilling? Absolutely! CONFIRMATION FROM HIM ALONE WAS WORTH IT ALL!!!
      IF WE went out with our small children and no family, ,never owning a home to even sell, no secured rental to move into, very little money…no one meeting us, or expecting us at his bidding…..I know you can too, God is looking for courageous warriors …

      YOU ARE A FAITH WARRIOR! The just shall live by faith! God has smiled on you! He wants to show you just WHOSE you are!!!!

      Living by faith,,,on Gods system of raw faith, like our brother Abraham has made me know-he is truly faithful. .THE EARTH IS THE LORDS AND ALL OF ITS FULLNESS!!!!
      God will open doors for you no man can shut…..and shut doors no man can open! Twenty some moves later…..with the word and assurance in our heart…”everyplace you place your foot I have given to you..” Sometimes we would just get inside a new state ..just to put our foot down!!! claiming it for the Lord.

      Go! Go! Go! We can not see unless we believe first believe…unless they step out of the boat at his bidding.

      I am excited for you! I look back as years and years and years of living step by step with him….it has built a mountain of faith that has even taken us to AUSTRALIA KNOWING NO ONE….NOT KNOWING WHERE WE WERE GOING OR WHAT WE WERE TO DO….BUT 3 MONTHS LATER….WE STEPPED INTO A JET LEADING BACK TO THE U.S. AND KNEW AS WE PRAYED COMMITTING IT ALL TO HIM, AND LIFTED OUR LAST FOOT OFF THE AUSTRAILIAN SOIL…IT WAS GOD!


      1. Thank you so much Mari
        I cherish your beautiful “double witness “
        Don’t know if I’m allowed to give you my email address here, but would love to stay in touch

  5. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

    Wow…what are great testimony Jamie…I wish you are near so I can come n lend a hand to help you.You are great mum to Prophet Elijah,I salute you n thank God for your life Jamie…Wowww!!!!!You are a great n a mighty woman of God

  6. Saint John says:

    Timely word Prophetess Jaimie 🙂 I’ll try it out. Thank you and be blessed in return.

  7. Evelyn Bryant says:

    This was right on time just whst i needed this morning thank you for the blessed word this morning

  8. Marcella Rodiriguez says:

    Morning Jamie. i Thank God for this post. Am going through very very difficult time right now. i live Pappa with all my heart soul and strength. Issues of addiction with 5 family members. In my family have been very intense. 3 live At home with me. Husband drugs & alcohol. 2 kids using heroine. God gave us our house 27 yrs ago. im on SSI GET NO FINANCIAL help from husband. He stopped paying house 4yrs ago. Pappa made a way for us to stay here for those 4yrs but now understandably we got a foreclosure notice. Pappa told me we would receive the title deed for this house. And gave me several dreams. Very lengthy won’t go into them but one He showed me a great storm, stuck in a ditch and everything consumed by fire with me in it, covered in ashes. He told me He would give me beauty for Ashes. i take care of my 83 yr old mom and 91 yr old dad by myself (with God of Course) mom fell in Jan dislocated both arms and fractured 6 ribs. my life has at times been overwhelming to the point of such desperation i have wanted to walk away because of intense pressures. But i crawl up into Pappas loving arms and cry and hold onto Him for dear life. Many times favorite songs will play in my spirit and i feel hope again. Daddy is in control of this perfect storm and im resting on His faithfulness of being that Pappa who provides all my needs. He’s never failed before and He won’t fail now. The post helped me to see past the dis-ease that is trying to stir in me. He is our Good Good Father. Please agree with me in prayer a way will be made again for us to keep Pappas house. Its His not ours. this is happening to bring my family to our Loving Father. He will take and delivere each one from drugs and alcohol. i trust my daddy like Joseph in all his trials. Soon i will be but in the palace the place Pappa set for me and my family, to advance His Kingdom. We all must suffer with Christ. He is helping me carry this cross for shurely with out Him i would have already given up or died. Don say soon i will share the beauty for the ash heap im standing in with Jesus. He is the only way.

  9. Thank you so much Jaimie! I needed this word today !!
    Crying has been a regular routine for me as I am in an abusive marriage for 22 year. The last 5 have been extremely hard. I don’t know how a person can live with out God… I know I could not!
    Asking for prayer and guidance from the Lord as I make choices as to when and how I leave with my 2 teenaged sons.
    Praising God for His victory in advance!!
    Thank you for all you Jaime as your daily encouragement has been so much of my strength !!

  10. I’m from Ukraine
    The baby is crying if
    1) he wants to eat
    2) he wants to drink water
    3 he is wet
    4) he is in pain
    5) winds do not go well. You must often put your son on his stomach for the winds come out
    God bless you and your family.

  11. Hi Jimmie, you will be alright, each child is different , you’ll see when you have a couple more? it’s all a learning experience, breathing deep breaths, as you said God got this, what a powerful “word”,,, thank you so much for it, may god continue to bless you& your family ????.

  12. Sylvia clark says:

    Dear Jamie
    This is not a comment, but a call for desperate help
    My husband and I lost our oldest son a few years ago, our whole life completely changed, the thought of him not being with us is still devastating

    Our youngest son at the time was sixteen, the most amazing, obedient perfect child
    A year after of heartbreak, a jezeblish, manipulative girl came in to his life and took my child’s inesence from Him
    This happened while my husband and I were in mourning, by the time we realized what was going on
    Our son’s character was changed for the worst, our children were raised like you are raising your son and thus girl who is with my son is from the opposite background, she has turned our son against us and decides when we can see him
    Our hearts are so filled with sadness, we don’t know what to do
    We have tried and tried through prayers, fasting and every Godly way we could think of to get our son back, but have had no breakthroughs yet
    Please give me some insight of what to do
    She clearly has told my husband and I that she does not want anything to do with us
    and she makes sure we know it
    My husband and I are not over those characters and are at the mercy of God and people like you
    We have lost one son and we don’t want to loose our ther one
    Please help

  13. Jamie my mother always said babies sometimes need time to cry it out an that this timing is for their self, it is truly overwhelming to hear them cry an we can’t fix it but our Lord can, even our own crying. thank-you.

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