Finances Under the Blood Recordings Now Available

LIVE webinar: How to Speak In Tongues | June 26, 2024

Finances Under the Blood School of the Prophets teaching by Jamie Rohrbaugh

Hey friends, I have awesome news today. The recordings are now available from Saturday’s School of the Prophets.

I am calling this class “Finances Under the Blood.”

In this recording from the second School of the Prophets, I teach the Scriptures about:

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    • How wealth MUST be manifest in the life of every Christian in order for God to have His way in your life;
    • How to get that wealth to manifest;
    • How to tap into the infinite wealth of God’s Kingdom;
    • How to get rid of the feeling or idea that money is over THERE (in a distant place) and you are here–that there is separation between you and money;
    • How much is enough?
    • How to heal the inner vacuum you sense when you think about money and your need for money;
    • How to receive the wealth you need from the Lord; and
    • 17 keys to ministry/church fundraising.

    This set contains 4 audio MP3s with over 3.75 hours of teaching time.

    It contains revelation that our attendees described throughout the conference as life-transforming. And here are just a few of the things our attendees had to say afterward:

    • “My husband and I can’t stop talking about it!” – Ms. I
    • “It was incredible!” – Ms. D
    • “Amazing! Thank you, Jamie!” – Ms. J
    • “It was truly a wonderful, God-filled day! Thank you for imparting into us what God has so richly poured into you! It was such a blessing!” – Ms. A

    Note that this recording is an ambient recording taken with my phone. And although the sound is understandable, the sound is not perfect. Please listen to this audio preview before you decide to purchase:

    Make sure this audio is okay with you before you purchase. Due to the nature of the revelation in this teaching set, refunds will NOT be given for any reason. This product is digital only; no physical products are available.

    To make it easier for you, I have created 3 different bundles of teaching materials. And, for July 18 through 20 only, you can get an extra $30 off any of these bundles using the discount code “thirtyoff” (no capital letters, no spaces, no quotes) at checkout.

    BUNDLE #1:

    The Finances Under the Blood recordings by themselves. This bundle contains 3.75 hours of teaching time on 4 audio MP3s. The price before discount is $139.

    BUNDLE #2 contains:

    • Finances Under the Blood
    • PLUS my Prayers and Prophecies for Financial Increase ebook
    • PLUS Getting Free from the Spirit of Poverty recorded webinar (an additional 1.25 hours of practical teaching):

    Bundle #2 contains $169 in products for $149.

    BUNDLE #2 – the SUPERPACK – contains:

    • Finances Under the Blood
    • PLUS the School of the Prophets #1 (another 4 hours of classes on the Fivefold Ministry, plus bonus materials)
    • PLUS my Prayers and Prophecies for Financial Increase ebook
    • PLUS my Getting Free from the Spirit of Poverty recorded webinar.

    The Superpack contains $338 in products for only $249.

    Remember: for July 18 through 20 only, you can get an extra $30 off any of these bundles using the discount code “thirtyoff” (no capital letters, no spaces, no quotes) at checkout.

    Pick the bundle you want and GET EMPOWERED with God’s Word about your wealth and ministry today!


    1. Lisa McClain says:

      I was at the second School of the Prophets and I was blown away by the teaching. God describes himself as “abundant”. The body needs this teaching to move into the next level of what Father wants for all of us….to be able to act when we see need without having to run our budget over in our heads to see if we can “afford it” ….to always be ready to support what he is doing. Oh, and yes, there is added blessings to our own hopes and dreams. Get this material!!!

    2. You’ve been a blessing to me. Thank you Ma

    3. james lewis says:

      Thank you for praying with us for divine healing,health,wellness,wholeness,affluence,influence,beauty,purpose,support,favor,jobs,careers,positions,prosperity,provision,protection,restoration,for the return of our six children,for everything the devil has stolen from my family to be returned to us according to proverbs 6:31,for financial freedom,debt freedom,for supernatural cancellation of our debts,for all rules and regulations and policies changed to benefit me and my family,israel,america,Donald trump.

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