FRUIT to Your Account: 16 Powerful Testimonials!

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Friend, did you know we couldn’t do what we do without you? It really does take all of us. We appreciate your prayers, encouragement, and financial support so much.

I wanted you to see a better glimpse of how richly YOU impact people every day for Jesus through your support of this ministry. So, I invited readers to send us their brief testimonials.

Here are just 16 of the testimonials I received yesterday–and you have helped make every one of these possible.

(Two of these at the top are even in reference to our recent London ministry time! Thank you for that, too!)

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    There are more testimonials, but I will share more in the next article. Please check out what they said below–and know that YOU get reward for these things, and stars in your crown to cast at Jesus’ feet:

    (And I used color blocks below to help you distinguish one from another; the color blocks have nothing to do with length or importance of each testimony.) 🙂

    Annie said:

    Dear Jamie, I have a hectic lifestyle and live in three different countries. 

    Sadly in Spain and Switzerland there is no suitable church for me to attend. Therefore I only attend church when I’m in the UK.

    I’m actually feel a tinge of envy seeing how other people are lucky enough to belong to a regular church community and have constant uplift.  I do not have this. It’s just me and the Lord. Therefore the way for me to get spiritual uplift is by YouTube prayer ministries; and also from your daily prayers. 

    Your daily prayers have literally saved my sanity at times, especially in the middle of the night. I feel like I am part of a prayer community with you.

    I was very lucky enough to meet you all in London the other week, so I feel even more part of a spiritual body.

    I know you asked for something short, but anything short would not have conveyed my deepest appreciation and gratitude for your ministry and how much it had helped me. In turn I forward your relevant  prayers to my friends, during their time of need. 

    Many blessings to you and your team. Annie”

    Amanda said:

    “I have only recently ‘joined’ and attended the London ‘camp fire’ but since that encounter where I was ministered to and received a ‘fresh anointing’, my ears and spiritual eyes have been opened much much wider. My confidence in hearing and responding to God’s voice has gone from ‘maybe’ to ‘definitely’ and my faith with it. 

    Jamie’s revelation of God and His Word is refreshing and deeply insightful and has affirmed me in a deeper way. It has given me a new understanding of the authority of His Word and how to apply it to my life. I am able to share my faith, support and minister to those around me at a whole new supercharged level.

    I am seeing prayers answered daily as I pray in faith in accordance with what He is telling me. People are being blessed and circumstances change as God’s light is shines out through me.

    Thank you so much for coming to London it has been a ‘monument’ moment in my walk with God (+50 years). 

    I am forever grateful and thankful to your ministry and team. It has totally changed my life.”

    Paula said:

    “Dear Jamie,

    Your ministry team has such a profound impact on, not only my life, but in the people’s lives that I minister to. I forward your emails on to other people I think will benefit from your instruction, and they send it on to others too.

    Even if I just tell people about what I learned through your teachings, they still have a profound impact. I hope you’re encouraged by this email and the many others because you and your team are doing immense work for the kingdom of God, most of which you probably will never know about but you are changing lives everyday.

    Thank you for everything you all do and many blessings to you all. Merry Christmas to you as we celebrate the reason for the season, Jesus Christ through His sacrifice, all things are possible.”

    Susan said:

    “This ministry has been a blessing to me mostly through your teaching and prayer material. I have a few ebooks and paper books from you which have also ministered to my spirit. I love the book of the Names of God. I have followed you for a few years now and your level of faith and love for Jesus testifies to me.  Thank you.”

    Marlene said:

    “This ministry has being amazing to me. It has helped me to understand how to be closer to God, how to understand the importance of prayer, fasting, giving, studying, and reading the Bible.

    The prophetic words have built me up and encouraged me. I think my favourite part is buying a product and receiving a word of encouragement from the Lord, I love it and always make an effort to be a part of it, I hope that will continue in Jesus name, there is so much content to read and study; it’s fantastic.

    Thank you, Jamie and your team, for all of your hard work.”

    Doris said:

    “God Bless you, your family and team in Jesus’ Name. 

    Your Ministry is Blessed and has blessed my life in every way, by encouraging me with the TIMELY word, prayers and prophecies.

    I love your sincerity and vulnerability in sharing your experiences with me (your readers). 

    I pray that the Lord continues to uphold you, your family and the Works of your hands in every way.” 

    Keren said:

    “This ministry helped me understand God more.”

    Margaret said:

    “Hi Jamie, thank you for all your dedication to God’s work and helping equip, enlighten and edify your readers, it greatly blesses me.

    I haven’t been impacting people around the world for Jesus but I have written your prayers down on post it notes and speak them out loud frequently and I am inspired to speak specific prayers over my children and over America and American families. Perhaps I help in a small way being an introverted prayer warrior?

    A new blessing I have received is that I am learning to see how extolling the Lord is a powerful way to connect with Abba Father. I like to translate while reading His word, into how I can extol the Lord by writing it out in that way.

    I’m learning to praise and worship God this way and I believe that when we Extol the Lord this way, God will move on our behalf. It activates my faith! Praise the Lord!”

    Pauline from Papua New Guinea said:

    Hi Jamie,

    If I had not known this Ministry, I might have given up my faith along the way a long time ago. That is because those people who are spiritually filled here on my side of the world in Papua New Guinea (PNG) are hard to receive from as we are all in our own churches. My love for reading the word and praying had being strengthened more by the daily emails I receive from this Ministry. 

    This Ministry has taught me so much and when I am given an opportunity to share the word of God in my church, I am able to use what I learn from this Ministry plus some other downloads I get from the Holy Spirit. Your invaluable teachings make me to read every link that you attach on the emails I receive.

    I am now in the process of getting others to join this Ministry but most times the women folk I talk to does not have a mobile phone. I will try to get people on because if I have grown strong in my Christian faith, I know that a sister or brother I go to church with is also helped by your Ministry to grow and be strong in our individual calling.

    Thank you for all that you have done for me this year and I pray more of God’s greater blessing in 2024. Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2024.

    Cheers and God’s many blessings

    Pauline M., from Papua New Guinea.”

    Margarita said:

    “Yes Jamie, your ministry helped me a lot. It encouraged me especially during the lowest time in my life. I’m too excited to see my email coming from you. With all those you shared with me instead of worrying and fret I was able to compose myself. I’ve learned so much from you really.

    Thank you for your kindness and effort to share everything our creator has shared to you as well. Shalom and Happy Holidays to you and family. YAHUWAH BARAK YOU.”

    Balogun said:

    “Halleluyah! What God Almighty has use this Ministry to do for me, myself and my life and family I cannot tell it all. But I’m most grateful Lord. Thank You God for everything.

    Thank You God for this Ministry. It is my prayer that God will continue to manifest Himself and Glorified Mightily in this life-building Ministry forever. Wow! It’s been God all the way. My Daddy, I’m grateful.”

    Dale said:

    “I appreciate your  ministry very much.  You encourage me to trust God’s goodness and provision. You provide to Christians in need. Thank you for all you do.”

    Regine said:

    “Your ministry has been a great source of encouragement to me. God has used you to speak directly to me in a difficult season. May God continue to enlarge your territory and bless you abundantly.”

    Shirley said:

    “Your writings are a blessing to me. I am often amazed by the depth of wisdom and knowledge in them, but I appreciate that they are written in an easy to understand way. They are helping me grow in God.

    And I just appreciate and admire your devotion to your calling and your faithfulness to the Lord.”

    Doryne said:

    “I pray this finds you and your family well. 

    In regards to your request, surely I would be a big liar if I said that my life hasn’t been impacted positively by this ministry. First, I would to thank you for revealing to me God the Father is very loving. I used to know Him as the most God that one has to avoid but deal with Jesus who is merciful.  I have learnt to use the Holy Spirit too. I have also learn to pray to God in a loving way just like you do and God hasn’t disappointed. 

    Thank you very much. May the Lord bless you and use you more…”

    Kim said:

    “Hey Jamie, I’m really glad I came across you your prayers From His Presence Ministry. I don’t remember how long I’ve been following you but I have used your prayers in my life and they have really helped me. I prayed about giving to your ministry because I believe in you and your ministry and know that you are working for God and I want to see your ministry grow and grow and I felt like God told me to start giving to your ministry so I have become a monthly partner.

    I have told my family and other people about your ministry and showed them your prayers. I love you Jamie and your ministry praying for 2024 to be even better for us all. God Bless you and Merry Christmas to you and your family 😁💜💜🙏💜”

    Friend, God has used YOUR partnership with this ministry to accomplish all these wonderful things in the lives of precious people just like yourself, all over the world!

    Thank you! And if you haven’t yet done so, would you prayerfully consider signing up today to be a financial partner with us? We need you; it takes all of us to reach people for Jesus around the world every day!

    THANK YOU for your powerful prayers and partnership! We love you in the Lord!

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