How To Break Unholy Spiritual Covering

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Have you been under an unholy spiritual covering? If so, are you ready to break that unholy spiritual covering and be free? Read on to learn how!

Once upon a time, I was in emotional agony over a church situation.

The things I saw at this church didn’t line up with God’s Word, but I adored the pastors and the people in charge. I didn’t want to think anything bad about anyone. And I didn’t want to believe that anything about them could possibly be ungodly.

Nevertheless, the way these people treated others–and the way they treated me in certain situations–was tearing me up. It simply didn’t align with God’s Word. It was wrong on every count.

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    After all, remember Isaiah 8:20:

    “To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because there is no light in them” (Isaiah 8:20 NKJV).

    In accordance with Matthew 18, I confronted them about the situation.

    We didn’t find a path forward, but at least we discussed things. I thought that would break the pain I was in, just to get it out in the open. (And Matthew 18 was the correct procedure!) However, after that, the agony in my heart remained. My heart hurt so badly that I thought I would die.

    I prayed and forgave, forgave and prayed. I fasted and prayed and forgave some more, over and over. But the pain didn’t go away.

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    One morning, having woken up with the distinct sensation that I was going to die—feeling like my heart was physically going to stop from the pain—I decided that I needed to (once again!) pray through to break every soul tie. Yes, I had already broken soul ties, but I could feel something connected to me still. So, I prayed again.

    But then I realized something else, and a question rose in my spirit that I know was from Holy Spirit:

    What if the “spiritual covering” that they claimed to have over me is unholy?

    I didn’t know if the “spiritual covering” they claimed to have over me was or wasn’t from God. However, I was highly questioning the concept of “spiritual covering,” at least as it is used in charismatic circles. For quite awhile, I had observed that the concept of “spiritual covering” is often used to control, intimidate, and manipulate people–rather than to protect or care for the sheep.

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    I wasn’t sure that I was in an unholy situation, but I knew I could pray against anything unholy and see what happened. If the pain broke when I prayed against any unholy “covering,” I would know that the “spiritual covering” these Christian leaders claimed to exert over me was unholy.

    So, just in case, I prayed the prayer below to break every unholy spiritual covering.

    This prayer is very similar to the prayer to break soul ties, but it goes like this:

    “Dear Heavenly Father, I come before You in Jesus’ name.

    Lord Jesus, thank You for being my Good Shepherd, my Chief Shepherd, Jesus. You are my covering, and I am covered with Your blood right now. Everything about my life is submitted to You, and You are my Lord and Savior. Thank You.

    Father God, I don’t know if the “spiritual covering” I have been under from these pastors is unholy or not.

    But I desire to be covered and bound to YOU and YOU ONLY, Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. You are all that I need. And so, in the name of Jesus, and with His blood, I (CLAP=>)BREAK every unholy spiritual covering right now.

    In the name of Jesus, I bring back to myself every part of me that has been attached to someone else, washed clean with the blood of Jesus, right now. And I send back every part of anyone else that has been attached to me, broken off me and washed clean in the blood of Jesus, right now, in Jesus’ name.

    Jesus, I receive You now as my one and only spiritual covering.

    I plead Your blood, Jesus, over my body, soul, and spirit. I plead Your blood over my heart, mind, will, and emotions. And in the name of Jesus, I pluck out every arrow the enemy has shot into any part of me. (Make a motion like you are plucking arrows out of your heart.)

    I break those arrows and throw them to the ground, broken and of no effect. (Make a motion like you are breaking the arrows and throwing them to the ground.) And in the name of Jesus, Father, I receive Your healing. Let Your healing come so deeply that there will not even be a scar.

    Thank You, Abba Father. Thank You, Lord Jesus. Thank You, precious Holy Spirit.

    Lord Jesus, You are the one and only true spiritual covering.

    I am covered and made clean and whole by Your blood, and You are all that I need. You are my only Mediator; You are the connection between the Father and me. You guide me and instruct me personally. There is no other person in between us; You and You alone are all that I need, and I am bound to you.

    (Take a deep breath.)

    Father God, thank You for this freedom. Thank You for healing my heart. Thank You for sending Your only begotten Son to die for me. He whom the Son sets free is free indeed, so I thank You for my freedom. Thank You for total relief from the pain I was in.

    Thank You, Father God. Thank You, Lord Jesus. Thank You, Holy Spirit. I love You, and I give You all the praise. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

    And friend, you guessed it: when I finished praying that prayer, every bit of pain that had been in my heart was GONE.


    My heart was healed.

    Joy rushed in.

    And suddenly, for the first time in YEARS, I felt total peace.

    No angst. No sorrow. No sadness. No despondency over the way they had treated me.

    I just had such total peace, and I felt such closeness to Jesus.

    The problem had been an unholy “spiritual covering.”

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    Because you know what? Jesus is our spiritual covering.

    It’s true: even though pastors are to feed the people and lead them to proverbial grass and water, they are not to stand in between the people and Jesus. They are to serve the people only, not try to insert their authority where it doesn’t belong.

    And truly, they have no authority unless it aligns with the authority prescribed for them in God’s Word. So I broke every unholy spiritual covering, not knowing that I had even been under an unholy spiritual covering.

    But what about you? Do you need to pray that prayer to break unholy spiritual covering too?

    If you have been under an unholy spiritual covering, you might not realize it either. But if you have been hurt in church, or even if you haven’t, I still urge you to pray the prayer above for yourself if you feel led.

    Read the prayer again first if you need to, just to make sure you agree with it and that it’s Scriptural. But then, if you feel led, pray the prayer and break every unholy spiritual covering.

    I did, and it changed my life.

    Not only did it bring me peace, but over the next months it brought me more intimacy with Jesus and more joy than I had ever had before. Furthermore, I began feeling old anointings flow again—anointings that had not been flowing in my life ever since I had submitted to this pastor’s spiritual authority.

    That ungodly pastor walked in some unholy things due to their own unhealed hurts and wounds, and their spiritual condition had affected me severely. (It flows from the “head” down, and he claimed to be the head of the church as well as a spiritual covering over my life. But, JESUS is the only head of the church.)

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    I hadn’t even known that all of these things were impacting me so strongly, and so negatively.

    I had always felt before praying this prayer that a pastor’s “covering” was needed. However, after praying this prayer and studying more in the Word (see Ezekiel 34), I realized that a pastor’s job is to feed and watch out for the sheep, not to try to insert themselves in the sheep’s life in places where only Jesus belongs. A pastor’s job is to serve, not to feed his or her own ego—and certainly not to manipulate or control.

    Long story short: Jesus is my spiritual covering, and He is yours too. 🙂

    Do you need to pray this prayer to break unholy spiritual covering?

    Go back and do so now if you feel led. And beloved, if you prayed that prayer already, you just broke every unholy spiritual covering off your life. Do not be entangled again with the yoke of bondage.

    He whom the Son sets free is free indeed, and you have your freedom in Jesus. Do not doubt it; simply walk in it.

    Did you pray this prayer to break every unholy spiritual covering? How do you feel after you prayed? Leave a comment below!


    1. Amen, Jamie! Another powerful prayer. I would add that everybody who has ever been involved in a church or religion that requires confessions or regular deference to a priest or other leader (for example,
      Catholicism, shamanism, Buddhism, Wiccan practices, or any kind of idol worship) needs to pray this prayer, since those leaders or man made idols have been or are “insert[ed] themselves in the sheep’s life in places where only Jesus belongs…”
      Pray this prayer and be free!

    2. I prayed ir, i dont know if i was under any spiritual covering. But its a great prayer Amen

    3. Thank you, this helped so much, the atmosphere immediately lifted and I had a sharp pain in my heart that then faded away when I prayed.

    4. I prayed this prayer for me!

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