Healing from Spiritual Abuse, Toxic Pastors, and Toxic Churches

Hey everybody,

The next webinar in our inner healing series is Healing from Spiritual Abuse, Toxic Pastors, and Toxic Churches.

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Here are the details:

  • Date: THIS SATURDAY, October 27, 2018
  • Time: 1 PM – 3 PM, Eastern Standard Time
  • Subject matter:
    • What Scripture says churches should look like;
    • What the Bible says about what the pastor-parishioner relationship should look like, and what it should NOT look like;
    • How to heal from spiritual abuse, toxic church experiences, and toxic pastors (including corporate prayers for healing);
    • How to find a local church community that is godly.
    • What Scriptures says about pastors’ behavior in their personal lives;
    • How to distinguish between godly shepherding versus manipulation and control; and
    • How to establish godly boundaries so you can function with joy and power within a local church community.
  • Cost: $40 per person
  • Pre-requisites: Finding Deep Soul Healing 101, Healing from Father Wounds, Healing from Mother Wounds. (Church-type wounds and abuses have elements of both father wounds and mother wounds that I won’t have time to teach on in detail during this class).

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  1. Please could you make this message available to me. I need it,I have been through that to a point where my whole faith was destroyed because of fake pastors. Many of us who went to that church were affected.
    Thank you

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