“I Am Taking You Into Deep Places,” Says the Lord

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Prophetic word from Jamie Rohrbaugh

I heard the Father say:

“I am taking you into deep places where rivers of My Spirit run fresh and cool. I am taking you deep into places in Me that you have not known yet; places you had to rest to reach.

In the depths of My soul there are aspects of My nature that you haven’t really understood yet. But I am taking you there, to show you things about Myself that angels long to behold.

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    In the deep places of My Spirit you will find renewal and refreshing.

    In the hidden places of Myself, you will learn mysteries of REST. You will learn many mysteries of safety–secrets about the immunity you have from the evil one when you rest and abide in Me. You will also learn in greater measure who you are, so you can love yourself and cherish yourself the way I do.


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    I am healing your heart and helping you find healing and freedom through My heart for you.

    I am bringing you into a place of unexpected outcomes. What the enemy meant for evil, I am turning around for your good. I am fulfilling My promise to you and to your seed, and to the generations who will yet be born through you.

    I am cleaning up and healing your family tree with My Tree of Life.

    You thought the Tree of Life was only for Heaven, didn’t you? But I am in you to bring you LIFE, and life more abundantly. Life itself is in Me, and only in the physical Tree of Life as much as I put it there. But I am the true Source of all life, and I am with you to bring you life abundantly right now–all because of My love.

    I am opening doors for you that you only thought I would open at times in the distant future.

    These open doors are My reward for you as you enter the place of rest in Me. I will open wide the double doors for you, and no one will be able to shut them.

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    You are My glorious child. I made you to carry My glory and My presence, and you do carry them–but you will carry them in greater measure. I, the Lord, have spoken this, and by My hand I will do it.

    Love, your Abba Father.”

    Thank You, Abba Father! We worship You and praise You!

    Friend, did the Lord speak to your heart using this word today? If so, leave a message below!


    1. Thank you for this word. I receive it in Jesus name.

      1. Ryan Russell says:

        I had a dream last night. I was in a small John boat and I had my Atlanta Braves cap on. It fell off my head into the water. It kept floating away from me and I kept swimming after it but the water kept getting deeper. I normally can interpret dreams but I wasn’t clear on this one until I received the email about this word. This is incredible!

      2. Mpumelelo says:

        Thank you FATHER.Amen.

    2. This is a wprd for me. The Lord has already been working on me and femoving things from me that are not of him Amen

    3. Marianela says:

      Amen! Thank you Abba ♥️ I praise and worship your Holy name 🙌🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    4. Shelly Lawrence says:

      I am thanking God for this powerful word. I believe it! I am in an agreement 🤝 with this word! I expecting God to be who He is!! In Jesus Name…

    5. Roxana Alvarado says:

      The Lord has just spoken to me thru this word. “ I am cleaning up and healing your family tree with My Tree of Life.” Just last night I was telling the Lord I don’t want my children to go thru some stuff that I went thru and to me this is His response!! Thank you Lord and thank you Jamie!

    6. Amen et merci pour ce mot je le reçois de tout mon cœur au nom de Jésus
      Que le Seigneur soit loué

    7. Thank you Lord! Praise your Holy name🙌 I receive this word into my life and I believe for it because your word Lord doesn’t come back void! Glory to the True & Living God I serve & that gives me every breath I take! 💕🙌✝️🌼🙏

    8. Amen Thank You Our Heavenly Father You said it I believe it ,It Is Done In Jesus Christ Mighty Name

    9. Rasheika Singleton says:

      I prophetically receive this word and believe this is for me! Thank you Abba Father!

    10. Elvie Joven says:

      Thank you Father. Glory be to you in great measures! I love you!

    11. Paul Israel says:

      I receive this prophetic word in the name of Jesus Christ. And I say Amen. Let it be done in my life just as you have said.

    12. Amen! May it be unto me as God has said. Praise be to God🙌🌈💖

    13. It amazes me how this word is ministering directly to me each and every day. Awesome word!

    14. Judith Johnson says:

      Dearest Jamie, There are almost no words to say thank you for your amazing dedication to your calling from Father God except perhaps “joy unspeakable and full of Glory” ! Your faithful communication to me ALWAYS IS SO JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR “GREAT PHYICIAN” ORDERED !!!!!
      THANK YOU …….as Father sends Love and Blessings to cover every day FOREVER!

    15. Mrs Millicent deenah says:

      I’m encouraged, and i receive this prophetic word, in Jesus mighty name.

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