“I Am Taking You to a New Level of Peace,” Says the Lord

Friend, have you been having to trust the Lord in a whole new way recently? Are you walking through darkness, yet you’re still going–and you don’t even know how, except by the grace and help of God? If so, today’s encouraging, prophetic word of comfort is for you!

I heard the Father say:

“I am taking you to a new level of peace.”

He continued:

“I have been working in your heart to get you to let go of things that concern you. I know you have to think about them in life, but you have been worrying for many years. You have repented, yes; but I desire to get the worry completely out of you.

Worrying is not from Me. I cannot help you like I want to if you worry.

Remember that everything I do is as a Father to you. I am your Only True Father! And when you worry, if I affirm that worry, then I teach you that your worrying is what gets you the things you need.

The truth is that I provide for you because I am good.

I am a good Father; truly, a most excellent Father. I have taken such good care of you; you have no idea how I have watched over you all the days of your life. Even when you ran from Me, I was still looking out for you as much as you would let Me! You need to know that I have not forgotten you.

So I am getting the worrying out of your life so that you can trust Me and have peace.

In this world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. You are going through tests and trials, but I am using them all to prepare you to carry higher levels of My glory.

You have to understand that I am an On-Time God, but I am not an early God.

It’s true that, before you call, I answer; but you do not always see My answer until just the right time. In your impatience, you often desire to see My answers before you really need them.

But, in My wisdom and the wisdom I am giving you from My heart, you are learning and seeing that I am going to come through for you, even when you don’t yet see how.

It’s good that you are relying on My wisdom.

The wisdom I bring into your life will take you to all the right places. Did I not promise you that I will instruct you and teach you in the way that you should go, and guide you with My eye upon you (Psalm 32:8)?

Indeed, I did. And as you are learning to have peace and rest in Me, not worrying but rather depending on My very nature, you will see more and more that My wisdom is good and My ways are perfect.

The Law of the Lord is pure, but it does test the heart. I will always take care of you with pure and unadulterated love; reliable love; eternal love; unfailing love. But My ways do test you.

You know what, though? I am doing such a work in your heart that indeed you already are seeing a peace you have never known before.

You are learning to rely on Me–and on My very nature–instead of worrying. You are getting to know Me in ways you have never known Me before! Is that not what everything is all about?

I am your Home, and I am your Shield, and I am your exceeding great reward. To know Me is the highest privilege in the universe; and to be called My child? You have no idea how privileged you are!

I am about to pour out evidence you have never seen before of the privilege you have in Me, as My beloved child!

The more you walk in purity and seek Me, the more I can bless you. You have sought Me so long; did you not think that I yearned to cut off the process and give you all that you asked for before the time was right? Indeed, I did! But in My wisdom, I knew I had to wait.

I said “yes” when you asked, but I haven’t manifested the full answer to which I have said the “yes.” Don’t worry; I will! And the less you worry–and the more you trust Me–the more blessings you are accumulating in Heaven and for your life here on earth!

A Noah’s Flood of blessings is coming, like you have never seen before.

Many will see and fear, and will put their trust in Me, because of what I will do for you in this Noah’s Flood of blessings. I have promised that I will no longer destroy the world with a flood, but I will flood it with My goodness and destroy evil! Remember that it is My goodness that brings men to repentance, so I always love to pour out My goodness.

As I pour out My goodness upon you, remember that My first and primary reason is that I do it because I love you.

Every blessing comes to you as a result of My love for you, and you are legally entitled to receive these manifestations of My love because you are in Christ, hidden in My Son Jesus.

But, as I bless you, it is also true that I will flaunt My love for you to the world so they will see how good I am. That is not My primary reason; My primary reason is relational, between Me and you. “For God so LOVED the world that He gave …” is key to remember here. I am a relational God; drawing you into relationship with Me as My beloved child is what it’s all about.

However, I do all things well.

So, I work all things out for good in many ways–ways you see and ways you cannot see yet. When you get to Heaven, you will see them, though. You will spend eternity gazing upon My goodness in Heaven, and you will be floored and awed with My great love for you.

You know, you really do not understand My love yet, even with all the progress you have made.

My love for you is so vast! Can I tell you that it is My love for you that makes the universe spin? My voice goes out over the whole world, proclaiming My love and My goodness!

My whole Self is for you; My entire being is in you! You can have all of Me that you desire to know, and indeed I desire for you to know Me in all of My fullness!

My love for you excites Me.

My love for you compels Me. It instigates Me and draws Me to gaze at you while you sleep.

Did you know I was watching you sleep last night? You are My little baby, and I was brushing your hair back from your face and kissing your cheek while you slept! I gave you rest; you were safe in My arms!

My love for you is pure and vast. It is holy and powerful. It is the greatest force in the world, and you have only seen a very little part of all My love can do for you.

Pray and ask Me to do those things for you today that I desire to do because I love you.

What a prayer! You are right not to be content with the crumbs from My mercy-seat; ask Me for the abundance of My love-seat! For I am sitting in My love-seat with you; all that I have is yours; all that I am belongs to you, for I have adopted you and will never put you aside.

Believe Me when I say that I love you; that I will take care of you; that I am perfecting ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL things that concern you. Believe Me when I tell you that I make all things new. And believe Me when I reassure you that I will not, I will not, I will NEVER leave you without support!


Your kind and loving (and doting!) Heavenly Father.”

Wow. Thank You, Abba Father. You are good, and Your mercy endures forever. Thank You for that word.

Beloved, did the Father speak to you today through this word? If so, leave a comment below and bless Him, confessing your love for Him forever. And have a wonderful day!

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  1. Wow perfect timing. I just said to myself I believe He’s getting ready to move me to a higher level. I do depend on His wisdom everyday. Father I thank you so much for the word and your servant who delivered the word.

    1. Hana Campbell says:

      Thank you for this word, I was crying while reading through it, because every word was speaking directly to me. Thank you father for your prophectic word today, Amen
      My Abba father thank you for always working on my behalf and thank you for your servant who delivered this word on your perfect timing in jesus name amen.

  2. Thank You Abba Father in Jesus’s Name. Amen.

  3. Abba you are so good! I love you! Thank you for seeing me, hearing me, loving me.

  4. Thank you Father for the peace and love upon my life.

  5. I have read this 4 times its so exciting that God is moving in my life in such a miraculous way, and giving me peace I know he is because I feel it within me he is also taking away the things I used to worry about, I am crying while writing this because I have waited a very long time for God to move in my life Thankyou Abba Father I love you deeply

    Jamie I love you you are blessed and highly favoured, keep up the good work you are doing for the Lord

  6. IRMA NORTJE says:

    Amen, Thank you for such amazing grace and love, how blessed we are. we praise and honor you Lord God Almighty, Saviour Divine. thank you beloved Ps Jamie

  7. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

    Thank you father God for your encouragement and your grace. Please give me patience to wait on your blessings and promises.Amen

  8. I what an amazing prophecy.Jammie, I am a widow but as I’m reading this I feel that sensation of love is like God is right in front of me holding my hand speaking all those heart warming words.He is really speaking to me, it is the confirmation of what he said this Monday in our prayer meeting that I must stop worrying and surrender all unto Him.Thank you so much my daughter is delivered. Presently I was worrying about getting school for her to continue with grade 11,because presently she is under treatment and worrying about getting a new dissent car and affordability.now I am answered not to worry for He is prepared to take care of me for He loves me and I have a privilege to all His belongings.Thsnk you once more for the confirmation of the prophecy.May He continue to use you and give you strength every hour, daily and every moment

  9. What an on time word from the Lord! I have seen just how miraculous and powerful he really is in these last few weeks alone. We serve a good father.


  11. K. Mosarwe says:

    Wow , Thank you Jesus , Father God and God the Holy Spirit for the prophetic Word. Amen! God is soo good, thank you Father God for your Goodness Amen. I receive the Goodness of now in Jesus Name. Amen! Praise the Lord.

  12. Kelebogile Mosarwe says:

    Wow , Thank you Jesus , Father God and God the Holy Spirit for the prophetic Word. Amen! God is soo good, thank you Father God for your Goodness Amen. I receive the Goodness of now in Jesus Name. Amen! Praise the Lord.

  13. PRAISE GOD, Thanks for YOUR Perfect Peace 🙌🏽💖Thanks Jamie for Your Obedience, GOD BLESS 🙏🙂❣️

  14. Barbara Young says:

    Yes, I praise God for peace and His loving kindness to me and His unconditional love, grace and mercy.

  15. Margaret Nathaniel says:

    Thank you lord for teaching me about peace and taking me to new level of peace. I need peace at any cost in my family.Lord thank you for loving me enough so I can pursue peace in my life.Jamie, thank you for encouraging me.God bless you.

  16. Thank you Father God for this prophetic word of peace. Father thank you for the confirmation to my prayers about peace and the things that I desire in life. I know it is well and all shall come to pass to glorify your name. Thank you Jamie for all that you do for us and for the Kingdom of God many blessings to you and your ministry.

  17. Thank you Father, I love you too.
    Your Deborah.

  18. Thank you Father. This is all directed to me. Thanks Jaime for allowing God use you

  19. A beautiful word of love and grace, but not only for me. I have two friends in different parts of the world that really need this, so I’m so blessed to be able to share this with them. Thank you Jamie for your obedience and encouragement. God bless.

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