“I Will Provide Your Needs,” Says the Lord

Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.com

I heard the Father say to you today:

“You are concerned about many things, but only one thing is needful: trusting Me. I am the sum total of all you desire, and everything you need, want, and desire is in Me.

If you will look at Me more than your problems, you will find that solutions come more easily. I am the Solution you crave! And when you seek Me, you are obtaining everything that you need, simply by seeking Me.

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    That said, as you focus your gaze on Me, I will fulfill My promise to you and will supply all your needs–every last one of them.

    Some things take time–not because I couldn’t do it immediately, but because I am working in your heart through the waiting. Nevertheless, I have heard the cry of your heart about everything for which you have asked Me. And I am glorifying My own name by answering your prayer.

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    I will supply all that you need, want, and desire as you seek Me with all your heart,” says the Father to you today.

    “So return to your first love for Me,” He continued. “Come back to our secret place with all your heart and with all your might. Do this on a daily basis. I miss our intimate and private times of communion together! I earnestly desire your company, for you are My precious child.

    You do not need to seek the things that you need outside of what I tell you to do, beloved one. All you have to do is seek Me, and I will tell you what to do.

    Pray daily for eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to understand.

    I will give you My wisdom and strategies every day. Then, just as Peter went fishing for the coin and paid his temple tax, you will be able to execute My strategies and you will have all you need, too.

    I am with you to provide ABUNDANTLY. The season of lack is over; the season of plenty is here. You are a vessel of My plenty,” says the Lord, “for all that you’ve done to seek Me I have honored.”

    Does this word resonate with your heart today? If so, leave a comment below!


    1. Thankyou for this prophetic word, I have been doing all I can to seek the Lord, I receive it in Jesus mighty name Amen and Amen

      1. This was definitely for me, thank you so much 💗

    2. This is a Word in season. Thank you.

      1. Margaret A Mills says:

        Amen. Just the word I needed today. Thank you.

    3. UDEH JOSEPH says:

      God bless you immensely, more grace. l’m glad to identify with this household family of God. Trusting Him faithfully to perfect all that concerns me and family to His glory speedily.

    4. I try to put God first, but I fail.

      1. Cindy🌹 says:

        If you’re trying, you’re not failing. As God’s word tells us, “Ask & keep on asking & it will be given to you; seek & keep on seeking & you will find; knock & keep on knocking & the door will be opened to you.” ~Matthew 7:7
        Keep on, Keeping on & you will never-ever fail!!

    5. Helen-Naomi says:

      Thank you Jammie. This prophetic word is apt and on point.

    6. So Blessed receiving this prophetic Word. It speaks to me and builds my Faith in Jesus even more stronger.

      Thank you

    7. Kim A.Hill says:

      Kim says:Father you are my Jehovah Jirh the Lord that provides.I will continue to seek you.Thank you Jamie for the prophetic word.

    8. Latreeta Burns says:

      It confirms that I need to be still and focus on God and not my finances. I need to trust Him even if it seems like things have been delayed. I feel like I have a roller coaster of emotions as I really try to focus on the promise instead of the problem. My flesh wants me to stay focused on what”s not happening… Praise God it is a fixed fight. I just have to always remember that. Thank you for this timely and encouraging word.

    9. Thank you is all I can say. I was quick to open it, cause I know It was a word that will resonate. More grace to your depth.

    10. Thanks Jamie, I needed that encouragement
      Be richly blessed

    11. Irma Nortje says:

      AMEN Thank you for this amazing grace bestowed on us and Ps Jamie faithful intercession and executed obedience in sharing Gods timely word.

    12. Paul Solomon says:

      Thank you very much Jamie for the timely Prophetic WORD.
      Helped a lot in realising I am to return to my first love , seek HIM first …which I’ve been struggling lately.

    13. This word absolutely resonates with me. As I sat in my prayer time to talk to God about my finances, I read your prophesy. This is exactly what I am going through and I have been pressing in to God to be delivered from the spirit of poverty and lack and trying to understand if you are a tither and giver and BELIEVE in God and believe that I am a child of the Most High and ALL Powerful God, why do I lack. This was definitely answered prayer. I decree and declare that the he spirit of poverty and lack are broken off my life and my family in Jesus name. I decree and declare that this is my season of plenty and cup overflow in Jesus name.

    14. millicent deenah says:

      Praise God!!! i needed to hear from God, it certainly came at the hour of my needs, bless the Lord, o my soul, thank you for this word Lord. May God continue to bless you Jamie.

    15. Thank you so much for this Word and prophecies . It deeply resonates! I have been hearing the same thing over and over, God is indeed at work in my life and I have come into my rest season. I believe and I receive the word in Jesus name amen!

    16. Amen I believe this prophetic word and receive it over my life.

    17. Paul Israel says:

      Thank you Lord Jesus Christ. I say Amen.

    18. Thank you for this word. It confirms my prayer today. May His will prevail as I continue to seek His face!

    19. This was just for me

    20. This is for me.❤😭

    21. God confirmed this in my heart privately before i read this. This is so timely and so perfect. Thank you! ❤️

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