If Your Life Feels Like Hell (3 Encouraging Words)

If Your Life Feels Like Hell - 3 Encouraging Words | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comBeloved, does your life feel like hell itself today? Are you struggling with pressure, stress, sickness, or an ongoing, unresolved situation that has been tormenting you? If so–if your life feels like hell–the Lord gave me three words to encourage you today.

Here is what I heard from the Lord:

“1. Know that this situation is only temporary. Your problems have a shelf life.

The situation you are going through is not forever. Even now, I am lending you a helping hand; for I will never leave you nor forsake you.

Last month, I prophesied to you that OVERNIGHT I would spring up a solution for you–a solution for your problems that have been hounding you. You saw that. But what you need to know is that, once you have breakthrough of a certain kind in a situation, you have the right in the Spirit to manifest that breakthrough over and over again.

So do you need a problem solved overnight right now? If your life feels like hell, believe Me for the solution. Believe Me for an overnight solution. Tell Me about what you need, and be specific. Then, take whatever action I have shown you.

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2. Many of your solutions are right before your eyes.

In this season, My people have been too passive. For too long, you have waited and hoped without action. But I would have you know today that the problems you have felt were normal are NOT normal. I repeat: NOT NORMAL.

“Normal” in My Kingdom is righteousness, peace, JOY, and POWER. If something is robbing you of your righteous living, peace, JOY, or POWER, it is NOT NORMAL.

Look at your life and examine the problems that have been plaguing you. The enemy has pulled wool over your eyes in many cases–the wool of supposed normalcy. Where you felt your problems were normal, present them to Me and ask for overnight solutions.

3. You are going to have to be aggressive to get out of this hell.

If Your Life Feels Like Hell - 3 Encouraging Words | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.com

The violent take the Kingdom by force. Whatever you need, you are going to have to go after it. I need My people to build spiritual muscles. I need you to exercise your faith and power in Me. I need you to see that My Word WORKS; to go after what I tell you to do with fervency and vigor.

Gone are the days in which I do everything for you. I did that while you were a baby believer in Me; when you had no muscles of your own. However, just as you expect human children to use the skills they have developed as they learn to feed themselves, toilet, bathe, and more, I EXPECT YOU TO EXERCISE THE SPIRITUAL SKILLS I HAVE PUT IN YOU:

  • I EXPECT you to get up.
  • I EXPECT you to pray.
  • I EXPECT you to exercise faith.
  • I EXPECT you to declare and decree My Word.
  • I EXPECT you to anoint your house with oil and cast out any demons that are in it, asking My Spirit to dwell there.
  • I EXPECT you to believe for miracles.
  • I EXPECT you to write your vision–and, after you have achieved that vision, to write a bigger vision.

And I EXPECT you to go after My Kingdom and EVERYTHING I HAVE FOR YOU by force.

I love you, but I am not going to coddle you anymore.

Yes, I am still the Comforter and I will comfort you when you need it. But there is a difference between comforting and coddling. Coddling makes you weak, but comforting makes you strong. 

When you need it, I will comfort you. I will heal and strengthen you. But I will never coddle you again. You are too old for that now.

Even if your life feels like hell right now, You’ve come a long way, baby–and you can do this.

It’s time for you to rise up in the power I have placed within you. My Spirit, the same Spirit who raised My Son Jesus from the dead, dwells in you. All the power in Heaven and earth lives inside you, because My Spirit IS My power.

Touch your chest right now and repeat after Me: “All the power in Heaven and earth lives inside me, because the Spirit of God Himself lives within me.” Say it two or three times, and say it aloud every day.

You are My child, made in My image. You are My beloved one. You are My warrior on the earth, and it’s time for you to AGGRESSIVELY manifest My Kingdom in your life every single day. 

Purpose in your heart that TODAY you will go from glory to glory, faith to faith, and strength to strength.

Do not be content any longer with backsliding–with sliding backwards off your victory. Instead, climb up on top of your Victory Mountain and refuse to back off. Refuse to stand down. Refuse to slide lower. Stand on Victory Mountain with the victory with which Christ has made you free.

Beloved, your problems have a shelf life–and that shelf life is determined by YOU.

You can manifest victory anytime you want. You have all the tools, so go after Victory Mountain and let the valley satisfy you no longer.

Love, Papa.”

Friends, this word is eating me for lunch. It’s a strong word, a challenging word–but an inspiring word. It’s a word that makes me desire to serve God better in all of my ways. 

How about you? What is God speaking to YOU through this word? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Sonja R Campbell says:

    I wish I saw this a few days ago,but helpful prayer.


  2. Wow! What a powerful direct word, but it was timely and relevant for me. Thanks for sharing, Sister Jamie.

  3. Kathy Davis says:

    Jaime, thank you for your obedience and allowing God to use you in such a powerful way. The Lord knows EXACTLY what we have need of. This is truly a Rhema Word for me!

  4. In the morning I was looking from a Word from God ,I got through some bad thinks..
    I had hard day ..later I received the email from Jamie.GOD answered my request,HIS thinking about me.Thank you Jesus for your faithfulness and compassion and Your love for me.Sow many times I don’t deserve it.YOU ARE SOW GOOD!

  5. Thank you for the prophetic word I am believing God for a good job and a good husband I have written my vision down and by faith it will come to pass in Jesus mighty name. God continue blessing this ministry and your family

  6. Right on! Bless you Jamie xo

  7. God I saying Everything to me. Thank you for remembering me Father. Help me to be strong and courageous to do what’s you need of me.

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. STRONG🕊🕊🕊
    Thank you😘

  10. Amanda Hoyle says:

    Absolutely OUT of the old and into the NEW all of heaven is backing us up! Practice presence everywhere with the heart of a warrior heaven heaven heaven invading earth. There is no earthly way (tried them all) but God

  11. Marilyn Thompson says:

    This EXACTLY what I needed!!!
    Thank you so much for your faithful obedience!

  12. This is a timely word for me.
    It bears with what I know Papa has been telling me
    Encouraging Word!
    Thank you Jamie!

  13. This is awesome. Thank you Lord, and thank you Jamie.

  14. This is awesome. Thank you Lord, and thank you Jamie. No more coddling, but comforting… I love that.

  15. MWANAMGENI says:

    Thank you Lord Jesus for loving me so much. You always what we do not see. l bless your holy name.

    Thank you Jamie and be blessed.

  16. Jamie, My family needs this we have endured 2 years of non-stop h-ll,god bless you!,will you pray for us.

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