“In April, Put Your Head Between Your Knees and Birth It,” Says the Lord

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As we enter the new month of April 2022, I have been feeling a keening in my spirit and gut over the things the Lord desires to birth in this month. I heard the Lord say, “In April, put your head between your knees and birth it!” As I asked Him for more about this instructive prophetic word for April 2022, He continued to elaborate.

I heard the Lord Jesus say:

Prophetic Word for April 2022 | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.com

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    “During the month of April 2022, it is time to place your head between your knees in the birthing position and EXPECT ME to do what only I can do to birth your dream.

    I need you to co-labor with Me, however, in prayer; prayer is the place in which we work together. Nevertheless, expect ME to do the great and mighty in the month of April.

    It’s time to put your head between your knees and birth the big things I have planted in your heart.

    Go to fasting as I lead you,” says the Lord. “Go to praying more than you have ever prayed before. Come up higher into a new season of prayer; make PRAYER your primary business during this season of April through June! Retreat with Me; come away with Me; let’s pray together, for I am in you praying through you by My Spirit!

    I see the agony of your heart, My child.

    I see the things that only you know and I know; the things you have never mentioned to anyone else. These things are too precious to talk about, I know; but My Father and I and My Spirit are talking about them in Heaven right now! Our breath has caught; we are intrigued and waiting to see what you will do with the dreams We have placed into your heart!

    I know the dreams you have that We have given you are too big for you to carry out. They are even too big for other people to believe in; you are only able to believe them because I gave you the courage to believe at the moment I placed the dream in you before the foundation of the world.

    Nevertheless, I am with you to keep your dreams, as well as to keep Y-O-U,” says the Lord.

    The Lord continued:

    “You think I do not see you.

    You believe inwardly, even without meaning to, that I have placed these dreams within you to bring agony to your heart. How cruel would I be to do such a thing!” says the Lord. “I would never do that to you; but I place My burden upon you to share it with you so that we may commune in My fellowship and you can share My dreams.

    Will you change the way you look at dreams, please?” says the Lord.

    “I need you to think of dreams as belonging to Me, for every dream was Mine before it was ever yours. Every dream belongs to Me. And when you think of your dream, would you please say, “Lord Jesus, that is an awesome dream. How are You going to use Me to accomplish it? Thank You so much for sharing Your dream with me! I can’t wait to see You do this thing which You have shown me!”

    If you will think like that, you will no longer walk in the mindset that I have forsaken you or abandoned you. Instead, you will see My closeness,” says the Lord. “And as we dwell together, you will discover that I am the Dreamer of Dreamers. I dreamed you up and made you to dream with; I created you for Myself. My dreams are My own, but I have chosen to share My wonderful secrets with you.

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    In April, if you will go to fasting and birthing prayer, you will see greater miracles than you have ever seen before. Let’s birth it together,” says the Lord!

    He concluded by saying:

    “I am the Great Dreamer of the ages. I am the One–the only One–who can give you what you seek, because I seek it first and I have sought to arrange it since the foundation of the earth.

    Think of yourself as My partner in manifestation, rather than as My distant supplicant. We are one; you are in Me and I am in you, and I am in My Father. If We let you that close, did you really think We would forsake you when fires burn the hottest?

    I tell you that We will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not give up on your dreams, for every Biblical dream is from Me. I am your Source, your Light, and the Giver of dreams.

    I love you, My child. Let’s do things together in the month of April: You in prayer and I in work. Travail with Me, and let us see what happens!

    With love from your Brother the Firstborn, 

    Jesus Christ.”

    Respond with me in prayer over this prophetic word for April 2022:

    “Dear Lord Jesus and Heavenly Father, I receive this word from my Brother Jesus. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for speaking to me. Please help me birth the things in prayer that You desire to work on the earth in the month of April. I give You all the praise. In Your heavenly name of Jesus I pray, amen and amen!”

    Beloved, did the Lord use this prophetic word for April 2022 to speak to your heart mightily today? If so, leave a comment below and share what Jesus is saying to you by His Spirit!


    1. Liz Winfree says:

      Thank you, Jamie for your faithfulness. I was just this morning praying about direction and where my heart was looking…. thank you

    2. Sue Tracy says:

      Thank You Jamie you keep me focused on what God is doing and off of what I’m doing to try and help Him.

      Thank you for keeping my hope alive.

    3. Amen!
      Mark 16:20 Let’s work together Big Bro!

      1. IRMA NORTJE says:


    4. Iva Leacock says:

      This word is definitely for me, it gave me goosebumps. This word struck deep into my heart.
      Keep on the good works, Jamie.
      God Bless.

    5. These are exactly words that where in my mind. I still cannot see myself fulfilling my dream. I trust the Lord to use me to bring it to pass. Thank you

    6. Thank You Jesus! Amen
      Father TRIPLE that 12 grand for this ministry in Jesus Name..Amen

    7. Thank You Jamie for this word. This word is most definitely for myself and my husband. We needed this word today. God is so good! Many Blessings to you and your family. I am looking forward to the month of April!

    8. Thank you, Ps Jamie! Your word of prophesy corresponds with what I heard from Yeshua today in my prayer time this morning. Thank your for your obedience to share with us the truth about dreams.. Indeed: as walking with Him intimately His will becomes our will, and the dreams we meant to be ours, are what He has written in our book of life before the foundation of creation.
      He revealed to me what is actually going on in that field He wants me to minister to fellow-men. Honestly, I feel completely inadequate;.) but I believe with all my heart, soul and strength that His grace is sufficient for me and that the Power of the Spirit of my LORD unfolds perfectly and mightily in my human weakness.
      I may feel as I feel – that does not matter – because I choose faith over cowardice and I choose to serve my beloved Creator, Kinsman redeemer and Sovereign LORD! TAll glory and praise and honor to Yeshua Messiah, Amen Amen and Amen

      1. Justice Ebow Acquah says:

        what else can i say with God all things are possible.. Jamie thanks for the prophetic words. Thanks you JESUS

    9. Amen lets go, let’s do it!

    10. Sharon Jane Cole says:

      I have a prodigal born April 5th!
      What a now word! In awe especially the first part Put your head between your knees and give birth, 3 years ago dreamed I was pregnant surrounded in white light with a pure white shirt! Lets go! Fasting and prayer, powerful word! Received!

    11. Gladys Mutungu says:

      Thank you Jamie. I am encouraged. Proverbs 3:5-6 came to mind. I place my faith in YESHUA to bring my dream to pass.

      Love and blessings.


    12. Thank you Jamie, I receive this prayer and claim it upon my life.

      Just today I am going after a dream Mt brother Jesus put in me. He recently showed me a way and I am trusting Him in prayer and fasting.

      Please pray and believe with me that He fulfills His will and plans in me today and through out the years ahead.

      I decree and declare this prayer upon my life. In Jesus name.

      It couldn’t have come in at a better time. Thank you so much.

    13. linda harrison says:

      Thank you dear Jesus so much

    14. Praise You Elohim the creator of everything. I received. I have been impregnated for some time now. Help us to give birth. In Christ Jesus Name.

    15. Thank you God for making my dreams come true. Thank you Father for all that your doing in my life. Thank you Jamie for this prophetic word for the month of April 😭🙌🏾🙏🏾.

    16. Amen. Thank You Jesus Lord

    17. Thank you Jaime for being faithful to share this Word – it is definitely a Word of confirmation for me! Praise God! It has given me a greater increase in confidence in what the Lord has put on my heart and I praise Him with expectation of His dream within me coming to fruitition!

    18. SUDANE BLESSED says:

      Hallelujah praise 👏 🙌 🙏 JEHOVAH. I feel the anointing heavy. God is just awesome 👌 this is all confirmation and I’ll obey the Lord cause as I read I hear him clearly speaking to me

    19. 46 years ago I was a new Christian who had just discovered praising Jesus, and some of my favorite times were singing on my motorcycle in Tucson’s foothills at night. But then I thought, “If I want to do it properly, I won’t have time for work or anything else.” And that overwhelming desire left. But God had me repent in the last year, and now I’m visiting in the Tucson foothills and reading your post. And will pray for that dream as you said. He is wonderful!

    20. Geoffrey Kern says:

      I receive the word about April 2022. I thank the LORD and you for it, as well as Steve’s Elijah list, without which I may not ever have seen it. I have already been expecting unprecedented great things this month, as other prophets also have highlighted April 2022. But, this word helps me, because, even though I am believing in faith for the enourmous wonders, I have felt overwhelmed the past few years here in my country and the rest of the world. I have felt so overwhelmed with the amount of shocking issues that I did not know where to start when praying (and that surely there were not enough hours in the day to even begin to address these things). Now, I am encouraged to start my day praying in the Spirit, since the Holy Spirit knows everything. Thank you.

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