Introducing Our New Spontaneous Worship Album: “Beyond the Veil”!

Beyond the Veil free worship music free soaking musicI am thrilled to present you tonight with our new worship album, “Beyond the Veil”!

This album has quite a story behind it, but I won’t tell the whole story now. Suffice it to say, GOD MOVED. He is so amazing. We went to worship, and He showed up.

There are still two tracks that I will release at a later date. But for now, I wanted to get this in your hands. I pray you will be INCREDIBLY blessed by it.

This is a live worship session/recording. It’s mostly spontaneous. Here are the people who you will hear:

  • Vocals are by Jamie Rohrbaugh, Mamie Blowe, Heather Moorman, and Amanda West
  • Synth by Michael Itson
  • Electric guitar by Jeff Herron
  • Piano by Jamie Rohrbaugh
  • Djembe by Lisa Pass
  • Trumpet by Jesse West
  • Violin by Rachelle Steele
  • Flute by Kim Cilley

Song info:

  • All the songs you hear are spontaneously being written as you hear them being sung/played, by the people singing and playing them. Except…
  • The “Satisfy” chorus is not spontaneous. It’s a song God dropped into my spirit spontaneously when I was leading worship at the healing rooms one night, though.
  • “There Is A Fountain” was written by William Cowper in 1772. Public domain.

You should see a player below to play this album. If there is not, your browser might be blocking it, so you can also click here to play this album on my Soundcloud account.

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