Look at this photo! 69,113 people for Christ! THANK YOU!

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Dear friends,

I’m writing with amazing news for you today. That news is: God is using YOU majorly.

In the last 30 days, you and our team together have reached 69,113 individual people for Jesus.

Those 69,113 hungry people read our primary website 182,367 times in the last 30 days alone.

Look at the image below, and consider this:

  • Those 69,113 individual people live in 201 nations and territories–in almost every country on the face of the earth.
  • The highest concentration of our readers is in the USA (37,783 people in the USA in the last 30 days), but after that, the blue-er the nation, the more readers we have there.
  • This is not even counting our outreaches on YouVersion (3.8 million readers on their Facebook page), Charisma Magazine (233,000 readers on their Facebook page), The Elijah List (371,000 readers on their Facebook page), Spirit Fuel (66K), or other online outlets.
  • It’s also not counting our podcast (3,824 downloads this month alone), written books, Facebook page or mentoring group, or our YouTube channel.
  • It’s not even counting our financial blog or our Spanish-language prophetic blog.
  • It’s not counting the outreaches that other churches and ministries are able to do because of the tech support and training that we provide FREE to them every day.
  • This is also not counting the fact that our prophetic hub in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee is almost up and running, and it will be an amazing place where my team and I can disciple and mentor all our readers around the world both online and in person. (And we are already teaching webinars and I am working from there every workday.)

From His Presence Ministry demographic outreach as of June 30, 2020 | FromHisPresence.com
YOU have made this possible. THANK YOU.

YOUR prayers, social media shares, and financial support have made testimonies possible like this one, which we received a few days ago from Sister C.:

“Jamie, I have learned more from your ministry in a week than I have in 20 years of searching and seeking. You have simplified God yet showed me how powerful and awesome He is. Since the first time I watched you pray and decree on a video, I have been inspired and hungry for more. I have no idea how the video showed up.

I am only on Day 4 on “21 Days to the Manifest Presence of God” and this alone is Life Changing. I have been jumping around in your website and everything is good. Thank you Jamie! Your love for God is contagious!!!”

This ministry is thriving, and I give God all the glory. And, I thank YOU for your help, every single month. Your reading, praying, sharing, caring, encouragement, and financial support make all the difference.

Today, I invite you to partner with me to continue this work either on a one-time or recurring basis.

We need the Lord to provide $4,000 today to finish our month-end expenses for June.

We also need Him to finish furnishing and outfitting our prophetic hub with computer equipment, 4 office chairs, 3 storage cabinets, and a video camera and tripod. These things will total up to several thousand dollars for the prophetic hub.

This work for the Lord is thriving.

The Lord is blessing us and using us to make disciples for Him–teaching people all over the world how to pray, how to contend, how to live holy, and how to seek God with all of their might.

Would you help us today?

If you have already given, THANK YOU! We aren’t asking you to do anything more. But if you have not yet given this month, and are able to do so, would you prayerfully consider sowing a seed into this work, into these results, and as a holy offering to the Lord?

Here are our giving links:

THANK YOU for your generous support. Thank you for your prayers. Every person makes a difference. THANK YOU for your faithfulness to the Lord, and thank you for being part of this community.

Love in Christ Jesus,

Jamie Rohrbaugh


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  1. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

    Thank you so much dear Lord that you move in your own miraculous way to reach out to those who you love.We love you Dear Lord Jesus.I wiil continue to pray Jamie.

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