Ministry Update for November and December

Notes from the Trenches by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comHi everybody! I wanted to provide you with an update today on all the ministry happenings for November and December.

First, you already know that I had a baby in December. 🙂

I’m pretty excited about this fact. 🙂 Thank you SO MUCH for all your prayers, blessings, and encouragement regarding that!

Our son is doing well in general, but we are having some feeding issues with him that we are desperately trying to resolve. Lots of prayers and doctor’s appointments so far, but he is getting better. The Lord is answering our prayers and yours, and we believe will be able to give you an “all clear,” totally perfect report on his health soon. We would definitely appreciate your continued prayers in this matter!

I am also recovering from the c-section well. Today marks the end of the second week post-op (and my doctor says it takes about 6 weeks to fully recover). However, happily, I am beginning to be more physically functional and the pain is MUCH less than it was. So, thank You Lord! And thank you, friends, for your prayers!

Next, you may have noticed we’re in the middle of a major design overhaul on this website.

I decided to redesign the site because we have nearly 1,000 timeless posts, and the site was getting too big to find things. Even for me! And when I asked for your opinions, you all agreed and let me know what would make reading easier for you. (Thank you!)

So I have added a whole bunch of index pages to the home page.

These pages now contain lists of every timeless post we’ve ever released on the site. They are categorized by topics such as:

I also re-released our 3 free prophetic worship albums in December!

These are albums that my team and I recorded several years ago. The Lord told me to take prophetic musicians and singers to the studio and worship and see what happened. So, we did … and what happened each time was powerful and anointed!

If you haven’t seen these 3 albums of free prophetic worship yet, you can listen to them and even download them here.

There is a lot more work to be done on the website redesign.

Since it’s just me working on it–other than a tech guy who is helping me speed the site up–it’s going to take time to finish the redesign. But, I would sure love to hear what you think so far!


  • Is the new style easier for you to navigate?
  • Is it easier to find things?
  • Is it easier to find articles that you’ve never read before?

Please let me know in the comments below!

Next: November and December were busy months for this ministry. Papa God did SO much!

Specifically, in November:

  • We served 55,987 individual readers through the blog alone.
  • According to our Google stats, those readers were in 191 countries around the globe.
  • We saw 160,331 pageviews on the blog alone. That’s the number of times people were touched with the message of hope in Jesus Christ in November 2017 alone.
  • We released 16 new blog posts with prophetic words or teaching;
  • We built and designed a website for a local, full-time pastor/missionary for free.
  • We also developed and hosted 3 webinars in November:
    • 291 people signed up for the free How to Hear the Voice of God 101 webinar!
    • 55 people signed up for the advanced How to Mine the Deep Things of God webinar! (Be sure to get a copy on our Gumroad store if you weren’t one of them!)
    • 307 people signed up for the free 10 Signs You’re Growing in God webinar!
  • In November, I was able to pour a significant amount of time into mentoring local sons and daughters who God is allowing me to help raise up into the ministry.
  • We released 4 new YouTube videos and 2 Facebook videos;
  • We were able to sponsor a local pastor’s continuing education; AND
  • Through your generosity, we were also able to sow significant financial seeds (totaling in the 4 figures) to help send THREE missionaries into the international mission field!

One nurse-missionary went to Puerto Rico in December, working with the ministry of Crisis Response International to help with disaster relief, medical missions, and evangelism there (due to the recent devastation caused by hurricanes).

The other two missionaries are pastor-missionary-evangelists who are headed to Central America this month. They have an established ministry there, where they win hundreds of souls to Jesus every time they go.

And in December:

  • We served 55,622 individual readers through the blog alone.
  • According to our Google stats, those readers were in 195 countries/territories around the globe.
  • We saw 150,651 pageviews on the blog alone. (December is usually lower than prior months because of Christmas.)
  • We continued work on a website for a local, full-time pastor/missionary for free.
  • We released 15 new blog posts;
  • We also developed and hosted 3 webinars in December:
    • 464 people signed up for the free Getting Free from the Spirit of Poverty webinar!
    • 50 people signed up for the Becoming a Moneyed Marketing Maven professional training webinar that taught pastors, writers, and traveling ministers how to fund their ministries! (You can grab a copy of that training on our Gumroad store here.)
    • 75 people signed up for the advanced How to Break Free from the Spirit of Control webinar!
  • We were able to sponsor a local pastor’s continuing education; and
  • We released 2 new YouTube videos and 7 new Facebook videos.

These things were possible because God has used YOU! So, THANK YOU!

We also have been praying for 70 new monthly financial partners to come alongside us to help us grow.

And in the last few weeks, 14 of you or so have answered the call to help us, bringing our monthly partners up to 84! If you are a monthly partner, THANK YOU!

And if you sense the Lord drawing you to come alongside this ministry with your monthly financial partnership, praise God! We want your help, and we’re still praying for the full number of 70 new partners at the amount of your choice!

If you’d like to partner with us via monthly automated partnership, you can sign up to partner with us via Gumroad here or via PayPal here.

We also have so many wonderful readers who donate via one-time donation as they are able.

And EVERY gift counts, no matter how small or how big. Every dollar, pound, yen, peso, and anything else counts.

Our monthly partnerships account for roughly 20% of our operating budget, and your one-time donations account for about 40% of our budget. (The rest is paid for by ads and product sales.)

So, again, THANK YOU. Your donations mean the world to us–whether they are via automated monthly partnership or via one-time donations–and the Lord is using YOU to pay the bills and keep this ministry online.

Thank you.

So here’s a bit about what’s next for this ministry:

As I mentioned here, we’re going deeper this year. We’re discipling people deeper and working on ways to minister to you and others around the world in more areas.

I can tell you that I anticipate a big focus being finances. The Lord is brooding over me daily both in praying for people’s finances, teaching about finance, and in mentoring people to get them free from the poverty mentality and into God’s abundance.

I HATE poverty, and I desire to eradicate it in the Body of Christ.

Too big of a goal, you say? I don’t think so. God has always used bold people, and bold-but-small companies of people, to release His kingdom, His plans, His government, His freedom, and His abundance on the earth.

Think of the 12 disciples.

Think of Wilberforce and the Clapham Sect.

If you’re in the USA, think of the Founding Fathers of our nation. Men like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

Despite our smallness and imperfections, God will use us to shape the earth if we are only willing to receive His vision.

And I want to eradicate poverty in the Body of Christ. So we’ll be teaching on God’s financial principles a lot. I’ll be continuing to pray for you all in this area. And we’ll see what God does.

In addition to that, there will be lots of prophetic words and more teaching, mentoring, and equipping.

The Lord has been moving in my life to prophesy more and more. And I want to be obedient. So, we’ll be continuing with our prophetic words, prayers, and teachings as we have always done … to equip you to live in the manifest presence of the Lord, and to equip you for the work of the ministry.


Beloveds, this community is literally reaching the world for Christ this month. Together, He is glorifying His own name. Lives are being changed absolutely day in and day out. (Read the comments on recent posts to see living evidence of this!) I give Him all the praise.

Will you help us?

We covet your prayers. We want you also to come alongside us. (Notice I said “want,” not “need,” because the Lord has been convicting me about how He’ll provide our needs but we have to ask for our wants!)

How can you help?

  • By praying for us every day;
  • By sharing posts on social media–especially on Facebook;
  • By partnering with us financially, whether by automated monthly partnership or via one-time donations as you are able; and
  • By participating in the discussions and encouraging other members of this community.


Thank you for all you have done, and for all that you continue to do. We appreciate you so much. I appreciate you. And we give Jesus all the glory.

In Christ,



  1. Hi Jamie,
    You have a a wonderful site – the only thing I would comment on are the number of sites that pop up as Ad’s?
    So that makes it sometimes to read your posts clearly without being disturbed by these?
    Blessings abundant from our Abba Father!

    1. Hi Laura! This is a good question and one that I have received from others occasionally. I’m happy to answer it here! I don’t love ads either, but there are several reasons for why we have them, so I’ll try to explain.

      First, let me start by saying that I actually have ads set at a low setting. In other words, my ad network lets me tell it if I want a low number of ads, or a medium number, or a high number. I have it set to a low number. Just so everyone knows. 🙂

      Also, I have all non-family-friendly ads blocked. In other words, there should never be ads about liquor, or dating services, or things like that. I also have all ads blocked that refer to anything New Age or occultish, of course. However, no filter is perfect and sometimes ads get through the provider’s screening system. If that happens and you see an ad that’s objectionable (as ads populate based on what’s in each reader’s device, so I can’t always see the same ads readers see), please click “report ad” and report the ad as offensive to the ad provider. That’s what I do also, if I see something that doesn’t reflect my values here. And they will remove the ad from their stable on their end.

      That being said, here’s why we have ads on this site:

      In Luke 19:13, Jesus commanded us to “Do business til I come.” (Some versions read “occupy til I come,” but “occupy” means “do business” in the Greek.) The Bible commands us in many other places, such as throughout the Proverbs, to be diligent in business. Also, 1 Corinthians 4:2 says, “Moreover it is required in stewards that one be found faithful.”

      God has entrusted me with this blog, built from the ground up. He has done it all. And one of the big things He has required of me–that He requires of us all, in regards to whatever is in our hands to manage–is that I be a good steward.

      That is a key reason why we have ads here. Running ads on a website is simply good business. It’s good stewardship. I have learned this both through 5+ years of blogging and studying e-commerce, plus through nearly 15 years of business experience at the Fortune 500 level.

      When you have a revelation about something, God holds you accountable for it. Because I have learned about business, I can’t be a good steward and also toss my business experience aside. I actually tried once to remove the ads. I had them off for a couple of months, and the Lord dealt with me about it until I put them back on. Long story short, I can’t be obedient to “occupy til He comes” without doing business to the best of my ability. And frankly, if I tried, I’d be ineffective at ministry because I wouldn’t be practicing what I preach.

      In other words, I preach about the abundance of God. I preach about His goodness and faithfulness to be our Provider. I teach His Word about how we’re to engage in business; be blessed coming in and blessed going out; lend to many nations and never borrow. If I weren’t faithful to do business as best as I know how, and if I weren’t as faithful a steward as I know how to be, there would be no reason to listen to me when I preach about any of these things. I’d be saying one thing and practicing another. Preaching abundance and not acting on it.

      So it’s a stewardship issue, to steward the ministry’s finances, my experience, and what the Lord has taught me. It’s an obedience issue, to obey Jesus and do business until He comes. It’s an obedience issue also to be diligent to attend to all aspects of the ministry to the utmost of my ability.

      I’m not sure if that explains my heart very well, but I hope it helps. Basically, that’s why we have ads. I do keep their numbers down as much as possible, but they are a huge blessing to this ministry–and they help allow us to reach tens of thousands of people for Jesus around the world each month. I know they can be in the way sometimes, and I’m sorry about that. But, they make a huge difference in our ability to keep this ministry online–and they are an important part of obeying God when it comes to funding this ministry.

      I hope this helps. Thanks so much for being part of our community.
      Love in Christ,

      1. Laura Anderton says:

        Hi Jamie,

        I thank you for the explanation. I guess I see ads that are from my own country as I am outside of the US. They are not bad ads – just ones that pop up in the middle of your post.

      2. Jamie I am also in business and understand stewardship. I’m not a tech savvy individual but I do know that all the ads I see on your site are being culled from my personal browsing of the internet. If offensive ads come up on someone’s visit to your page it is because of a connection to either searches they have performed or previous site visits on the internet. Not that they necessarily visited that site but there is a connection via some equation that is done mathematically within the grammatical search. So in the name of Jesus I always pray for no unsavoury results when I am connected to the internet! Looking forward to utilizing the new links, however I grew fond of the old way as many times it would open a post I needed in that exact time! God bless you sweet sister

  2. Dan Thomas says:

    I concur with Laura on ads.
    My site has an affiliate program that could raise funds for you – no cost to join it. If you want to check this out, look at **Link removed by admin**.

    1. Hi Dan. Thanks for the feedback. Please check out what I wrote above (in response to another reader’s comment) about why we have ads on this site.

      1. Dan Thomas says:

        Hi Jamie … understood.
        Just wanted to offer my site as one that offers a huge assortment of companies which people shop from daily. A way for folks to shop and support your ministry w/o it costing them extra.
        I applaud your reasons for the ads! Let me know if you want to consider adding my site. It could bring in a nice commission flow. ?

  3. Vicki Clementi says:

    Hi Jamie, no one likes ads but your work and content is to valuable to be bothered by them. The explanation it’s self was educational, you are extremely thorough and I really appreciate this in your teaching. Continued prayers for you and Elijah.

      1. I do also appreciate all that you do to teach and encourage us. I just thought I would mention the ads because I wasn’t sure you saw them. But thanks for the explanation. I hope I didn’t cause you any upset. I know you are in a delicate time now, and I pray all of Abba’s Most wonderful blessings of strength, healing and rest in this time. All the best. And thanks again??.

  4. Hi Jamie I can’t wait for more teachings on finance because Lord knows I need it. I am trying to completely trust Him with all that I have knowing like you said and he has also told me that he takes care of the need. He even told me that my job was more for the wants because the needs would be provided so not to look at my check as it is necessary to do what he has called me to do. Because he doesn’t need my job to move. I think it was a way for me to understand that whether my check is what I feel I need or not he will supply but I still want to be a good steward. I have never really struggled with paying my tithes and offering but lately it’s like everything is always due when I get paid and it’s gone before I can take my tithes out, it hurts my feelings when I can’t give Papa his. So I ask that you stand in prayer with me that I continue to live according to His riches in glory and that my job is not my supplier but God is. I know I am saying it and I believe it but I need to walk it and trust Him. I feel like it’s warfare because of how God told me before the end of the year that it would be the last time I would not be able to give in the manner I wanted. I know I said it but I know Daddy had to be the one to place it on my heart.
    Today will be my first bible study group of women that he told me to start last year,and it seems like my emotions are all over the place but I know it’s because I am finally walking the walk. Please continue to pray that I follow Papa fully and be in complete obedience with his word, I just want to make Him smile on me. I will continue to pray for you, your husband and son that he gets all the nutrients he needs that every root of every issue is dried up and the symptoms fall like dead leaves on the tree, that he grows up strong in the faith and in his physical body, portraying every good and perfect gift from above that God placed in him. I pray that your ministry multiplies in abundance along with the finances of every reader on your blog that through your teachings and prophecies we gain everything, every revelation, every opportunity, every deliverance, spouses, children, businesses what ever God has spoken over our lives in Jesus name Amen. I thank you for being an obedient servant to Father and I pray that I can as well. Thank you Jamie and may God continue to bless your family in abundance.

    1. Dan Thomas says:

      Thank you for sharing about the financials, esp needing the paycheck. Think we live in parallel … I am facing the same situation. Let’s both claim Mat 18:19 and watch Jesus restore us financially.
      Have a great week.
      Ponte Vedra, FL

  5. Michele Browne says:

    Hi Jamie, first congratulations on your beautiful son. Praise the Lord… as for your site, I have no problem reading or accessing any of the information. However anything you do to upgrade the site will help others with accessibility issues. Also would you pray for my husband (Basil) and myself. We need financial breakthroughs, downfalls, overflows. I refuse to be homeless again. I handle the bills and we steward what we have, but what we have is not enough. We need at least $1000.00 extra a month just for basic expenses. I am also pregnant (49) and waiting for our late arrival. The due date we were given was 12/22/2017. Still pregnant… tired and trying not to worry. Please pray for us… we need help.
    Michele Browne

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