PM Netanyahu’s Prophetic Message To America

I continue to interrupt the Warlord word for this special report, which is of far more critical importance at the moment.

Yesterday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed a special joint session of the US Congress. He spoke for exactly 40 minutes, which is the Biblical number representing the completion of a generation.

I listened to his message, and it is probably the most powerful speech I’ve ever heard. It is a prophetic message to America. It is an honor to America, a warning, and a clarion call to wake up, all at the same time.

If you haven’t already watched this message in its entirety, please do so. It is SO important for God’s people to be informed about the truth.

You can watch Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech here:

And it’s not too late! Please contact your Senators and Representatives to tell them that you want them to support Israel and NOT support this nuclear deal with Iran. Find out how to contact your US Congresspeople here.



  1. Rafael Somma says:

    I salute Netanyahu. He has the guts to stand firm against Obama, Biden, Pelosi and also against Iran. I for one would like Israel to take back Gaza and the West Bank.

    1. Yup. I support PM Netanyahu too. And all of Israel–plus much more territory–belongs to Israel. Including all of Jerusalem, which is and has been the eternal, undivided capital of Israel for thousands of years.

      1. Rafael Somma says:

        By the way, I read somewhere that Netanyahu has a Philadelphia accent. Is it true? I know he lived there and he has a perfect english, but I can’t figure if it’s Philadelphia’s accent. Since you’re a native english speaker and I’m not you can tell me…:)

  2. Rafael Somma says:

    I’ve posted a comment yesterday and today on this subject and both of them haven’t been published. What is the problem.

    1. I apologize for the delay. The issue simply is that I work 70+ hours per week, every week. This week I am probably putting in over 100 hours. So it often takes me a few days to moderate and respond to comments. I do the best I can, and I apologize for the delay.

  3. Suzy walker says:

    Love Israel, Gods blessing is over this nation. We must be a blessing to her..

    1. Rafael-Olivier Somma says:

      I repeat it, Israel should take back Gaza and the West Bank and send back the “Palestinians” to Jordan and Egypt.

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