Praying for the Spirit of Might to Rest Upon You

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Hello, beloved.

Today, I want to pray for you to receive a fresh impartation of the Spirit of might. No matter who or where you are today, you need the precious Holy Spirit of might to rest upon you.

I recorded a short video teaching and prayer for the Spirit of might to rest upon you on Monday of this week. The video is below (from my YouTube channel). Please take a few moments to watch and receive this mighty truth about God’s Holy Spirit of MIGHT!

Also, if you want a copy of the book out of which I’m teaching–Getting to Know the Sevenfold Holy Spirit: 12-Day Devotional Guide–you can grab that here on my Gumroad store. I do have paperback copies available to ship to readers in the continental USA. If you live outside the continental USA (or anywhere else), 🙂 you can also purchase the ebook at the link above. 🙂

Have a wonderful day! I am praying earnestly for you today.

Love in Christ,


  1. Thank you so much Jamie, for your powerful prayers. God bless you in abundance..How do I get the book here in Ontario, Canada?

  2. Lorenza Passarella says:

    Jamie, I thank God every day for you and your ministry Father God has birthed through you! I am learning so much about my Lord Jesus and what He has done for me ! Jamie when you speak, you make it so simple to understand and your website is so inviting especially the colors and designs you have chosen!
    I am so blessed because of your ministry of Jesus!
    Thank you 🙏 for always praying for me and my family!
    I appreciate everything you do for Jesus!
    My heart aches for my beautiful mamma and her passing recently, but I know with your prayers I am receiving His peace knowing my mamma is with Jesus and now with my husband and all the family that has gone before us!
    Maybe you could take sometime to explain about our loved ones passing and moving to their new home heaven! I know they are still alive but physically no longer with us! My mamma and I lived together and did lots of things together….so it’s empty in the home although my other family is with me!
    I know you understand!
    love ❤️
    Lorenza Passarella

  3. joseph d schiavone says:

    Hi Jamie, powerful prayer, and timely as well. Thank you faithful Sister. My wife did get the Holy Spirit book for our Daughter.
    Blessings from our King of Kings upon you Jamie.

  4. thank you jamie for being my inspiration and always encouraging me with the word of God

  5. Latonya Littlejohn says:

    Thank you Jamie for your time and consideration to speak life into our situations. Thank you for your generosity and your love that you are sharing with the world about the love of our wonderful God. May God keep blessing you

  6. Jamie, thank you for this prayer I was so incredibly blessed. Know that I’m also praying for you. Thank you precious sister!

    1. Tina Perry says:

      Thank you Jamie for that prayer it really blessed me.

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