Prophetic Word If You’ve Been Passed Over: “Go Out, Go Forth, Go Through!”

Prophetic word from Jamie RohrbaughLast Friday, I was blessed to participate in a prophetic worship session with my friends Kara Green and Mamie Blowe.

During that prophetic worship session, the Lord released quite a few words of prophecy and intercession. The video is above; I hope you’ll listen to it today–it will bless you!

I wanted to share one of the prophetic words the Lord gave me during this session in writing. I felt the urgency of the Lord on this word. 

Here is the word that the Lord brought forth that I believe is for you right now:

“I’m feeling in the Spirit realm that there are some people who have been passed over.

You’ve been passed over for a lot of things in the past. There have been things that you’ve been promised; but when it came time to actually fulfill that promise, you were passed over:

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    • Other people were chosen, even though you should have been chosen.
    • Other people were hired, even though you should have been hired.
    • Other people were trained, even though it should have been you.

    If this is you, I speak to you right now that have been passed over.

    In the name of Jesus, I speak to the pain in your heart, and I say, pain, be gone. Spirit, right now, receive this understanding from the Lord. 

    You were not passed over because you weren’t good enough. You were passed over because you were too good. You were passed over because the Lord had something for else for you, and if you had been locked into that place–even though you wanted that place–He would never have been able to give you the larger inheritance.

    This is what I feel by the Spirit of the Lord:

    If you had been forming the relationships in that place that you desired, then you would have been forming a loyalty in that place that is not God’s will for you–a loyalty to man and a loyalty to flesh, even though God had a bigger mission field for you. 

    I want you to know that the Lord is saying to you right now:

    He has a bigger parish for you. He has a bigger mission field for you. He has a bigger business for you, and He has a bigger dream for you. The dreams that you’ve been dreaming–that you were dreaming while you were looking for those things that you were passed over for–those dreams were too small.

    I say again: The dreams you dreamed at that time were too small!

    However, your personality is such that God knew you would have formed an attachment; and you would not have left. So, God has thrust you out. You have been passed over, not for death; but you’ve been passed over–just like in the Passover feast–you’ve been passed over for freedom. 

    Because the passing-over has happened and now you have left Egypt, you are plundering the Egyptians. I want you to know that. You have left Egypt and you are passing over into freedom, and it’s a big world out there. It’s a big Promised Land out there. And the Lord says to you right now: 

    It’s an eleven-day trip to the Promised Land, but don’t take any longer than that.

    Do not take any longer. Believe the Lord that the entire Promised Land is yours. Do not take any longer than the eleven-day trip:

    • No circling around the mountain.
    • No pausing to fight where God said not to fight.
    • No making covenants with people that God did not send you.

    You go and move, and you follow the glory cloud. Don’t follow the place where you were passed over; that’s the place where the glory cloud has left. They wrote “Ichabod” over the door because the glory has departed.

    YOU move forward and follow the glory cloud–the cloud by day and the fire by night that will light your path; shade you; and shelter you.

    That is a sign of where the Lord is. Ask yourself: Are you fired up? Are you shaded and sheltered and being guided? That’s what the Lord does when He manifests Himself.

    Hear the Word of the Lord! Go forth, go out, go through!”

    And my friend Mamie Blowe heard the Lord say this after the word above:

    The Lord says, “What’s yours is yours. I have written your name on that which belongs to you. Do not pass this thing by! God has set a platform just for you. Only you can do what He has called to be done on this platform. So don’t let it pass you by. Hang in there and be strong in the Lord.”

    Hallelujah! Does this word resonate with you? If so, please leave a comment below!

    Love in Christ,



    1. Lisa Sharpe says:

      Absolutely . And as a confirmation, Tim Sheets recently had a word near the end of a sermon that said essentially the same thing with 2 added words after it. “Passover, possess!”

      1. Shauna Lundy says:

        Thank you for this word. It came just in time. I just lost my Job because they got new management. I’m praying that God will lead me to the right platform. I had actually prayed this morning for a job in full time ministry. Then I loose my job the same day. I can’t be without a job long my last check will be May 22.

        1. I wanted to hear this encouragement and it came at the right time when I needed it the most. I thought i have lost all but today I am standing at a point of declaration that I was rejected because God is preparing a greater chapter for my life. I am too great to be rejected. Hallelua

          Thank you Jamie

        2. Thanks Abba Father thanks tou Jamie this Word has encourage and energize me

      2. I feel like this message is for my Son Adam! He attends a University, and is a phenomenal athlete with a big heart. In 2017 he walked onto a team; the university had all the necessary medical tests done etc, and they had him practice with the team for the whole summer in the heat. They LOVED him and his abilities! However, on the first day of the new of the fall semester(after summer) he gets a call informing him to try out next year. Come to find out that that Adam had done all that was required by the NCAA( and was legal), but the school did not! The school broke the rules by practicing him before signing him and 2 others, illegal recruitment unbeknownst to the student athletes. They broke the rules! Two coaches got fired! the university had to pay the NCAA fines. We saw the article online and on TV. They did not mention the Students names though since they were “unaware” that the school was not following protocol.The Students were not offered a bribe of any sort. Consequently, Adam is very depressed, heart-broken as this is his dream.
        PLEASE PRAY FOR ADAM! May God lead and direct him as to where he should go! Who he should talk to etc!

          1. Thank you sooo much, Jamie! You are truly a sincere and God fearing Lady! I appreciate all the prayers for Adam.

        1. Joan Garrett says:

          This word really resonates with me! I fell heard, understood and encouraged all at the same time. I had been presented with an opportunity that was working well for all involved and made plans to reap the benefits of being apart of this community that would offer my family and I some much needed financial relief. Long story short, it didn’t work out for me, even though no had really sought out answers from the Lord to join this venture. He said, “Yes, but leave when I tell you”. I said, “I will”. I introduced a few others into this venture and when it didn’t work out, just out of pure integrity, I recompensed them back even though I wasn’t. I ended up losing more then what I started even though I was promised otherwise. I felt so defeated and disappointed. I wondered if I had really heard the Lord of was it just my own emotions. I continued asking myself, “Why didn’t it work for me like it did for so many others I knew?” This word really feels personal and I’m hopeful the Lord will recompense me 1000 fold and bless me indeed!!

      3. Lani Ofoe says:

        Hi Jamie I thank you so much for the words of encouragement,and your prayers as well. God Almighty bless you. I am also praying for the ministry.. thank u

      4. Yes! AWESOME❤️ My task seems impossible for me to do .
        He’s about to part the RED SEA

      5. torise hiller says:

        Thank you for this on time word that was dead on to my current situation. This word has confirmed and anchored me to GO FORTH unapologetic ally knowing that Abba has something bigger and better ahead of me. Thank you again for setting me free Jamie R. blessings

    2. Ibrahim Zambuk says:

      It’s has been like a heavy burden have been lifted up my shoulder, I had been passed over a job to the point I thought God favor had departed from me, but glory be to God, because he has far better plan for me.

    3. Alexandra (Lex) Nicole says:

      Hi Jamie,
      Oh, man does that resonate big time. Thank you for this word! I am so exhausted and so needed this right now! Love to you!

    4. Irene Jones says:

      Amen I needed that today

      1. Amen this word is definitely for me thank you God and Jamie 🙏🏾🙌🏿

    5. Jamie, please pray for Andrea an Michelle this is for them ,Thank-you.

    6. John Annanson says:

      I was literally dragged along the entire reading praying this prophetic poem of a prophetic Rhema!! Timely! Smoothing and provoking something in me I can’t lay my hands on, but confirming and reassuring!! Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah!! Amen!!. Today God answer Prophetess Jamie right now!!! I am earnestly waiting for a huge mega breakthrough for this ministry!! This is from, FromHisPresence.Com INDEED!!!!

    7. Hi Jamie, I believe this word is for me. I believe in my heart and spirit that our Lord will confirm this word and will be manifested in the natural realm soon! To God be the Glory!

    8. Amen, I receive in Jesus’s mighty name

    9. Thank you Jesus. It was timely for me… My name is written on what is mine

    10. Tierashia Adair says:

      My soul is truly rejoicing in the Lord! I will CONTINUE to move forward, following the glory cloud. Hallelujah! Blessed the Lord Jesus!🙌🏽

    11. Laurna Tallman says:

      Dear Jamie,
      The Lord spoke those words to me in mid-February but the meaning was different from the interpretation you put on them here. He meant that we had been spared a life-threatening illness. I assumed it was the seasonal flu that infected everyone next door (our youngest son’s family). His partner clearly had pneumonia. Now, we don’t know when the corona virus came to Canada and testing simply isn’t available so I’m not sure what God protected us from. We were observing social distancing simply because of our late-70s age. That strategy has become universal since then. We already work at home and live a quiet life that is quite isolated, so the lock-down hasn’t changed our lifestyle much. But the threat to our lives has ratcheted upwards — as with so many people — from the corona virus that is circulating undetected in our communities. My mission to healing ears slowed to a halt when our oldest son and their children but especially his wife caught COVID-19. They are in the US Midwest. He was working with me and all of his energy had to be diverted to the emergency at home. She is still not well. I have felt like quitting entirely. As you speak these words again, I am encouraged to pick up the threads of my mission. There are tasks I can work on by myself until he is able to work with me again. I can continue to count on the blessings of the Lord as I move forward with the necessary caution. Thank you for your listening and sharing of the Word. Your confirmation is timely and energizing!

    12. Laurna Tallman says:

      Dear Mamie,
      I want to add that your completion of Jamie’s Word from the Lord applies very specifically to my mission of healing ears. I call the neurological paradigm I discovered the Tallman Paradigm. It is something not yet known to medical science that is very basic to understanding how the brain works. It is explains how music directed only to the right ear heals the way the two halves of the brain integrate. You can see why your hearing of God’s Word confirmed everything that Jamie’s Word meant to me. Thank you for sharing in this important ministry that reaches me and encourages me to keep fighting through this time of upheaval and difficulty. May you be blessed as God continues to use your openness to His Word.

    13. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

      Amen .In Jesus name and his bloodshed on calvary for our redemption. Amen amen

    14. This is the second word I received in my emails saying that God is basically giving a second chance to us. Does the part about it being an eleven day journey mean just that–eleven days to the promise? I had a dream last night that I was watching this man get ready to propose to a woman and she had been waiting for so long but circumstances kept it from happening. And when he was able to propose, it was unexpectedly and a surprise–suddenly and it was an amazing thing to watch. And I said to myself, maybe this is what’ll happen for me. It’ll be suddenly and better than I thought. I can’t miss what God has for me. I have to get to the other side. I feel as though the Lord has been showing me the storm is over and that I’m going to the other side.

      1. Wow!! This is so my story. Praise God for His faithfulness. I receive that dream even though I don’t know you. God knows all. I have been believing God for my husband and we’ve met, but circumstances has kept it from happening. He had to move back to his home town, because his mom got really sick. We’ve been apart now for a year, but still communicating. His mom passed on Good Friday after the long battle. I’m believing God for a suddenly in our relationship toward marriage and the same for you. I thank God in advance. Hallelujah!
        I usually don’t read other people comments, so I know this Is God.

        1. Hello Amia! Wow how good is God! Believing it’ll all fall together for you and your future marriage. I am standing for full restoration in my marriage and for my husband to have a relationship with God. Glad you saw my comment– definitely a God wink for you!

    15. Pamela McNeff Smith says:

      This is so timely, Jamie. Enemy has been trying to ride rough over me on this issue. Trying to make me doubt everything from my appearance to my right to live because I’m “discarded”. (Yesterday was an awful day – I haven’t had a genuinely awful day in a long, long time.).

      At the same time, doors are opening in unexpected ways. Doing my best to keep my eyes on Jesus, and the Father has He does new things, and those new doors. But this encouragement is such a huge help.

    16. Thank you Jamie for sharing this prophetic word.
      Earlier today I asked the Holy Spirit to speak to me because I was tired and confused about my situation.
      Now this prophecy is clarifying everything for me. I feel relieved and at peace.

    17. Carrolyn Campbell says:

      That does resonate with my spirit. How do I find my promised land?
      I want to be sure I am doing what God wants not what I want.

    18. Hi, This so resonates to me! Wow Amen. Please pray for Kyle my grandson. Thank You, Thank You,
      Love You with The Love of The Lord.

    19. Hi Jamie, I did watch the prophetic session/video with you, Kara & Mamie, it was so inspired. Thank you for this post…very timely and perfect for my life right now…love in Christ 💜

      1. Hi Jamie…indeed it is for me. I believe snd i receive it in Jesus name. Amen. Thank you. Blessings always.

    20. Jean Potgieter says:

      Amen. I receive this Word in the mighty Name of Jesus. Glory to El Shaddai – Almighty God who keeps and protects us. Hallelujah!

    21. Thank you Jamie, this is encouraging.

    22. Mihaela Bucur says:

      Amen!! It is so!! Thank You, Lord!! You are always so faithful!!! This word is, in so many intricate ways, a confirmation to quite a few major things that the Lord has been dealing with in my life… some really fresh – from today, yesterday – and others, since last year and 6 years ago… and all are connected in ways and timings that only God knows… And your word is confirmation of everything the Lord has shown and said to me even today and yesterday and also months and years ago… Thank You, Jamie, so much, for your heart, your dedication to the Lord, your commitmment to serve with Him, to minister to us all… Thank you for being willing and available to be… the woman… the Lord summons… even from the end of the earth to fulfill His plans… in lives on the other side of the world (Is. 46:11)… Be hugely rewarded and increased by the Lord… you, your loved ones, everything entrusted to you by our Lord…

    23. Tabitha Sekoati says:

      Thank you Lord.This is for me.May the name of Jesus be forever glorified

    24. Jearlene Dixon says:

      Thank you Woman of God this is so true you are such a blessing and this is a right now word I Receive It In Jesus name.. Much needed….. God Bless You 👏🏾🙏🏾

    25. Pearl Abotsi says:

      Jamie! Thank you this is for me! I just started a new job so I am entering my promised land in person when covid-19 is over. I left my old job Egypt where I was overlooked, not wanted, other people took credit for my work and I left not knowing where I was going, but God has led me to this new place 1 year later. I think 11 days from Monday is when the stay at home order expires. Egypt left me so broken and filled with doubt and low self esteem I have been afraid. You have shown me that God loves me. God bless you! Thank you for being used by God! What a blessing!!!!!

    26. Doreen Tukezibwa says:

      Dear Jamie, Thanks for sharing the prophetic word of God about being passed over. I believe that whats mine is mine in Jesus’ name. God Bless you Jamie

    27. Praise God! This truly is a word for me. I’ve lost my job and kept questioning the Lord why ?? But the Holy Spirit consoled me through these words. God bless you Jamie.

    28. Marian Francis says:

      Hallelujah what a Savior. I was passed up for promotion recently having passed my exams and gone through all the processes. Tonight as I read this word I felt it resonate in my spirit. I thank Almighty God for using you to bring this message of hope. I pray the day will be here very soon when I will be able to sow in your ministry. God’s continued blessings to you and your team. And kindly relate my sincere thanks both persons who were with you when this word was release. May you continue to strive and may your ministry expand in ways you never imagined it would. God bless you

    29. Swaroop George says:

      Dear Sister in Christ
      I am so much blessed by your special worship to The Almighty God. I had been passed over in many areas of my life. However I renewed my faith in Him that he will not leave me or forsake me. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ for his abundant blessings and love.

      Thanks and regards

      Swaroop George

    30. Prophet Mary says:

      Thank you so much for having an ear to hear.

    31. Amen! I receive it in Jesus name

    32. sarah herdien says:

      Good morning Jamie.
      Thanks for the prophetic word. This really was for me.
      May the Lord bless you with many more.

      Sarah Herdien

    33. Thank you Jamie for letting God speak through you! I could write a novel on all the ways I have been passed over in the last 5 years. I am trusting God to order my steps into exactly what He has given me! Blessings dear sister to you and your family!!

    34. This word is beyond on time. It took 2 years in wondering why I was looked over/undervalued and a good friend said the words mimicking the word you spoke from the lord. She told me those same words last week. However, I caught it and it resonates so deeply. I finally understand. Building better territory! Thank you Jesus for an on time word. I am truly blessed by it. I’m standing in complete awe at how God uses people to speak a word so divine and I have been waiting.

    35. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

      Amen i received it

    36. Henrietta says:

      Yes, it does. I’ve been through many situations like this. Rejected, misunderstood and passed over… And this last week the Lord has been showing me what I am really called for and it feels overwhelming but I know that with the Lord I can do what He has called me to do. I cannot do it on my own… I wouldn’t be alive today if it were not for Him!

      There is a sense of joy because there are things I love and enjoy doing which are a part of it. There is a greater joy to know how it is a Kingdom assignment too. Glory to our God!!!
      Hallelujah to our King, my Abba, my Father forever!!!
      May His will be done, may all His plans concerning each of us be accomplished exactly as He wants and for His glory. AMEN!!!

    37. Christopher Mendez says:

      Thankyou Jamie for this prophetic now word. Hallelujah!!! Just in time.

    38. This word IS encouraging! Thank you for releasing it. I need to read this again and again. I’m just seeking to know where to go and what to do and how to do it. I’m ready to step out but just not sure. Still praying!

    39. Tonya Starnes says:

      Thank you for the word. Every time I go to my inbox you have sent me something that helps me with what I’m going through.
      Thank you,

    40. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

      You brought tears and it is absolutely mine.

    41. Kahn Johnson says:

      So powerful!!!

      So anointed!!

      May the Love of God cast out all of my fear.

      May the through me all of His manifestations He has for me!!

      May I be used up by Him

      In the Matchless and Mighty Name of Jesus!!

      Safe in His Arms,
      Kahn Johnson

    42. Thank you for this word. It has helped me to get clarity and acceptance to how I have been passed by various times in my career and last church.

    43. Thank you for this prophetic message. My husband and I have been in a very oppressive business situation with a foreign organization that is withholding large sums of our fees along with further expenses they charged us to release what is owed to us. It is now gone to their legal dept. We now have asked for just a portion of this to be released back to cover what represents our expenses and still they have not released it yet. We were told this could be done in 2 days. It is now day 14. I have been praying over this for so long and am now so tired and feel so helpless. But your service has now uplifted me and I will stand firm here and wait on God’s promises here!

    44. This most definitely resonates with me. Let’s see what is next.

    45. Okhen Esangbedo says:

      Yes, this word resonates in my spirit. Lord, I need you now, more than ever, Let what is mine come to me, I believe what is mine is mine, I receive it by faith and I receive grace to do that which I am called to do.Lord Jesus, do that which only you can do in my life in Jesus name amen, manifest your power in my life right now, I need you, be God in my life and let all men be liars. Thank you Jesus and Jamie for this prophetic word.

    46. Thank you Jamie, perfect timing and something I really needed! God bless you!

    47. Hi Jamie. I’ve read your blog post for a few years now. This is the first time I have commented. This one really spoke to me. I have recently been laid off from my job. But honestly I didn’t like the job anyway! Secondly my husband got a good job the next day that wouldn’t have allowed me to work there. I’m certain that God has far better plans for me! Reading your post and saying the prayers you provide has gotten me through some very tough times. I thank God for you, Bless you!

    48. Wow! Thank you Lord Jesus for your word. I was losing hope and had become discouraged, but thank you Jesus for your words of encouragement. Amen

    49. Akua Vera says:

      Yes, these are my words and am grateful I can access them today for the Lord us ever faithful to His words. Thank you.

    50. Yes, this is for me. Thank You, Lord!

    51. April McCullough says:

      I am so glad I watched the video before reading this or I feel like I would’ve missed something. First of all, everybody in the room flows from a deep place! It is a well-watered place and I could really use a whole album of this! Those worshippers are anointed by GOD, and release heaven in the room! Thank you so much for speaking these words and bringing healing to so many places of my heart tonight. I feel like I have guarded myself because of this pain and it was because I didn’t feel good enough. But to hear Mamie sing “I feel my strength ONCE AGAIN” just ran all the way over my heart! And the very word platform was used specifically to let me know that God has not forgotten about me. He will use my pain for his glory someday soon. It will not be wasted. I thank Him for closing the door where I was not supposed to form those relationships because he does know my personality and it definitely would’ve been harder for me to leave when He said to GO OUT, GO FORTH, and GO THROUGH! Prayers of blessings over you and your families and keep doing the work of the Lord!

    52. Thank you for this timely word. I believe that I will testify. Several things have passed me by but I’m geared up to receive that which the Lord has designated specifically to me. I thank God that my miracle is coming and it’s mine solely. Eleven days, and my testimony will be readied. Thank you God! Bless you man of God!!!

      1. Mabel Mwassile says:

        Thank you Jamie for the prophetic word. It’s a confirmation…a lot of things have been happening in my life of late.I have been passed over for a lot of things-It’s true I was promised a Job when time came to actually fulfil that promise I was passed over. Thank God He has a bigger dream, job, business and ministry/calling for me. More grace and anointing upon your ministry.Praise God!Many blessings !

    53. Amen & Omayn & so it is!

    54. Maika Kamikamica says:

      This word is for me Jamie, have been asking the Lord for being passed over several times in the past.
      His thoughts are not the same as ours but the pain we go thru is something else.
      Thank you for sharing
      Have a blessed day

    55. Yes, yet again, this word is on time every time! Thank you God and You know to the depths that this rings true in every area of my life. So many times in so many areas, but You were and are always with me, Many, many times my circumstances brought out the worst in me, but You loved me still, and You made me stronger, and wiser, and now Your word is confirming that this is going to be what I’ve been praying for, my Red Sea moment….the Walls of Jericho are tumbling down and Yes, the song HE’S ALIVE, sung by David Phelps keeps streaming through my whole being! Amen

    56. Anastasia says:

      Hi Jamie!
      Thank you for this prophetic word, it arrived right at the moment I was hurting about being passed over, God is speaking to me through you. Thank you! Be blessed!

    57. Wow, looking at the date this was written, it was around the same time I was going through this! Seven months later I’m so blessed to have gone forth, gone out, and gone through!! I give You ALL the honor, praise, and glory Father for the great and mighty things You have done!! Thank you for confirmation Jamie!

    58. Amen! I receive this for my husband.

    59. Thank Jamie and Mamie,
      I did an appeal back earlier this year for a job that i really wanted but got a letter of denial; just today. this isn’t the first time, I feel deeply discouraged and disappointed. I want to progress career wise, along with moving and provide a better home environment and for my children. so this word is very timely ; God is speaking through you and your ministry Jamie I pray the lord bless you and the staff. Thank you ♥️much.

      1. I receive this prophetic word thank you lord Jesus ❤️🙏🏽

    60. Antoinette says:

      This resonates with me so much. Glory be to God.

    61. This is a word for me it jumped out and got me I have been passed over Thank You Jamie for this prophetic word I didn’t understand what was happening thank you Lord for setting me free in Jesus name Amen

    62. Francie Robertson says:

      Hi Jamie!
      The 11th day is tomorrow down here. It will be the 11/11/22 WHOAH!
      I have been given this promise END OF SUFFERING! Years worth!
      My Lord is saying to me I am now COMPLETE in Him.
      It’s there in Colossians. “you are complete in Him who is the head of all principalities and powers…”
      Thank you for this message!

    63. Katherine says:

      Hi Jamie! Thank you for sharing. For me personally, there have been so many big plans & dreams dropped in my heart the last 4 years, that never materialized, I wonder though if it was a test (for me), to wait & learn his timing or see if I would hold on to his “best and biggest plan” he has for me, that only I can fulfill (assignment), which is unbelievable & extraordinary to be honest. Would I choose a different road, or fame & self ego, money, self glorification, etc. & precious time away from him, or be like Mary & just sit at his feet? Would I deny all? For him? Would I have radical faith to believe in the impossible? I was about to finalize my plans, ready to jump on a plane to study & live in Israel 4 yrs ago, but it was not time.
      I heard in my spirit dozens of times, “Hold on!!!… I have something better for you, just wait….” He has kept his promises I must say. So, everyone, believing for a miracle, it’s coming! The gates of hell will not stop what God has declared over your life, it shall come to pass. (Isaiah 46:9)
      Believe in the miracle working power of God.

      This morning I had an open vision, I saw a Prince & he was sitting on his snow mobile, a 2-seater, there was only white snow covering the entire ground, he had on a light baby blue ski outfit on, I can see the outfit in detail, 3D, precisely, as if I was there, his wife was seated behind him, she put her arms around his waist, she said, “Love, take me to the top of the mountain where you proposed (to me)”. He had his hands on the steering gears and “ready to depart”, he hesitated for just a moment, he leaned towards her, it was “getting late” he was considering, and they were in a wintery snowy covered area, he said softly, “Yes… I will”. They both had big smiles on their faces, peaceful, loving, happy & content, relaxed, waiting for their next adventure together.
      The End. Maranatha

    64. IRMA NORTJE says:

      Amen thank you Ps Jamie

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