6 Questions That Help You Identify Your Calling

6 Questions That Help You Identify Your Calling | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.com
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Hey beloveds, guess what? I’m beyond excited that I have an article entitled 6 Questions That Help You Identify Your Calling over at iBelieve.com today!

A lot of you have been asking me lately how to identify your calling, so this topic is really burning in my heart.

When you’re fully walking in your calling, you’ll reach a level of joy and fulfillment you never imagined.

Sound good? It is. But we’re all on a journey; and if you’re not sure where to start yet, don’t sweat it. You will be fine!

Please just check out the 6 questions that help you identify your calling (there are actually more questions, but I couldn’t fit them all in one article). 🙂 Take a few minutes to get alone with the Lord to ask yourself the questions.

As you do, I believe you’ll begin to see a pattern in your life that you never realized was there.

And to all my NEW friends from iBelieve … welcome!

I’m so honored to have you stop by! It’s really great to meet you!

If you want to get to know me a little bit, you can read brow-raising factoids about me here. The main thing is that I’m a very imperfect person who simply desires to walk in the manifest presence of Jesus more than anything else on earth. ? I have loads of embarrassing funny stories, and I share them all here. So, I hope you’ll stick around!

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And if you’re new here, I’d love to hear from you!

I’d love for you to introduce yourself by leaving a comment on this post (or anywhere else)! I pray that you would be mightily encouraged today, and that the Holy Spirit would help you and inspire you as you seek to determine what His calling is on your life.

Much love in Christ (and big hugs),


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  1. Rebecca L Jones says:

    I thought writing was going to be the absolute thing. Don’t be surprised if God doesn’t add more gifts.

  2. Rafael Somma says:

    Hi Jamie,

    On ibelieve is it you drawing?

  3. I just prayed this prayer and the one for witty inventions. Will leave a comment once I receive my answers!!!

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