Prophetic Word of Comfort If You’re Tired

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Prophetic word from Jamie Rohrbaugh

Beloved, are you tired and worn down today? If so, the Lord gave me an encouraging word of comfort, affection, and hope for you–His precious baby.

Here’s what I heard the Lord say:

“My child, I see how tired you are. I see your weariness, all the way deep into your bones.

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    I want you to know that I have made a period of rest for you right now. You haven’t been feeling any motivation because, just yesterday, I released a period of REST into the earth.

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    During this time, I am anointing you to rest. I will help you to accomplish what you need to accomplish as well; never fear. However, what I am anointing the most is your rest, health, and peace of mind.

    You have worked so hard for so long, and I am SO proud of you.

    You have done good work. You have been a faithful steward, and I see your heart to bless Me. I see how badly you want to serve Me. I know all that, and it means so much to me.

    I love you beyond description, and I see how you honor Me! I appreciate it so much! I love you and honor you right back, even more!

    But My beloved, I am escorting you through a period of rest for a little while. The time frame isn’t solidified yet; it all depends on how well you respond to My urging to rest.

    During this time, I will sustain you by My grace.

    You may feel inadequate when faced with relying on My grace alone, but I am with you to keep you. My grace is sufficient for you, and My strength is made perfect in weakness.

    You are weak right now, so I am making My strength perfect in you.

    It’s okay to relax in My arms. It’s good and right to recline on My bosom. You cannot keep yourself anyway, even if you try; so why not rest and trust Me right now?

    I have things for you which you know not of. 

    But instead of working for them nonstop, you need to rest for them in this time. You must call upon Me and ask Me to answer you and show you great and mighty things you know not of.

    You must also ask Me to do things for you which eyes has not seen nor ear heard, which have not even entered into the heart of man–but which I have laid up for those who love Me.

    Your refusal to rest would grieve Me; but you will not refuse, for you follow Me. 

    Look to the evidence you experienced just yesterday; the evidence of My rest. Look to what I have been teaching you about how to discern between the anointing to work and the anointing to rest. Look to the rock from which you were hewn, and to the hole of the pit from which you were dug!

    I am with you to keep you. Do not be afraid, for I am with you wherever you go.

    My child, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.

    In this world “you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, [for] I have overcome the world” (John 16:33). I will help you through this time of rest, and it will not be anywhere near as hard or as burdensome to stop what you’re doing as you imagine it will be. My yoke is easy, and My burden is light!

    So take My yoke of rest upon you. You have served Me long and with power. You have clean hands and a pure heart, and I desire to heal and refresh you during this time.

    Follow Me. Soak up My rest. Heal and restore, and let Me touch you.

    Love, Papa.”

    Thank You, Abba Father.

    Dear friend, does this word confirm what the Lord has been saying to you? If so, please leave a comment below! I love hearing what He is saying to you!


    1. Hi Jamie! You have no idea how your prophetic words are speaking right to my heart and situation! Because of you sharing Gods heart my life has a New Beginning, has the Holy Spirit rushing over me and now…today a word of comfort. I care for my mom with dementia and last night was the worst night we have had since she moved in 4 yrs ago. Today I was physically and mentally exhausted and at my wits end until I read your word from the Lord today. Again he used you to speak to me. To my heart and to tell me how much he loves me. Every prophetic word you have shared since I started reading “a new Beginning” has been spot on. Exactly what I’m dealing with at the time.

      May the Lord Bless you and keep you! May he make His face to shine upon you!

      Your sister in Christ – Suzanne

      1. I lost my job October 8th 2020 after I reported fraud internally. I’ve been told that God put me in a period of rest but have been struggling to understand what that truly means. Thank you for posting this as it means a lot to me. My life has gotten even worse since but I believe Gid is bigger than all of it.

      1. Hi servant of God.I have been going through a hard time as a Pastor and I really need that rest and , provision and strength to continue.God bless you.

      2. Hi Jamie, Heavenly Father is so Good So Gracious, So Amazing!
        This past month, you were used in such a manner regarding me regarding my life. The accuracy of the content that you have presented to me is mind boggling, truly blown away by this! At times it even feels as if you are right here, as if you can see what I face day by day. By His Grace keep on doing this, Blessings
        Much Love

      3. Jamie, You are so on point about resting, I. I can’t explain it to you. But, I have been taking off and I just got a email saying I have 40 hr of personal time I needed to take off before the 9th of January.

    2. Right on time!! I was feeling down , depressed , tired and worthless .. thinking i needed to take a few days off to rest and this came in my email. Amen and Amen .

    3. Thank you for this word its very timely and the words really spoke to me God bless you and keep preaching

    4. Thank you Lord. Jamie you ve been a great inspiration to me. This prophetic word is for me.

    5. Eric Mckenzie says:

      Thank jamie,
      This word is a blessing and encouragement to my soul. I claim these words because it is exactly what i”m facing at this very moment today. I am new hear but i can see that God has been inspiring you to write in the life of people to help them to have hope and trust in our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that God will continue to inspire you to be a blessings to others across the world. I am writinv from Jamaica in the Caribbean. May God bless your ministries so that it will prosper. Whatever i can give i will support the work of God.
      Brother in Christ

      1. Hi Brother Eric, it’s nice to meet you. May the blessings of God chase you down in Jamaica today, and may the hand of Almighty God keep you safe and secure in His arms!
        Thank you for reading!

    6. Maika Kamikamica says:

      Thank you Jamie .
      Be blessed

    7. Nadia Slater says:

      Thank you Jamie for this word,it has been a well needed,❤️🙏

    8. Rebecca Jones says:

      This has been a problem for my mother and I for a long time, I write a lot about rest and I knw it is important. So glad He is releasing rest.

    9. Christine Dye says:

      Hi dear sister. Thanks for hearing from Daddy for us. Usually I pray 8-14 hours a day or more, but yesterday I just completely shut down except for maybe 2 hours. Just.shut.down. I miss the praying so much but my heart reaches out to Daddy all the more when I know He sees, commands rest. Thank you.

    10. Christopher Lee Mendez says:

      Hi My friend. Please pray for my 15 yr old daughter Haley. She tested positive for Covid-19 and now my ex-wife, and two other daughters are all being quarantined. Please pray for healing and protection also for myself that I do not have this sickness when I get tested tomorrow. Thankyou so much😷😢😢😢💔💔💔

      1. Hi Christopher, I am praying now for Haley and you and your entire family. May the Lord God heal you and shelter you and keep you all safe, in Jesus’ name.

    11. This word was for me. Lord today I choose to follow you and soak up your rest. Amen

    12. Hello Jamie, thank you so much. A very timely message. The Lord is good. He knows everything in me. May God bless you more.

    13. Thank you Lord Jesus for using this precious sister to give us your prophetic words to help, lead and guide us. Love you Abba.

    14. Helen-Naomi says:

      Amazing and apt. Woman of God, I thank God for you. Thank you so much for your sensitivity to Abba. You are amazingly on point. This prophecy is for me, just like most of your prophecies. I needed to hear this now. I receive the anointing to rest. I have been weary. I can’t thank you enough. May the Lord bless you abundantly. I love you. Shalom

    15. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

      I believe and receive. In Jesus name.Amen

    16. Thankful and so grateful for my life in Him and ask and receive Your divine REST now, Abba! You’re an on time God! I want to rest in all the ways possible and I pray that for the Church as well. Peace. Love. REST! Thanks Jamie….blessings to you always!

    17. Thank you Jamie for this word I felt down yesterday almost like about to have emotional breakdown., especially with work and home. ..But the Lord, knows what we need at every second…I receive his rest in Jesus name amen 🙏🏽♥️

    18. Christian says:

      Hi Jamie,

      This prophetic word about rest was right on time. For the past two months I have not been able to do much work. I’ve been back and forth in my mind between the thoughts of resting and not doing enough (wasting God’s time). This encouraging word gave me hope and a reminder that Father will release the work to do and more information about it in due time.

      Instead of worrying. I’m going to surrender to the rest. And, trust that Father is going to help me accomplish things, without fear. Today, I will focus on welcoming the mental attitude of peace that God is anointing. I am encouraged not to give up on myself but, to lean into the anointed rest right now.

    19. Cathey Lynn says:

      Thank for this message. The Holy Spirit presses upon me to rest yesterday. I’ve been working, two jobs, every day and I took off from my evening job to simply take some much needed time with my son. Thank you for your words of encouragement. I know that God is working on the inside of me and to bless me with the desires of my heart. He’s covered me thru my moments of fear and doubt, by turning around my situation for a better one. I feel so blessed & grateful for His love and protection.

    20. Annanson John says:

      Surely God is a very pleasant help…Ps46. Most very grateful Prophetess Jamie. 1Cor15:58/Heb6:10
      The prophetic word is timely and Relieving!

    21. The word Abba gave you is absolutely crystal clear and prophetic. Thank you for listening to Him and inspired writings as He has told you.
      For me, this is confirmation of what has been happening in my life. I had to slow down as I was hospitalized. In the meantime, I prayed for others and myself, did some creative drawings with crayons (practicing being like a child). Even though I did not hear much about what was going on outside that hospital, it was time for prayer and also resting in HIM that He would see me and others I have a burden for, though this time and season.
      God BLESS you, and many thanks!

    22. Thank Jesus Christ for this prophetic word through your vessel Jamie. This for me and and claimed it. May bless you and bless your ministry. I love you so much that I count it a blessed knowing you. I will like to be donor to your ministry.

    23. Amen honour and glory to our father on high in Jesus name

    24. Amen thank you God for the allowing me to rest in you presence and always protecting me 😭🙌🏾🙏🏾.

    25. Thank you for this word. I indeed am in need of rest for I am very weary. I feel like God doesnt hear me although I know that’s not true. May God be with me and all who have read this word.

    26. Amen Halleluyah,In Jesus Christ Name I believe and thank You Baba for loving me thismuch

    27. Wow Amen glory to God, Lord i will rest and be obedient to your word Amen

    28. Irma Nortje says:

      Amen Thank You, such love is precious and empowers us to remain in humble prayers, praise, faith, rest from our sorrows.
      All honor and glory be to God our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ for abundant blessings for me and my family.

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