Prophetic Word: The Fourth Man In the Fire

Do you feel like you’re in a fire so intense that, but for God, you would not survive it? If so, this prophetic word from the Lord about the fourth Man in the fire is going to minister to you today.

I heard the Father say:

“The fire you are going through is the fire of birth. You must not quit.”

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I asked Him to elaborate, and He said this:

“You are birthing something that has never before been done on the earth. I have given others this dream as well, but you are in a place where you are birthing it and making way for other people to follow after you.

You are a pioneer, and being out in front is hard. But someone has to go, and I trust you to get big breakthroughs and not let your head get all puffed up.

You feel like you are in the fire, and you absolutely are. But I am using this fire to burn the dross off of you.

I am continuously purifying you, even you. There were some things you depended on that were not helping you keep your eyes on Me, and on Me only. I am burning those things off of you; you are like silver refined in the fire, purified seven times.

The silver does not like the purifying. It is hard and hot to have the dross burned off of you. But I go before you to prepare the way you will need to walk, and you will be ready when I send you.

The sending forth is coming, and that is why you are being purified.

You thought the purpose of the fire was limited to only what you could see, but I tell you there is much more to it than your limited sight. I am sending you forth on the earth in a new way, and by a way you have never walked before. I promised you that you would be called Sought Out (Isaiah 62:12), and so you shall be.

The purification fires you are in are seven times hotter than they have been before, but that is because I am doing a quick work in you.

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You have been fasting and you have been praying for acceleration and promotion. Did you not think I would answer? Of course I am answering–but you have to understand that My answer means I must speed up the purification process.

This is why you have been getting ready for great things; I am sending you out over all the earth. You simply did not realize, when you prayed, that promotion and acceleration would demand that I speed up your purification process.

The process of purification is hotter because it burns faster.

And the burning faster is for your promotion, and, first and foremost, My glory.

But there’s a fourth Man standing in the fire with you.

His name is Jesus, and He will help you persevere. He is My Son, and He is with you always. You cannot get through this fire without Him, but you cannot fail to get through it with Him.

I am sending you much more reward than you could have dreamed.

Hang in there and cling to Me, and I will see you through. Your portion is great among your enemies. Your adversaries cannot stop you because they cannot stop or hinder Me in any way. I am for you; if God be for you, who or what can be against you? I tell you I did not spare My own Son for you; what can stand in the way of My love?

You are correct to focus on My salvation right now. Remember what I have done for you. Remember from whence I have brought you. Remember how faithful I have been; how I have forgiven your sins; how I have done great things for you.

“The Lord has done great things for us, and we are glad,” you will say.

Fear not; you have this hope. You will get through this fire, and you will come out shining like gold. You will finish on top of all that ails you. You will triumph over all that besets you. The Lord is within you, and He ever leads you to triumph.

With love from your loving Abba Father, I say: Trust Me. You will be all right, and everything will be made beautiful in its time.”

Thank You, holy Abba Father.

Beloved, did this word from the Lord mean something to you today? If so, please leave a comment below and share how this word impacted you or touched your spirit. We love hearing from you!

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  1. I cannot begin to tell you how applicable this is, how much I needed this word from the Lord to persevere. He told me in November that our family was going to go through some rough times and that it would be humiliating (humbling!) and I wrestled with Him on this and then He said, “But I will get all the glory.” And this was enough to lay down my struggle. If He gets the glory then it’s the light at the end of the tunnel.
    He’s also been showing me that He needs to let the dross rise to the service so He can remove unrighteousness from me. John Bevere shared this testimony and it’s true! It rises to the surface so we can ask it to be removed … the fire reveals the hidden “snares which so easily entangle us,” that don’t come out until the situation gets hot.
    The Lord needs us to repent of this dross so He can remove it; He needs a purified Bride to be able to work in and through. He is preparing us for a great work, but right now we are the great work, His handiwork (Eph 2)!
    Thank you for being used of the Lord to encourage me and the other beloveds that I sent your link to this morning! This word is fuel to get us through.

  2. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

    Oooh Abba Papa please strengthen and fortify me in this intense fire.Jesua christ my help me to stay close to you to never leave you in this fire of purification. Secure me under your wings holy spirit. Give me courage and grace to keep my eyes only on you.Give me the divine intense passion to never give up and to continue on moving forward until I win the race.In Jesus name I pray.Amen 🙏

  3. Paul Israel says:

    Thank you for the message. I’m in the furnace for so long, and sometimes I’m feeling forgotten.

    1. Jennifer Alvarez says:

      Paul, I know exactly how you’re feeling….you took the words right out of my own mouth. I, too, have been feeling forgotten especially with how long I’ve been in the furnace. Lord willing, our Deliverance will be soon 🙏🏾🙏🏾!!

    2. Janjay O. says:

      Dear Heavenly Father and Everlasting king,
      You are aware that it is not easy going thru or in the fire. Give me a great grace of faith, divine strength, and confidence in your word, to withstand this process of purification in Jesus Name.
      Thank you Jamie for the message.

  4. Thank You Abba. I needed this today and I promise to hold on to Jesus, Your beloved Son. The yearning of my heart is to be purified and purged LORD. May God bless your ministry in Jesus’s name.

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