Prophetic Word: Your Faith Is Soaring Like a Dove

LIVE webinar: Healing from Emotional Abuse | June 7, 2024

Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh |

I heard the Father say to you today:

“I love your childlike faith.

When you come to Me, you have to believe that I exist–and that I am the rewarder of those who diligently seek Me. You are truly doing that for the first time in your life. Your faith is soaring like a dove toward Me, gentle and pure and excited.

I long to reward you, and I want you to know My heart. My heart longs to tickle your joy and incite your laughter. I love hearing you giggle as I hold you in My arms. You are a child to Me–My beloved child, always and forever–and you have no idea how happy it makes Me to make you happy.

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    Your joy has to be in Me alone first and foremost, but after that I did ordain that you should be blessed with marvelous things to bring you joy.

    Remember what I said about “Ask, and you shall receive, that your joy may be full”? Fullness of joy in My presence comes from everything I do, and part of what I do is reward you.

    I love to reward you! I love to bestow marvelous and happy surprises on you; and now, for the first time, you are actually believing Me for these surprises with all your heart.

    Your faith is lifting into My nostrils on the beautiful wings of My Spirit. Your faith is pure and holy, untainted by the things from which I have removed you recently. Your childlike belief in Me brings Me joy, and you better believe I will reward you BIG!

    I want you to know My heart to reward.

    Think about all the generous things you love to do, and all the generous things you dream of doing. All of those ideas came from Me, and I have many more ideas for you to carry out as well! And I am working in every single one of My people the same way!

    Can you imagine ALL of that goodness that I am demonstrating through all My people in the world, plus all the goodness I have ever demonstrated toward humankind, and know that I have even more goodness than that? I love giving gifts–and finally, now that your faith is healing and being restored, lifting toward me like a dove on the wings of My Spirit again, you are My primary recipient.

    Look out for the good things that are coming to you. Expect to receive, and you will. I love you with all My heart.

    Love and hugs from My almighty arms,

    Abba Father.”

    Did this word speak to your heart today? If so, leave a comment below!


    1. If I have ever had a one on one with FATHER, this was it! I am super excited, butterflies and all

      1. Felt like it was directed straight to me! 😉thank you Jesus, thank you jamie. Incredible word ! I had to slow down and digest it !

      2. Beautiful prayer indeed today is my birthday.I don’t have my beloved mother around she is gone west two months ago . Thank you so much Mrs Jamie for this beautiful prayer from our Abba Father looking forward for surprises miracles blessings healing and more as I connect with this prophetic prayer and keep myself obedient to Him until He returns again. Amen thank you Jesus

      3. Rachel Alvarez says:

        Yes it did Iove my Abba Father. He speaking at me now I know my faith is stronger than ever. Thank you Father in Your son Jesus name Amen.

      4. Apostle Pamela Kelly says:

        Apostle Jamie Rohrbaugh
        Just breathtaking just a right word at the right time. You’re like the Apostle Priscilla to me. This is truly a clearly a word from the courts of Heaven from ABBA Father for me; I was in great expectations waiting for His answer for what He asked me to do in the month of September 2023 Right season; right timing; I received it in previous Love of Jesus Adonai my God.
        Apostle Pamela Kelly

    2. Cecilia lott says:

      I receive this and thank you.

      1. That is so kind. Waking up I felt this feeling of stress aa listening to my mind thinking about the day. These words are very encouraging for the days to come. I think people now more than ever need hope and peace and have the opportunity to be encouraged every single chance they can get.

    3. Thank you so much! I needed this today. I have been crying out to God for a long time.
      I believe and receive this word for myself.

      In Jesus Name! Amen!

      Bless you and your ministry.

    4. what a beautiful word from the Lord, I feel so blessed, Lord please bless me with a flat/house in Jesus name, my situation is very bad currently, but I am believing you for big things

    5. I am looking out for the good things that are coming. I expect something to happen this January . Thank you woman of God.

    6. I do believe this and received it in Jesus name. Amen!!

    7. I can very much relate to this word, and it is so very touching. Thank you God for hearing my prayers❤️🕊

    8. Yes, your words are always on time. At the right time every time. Thank you

    9. Recently in a moment of fear, I was reminded to simply let God love me. I started doing that, leaving Him to carry the heavy/debilitating load I was bearing and aimed to continue doing that by faith and letting Him surprise me with what He does in response. And I was wavering so it really felt like taking a shot in the dark, but He’s been faithful in responding and my heart’s been more alive since.

      This was a wonderful word to wake up to… and incidentally in my case personally, a sweet 18th birthday gift from Him as well.

      Thank you. May He keep blessing you Jamie. 💗

    10. Manisa Sampson says:

      Thank you Jamie for being obedient to our father, this word spoke to my heart. Thank you. God bless you

    11. Thank you Jamie! I was touched my this message and I smiled as I read because the Lord has heard me. It was as if God was speaking to me directly. This is confirmation that He has seen my faith in Him soar in this season of my life. I am excited to see all of God’s wonderful surprises as I continue to believe.

    12. My God Jamie!! This Word from God spoke more to me than you know! I went to bed last night with a vision from God to do something magnificent along the line of this Word! I am crying as I write this. Thank You Father for confirmation!!! As always Jamie, thank you for your obedience!!!

    13. IRMA NORTJE says:

      Amen thank you Jamie for such amazing love to receive and share. God Bless u

    14. Jamie this post ought to have started with dear Mel,cos it was strictly conceived for me n me!! Who am I that God is mindful of me,who am I that he set his love on me .I love u so much daddy,thank u ever so much…God bless u Jamie

    15. Thank You, Papa God, for your loving word. I receive as You have spoken! Thank You for loving me and having room in your heart for me!
      Thank you, Jamie. You are a blessing! I pray that that God will richly bless you, your family and ministry!

    16. Jane Gacicio says:

      Thanks Jamie for this prayer, it is all I needed,,may God bless you

    17. Wil Kincade says:

      Thank You Father God for your agape love for me. I expect Your mercy and grace today and every day for I am Your beloved. God loves you, Jamie!

    18. I will pray this beautiful prayer each day. I believe in faith all of the Father’s promises, gifts, and blessings that He has for me. When I meet you, Jamie, I am going to hold you and hug you and thank you for who you are in Christ. I love you!

    19. God has started showing his hand in my life, I have been asking the Lord to move me into my own flat and that is starting to happen, he has also removed people from my life who are against me I thank God mightily without his hand I will still be in a terrible emotionally abusive household, thankyou Abba Father in Jesus name

    20. Thank you for acknowledgment my faith, Papa God.
      I’m glad to finally be growing in faith and looking forward to seeing you do something really big and NEW in this situation! And all my “situations”!

      1. I meant to say “acknowledging” lol. ( I said it in my head ) I know You knew what I meant. But being a grammar cop, and in case anyone else sees my comment…. 👀 😊

    21. LaDonna Vandegrift says:

      Wow wow wow!!! More Lord More of YOU!!!!! I receive this with all of my heart!!! AMEN!!!

    22. Thank You Lord Our Heavenly Father.

    23. Marianela says:

      A confirmation for just the right time! Thank you Abba Father 🙏🏽❤️

    24. Thank you Abba Father! I love you🙏✝️💕🙌

    25. Amen. I literally can’t wait!! 😁🤩😁🤩😁🤩😁🤩

    26. Luther Mamogobo says:

      I can’t wait!!🥳🥳

    27. Wow! I am expectant with faith. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

    28. My faith has been tested,,,I’ve been waiting for a word thank you Jamie ,I’m stronger now expecting the “suddenly” of the Lord!
      Thank you God Amen.

    29. Eldona Little says:

      This Word was a letter mailed to me
      directly from Abba Father.

      Thank you❤️🙏


    31. Blessing, joy and tears , I need to hear and feel the Love of God. Thank you for letting him use you. Joan

    32. Thank you so much for this word. He really did speak to me. I am now believing and having faith. 🙏🏼💞

    33. Joe Andrade says:

      Hi Jamie I receive in Jesus name I needed this prayer right now thank you

    34. Yes ,Yes,Yes it definitely spoke to me I’m so blessed by this word from the Lord through you Jamie. All glory to God and I receive it in Jesus mighty name. Amen

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