Sneak Peek at Saturday’s In-Studio Worship Session: “Awake!”

I’m so excited! On Saturday, I took some of my musician friends back into the recording studio for another spontaneous worship session.

We don’t have all the tracks back yet, or even the album title or cover art! But I thought you might like to hear a little sneak peek. This is a song we are calling “Awake,” from Isaiah 52:1-2. I think you’re gonna like it. It was completely spontaneous. God told us to go back to a particular chord progression. We did, and He downloaded this song. Just like that. Go Jesus!

Here are the amazing musicians and singers you will hear on this track:

  • Vocals by Heather Moorman, Mamie Blowe, and Amanda West.
  • Synth by Michael Itson
  • Electric guitar by Jeff Herron
  • Piano by (yours truly) Jamie Rohrbaugh
  • Djembe by Lisa Pass
  • Trumpet by Jesse West
  • Violin by Rachelle Steele
  • Flute by Kim Cilley

Enjoy! And by the way, you can also hear and download, for FREE, the first two albums of free worship music we did here!

And as always, if the music blesses you, please leave a comment below and let us know about it!

(If you can’t see the player below, your browser might be blocking it. If so, you can click here to play “Awake!” on my Soundcloud portal.)

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