Want to Make Your Own Reading Plan for 2013?

It’s the new year! Are you feeling inspired to expand your horizons, like I am?

Reading is one of the primary ways I stretch myself to grow (see blog post about that here). I highly recommend it!

If you’d like to make a reading plan of your own, here are my suggestions for how to get started:

  • Pick a couple of books you already own and have been meaning to read.
  • Pick 1 or 2 categories of books that you don’t own, about topics you’d like to grow in.
  • Go to the bookstore and find one or two that look interesting in your “growth” categories.Write down the titles you want to read, and keep the list with you in your planner, on your smartphone/tablet, etc. (I stick with paper, personally… electronic notes just don’t motivate me.)
  • Pick one–any one–and get started. If you read a few pages every day, you can easily finish most books in a month’s time, or less.
  • To keep yourself motivated, I suggest writing the date you read each chapter on the table of contents. That way, you can see your progress at a glance.

Even if you’ve never read for fun, you can do it. The most important thing is just to begin. Do it now! You’ll never be sorry.

What books will you put on your reading list? Leave a comment below; I’d love to hear about it.


  1. Sharla @ Slacker Saver says:

    I’m not sure if I’m going to make a complete reading plan, but I’m definitely planning on using one of these tips: books I already own (or have borrowed). My husband buys books and reads them immediately, but then I forget about them by the time he finishes reading them. I want to dig through his books and read a bunch of them.
    I do much better getting things read when I check them out from the library and have a deadline, which is why I quit buying most books a few years ago.

    1. Hey Sharla, that’s an interesting point! I do best with deadlines too… but I never thought of them when it comes to reading! I guess there’s nothing like working under pressure!

  2. I never have made a formal list. I always end up getting most of my reads either off the new reads section in the Library or free off kindle, since when it comes to reading I am really a “what I feel like reading right this minute” type of girl and that can change by the minute! LOL However I do want to read more this year and am already thinking of ways to squeeze a bit more reading in here and there.

    1. Hey Victoria! Thanks for visiting! I made my first list in 2012… had never planned anything related to reading. But I got such a kick out of keeping the list with me and checking the books off that I think it’s ingrained in me now. 🙂 Will work for stickers, checkmarks, etc. 🙂 Funny I know, but hey.

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