Prophetic Word: You Are Going to Fly!

31 Days of Supernatural Encounters | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | free devotional series on FromHisPresence.comFor Day 31 of our 31 days of supernatural encounters (series index here), the Lord gave me a prophetic word for you: You are going to fly!

Read: Isaiah 40:31


A couple of days ago, the Lord gave me a prophetic dream and told me I was to release it today–the last day, day 31, of our Supernatural Encounters devotional series. I believe it is going to encourage you like crazy!

Here’s the dream:

I dreamed there were lots of annoying problems and harassments going on:

  • things picking at us;
  • things we had to give up;
  • things we didn’t like;
  • temptations to compromise, especially temptations to compromise purity; and
  • things that threatened to sweep us away.

But suddenly, I felt the wind of the Spirit blow … and I knew it was a wind that would let me fly.

I could feel the wind coming in, and I could sense its purpose instantly. It was a thick wind, a strong wind. It had power, and it didn’t go away. It came in and remained, blowing from the same direction.

You could tell it was a wind that was for the specific purpose of lifting you up to fly.

I was in the living room of a house, and there was a CD player there. So I escaped all the people who were trying to get me to compromise, and I put a CD into the CD player.

The CD was playing a new song that said “I’ll fly, I’ll fly, I’ll fly away ….” It was a new song, but it was strangely a combination of “Fly Away” by FFH and “Fly” by Jason Upton. It had the instruments and sound of “Fly Away,” with the lyrics of “Fly.”

The CD began to play …

And I began to worship through flight.

I simply stretched myself out onto that wind of the Spirit, and it lifted me up to fly. As long as I wanted to, I could keep flying. The wind of the Spirit made me fly.

So I danced in the air and I flew, lifted up by that wind of the Spirit. I could feel the wonder and joy of flight, and of the wind, so strongly. I knew that’s what that wind was for, and that Holy Spirit wanted me to fly with Him. It was like a dance both for Him and with Him.

Someone was watching me; watching my worship.

They told someone else to look at it. And it was funny, because in the dream I remember wondering if having people watching me would somehow ruin my ability to fly. But it didn’t. The people actually became unimportant as I worshipped.

As I flew, sometimes I had my eyes open; but most of the time I had my eyes closed. I was just trusting, and I never hit the ground–even though sometimes I skimmed close to the ground, and sometimes I was flying high, high, high.

Prophetic Dream: You Are Going to Fly! | by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Each time the chorus of that song came on, the lyrics were, “I’ll fly away, I’ll fly away.”

And every time I heard that chorus, I had the choice to fly high–and I took it.

I would just lift up my arms and hands straight up, wherever I was flying, and my whole body followed my arms and hands as I swooped upward. I would just fly upwards, straight up, and it was worship. I could feel God, and I just worshipped and worshipped.

As I flew, people all around me (on the ground) were trying to get me to compromise.

There were people who were trying to get me to do bad things, but they couldn’t reach me. They couldn’t touch me. I just worshipped and flew. I was high in the air sometimes and low to the ground sometimes, but I just flew and flew and flew.

And all those people–people who couldn’t touch me with their compromise and temptations–saw me flying.

Here’s the prophetic meaning for you:

As soon as I woke up, I knew this was a word for the Body. Here is the meaning:

People all around you are trying to get you to compromise. (Remember that each temptation actually comes from the enemy, since we wrestle not against flesh and blood–but against principalities and powers and rules of darkness.)

There are also things harassing you, overwhelming you, and hardships that feel like they are trying to sweep you away.

But in the middle of all these distractions …

In the middle of these things which are trying to toss you about …

The wind of the Holy Spirit is blowing to lift you up and make you fly.

You cannot fly alone. You cannot fly by yourself, without Him. But WITH HIM, you can soar. His wind has come in and is available to you right now, and His wind is for the sole purpose of lifting you to fly wherever you are right now–amidst your current life circumstances.

You are going to fly.

But you need to make a deposit of WORSHIP in order to lift off.

In the dream, I put in a CD of worship music before I was able to take off. The word “CD” not only stands for “compact disc,” but also for “certificate of deposit.” When I woke up from the dream, I knew right away that the “CD” was a pun. If we are going to fly, then we have to make a deposit of worship.

It’s the worship that helps you lift up into the wind. Remember today’s Scripture? “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength … they shall mount up with wings as eagles …”

But as soon as you put on your worship, even singing a new song to the Lord, you will be able to fall onto that wind and fly.

By the way: Flying on that wind feels like I imagine it would feel to ride a Flow-rider (surfing simulator).

I have never ridden a Flow-rider, but if you have: the same way the flow comes from one direction and is so strong it lifts you right up, that’s how the wind of the Spirit feels. As soon as you lean into His wind, IT lifts YOU. You don’t lift IT. But it’s much, much easier to stay on than a Flow-rider. 🙂

Anyway, as soon as you begin to worship, the wind of the Spirit will lift you up. At that point, it will be your choice to fly or not.

You will have the power to fly; you can choose to fly, or not.

And during your flight, sometimes you will fly high and other times low. Sometimes you may think you might scrape the ground or crash, but you won’t. All you have to do is trust and ride Holy Spirit’s wind.

As you fly, people on the ground will watch you.

They will not be flying with you, and they will not understand. They will still try to pull you into compromise–especially tempting you to compromise your purity. But don’t listen. Maintain your purity of spirit, soul, body, and motives. Keep flying, and be lifted up above the crowds.

As you fly, dance. Dance and worship. Feel the wonder of it. Flying high is a good thing, and lifting you to fly the exact reason that Holy Spirit is brooding on you right now.

Beloved, you are going to fly.

As you receive this word and look to Holy Spirit, putting in your deposit of worship, He is going to lift you up and you will fly high, high, high. You will mount up on wings as eagles. You will soar, and the earth will marvel.

Do you receive this?

Pray this:

“Heavenly Father, in Jesus’ name, I thank You that Holy Spirit lives inside me. Thank You for this word that you are releasing me to fly.

Lord, I worship You. I praise You. I release my worship to You right now, for You are great and worthy to be praised. And I choose to fall onto Your wind, Holy Spirit.

Lord, please teach me to fly. Help me to soar.

Help me to fly high above temptation; above circumstances; above compromise. Help me to just worship You and soar with You, mounting up on wings like an eagle and focusing on nothing but You. Help me to trust You at all times as You lift me up to fly.

Thank You, Father. In Jesus’ name, amen.”


The new song I heard in my dream was somehow a combination of “Fly Away” by FFH and “Fly” by Jason Upton (the latter being a song we’ve already listened to in this series). Listen to both songs and worship God as you take off in flight on the wind of His Spirit!

Does this word about taking off in flight resonate in your spirit today? If so, please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Tamie Tyra says:

    Beautiful Sister, this word takes me both back into memories and forward into His calling on my life. As a child he would give me visions of flying, of being able to fly above the pains and afflictions the enemy would place upon my body, my heart and my mind. Within the wind of the Holy Spirit I could fly above the incest, the physical abuse the neglect and be free, be whole be loved be nurtured. While reading and praying then listening to the songs, I began to feel the gentle breezes against my arms, I am again ready to take flight with the Holy Spirit, to walk and not grow weary, to be set free, to again feel His love His nurturing, His wholeness not only within but all over my life.
    I give the Father glory each time I thank Him for you. Your anointing has touched my life, in such a way that I have not been able to keep it to myself and have shared with many and will continue to do so.
    And you are my neighbor-ish, I continue to pray that soon Father will open the door for you to come speak with those He has me minister to and that I may travel to where you are.
    I am continuing to follow your blog, and I will pray that Father opens even more ears to hear what He has you to share.
    Thank you Sister for sharing 31 days of our Father’s love with me.
    Love your Sister in Christ

  2. Yes, this resonates with me…….. confirming what I have felt the Holy Spirit saying in my spirit, about faith & confidence in the work being done in my life.

  3. This has resonated with me so much that it taught me to soar above the people in my life who have totally misunderstood me lately because of satan who caused dissension between us. They are neighbors..and now, thanks to you…I can soar above this nonsense whenever they are outside and I am outside my house. Thank you for this very timely blog and all your hard work. I know this was meant for me and I thank you. You don’t know how much you have helped me in this awkward situation with 2 neighbors who are getting their kicks out of treating me rudely. Thank you…I now have control over the situation by soaring above their sorry existences.

  4. Rebecca L Jones says:

    It is time to fly. We’re above it. ( I read about reaching out in ministry, have you ever done a blog link up, or thought about hosting a 31 Day Writers Challenge? )

  5. This song is so precious to me, and the message what I need as confirmation, thanks for sharing. I praise danced this very song about 10 or 11 years ago with a team of two more girls. One of them already step up in Glory the other one is quite in the will of God for her life, but I believe it is time to soar again and fly away.

  6. Jamie thank you for this amazing series – there have been so many prophetic words in this for me, so confirming and affirming, Praise Jesus.
    Briefly, and I know you may not get a chance to answer this, but if you do – would love your thoughts re: Day 9 (10/09/17) – does God really change our destiny, from smaller to larger? It was an amazingly encouraging word for me, I would just be interested to hear your thoughts about that point (I’m one of those people who has a bit of (well, a lot of..) a tendency to go down the thought road of ” I blew it, I messed up, I lost my destiny etc etc”). Anyway, thank you so much again and Congratulations on your baby on the way – Praise The Lord!! 🙂

  7. Thank you for sharing. I have a witness to this prophecy too.

  8. This was a confirmation For me. I am being pulled in every direction but God keeps showing up to deliver me so I know there is more. I am praying for my next worship experience to take me where I have never been before. Thank you so much. This was truly needed at this time. November is an amazing month.

  9. What a wonderful series Jamie!! And even though I have enjoyed and benefited from reading them every day, you save the best for last.

    I have been experiencing all listed below… It’s time to FLY!!

    Annoying problems and harassments going on:

    things picking at us;
    things we had to give up;
    things we didn’t like;
    temptations to compromise, especially temptations to compromise purity; and
    things that threatened to sweep us away.

    Thank you! May God continue to bless you, your family and ministry in Jesus name! Amen.

  10. My first thought when starting to read this was an old gospel song “I’ll fly away.”

  11. Thank you again & again. This is the Holy Spirit reminding me of God’s word to me in a dream some time back ” YOU WILL FLY”.
    And again a second dream in which I am flying through a mountain which has a hole right in the centre. Thank you Lord. Thank you Jamie.

  12. Amanda Hoyle says:

    Love FFH (put ur feet down splash around…this is our life in Him)…enjoyed the posts looking fwd to a good read. (Just got chickens and waiting for them to brood over their nests lol.
    Chickens ARE great Holy Spirit greater…

  13. Sure a timely word for me as I am just starting to sing frontline on my churches worship team & desiring the Lords help to worship in spirit & truth. Thank you for sharing this & other words over the last month – it’s been a blessing!

  14. Donna Johnson says:

    BEAUTIFUL time of Worship!!!

    1. Amen! Worship is warfare! A word in season!Thank you My Sweet Sister!

  15. I had a dream last night about flying as well and having a lot of annoying problems that I flew above,

  16. Luther Sipison says:

    Thank you so much I am so thankful to be in this community.
    Let us fly together. Glory to God.

  17. Thank you may all the chosen ones fly through the Holy Spirit in Jesus name Amen

  18. Amen. Fly we will children of our mighty heavenly father. No no weapon fashioned against us will prosper & no arrow of affliction directed at us will harm us. Above it we will fly on the wings of the holy spirit.
    Thank you for this word. It has spoken to me deeply. I was getting desperate. God bless you Jamie.

  19. I have had Jason Upton on repeat for weeks even as I sleep. One day if felt like I was on a run way and took off running as fast as I could but I didn’t see the lift off, another day it’s like I saw angels all around and I started flying in what looked like a city I saw homelessness and terror, and everything going on in the world but what really stood out was a homeless man under a bridge I could see his jacket and his surroundings. That song just takes me places and I feel like I am flying with the angels even though I can’t actually “see” them but it makes me feel like I am floating!! I thank you for that sharing that song!! Keep praying for me and keep obeying Papa so we can all experience his GLORY!!

  20. Emily Mwinjilo says:

    This was series was written quite a while back but I have been blessed by it and the prophetic words I believe are speaking to me about right now. Thank you sooo much for your Ministry. I will certainly be re-reading some entries as I seek to remain in his presence and fly.

  21. Elaine Broom says:

    I truly have enjoyed reading your blog and post. Every one that I read I just can’t get enough, it is so anointed and ministers to my every need spiritually. I had been in prayer searching about the enemy paying back Sevenfold for what he has stolen from me. And things that I’m going through has led me to so much reading that you have put out. I am overwhelmed with gratefulness at the answers through your readings exactly what my heart’s desire in prayers has needed. I’m thankful that you have the Word of God to back everything that you say!
    I have wanted to answer everyone that I read but I have not until now.
    Thank you for obeying the voice of our Father , papa God as you ,
    . Elaine

  22. Gh kleiner says:


    This was a great article, god bless you! You reminded me how great I am in Christ and will soar with Christ today, high above the clouds, the Holy Spirit leading me.

    Blessings to you.

    Again thank you

    Gh kleiner creative Christian, prayer, et etc.

  23. Jamie, God has used your website to bless me even within a span of just the two days since He led me to it, and more than I thought possible.

    Today now, I listened to ‘Fly Away’ by FFH on YouTube and found it was posted on February 20th, 2010; It’s February 20th 2022 today, 12 years later when I watched it. I also looked into my journal where I documented the Lord giving me Luke 10:20 while I was reading the bible, and then found that both that page, another one of your words – as well as another song He used to help me too – were all made on the same date January 15th too.

    He’s done so many other things similar to this and greater even I couldn’t fit it into one comment, but the point is thank you for doing what the Spirit prompts you to, and thank God Himself for saving me.

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