17 Tormenting Thoughts God Wants to Heal

A few days ago, I sent our Presence Seekers University email crowd an urgent prophetic bulletin saying that the Lord had told me He wanted to heal some deep, damaging thoughts that people were having–but they needed to break out their journals and write the thoughts down in order to receive from the Lord.

If you got that email, I hope you got out your journal. But if you didn’t, although the directive still applies, the Lord showed me a number of specific thoughts He wants to heal.

Please read these thoughts prayerfully. If any of these thoughts hit your gut–not necessarily your head–then please take them to the Lord.

The reason I say “your gut” instead of “your head” is that, often, we suppress certain things. Or, being like onions, we don’t know that there’s another layer to our healing. So if we let our human reasoning rule, we convince ourselves that we don’t need additional healing–which prevents us from receiving it.

On the other hand, if we let our spirit, which filled with Holy Spirit, rule, then we can connect with and receive from the Lord.

Without further ado, here are of the thoughts the Lord wants to heal right now:

1. I am miserable. I feel miserable.

2. I feel hopeless. My life is really hard, and there’s no indication that it will or can get better.

3. I have no joy in life anymore.

4. I am possibly depressed. I’m not sure.

5. I don’t do anything fun.

6. I hate myself.

7. My friends don’t even find me worth staying friends with

8. People use me. Even my friends use me.

9. The people I have loved the most have found me the most repulsive.

10. I hate how fat I’ve become.

11. I eat to distract myself from the pain.

12. I eat because it is the one source of enjoyment in my day, and I have zero other sources of enjoyment.

13. I feel like nobody cares about me.

14. I don’t have any close friends. I’m not sure I have any friends at all.

15. I don’t feel loved.

16. I feel abandoned and forsaken.

17. The only time I feel loved is when the Lord does something obvious for me.

Beloved, if any of these thoughts hit your gut, please let the Lord minister to you right now.

In His presence is fullness of joy. At His right hand are pleasures forevermore. My friend, the Lord earnestly longs to heal your heart right now. The thoughts above are on His mind. (If other things come to your mind, I know He wants to heal those too. But these are just the ones He showed me He is specifically healing in the Body right now.)

Acknowledging these thoughts to yourself, if any of them apply, is like pulling a shark out of the water into a parking lot.

When you’re in the water with a shark, that shark can hurt you. You can’t always see it coming; you may not know it’s there; and it’s in its natural element. The shark can devastate your life.

However, if you take that shark out of the water and put it onto a parking lot, the shark loses its power. You know it’s there. You can see it clearly … AND IT HAS NO POWER.

In a parking lot, the shark cannot swim. It can’t transport itself anywhere. It cannot bite you unless you practically beg to be bitten, placing your body in its mouth. It is completely powerless against you unless you just WANT to give it power.

Pulling dark thoughts out into the light is just like that.

When you expose dark thoughts that are from the enemy, pulling them out into the light by journaling them, praying through them, and submitting them to the Lord, they lose power over you. Healing sometimes comes instantly when you do this. And, even if your healing doesn’t happen instantly, the healing process can at least BEGIN as you submit these thoughts to the Lord.

Beloved, if any dark thoughts from the wicked one (the devil) are in your heart, soul, or mind, the Lord wants to set you free.

Take the deepest and most painful thoughts of your heart to Him. Submit yourself to Him and be transparent with Him. He already knows everything anyway, and He won’t condemn you! Ask Him for help. Ask Him to heal you, minister to you, comfort you, and give you hope. Ask Him to change your circumstances; but first and foremost, ask Him to help you conform your thoughts to His Word and His thoughts. In Jesus’ name!

Did any of these thoughts that the Lord wants to heal apply to you? You don’t need to be specific about which thought, but leave a comment below if this post speaks to your heart.


  1. Yes, 8 out of these 17.

    1. All things except the 8th point related to. Me
      I am suffering
      Not even God accept me
      My only son who is only 14 rejecting me

      1. wegosasa stella says:

        all the above thoughts are about me i seriously need GOD.

  2. My husband cheated on me ly with a lying manipulative person. Moved out for 2 months then came back to reconcile. After a year and 3 months that girl came back and it happened again. She speaks for him and is an evil influence. He doesn’t care about our daughter. I feel some of the above. I have been praying the prayer to reverse unjust situations. Please realize how evil and manipulative this girl is. Remove the enemy from us.

  3. WowJamie, thank you so much for listening and sharing what the Lord has shown you. This very subject is what I’ve been dealing with for years. And I prayed before I read the rest of this word that if it was for me, these torments would sting. Everyone of them did. The shark bite in the water was for me but thank you for showing me that shark doesn’t have to stay in the water. I can pull it out by the grace and mercy of God’s love for me, by recognizing that Jesus also went to the cross for our thoughts that don’t line up in accordance to His word. No just our deeds. Thank you for being a vessel for so many. For sharing what you’ve learned by how Christ has touched your life.

  4. aida valentina situmba says:

    Thank You Father for healing me from all the bad thoughts, I am more than a conqueror in Christ. Thank You father for the life of Jamie too, continue to give her wisdom and fulfil her hearts desires according to Your will. In Jesus Name! Amen

  5. Terri Kay Thompson says:

    I thank you so much for sending this message out today. It is right where I am at. God bless you for your willingness to serve, & to be obedient to His calling.

  6. Greetings Jami,

    thank you.

    Please urgentl ypray for me and mu children. we will be homeless in a day, unable to afford rent, deposit or removals. cannot get help from anyone, let alone my workplace.

    My salary does not cover everything.

    Please pray for an immediate miracle. I am done.

    God Bless

    1. Richard Harvey says:

      Yes what you said helped me. I have been fighting off condemnation, criticism, and fear. My wife left me and is saying false things about me to family and friends. She claims I am abusive. I am not an abusive man. She has a serious illness and mental health issues. I filed for a divorce. I have been in constant prayer asking for Gods favor and protection. I believe I am under a demonic attack. Please pray for me and my wife.

    2. Cela Karlson says:

      Elrica, I am praying for God to move in a mighty way in your situation. I am so sorry you are experiencing this crisis. God sees you and will orchestrate all things for your good. Hang in there and Trust Him!

    3. Steven Gilbertson in says:

      Praying 🙏

    4. Henrietta says:

      Praying and claiming the promise that ‘God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory.” May the Lord lead you to find the right opportunity and job that will provide not just enough but more for you and your children Elrica!

      God will never let you down, please don’t let your situation dishearten or discourage you. I have been in a similar situation and found that each time the Lord came through for me and my son. He is faithful! Hold on to Him and He will always come through!

      Sending you love from India!

  7. Priscilla says:

    Thank you Jaime, for your obedience to our father. My family has been battling alcoholism and depression for years, and we were shocked to learn that the first year of recovery is the hardest part, not the drinking. It has been hardest on the children, especially the youngest. Their father moved out to pursue recovery, and the enemy has him trapped in lies. This has been the hardest thing I’ve ever been through, and our family has been through a lot! But my Father, the one of Heaven’s armies, He is bigger than alcoholism, bigger than depression, which he healed me from 4 years ago. But the adversary, the predatory worm, keeps trying to drag me back daily with most of these thoughts. Not anymore! Now he’s messing with my children, and I am angry about it. I am choosing to trust God for restoration and healing. I am asking for God to intervene in justice and mercy, to rescue us and to make the enemy return what it has stolen from us, and to pay restitution for our tears and heartache! Our family will walk in the full freedom purchased for us at an enormous price by the blood and suffering of our Lord Jesus on the cross. It is our freedom, our right by rebirth and adoption by our Father in Heaven. My Papa knows what the adversary has done, and He is not happy about it.

  8. Thamsanqa says:

    Yes there are a number of them, please pray with me to remedy the situation through Christ

  9. I need God to heal me from those thoughts.

  10. Bless you Jamie for this message. Thank you Abba Father revealing your Word to your children. You are a loving Father, always you redeem us!!

  11. Yes, some word for word. Thank you Jamie and thank You Father for these healing words.

  12. Paulus visser says:

    Thank YOU our HEAVENLY FATHER I receive all that applied in my life thank YOU for healing FATHER wow what an awesome GOD thank you for Your obedience Jamie God Bless you so much more and more.

  13. John Annanson says:

    Oh glory hallelujah! Dear Jamie, the Lord bless you and keep you safe and sound. Please know that by the grace of God , you are througly of God! And let all and sundry know that you actually pray for Divine direction about and for the community! Awesome thank you very much empress of the Lord Jesus Christ! Praise God! I returned from a very desperate shouting to God in the plantain garden to meet this very prophetic message about me and what I went yelling to GOD about. Uh what a living God! Yes I don’t feel anything, but I cannot deny timely fashion of this message to me. God bless you richly, Prophetess. By faith having read through I believe every annoiting and healing accompanying this heavenly downloads is mine in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen hallelujah. Amazing Grace.

  14. Yes.I can definitely relate to many of them.These exact thoughts have been tormenting me.Thank you for being obedient to God’s voice and writing this,Jamie.

  15. Grasshopper says:

    Praise God
    Grace and Peace be to you
    I’m young but seeking the Lord. Thank you so much, Jamie, for being so obedient to God.
    (What are your thoughts about tallits?)

  16. Thank you so much for t his, I needed this today. Yes, some of those apply to me and some of them apply to one of my best friends who is really having a hard time right now and is very deeply depressed. She’s in America and I’m in Australia, so all I can do is pray for her and try to let her know that she’s got me and she isn’t going to lose me, and try to remind her that God is still there with her in her darkness, even if she can’t feel him.
    your list of thoughts helped me pray for her and myself more specifically and I pray that God will heal me and heal her too.. Thanks again for this post. God bless.

  17. Yes I can certainly relate to them all. This year has been a year of division between myself and friends… totally feeling rejected.

  18. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

    Thoughts 2,3 and 5 relates to me.I pray that the light of Jesus reveal to me other thoughts if there are any as he give me wisdom to discern.May all.these thoughts be turn harmless according to his words and be replaced by his graceful and divine merciful Words.In the name of Jesus. Amen

  19. Taylor Catrice Downing says:

    Hi Jamie,
    This came right on time! Lately, things have been rough financially and I now have been dealing with issues that I put on the back burner for years! Between reading your blogs, and listening to such awesome ministers as Joyce Meyer and Dephne Madyara, GOD has been using all of you to help in my healing process. It is not easy at all. But I am willing to go through it.

  20. 3,4,5,6,10,11,12,13,14,15,17. Especially 17. No one knows how I’m hurting inside. I cry all the time. Are we responsible for our own happiness or does God make that happen for us. I have bills, no money or not enough to pay the bills. But thank you God for my job. Can’t do anything at all because it all costs money. Go to work, come home, go to work. That’s my life.

  21. Yes several of them. Thanks for allowing the Lord to speak through you. I am believing for my healing.

  22. The majority of this list describes me… I see that I am not alone in this area and I pray that the Lord heals us all I know that their is nothing to hard for God… God Bless

  23. Yes God is great Elohim Ozer Li

  24. Eyob Bassa Koira says:

    Thank you for your mentoring advice, and it is for me too & my God knows it already so i providemy burdens to him too. Thank youJamie Rohrbaugh
    Love in Christ too.

  25. Thank you & God bless you Big Sis for Daddy Gods message⚘💙 Some of them is the thoughts I’ve been having. Most times I’m misunderstood by others, family and those I love. Then I think what’s wrong with me and go inside the girly cave. I ask for prayers to get out the cave of shame, rejection, being misunderstood, fear, begin to sing again, write poetry & lyrics to songs again, dance to share the gifts with humanity.

  26. Thank you so much for this. I have been working on my thoughts and renewing my mind and these came in handy. God bless you and yours.

  27. 5, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 17.
    God bless you!

  28. Some, not all & others kind of sort of. I need MAJOR extra-ordinary manifested “heads will spin” Favor, Blessings, Healing & Wholeness in EVERY area. Some things I’ve been standing & waiting & fighting for 17 years, others for five years.

  29. Yes, these thoughts and others as well. I just type and hand write tons of stuff all day long at work and my hands & eyes are sooo tired that I find journaling not something I can do. I know God knows my circumstances & that I will be pkmwith Him on that!

  30. Linda Stanford says:

    Yes I have been feeling hopeless but I know that God is going to deliver our family out of this situation. He is our Loving Father and he has promised in his word that he would take care of his children and I’m claiming his word. Thank you Father God for the Many Blessing you have given us and for the ones you will be giving us. I know you know the need and will fill that need. I am so very Thankful for Jamie and her ministry. It has truly been a Blessing to me. God Bless Jamie and her Family and her Ministry which in turn Blesses us all!

  31. All of these apply to me. These are all things I’ve been dealing with.

  32. Most of them right now unfortunately

  33. Jamie, two years ago my husband confessed his six plus years of porn use. He claims he’s never been addicted, but felt like he was in a very bad place for most of that time, and that gave him some sort of release. The thing is he knew exactly what it would do to me because we had been in a similar situation early in our marriage. He knew this would be devastating to me. He lied to me for six years about it. I feel ALL of what you mentioned above. Every. Single. One. I don’t know how to forgive him from my heart. I’ve spoken the words, hoping my heart would follow, but I still am just dealing with hatred toward him and what he’s done to me and our four beautiful children! The things he’s allowed into our home and our marriage through this makes me sick! I have never had a friend stick with me and now I feel like I’ve been abandoned, forsaken, and utterly cast aside by my own husband. Not to mention all my physical imperfections that are screaming at me now, because I know the things he’s seen. Please pray for us/me/our family. Thank you.

  34. Francie Robertson says:

    Yes sister!
    These and others similar can and do SURFACE and the WRETCHEDNESS is sure to follow. BUT thanks be to God through our LORD JESUS CHRIST as soon as I get into my daily journalling God begins to speak and to lead again and I tell Him that whatever He begins to unfold I AM ENCOURAGED AGAIN AND COMING BACK UP!!!
    And as of the most recent attack what He began to REVEAL was so HUGE to me I began to LEARN and to REJOICE in “some great and mighty things that I had NOT KNOWN” before. One sure sign for me recently was looking at all the irritating things of the day and without conscious effort I saw the BENEFITS of these annoyances and they became BLESSINGS instead!
    WOW! I thought. Show me more ABBA LORD!
    Be lifted up Brothers and Sisters and REJOICE in the LORD OUR GOD who is always MERCIFUL and READY and WILLING to BREAK FORTH TO SAVE!!!

  35. Thank you Father God you always listen to my mind and heart. Thank you Jamie for being obedient; I can relate to a few of these. Please pray for me and my family, thank you.

  36. Irma Nortje says:


  37. Jamie, Thank you so much for this. I can relate to almost all of the thoughts you mentioned, plus my own–God isn’t going to take care of you. All this prosperity stuff doesn’t work, it never has. I am alone but get thoughts that no one wants to be around me. And my health problems give me scary thoughts too. But I just loved your image of the shark in the parking lot. Years and years ago, my husband (who is with Jesus now) was a deep sea fisherman in Florida. He worked at a big marina with other fishermen and boats and he loved it. The city was having a shark tournament and fishermen were all fishing for big sharks to win money. He called me and said, you and the kids need to come see this shark that was brought in. We went to the marina and this HUGE shark was lying….IN THE PARKING Lot! I shuddered when I heard where they caught it, by a beach we went to alot. But the shark could only lie there. We touched it, it never moved. My husband opened it mouth so we could see it’s teeth, and it never moved. You are SO right…it was powerless to hurt us. In the water, it could have eaten us. So….I’m dragging all my bad thoughts out of the water and into the parking lot, just like that shark!!! Help me Jesus, to see and know that those thoughts are just thoughts and can’t hurt me! I can overcome them through You!! They are powerless, just like that big shark in the parking lot!!!

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