Spiritual Warfare: How To Stay Safe from Demonic Retribution

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Have you ever taken a stand against evil, only to find yourself right in the middle of spiritual warfare? And then, you notice that the source of that battle is exactly the evil spirit you stood against?

I have. It’s a principle of spiritual warfare: whenever you stand for righteousness, you infringe on territory the enemy thinks is his. (But it’s not.) 🙂

In other words, when you stand for God, the evil spirit you kicked out in Jesus’ name will often try to rise up and send a backlash against you. It’s the enemy’s version of retribution.

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    Don’t worry, though. You can be completely safe from it.

    Here are some examples of demonic retribution:

    When you pray to break unholy connections (“soul ties”) off your life, the enemy will often send the demonic news flash to the person you broke connections with. The enemy will tell that person that you’re free. And they will not like the fact that you got free from their influence … so they’ll usually try to re-establish that connection.

    Or …

    When you stand for righteousness in the political arena, taking a stand against the Jezebel principalities that are trying to dominate politics, it aggravates all the people who operate under the influence of that spirit. And often, they will attack you for it.

    Or …

    When you read a teaching on how to get free from the spirit of poverty, people governed by the spirit of poverty will often attack you and try to make you (or keep you) poor.

    Why does this type of spiritual warfare happen?

    Because you were made to storm the gates of hell. You were made to plunder hell and populate Heaven. You were made to be aggressive for the Kingdom … and the enemy doesn’t like it when you fulfill your assignment.

    In Matthew 16:17-19, Jesus said:

    Jesus answered and said to him, ‘Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jonah, for flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but My Father who is in heaven.

    And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it. And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven” (Matthew 16:17-19).

    GATES are not an offensive weapon. They are a defensive weapon. Jesus was saying here that we are to ATTACK the gates of hell. We are to take all the territory for the Kingdom of God that we can.

    But when we plunder the gates of hell, Satan and his minions don’t like it.

    So they often try to intimidate you into backing down. They try to intimidate you into thinking that you really didn’t win after all. They want you to think they are in charge.

    But they’re not. The blood of Jesus paid the price for our victory in His name every time.

    So how do we stay protected against demonic retribution when you kick the enemy to the curb?

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    1. Stay hidden in the secret place with God.

    Your absolute strongest and best method of defense is to just abide in Jesus. Stay hidden in the secret place described in Psalm 91.

    When you stay hidden in God, you will be immune to enemy retribution. Attacks may happen around  you, but they can’t harm you.

    2. Have a backbone.

    When you’re in a war, you’ve got to stay grounded in truth. You’ve got to stay grounded in who you are, knowing Who you’re serving (God), and you’ve got to stick with God’s Word.

    That means you’ve got to know that you know that you know what God’s Word says … and stand on it, no matter what. Don’t yield, even for a moment.

    Be nice, yes. Be loving, yes. But STAY IN TRUTH. 🙂

    3. Ask the Father to release angels to war on your behalf.

    Remember that there is only one demon for every two holy angels. The enemy only took 1/3 of the angels with him when he fell from Heaven. This means that the angels with us WAY outnumber the demons with the enemy!

    So what do you do? I believe it’s past time for us to be praying aggressively for MAJOR increase in angelic assistance in our lives! This is the biblical pattern!

    For example:

    • Jesus knew that angels were available for His assistance (Matthew 26:53).
    • God-fearing people in the Old and New Testaments had visitations from angels (e.g. Peter, Mary, and Joseph).
    • The early church believers believed angels were so common that they assumed one was knocking at their door one day–instead of thinking a human had knocked (Acts 12:15)!

    So ask God to send angels to war on your behalf, minister to you, and carry blessings and ministry from Heaven to you!

    4. Respond to the attack in the opposite spirit!

    The correct way to live, in any situation, is always to maintain righteousness and holiness. Nowhere is this more important than when you’re fighting a spiritual battle!

    So when the enemy comes against you, he and his minions will always (of course) be walking in the evil spirit. But you can stay immune to his attacks by staying hidden in Jesus, and by obeying Him at all times!

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    This means that we don’t budge from holiness, even when the enemy wants us to.

    We stay in the righteous spirit whenever the enemy tries to get us to cross over into sin. Whatever the enemy wants us to do, we do the opposite. We do the thing GOD wants us to do.

    For example:

    • When the enemy tries to get you to remain in bondage, refuse. Maintain your freedom in Christ (John 8:36).
    • When someone comes against you with lies and accusations, stay in truth but respond with love. Remember that a soft answer turns away wrath (Proverbs 15:1).
    • If you’ve taken steps toward getting filled with God’s love, but then the enemy sends fear against you, don’t succumb! Get filled with MORE of God’s love, because perfect love casts out fear (1 John 4:18).

    Beloved, the enemy doesn’t like it when we fulfill our ministry as believers and set the captives free.

    But you know what? We don’t have to be susceptible to his attacks. If we remain hidden in Jesus, dwelling in that secret place of the Most High, no evil will befall us and no plague will come near our dwelling (Psalm 91).

    Will you stand strong in Christ today?

    Does this word speak to what’s happening in your life right now? If so, please leave a comment below!

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    1. Thank you dear sister, yes these words are very timely ❤️ Many blessings to you and family. ??

      1. Sue Tracy says:

        Thanks sooo much Jamie you are the best and your advice and prayer is exactly what I needed, we are stronger than our enemies ??????Let’s watch the Lamb and walk in Victory!!

        1. Thank you sister Jamie for sharing this message – very encouraging and powerful.
          I am blessed.
          May God continue to bless you and use you mightily.

      2. Very uplifting, courageous and war words for warriors of righteousness. We are to stay hidden in Christ. Psalm 91. Walk in love but fiercely stand your ground in Christ. Thank you for such truths. Phyllis

      3. Thank you so much, yes this was truly helpful to me, bc im going through something right now and i know that my trust in God he will see me through it all and that i want give up. We just have to keep pushing through and dont give up on God.

      4. I’ve been going through spiritual battles for three weeks with my neighbors above me. Its quiet down this fourth week because the manager of the this apartment complex finally got involved. My neighbor’s female teenage relative who stays in their apartment alone in the afternoons blasted her loud music for three weeks, despite all the complaints sent the property management. My household and I continued to pray even when we thought about giving up. We knew she was doing it on purpose at neighbors enabled her. We asked for prayers from our church and online. I know my neighbors are not repentant for their rebellious behavior and disrespectful attitude to us and the property management. They just avoid us when they see us. Please pray for God to change their hearts and make them peaceable neighbors. Please also pray for them to move to a new home because they are the evil influence in our apartment building. I’ve had more wicked neighbors than this in previous home, I know that the children of God and the Children of Devil cannot live together. My old neighbors were uprooted, suddenly evicted in the duplex where I use to live. I knew it was God’s move. Thank you.

      5. Hi Jamie,
        This was an on time and specific instructions from the Lord to me. I’ve been going threw warfare especially at work. I speak boldly, out of love and professionally when the Holy Spirit guides me to. I also been threaten to be fired by 1 manager who I rarely know. Long story short the Lord is my rock, my shield, hightower, fortress….He fights all my battles, He is faithful! I even recognize how the enemy had me get upset at first but God said abide in me. Love only no matter what. So I have been obedient. My child is home due to the pandemic and I have been advocating for a flex schedule and the Lord made a way for me to take 12 weeks off with most of my pay. Amen. I will serve the Lord, His will, and praise Him all the days of my life. GLORY TO GOD! THANK YOU JESUS!!! AMEN ❤️ 🙏🏽🙌🏽

    2. denise mccoy says:

      God Bless You and keep You

      1. Thank you God and bless you Jamie. Father please bring peace into all aspects of my life. I declare and decree that God remove the spirit of fear of my life in the name of Jesus.

    3. Olive Osarogiagbon says:

      Thank you Jamie, this has been very encouraging, through intercessery warfare prayer God has dismantle areas of stronghold, bondage I never knew existed in my family. And even what I knew I didn’t know how to deal with it in prayer. I was overwhelmed with the enormity of the persistence of the satanic attack, and manipulation until I came across From His Presence. I learnt to equip myself with the Word and to remain faithful inspite of fear. I understood the tactics of Satan and the authority of God’s word, the Blood of Jesus,His name and the power of the Holy Spirit.
      Thank you Jamie.

      1. For the last two months I’ve been attacked by the enemy on my health. I made several commitments in ministry, so after finishing with them I confronted serious issues. My desire is to keep on serving, so I haven’t let the circumstances immobilize me. I’m free in Jesus Name.Thank so much, I needed these words. God bless!!!!

        1. Glad you are free.Praying it wasn’t bad health issues.

    4. Belinda Ferreira says:

      Am prayering your prayer of reversal of unjust situation

      The devil is attacking me more

      1. Barbara Cox says:

        Wow this is perfect timing.
        I have a meeting with my sisters tomorrow over the care of my mom. The one thinks I’m not doing a good enough job. Anyway pray with me I stay in control she has a critical and judgmental spirit.
        Thanks for all you do. I’m believing the Lord to be in control.

    5. Had to pray for a church member drugs etc. I declared the blood of JESUS over myself and the team after the prayer.
      That night and today I have been having scary dreams. Been rejecting and rebuking. Any other ideas thoughts that I can practice please. Thank you.

      1. Sometimes when we pray we get the unclean spiritis of the person we are praying for . Before praying you be anointed by the word of GOD so the enemy cannot enter if it sees a crack. T

      2. Juditj Wright says:

        Dear Jaime’, 5his is rxactly the encouragement I need right now. 3 months into a demonic attack in a work situation.
        I declare continous blessings on your hard work and fur being obedient to the voice if the Lord

    6. Jacobeth Segoe-Rasogo says:

      Greetings in Jesus name .
      Jamie God is great the bosses called me for a meeting last week and I was like fearing but I was searching in my computer and I came across your web site where you have written prayer to reverse unjust situations I stated reading this prayer everyday till now no meeting last week they gave me a letter for increase oh I love my God and now I am working with three ladies here that are spying me from the bosses please let us pray for then so that they can change because they are also doing witchcraft here at work please hep me with strong warfare prayers to defeat this situation.my name is Jacobeth Segoe -Rasogo from South Africa

    7. Thank you Jamie for the teachings. To think of it l was breaking those soul ties, after having a series of dream attacks ( dreaming this friend acting negatively). I’m believing for a breakthrough because the enemy has been attacking left, right and center. I was using Psalm 91 and am still meditating on the word of God. I just believe those are the last kicks of a dying donkey.
      God truly bless you with a blessing that maketh rich and adds no sorrow.

    8. Bulou Daunibau says:

      Thank you Jamie, this comes just when I needed an answer to what is happening around me. For the past week I have been facing attack after attack from the evil one especially in the area of holiness and righteousness.
      So this Jamie is a blessing and I thank the Lord for this word being given through you.

      Stay blessed

    9. Vania DaSilva says:

      Hi Jamie,
      Greatly enjoyed your message through your blog.
      I would like to order your book on Spiritual Warfare but could not find the
      through your web to place the order.
      Can you guide me through it please?

    10. Thank you so very much Jamie. This has been a great blessing to me coming at a time when I need to know to stay strong in every situation and keep my faith in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ strong against all odds. You are a gift to our generation and it is a miracle for me to have stumbled on your blogs and writing. I will like to get in touch with you personally. Will be okay for you to send me your phone number through my e-mail address so that I can call at some times? Remain blesses and strong in the Lord.

      1. Hi Ginny. Thanks so much for reading! Unfortunately, due to the volume of people in this community, and my family’s needs, and the fact that it’s just me, I am not able to receive calls from folks anymore. I apologize for this. But I thank you for being part of our community and I pray Papa would continue to bless you through the blogs and video teachings!

    11. I thank God for this word of light, i strongly believe in God’s Word and the miracles of His words. Thank you so much for this wonderful inspiration i got by reading this your write up. I have been having a lots of challenges in my marriage and life, but i thank God today for the victory He has given to me. I say may His name alone be praised and worship. Amen

    12. Thank you Jamie for at this in my life is very hard for the enemy has came upon me hard and heavy from all sides. For my job is jeopardy 4 they are creating lies and doing things to me saying I did things that I did not do. As of right now I’m suspended from my job with no income please pray for me life it is so hard right now . I have been injured on the job and lied on and there they have taken Adverse Action and suspended me from my job for a month without pay and I don’t know what else they will do to me. For my supervisor has told another lie on me. For I know Jesus I know what he can do I know he can work miracles. I don’t know where this email came from but I thank the Lord for it is right on time for me at this time in my life. Please pray that I have the victory. I now have to go and see a doctor who will determine who’s at fault where the injury came from and whether my jobs at fault or not. I know it came from my job. I have no money right now to send but as soon as I get some I will definitely send it. I thank you in advance for the prayers. May God bless and keep you in Jesus name much love Emma

      1. Divinefavor Osinloye says:

        I’m agreeing with you in prayer for your vindication according to Psalm 37 in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

    13. Johnnie Alfred says:

      My grand daughter was serving god. She started feeling a tug at her tounge, believing it was gods guidemce from the Holy Spirit. She started hearing things in her head, something about a spiritual warefare but she’s 21 and a child in Christ so we have no idea what it is or could be, believing it was gods guidance. Then the voices started getting her to believe things that are not of god. She wanted to get baptized believing she was Jesus Christ, but now is seeking help because she’s feeling things in her flesh. She prayed and asked Jesus for a sound mind but believes she has gotten demonically possessed. She heard voices about being the begotten devil seed and it’s taking over her life. She believe that Jesus Christ died on the Christ for her and he has power to over come this evil that is trying to take over her but she is in desperate need of your help.

    14. Thank you I really needed the spiritual warfare understanding and prayer, things in my life are not going as they are supposed to be, and now I know what is happening. Devil is a liar, he will not succeed in Jesus name.

    15. Oh Hallelujah, it’s exactly what I’m going through. Thank you so much, surely you are a blessing to me and to other who read this. More blessings upon you?? in Jesus name, Amen!

    16. Thank you kindly for your encouraging and uplifting teachings.
      God bless you.

    17. Christina McCrory says:

      Your precision in the spirit is phenomenal…this Word is RIGHT ON TIME!!! One day I’m going to get the privilege and honor of meeting you and when I do, I will be a blessing to you. You just don’t know how much of a vital instrument you’ve been in my life (in the most excruciating season of my life). I believe God is using you as my midwife as I fight to come into purpose. Before I can even scratch my head about what’s happening along this journey, *boom* you’re sending the answer!!
      I can’t thank you enough and I can’t even give enough, but may Jehovah Jireh reign supreme in your life and ministry for all you do and your diligence to obey and follow Him and lead others!!! Selah!

    18. Nonhlanhla South Africa says:

      We thank God for using to share His Word with us. I’m currently praying for my family to be delivered from a situation and this Word gave me strength to persevere and I believe that my family is set free indeed.

    19. On time word and what I need to FIGHT…

    20. Divinefavor Osinloye says:

      Amen! Thank you, Jamie, for this timely word. May God richly bless you, and may you and your family have a richly blessed Thanksgiving this week in Jesus’ Name, Amen.💓

    21. Margaret A Mills says:

      Oh my – so very right on target for me right now. Thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit, Jamie. The Lord has revealed truly horrible strongholds in my family-of-origin over the last few years, and I have been breaking free, but what a fight! Breaking soul ties and coming to grips with the fact that some family members are so heavily influenced by the enemy has been really hard for me. Thank you for your ministry.

    22. Thank you for this on time word. Thank you for the encouragement to stay in the fight because we are victorious in Jesus Christ. In Him I am more than a conqueror. May the blessings of the Lord envelope you with no added sorrow. Thank you for your love in sharing. God bless you.

    23. Thank you Jamie, this meant a lot. I have been going through but I trust God. And suddenly I was going to get overwhelmed with finances etc because I just tithed off of my last paycheck [currently unemployed] even though I have bills owed but I know this is important to God. So worry tried to creep in and intimidate me. I really appreciate your ministry and may God pour back into you all the more! Blessings

      1. Hi Alicia, the Lord will always always always honor His tithe and provide for you if you don’t steal from Him and DO give Him what’s His. Congratulations on choosing the way of righteousness! I hear the Father saying, “Well done, good and faithful servant! Enter into the joy of the Lord!”
        Love and hugs,

    24. Crystal hill says:

      Thank you Jamie, this comes just when I needed an answer to what is happening around me. For the past 3 month I have been facing attack after attack from the evil one especially in Can’t keep money when I get my check i pay all my bills And still be loosing like ain’t nothing going right but the Devil is a lie I believe In god in I know he’s gonna see me through this trouble

    25. Linda Anderson says:

      Oh yes in the battle and now retribution against my loved ones has begun so I pray, decree and declare victory of protection for each one of us ….no weapon formed against us shall prosper in Jesus Name Amen
      I would appreciate your prayers for me and my family right now …..gratitude and blessings to you…….🔥🕊⚘

    26. Hi Jamie I have recently subscribed to your blog and am really blessed by the information your sharing..You’re touching on so many truths that Holly Spirit has been leading me to pray about…May God bless and strengthen you in your ministry..May God provide in all of your needs and give your more insight in Jesus Name🙏

    27. Charlotte Devsaran says:

      Thank you so much… I am in deep warfare for my husband’s lost soul and our marriage. Iam actually at the point of asking him to move out without contact until he makes right with God. For fear of losing my sanity, my peace and my righteousness. I upped the warfare and feel the enemy’s retribution at night, it scared me for that moment until I reclaimed my peace back. This info has helped alot ..blessings for teaching us Gods way.

    28. Thank you for your godly teaching. I am so grateful.

    29. Jamie, we are seeing this with a bad neighbor ,life is to short an no home is worth the devil through this family we have not ever bothered this family they have shown disrespect to us an other neighbor’s we get the blunt of it because we live next to them,something is not right there ,but we came from bad situations to heal this family is not going to ruin this ,sad we move,BUT to BETTER,god hear our pray!

    30. Thank you Jaimie for all your teachings and blessings.

      Through you we know that our Father is gracious and merciful

      Thanks again

    31. Trish Thompson 💖 says:

      Ms. Jamie I Am grateful 🙏 I Am thankful 🙏 for this arsenal in my tool box of L.I.F.E.⚔🛡📖🌿🕊🌿🔥🌳🔥FIRE…FIRE…FIRE. The single most important word “ABIDE” has been chasing me down all this week. From scripture to scripture. I am currently in the fight of my life🥊💥💥. Failed marriage,Nasty Divorce,Unemployed, Public Church Humiliation/Domestic Violence,Feelings that My Mind will SNAP in two. Nevertheless……I Stand Firm on the Word of GOD, His Promises, His Provisions. What God & Heaven reports about me, not the world’s vicious vocieious oppions about me.
      Thank You for your Proficient Spiritual Gifts 🎁 that shine your love light upon Me and others like me daily. I have been following you for quit some time. My prayer is to begin to sow seeds of love 💘 into your ministry as soon as I am employed. That I may be able to pay it forward as you have done for me.

      Peace👏🏾🌍👏🏾 Love✝️Light🌤 Blessings☔☔☔

    32. Carol Fillmore says:

      this was so timely, and your words so encouraging. I will do what you have recommended. Thank you for this:) Bless you Jaime for all you do!

    33. Nadia Slater says:

      Good day miss Jamie, Thank you for this word, Thank you for opening up my eyes 👀 to what has happened to me before, I pray that God will continue to bless you always 🙏❤️.

    34. Thank You Jamie your messages always brings me comfort and hope in Christ Jesus. Bless Your Heart.

    35. Thank you Jamie for sharing this with us. I belief l will surely overcome this spiritual warfare in Jesus name Amen. God bless you.

    36. God bless you and the ministry. Thank you for the teaching.

    37. Hi Jamie
      I am really now engaged with a spiritual warfare please pray for me and help me out this warfare
      God bless

    38. Hi Jamie,
      Thank you for your encouraging words and how to face our enemies. I have been in spiritual battle for a while. This revelation will guide me to stand out and claim my ground from the enemy. I love you and your ministry. May God bless you.

    39. Hi Jamie
      I am going through the exact issue right now. Your help could not have come in a better time. I had just read Gods word that His perfect love drives out fear and i see your email. It is God sent. Praise God for His word that is life for us all.

    40. Jamie this word though! I receive and believe it with all of my heart body and soul. Thank you for the non expiring prophetic words instilled in you. May God continue using you as a vessel.

    41. Thank you for sharing. This was a very timely message. I pray our Heavenly Father’s protection and restoration to you and your family in Jesus’s name.

    42. Oh wow. Once again Holy Spirit led you to post a blog that was timely and encouraging and equipping.
      I took a stand for righteousness yesterday and with in hours was attacked on a different front by a family member. I really had to pray and forgive them for speaking words that were emotionally hurtful.
      I am Praying Psalm 91 today because this is a serious stand that I took to confront a pastor, who has significant national and denominational impact, about an error and deception he is preaching. Ugh. I am praying that Holy Spirit will unblind his mind to free him of satans deception.

    43. IRMA NORTJE says:

      Amen Thank you Ps Jamie for equipping us with timely word and full armour, shield of faith perseverance in bold courage to stand firm against onslaughts and be more than conquerors in Christ Holy name.We, our family, claim Ps 91 in these trying times. All Glory Honor praise thanks be to God. God bless you exponentially!

    44. Chrishauna says:

      God Bless you Jamie! This was right on time for the season I’m in!!! Thanks for your obedience!!!

    45. Once again Jamie, this was so needed and right on time! Thank you for helping me discern the enemy and his attacks to my moving forward, and how to overcome. Bless you 🌈!

    46. Veronica Dorsey says:

      Amen 🙏🏾

    47. Hi Jamie, how do we dwell in the Secret place of the Most High?

      1. What a great question, Zandra! I answered that exact question in my podcast here:

        I hope this helps! Blessings!

    48. You are really helping my soul

    49. Thankyou Jamie this was a word for me today, very timely I receive it in jesus nmae

    50. John c Raby says:

      Let the guardian angels of God smite the evil one who attempted to enter my home at 3:00AM by prying on my front porch living room window. Let the Angels who serve me personally be informed that I consider their love and support a great honor to be their hope of arriving in paradise. And finally, oh God, know this; that “No Matter What” you are my eternal father, and I shall follow Jesus my own Saviour to the end of whatever may be his will over me on my journey.

    51. John c Raby says:

      And now, I have a little more to say on this fine Sunday morning. From the beginning my life has been a series of dramatic ups and downs with short moments of rest and piece provided by Jesus, my most precious eternal friend and Saviour. At ten years old in church Sunday school, I knew I belonged in the company of God’s descended son. But life for me while growing up was harsh and painful, which got more so when seven years later at seventeen I joined the us Navy and experienced many Korean War extremely dangerous “in harm’s way” life threatening encounters during my four-year navy tour and emerged from the Navy with post-traumatic stress. Now I am 85 and content with a beautiful wife whom I adore and Jesus as my guide. Life is good.

    52. Lisa sweet says:

      My family and I need prayer. We are being falsely accused of child abuse and cps are involved and have already taken one of my children and my ex husband has temporarily custody due to lies and accusations. I am a child of God. We need prayer as the enemy is trying to tear our family apart.

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