Prayer to Cross Over Into the Promised Land

My friends, I sense in the Spirit today that the Lord needs each of us, His people, to intercede for the vision and promises that He has put in our hearts. It’s time for us to cross over, but the Lord needs us to pray in order for Him to release His will on the earth.

Therefore, would you pray this prayer to cross over into the Promised Land with me?

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Let’s pray:

“Dear Heavenly Father,

I want to thank You this morning for everything You’ve done for me, and for how far You’ve brought me. I want to thank You for bringing me through the wilderness, and for sustaining me all the way through it.

Father God, I believe that right now You want to bring me OUT of the wilderness and into the Promised Land. I believe that You are birthing something in me, through me, and in my life that is the manifestation of everything You have promised me … and I thank You for that, Father.

Lord, I know that my prayers give You permission to work in my life.

So Abba Father, right now, I choose to come into agreement with Your will and Your plan. And I say to You right now:

  • Will of God, come forth in my life in Jesus’ name!
  • Promises of God, come to manifestation in my life right now, in Jesus’ name!
  • I speak to every door that You desire to open, Lord, and I say: Doors, OPEN! In Jesus’ name!
  • I speak to every door that You desire to close, Lord, and I say: Doors, CLOSE! In Jesus’ name!
  • I speak to the opportunities that Father God has for me, and I say: Opportunities from the Lord, come forth right now for me in Jesus’ name!
  • I speak to the relationships that Father God has for me, and I say: Relationships from God, come forth in my life in Jesus’ name!

Father God, I ask right now that You would add up all the prayers I have ever prayed that aligned with Your will–those prayers that You have been saving in Heaven–and I ask You to answer them all together right now. Pour out the former rain AND the latter rain together, Lord. And Father, I ask also that You would deliver me, in Your mercy, from anything I have prayed for that wasn’t Your will.

Father, I pray that You would supernaturally part the river before me right now.

Let Your glory and Your presence go before me as my front guard, rear guard, and side guard. Let me take the steps that You have divinely ordained for me to take. Remove every hindrance and blockage that stands in my way. Don’t remove Your protecting hand from me; I still need You to prevent me from going down any path that would not be Your highest, best, and most perfect will for me. 

But Lord, I do ask that You would move Your miraculous hand and open the way before me right now. Give me ears to hear, eyes to see, and a nose to smell Your fragrance. Help me to hear Your voice behind me, saying, “This is the way, walk in it;” and let me never turn to the left or to the right. Help me to obey You no matter what.

Lord, give me boldness to step out as You open up the way.

I’ll be going where no man has gone before. I’ll be doing what I’ve never done before. So Father, I ask in Jesus’ name that You would fill me with courage, boldness, and inspiration as we step into the Promised Land together.

Father, I ask also that You would roll away the reproach of the past from off of me.

I ask You to give me a new name–the name You have designed and planned for me before the foundation of the world. Repair my perception of myself, and help me not to be conformed to this world, but to be transformed by the renewing of my mind–that I may prove and manifest Your good, acceptable, and perfect will for me. Help me to think of myself, and of my future, the way that You do–and to renew my mind daily in the washing water of Your Word.

Father, as I advance into Your Promised Land, I pray that You would rise up and defeat my enemies before my face.

Let God arise, and His enemies be scattered. Abba Father, I pray that if my enemies come out against me one way, they would flee before me seven ways. I pray that those who hate You would flee before You. I pray that all the nations would see that I am called by Your name, and that they would be afraid of me (Deuteronomy 28). 

Abba Father God, my Daddy, I depend on You for promotion. 

I depend on You for help. Promotion doesn’t come from the east, from the west, or from the south. Promotion comes from You alone, Lord, and my eyes are on You.

Father, strengthen what You have done for me. Strengthen the destiny You have for me, and birth me into it right now, I pray in Jesus’ name. Let the help that has long been hindered from arriving at my side show up now. Do things for me that are so marvelous that only You could do them. Work miracles on my behalf, I pray in Jesus’  name.

Father, I’m calling upon You … and Your Word says that You will answer me and show me great and mighty things that I do not know.

So help me now, Lord. Do not suffer my foot to be moved. You neither slumber nor sleep; don’t let anything get past Your own tender watchcare over me. But Father, be my help in troubled places right now. Show Yourself strong on my behalf. Work miracles of assistance, promotion, and way-carving for me right now, and help me to be a good steward of everything You do.

Thank You, Father. I give You all the praise.

In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Are you believing God to help you move into your Promised Land today?

Did you pray that prayer with me? If so, leave a comment below! I love to hear from you!


  1. I prayed it. Amen & Amen!

    1. I prayed the prayer. It was awesome. Just what I needed at this time.

      1. Ida Kadewa says:

        I prayed the prayer Amen

        1. Amen. I prayed the prayer with you..may God bless u

          1. Yes! I said this prayer. It is so powerful! I want the Lord to teach me how to pray this way. You are a praying somebody! 😊
            God bless you my sister! God bless you! And thank you for sharing this prayer.

          2. Leatrice Sanders says:

            I Prayed the Prayer it was so powerful I had to Selah in the middle of reciting it💥💫

          3. Amen
            thank you Jamie for this wonderful prayer

        2. I have prayed the prayer, am trusting God.

          1. Yes, I prayed the prayer. Amen

      2. I prayed this prayer with everything I have within me. Praise God. Hallelujah. Amen.

        1. When i prayd this prayer i was deeply moved by Holy Dunamis. I thank you Abba father for everything for every good and perfect GIFT from ABOVE father of LIGTHS and i thank you too Jamie for the prayers . I bless you Abba father. I give God our father all Glory Fame and honor nobody is like you gracious heavenly father.

          1. Magdeline says:

            This prayer is going to open doors for me.Amen

          2. James Johnson says:

            I prayed this prayer, I thank you so much. I am in the expected mode.

          3. God bless the day he lead me to find him thro you Jamie..he has been using you to speak to me ever since and now I pray n believe for speedy manifestation to every word of prayer I uttered the name of Jesus Christ amen

        2. Elizabeth says:

          I have prayed the prayer. Amen.

          1. Patricia Walker says:

            I have prayed this prayer and it ministered to me, awesome prayer To God our Father🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

        3. I prayed this prayer. And I believe that God will bless this prayer because He says in His word that He hears every prayer and those who believe shall prosper.
          Thank You for this Powerful prayer, May God riches blessings flow over your life
          Double portions.

          1. Hi Jamie

            God honestly speaks to me through you almost every day and I am grateful. Stay blessed, I will surely remember to give to the ministry for it to grow when I get money.
            God bless you, you are a blessing

        4. I prayed this prayer with all my heart, and wait expectantly for your promises in Jesus name, 🙏 🙏

          1. AMEN

          2. Michelle Stephens says:

            I prayed this prayer these are words I been looking to pray for as I walk into my calling amen thank you so much Jamie thank you

      3. Amen. Glory be to God. Thank you for praying with me, God is always on time.

        1. I prayed the prayer Jamie. For the past few days I have been praying and asking the Holy Spirit to tell me what He has been showing me over the last two years, the number on my phone either 11.00 or 11.01 or 11.10 or 10.00 or 10.01 or 10.10 or 10.11. Or numbers connected with 1 and 0 and I have been Praying and asking and today I hear from you. It is the Holy Spirit showing me what God wants me to know Transition to the Promise Land. I have also been praying for my son to get a new job and my prayer has been “ Lord take him from his job in Egypt to his job in the Promised Land.” So I am very excited with the word and have prayed the prayer.

        2. Thank you Lord for the Cross.
          I surrender and know You will guide me and protect me.
          Your Word is a lamp unto my feet.
          Father I praise you, in Jesus mighty name.

        3. I prayed with you Jamie thank you the answered prayer 🙏

      4. Maryelizabeth Re'born says:

        Beautiful words to entreat my Lord. Coming right at the time when the Holy Spirit is changing my life. Over the past three days He has been filling me with renewed hope and I rejoice for my future.

      5. God you know all things,I ask in the name of Jesus that you wrought a miracle in me that would give me my bragging rights and shut the mouths of those looking and waiting to see you answer me..thank you Jamie for this platform

      6. Amen and amen thank you Father Pappa God

    2. Patrick Fayomi says:

      Yes! This is quite awesome, I had a dream just yesterday night that I was stranded in the wilderness but I saw some persons coming out of it and I was going to locate the path they took when the dream was caught up. I woke and started praying this same prayer point that God should deliver me from spiritual wilderness and take me to my promised land flowing with milk and honey sufficient enough to feed two mighty nations because that was the covenant of God for me ever before the foundation of the world. Thank you Jesus, glory be to God Almighty for confirming His Word, Amen.

      1. In JESUS NAME AMEN.
        Yes thank you and Bless you POWERFUL YES

    3. I prayed this prayer. Thank you so much, for inspiration!

    4. Barbara J Hargrove says:

      I Bless the lord today for you today .For the wonderful on time Prayer and prayers in Jesus name Amen ! Thank You Jesus

    5. Arnetta Murray says:

      What a prayer!!! I prayed it and now expecting God to do more than I can ask or think for me, my family, and ex husband…
      God break the bondage of OU so the bill is cancelled and my twins can go to college and run track for the USA Olympic Team.. God break Bondage of Aaron and Jared so that touch millions and Jared becomes a Doctor and my daughter Rachel so she can go to OU On scholarship 2020. This unwanted divorce and finances not good God if it’s your highest will help reverse the curse I caused to show your power.. my aging parents will get strength from you and not be taken for granted by wolves in sheep’s clothing

        1. Gwindolyn says:

          Yes, I prayed with you. Thank you

    6. Jamie,

      Thanks so much for the prayer. I felt something break. I needed this more than I thought. Thank you so much for thinking about us and I pray this prayer for you as well. You are so awesome to think about other people. I believe this is a demonstration of using God’s love to love others. Thanks again!

    7. ElDon Warr Jr. says:

      I prayed that prayer and it was fantastic. In Jesus name.

    8. Thanks Jamie for the grest prayer. I have prayed It . Be’ blessed mighty woman of God.

    9. Nimu Mwangi says:

      Very timely. I prayed it. Amen!

    10. A wonderful prayer.
      May God work in and through all who pray this prayer

    11. Hi Jamie, I prayed the prayer. Thank you!

    12. Tammy James says:

      I prayed this prayer believing God to take me & my family into the promise land with protection from for enemies & satan in Jesus name Amen

    13. Jacqueline R says:

      Good Day,

      I prayed this prayer in Jesus Christ Name

      Jacqueline R

    14. God I need you in Jesus Name! Amen!

    15. Nadine Cox says:

      The MOST POWERFUL PRAYER I’ve prayed that someone else wrote…#God inspired🙏🏽

    16. Cathy Anderson says:

      I prayed this prayer in Jesus Mighty Name! May all the blessings of God fall on me and those I love. Amen!

    17. Marie J. Hyde says:


      1. Beth Jones says:

        Hello Marie, This is absolutely me also! Wow, the Lord is doing a soverign work in all of us who have purposefully sought for His Best and Highest. Our Promised Land is a real place. Three ranches in Colorado.We are going in to posess asap.

    18. Amen & Amen. I receive .

    19. I prayed it and it is a perfect NOW prayer for me

    20. Tracy Walker says:

      Thank you Father God for using your mighty woman of God to pray such a bold & on time prophetic word over & with us & I prayed in agreement with her. In Jesus’ Mighty Name.

    21. I prayed and I believe I received when I prayed, in Jesus name.

    22. Reggie Jones says:

      I prayed this prophetic prayer in Jesus’s mighty name, Amen..

    23. Mitchell Washington says:

      I prayed the prayer and I believe God will move on my behalf to take me into the promised land He has for me! I accept God’s mercy and grace and willfully enter into the Promised Land He has reserved for me.
      I enter into Your gates with thanksgiving, I enter into Your courts with praise. I am thankful unto You, I praise Your holy name. For the Lord is good. His mercy is everlasting. His truth endures to all generations (Prov. 100:4-5). Amen and Amen!

    24. I prayed this prayer and it made me smile as I sealed it with “ In Jesus Name Amen”. This prayer spoke to every situation I am going through and expecting to come out of. May God show himself and all Glory go to him alone.

    25. Angie Tocher says:

      Hi Jamie thank you I have prayed this prayer and believing for Gods Mercy and Grace.
      Blessed you

    26. Vimla Mane says:

      Amen !It’s so powerful ! powerful prayer and this is what I need right now !
      thank you so much.

    27. Carol J Schillinger says:

      Yes, I prayed the pray with you, Jamie, & believe now is the time for God to lead me into the Promised Land.
      Thank you for your prayers, scripture verses, & words of wisdom & encouragement.
      May God richly bless you as you have blessed me!

    28. Funso Oyelohunnu says:

      Thank you Jamie for this prayer in season. God bless you 🙏🏽

    29. Mamahlohonolo Peko says:

      This prayer hit my heart hard. It left me crying. Indeed I need God to roll the reproach of the past from off Me, I need God to cleanse me and uproot it all that it may never be issues ever in my life. I totally need a new name strictly designed and planned for me. Oh Lord, have mercy on me. Your love for me leave knocked on my knees.

    30. Carol Morehouse says:

      I prayed it and totally believe these things will happen for all who have prayed. God has already delivered me from a dry spell in my life. My perception of myself is changing. The Trinity is the best. I’m totally in love with Jesus ❤️🙏❤️

    31. Eunice Oriaku says:

      Thank you so much for this prayer and may God continue to inspire you.

    32. Maria Whitehead says:

      🙌🙏🔥🛡🗡🌈💖 ON TIME PRAYER

    33. Lorenza Passarella says:

      Thank you!
      I prayed this pray for myself and my three adult children!
      I receive in Jesus name Now!
      Amen 🙏

    34. Millicent says:

      A timely prayer for me as I prepare for my water baptism. I know God is journeying with me into the promised land. May he increase as I decrease. In Jesus name. Amen.

    35. KeshiGardner says:

      Thank you Father for this prayer. I touch and agree. I receive in Jesus name. All praise, glory & honor belong to you. In Jesus name💙

    36. Amanda de Freitas says:

      I prayed and believe and agree with everyone that prayed for Gods guidance and blessings on all of our lives. Amen

    37. MELINDA ABLAT says:


    38. Dottie Hartso says:

      Yes I prayed the prayer and I am trusting God to bring me to my promised land. May God continue to bless you and your ministry.

    39. Thank you Jesus For Answered Prayer.Amen🙏

    40. Shareene Miller says:

      Good Day Yes I Prayed In Jesus Name Amen 🙏🙏. Thank You

    41. Miss Stephens says:

      Amen… I cant wait to see the beautiful results. Beautiful prayer, definitely took the words out of my mouth.

    42. KING CHARLES says:


    43. Mpumelelo says:

      Father God I pray in Jesus name. Amen.

    44. I prayed this prayer,thank you JESUS! Amen.

    45. 🙏🏾 Amen. Thank you and may God continue to bless you.

  2. Antoinette says:

    I take possession of the Promise Land. Thank you for the prayer Jamie. Praying for you and your family. Declaring Double Portion Abundance over you, your family, and your ministries! In Yeshua’s name.❤️🙏🏾

  3. Anonymous says:

    I prayed it! Thank you for sharing the prayer!!

    1. I prayed. I am deeply touched by this prayer. Amen! Thank you Jesus!

  4. Margarita says:

    I prayed it, Thank you, Holy Spirit, Amen.

  5. Rebecca Blair says:

    Amen,Amen , and Amen…….!!!!!! I’m waiting and EXPECTING the AWESOMENESS of our ABBA FATHER!!!! Thanks for sharing Jaimie!

  6. Jeanne Montoya says:

    Beautiful prayer, I prayed every word. Thank you so much for putting this up for us to come into agreement with.


    God bless you Jamie!

    1. Jude Campbell says:

      Thank you, Jaime! I appreciate your leading us in this prayer and I appreciate your ministry.

      1. I prayed the pray, Amen it was awesome. God bless you Jamie@

  8. Kathy Harrison Privott says:

    Yes, I just prayed it, and I am so grateful! Thank you!

  9. This is exactly what I needed to pray over myself this morning.
    Thank you Jamie!

  10. Kevon Makell says:

    I prayed this prayer and am trusting and believing that His Will be done! Thank you 🙏🏾!

  11. I prayed along with you.
    Amen and amen in Jesus mighty name.

  12. Amen!!! Thank You Father!

  13. Janetta Batten says:

    From beginning to end this prayer was designed specifically for me. I will definitely sow into your ministry and will be praying for you as well. I wish I had enough time to share with you how much every aspect of this prayer was designed for my life. Continue the work and mission you are doing. Much love, Mz. Jai

  14. Ugar Ambunde Ugar says:

    I Prayed it and it was so on point.
    Thanks you so much God bless you

  15. Yes, I have prayed along with you. Amen and Amen.

  16. I prayed it and felt the awesome presence of His Glory. A great sense of assurance permeated my room. It was so comforting after hearing my brother has been diagnosed with bone and prostate cancer. I trust the Lord for His Report. Thanks for being a vessel worthy of the Master’s Use.

  17. Margaret A Mills says:

    Amen! Believing I receive this! Thank you!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Amen! I pray in agreement

  19. Sheri Stuart says:

    Thank you Jamie. This note was right on time. I prayed!

    1. Robin Hughes says:

      I prayed it! Amen!

    2. I prayed this prayer in Jesus name I received and accept all of God’s promises in Jesus name, Amen

  20. That is the prayer that I know is for me. I prayed it and I’m going to keep praying it. Thank you thank you thank you. God bless you a hundred thousand time over and your ministry too.

  21. Yes I did. In the mighty name of Jesus, amen

  22. Anna Opalenik says:

    Thank you Jamie for thinking of us and using your time to teach and inspire us with the word of God.

  23. I prayed this prayer and believe to see it come to fruition. God bless you!

  24. Jowanda Lucas says:

    Thank You Father for giving Jamie this pray to share with us. I declare , decree and receive every word I prayed. I thank You Jesus for the righteousness Your blood gives me, and the position of Child of God , You won for me. It is by Your sacrifice I am able to come boldly before my Father to pray. In Your name amen

  25. Amen! Wonderful and encouraging prayer and word. May it be so Lord! Blessings

    1. Sally De Kock says:

      Amen and Amen. I stand in agree with you Jamie and prayed this powerfull prayer and I call it done in Jesus Mighty name. I receive it Jesus Name, I decree and declare that is my season to crossover in Jesus Name. Hallelujah divine appointment, with God there is no coincidence. All the glory, honour and praise to the Most High God for the grace upon your life Jamie and praise His Holy name for the instruction to share this with us. God bless you richly Jamie.

  26. Amen my sister in Christ! This was once again an awesome and needed prayer I thank God for your continued prayers!! God you are awesome and mighty!

  27. So timely, this prayer was a blessing to me, thank you Jesus!

  28. I prayed it! I needed this now mire than ever. Thank you Father for answered prayers. Amen

  29. Maria Torrealba says:

    Amen gracias


    1. Thank you, Father, in Jesus’name. Amen.

  31. Lord, please let your perfect will be done in my life!

    In Jesus’ Name!

  32. Hi Jamie I pray along with you this powerful pray, because I know that bbn it is written that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by our father in heaven. So I believe it’s done in the light name of Jesus.

  33. Hi Jamie I pray along with you this powerful pray, because I know that it is written that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by our father in heaven. So I believe it’s done in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

  34. Amen! Thank you Jaime, I needed this prayer right now. The journey the last 4 years has been weary at times, but I am standing in faith for doors to open wide in our circumstances and prayers answered suddenly for His glory!

  35. I prayed it. Thank you for posting. I’m believing for a supernatural healing for my father. Please stand and agree with me.

  36. Thank you God for this prayer and Jamie. I come into full agreement with this prayer in the might name of Jesus. I will be delivered in 2019 🙏🏾🙌🏿

  37. I have prayed this prayer over my life, I receive it, decree it and Thank you Lord for taking me into the Promised Land. Thank you Jamie for this prayer and for your Ministry. In Jesus Holy name! Amen and Amen!

  38. What a powerful prayer that was delivered to me when seeking a word from our Father!
    I prayed it and how great he his for deliverance and providing miracles !

  39. I’ve been standing in the gap & for Restoration of our marriage for some years & for Healing & Wholeness. I need major extra-ordinary supernatural Favor in every area too, especially at work.

  40. Dinah Akinyi says:

    I prayed it. Amen

  41. Glory be God hallelujah! Thank you for this prayer my soul is richly blessed may God continue to keep you in perfect peace.

  42. John Annanson says:

    I got the prayer 5pm 23Nov2019 in Ghana and I prayed and truly for a while now I have never with some joy and peace than this prayer did. God bless you and your family, particularly your son (Elijah I am told is the name) God bless you really Prophetess and know that you are of God! I believe God will let be convinced through His Faithfulness and promised blessings that this feeling of mine that you are a true prophetic teacher and a genuine sincere person is a fact and truth from the throne room of God! And I know will be confirmed in a demonstrable way! Praise God! Wonderful prayer, fantastic!

  43. I prayed it fervently and receive it in the mighty name of Jesus! It is time to come out of the wilderness on my feet and move into the promised land! Amen.

  44. I prayed that prayer with you. And I praise God for opening the way into the promised land. Glory to God,

  45. Wow! Amazing prayer dear Jamie.
    So much oil on it! So grateful you are sharing it with us! Excited!!!
    Rich blessings upon you and yours!
    Love Lenora xo

  46. Cecilia Ramirez says:

    Thank You ABBA Father! I decree & declare this Word with You and Jamie Lord. Bless us all Lord! Hallelujah!! Amen & Amen❤🙏🏼❤🕊❤🙌

  47. I have verbally spoken and prayed this prayer. I feel so alive and anointed right now. Hallelujah! He is so real to me this very moment. Thank you Prophet of God for your hearing understanding and speaking His Word to His People.

  48. Jody L Mitchell says:

    I prayed this prayer. God has been closing doors in life last few weeks their are certain people I HV to say bye to. People I know I’m not suppose to b around but it is hard. I can’t donate right now because I don’t HV a job right now.

  49. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

    In Jesus name Amen .Glory to God.Thanks and praise to God .Amen

  50. mark posey says:

    Thank you Heavenly Father

  51. Prayed it. Will come back with my Testimony.

  52. Praise God!! Timely prayer and I prayed in faith believing the my God has already answered. Amen, Amen and Amen..Glory be to the Most High God.

  53. Chrishauna says:

    Amen, Amen, and Amen! God bless you Jamie!

  54. Shailaja Abraham. says:

    Yes I prayed with you in one accord Amen Amen and Amen.

  55. I prayed it with my husband and then later re-worded it and prayed it for a friend .

  56. Leonor Berumen says:

    Thank you, I prayed the whole prayer and believe. Glory to God, AMEN!

  57. In Jesus name I pray and believe that I have been catapulted into my Promise Land today.
    Thank you PaPa God for answering my prayers effective immediately.

  58. I prayed the prayer and I thank you. God Bless

    1. I prayed this prayer with you. I needed this badly today.

  59. Hello… I prayed to enter the promised land..

  60. Angelique says:

    Thank you God for your prayers sent to us. Thank you for bringing us your daily bread. Praise you for all your glory!!! I need you God and you have answered my needs. My heart is lighter now. I love you God. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

  61. I prayed and will continue to pray..I believe I have already stepped into the Promise Land with Him in the spiritual realm..and waiting for the same in the natural. Thank you for the prayer.

  62. This Word and prayer is for me!! I say YES and AMEN to them. To God be the eternal glory!

  63. God’s doing a new thing in all His beautiful people and we are breaking out of our cocoons this season into magnificent butterflies. Make way O Lord in our wilderness and let your eternal river wash over all our dry places! He’s a Great God now and forever. Thanks Jamie😊

  64. Shera Chieves says:

    Yes!, I’ve prayed that prayer! Words alone cannot express my gratitude for you Jamie, and the prayers you supply so I can be in line with the Lord and HIS word. I thank HIM and you for you coming into my life! I love HIM and you so much, and growing to love HIM more each day. Without your help, I’d still be muddling through, wondering what and how. Thank you sooooo much!!!

  65. What a beautiful and encouraging prayer. I have prayed that prayer and believe with all my heart that God our Father will part the river before me

  66. Jan Claassens says:

    The time is now, I prayed it, Amen!, Amen!

    1. I Jesus mighty Name, Amen and Amen. What a powerful prayer. I felt a shift in my spirit and I believe God is moving on our behalf. Making a way out of nowhere. Brining the impossible to come to pass.. 🙏🏽

  67. Amen and Amen I have Prayed it’s very powerful and full of God’s breathe. God bless. You

  68. Ana-Maria Tudor says:

    Hi Jamie and thank you for your posts and prayers.

  69. Melissa Meyer says:

    I am agreeing in faith for this word over my life in Jesus name amen.

  70. Just when I needed it… came around……..the Lord knew what I needed and when. God bless!

  71. I prayed this prayer. Amen! Excited to see what’s ahead. I’ve been hearing the word “promised land” for awhile now. I’m ready.

  72. I love this….thank you for this wonderful word….blessings

  73. Domis mwiti says:

    May our Lord Jesus Christ continues Blessing you and your family. May continues giving you Holy Spirit to help to share Pray and the Words, of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Am Domis from kenya (African) please help me with Pray, our Lord to open Doors of Blessing in Almighty God Power, and to help to me to shares is Words, in Jesus, Name.

  74. Okhen Esangbedo says:

    Yes, I prayed this prayer and I believe I am stepping into my promised Land miraculously now in Jesus name amen. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jamie for being a vessel of honour unto God for his miraculous purposes.

  75. Paul Perry says:

    Dear Jamie,
    I love this prayer. But I do not have the faith to pray this prayer. For I am going through the biggest crises of faith I have ever known and my faith may well be ship wrecked. Nothing is working out in my life, every door is closing, nothing is going right. This is even continuing into this new decade!!!

  76. Jowanda Lucas says:

    In Jesus name amen

  77. This seems so on time. I know God is doing something and I can fee expectation but huge warfare with it. It’s been hit after hit. I know God has a plan for my life and He wouldn’t bring any of us this far to drop us or forget or we stay stuck. We just can’t it isn’t Him. I have been praying for days God clean me inside out only leave the things of You! It looks bleak and impossible for me to ever become anything or to know what He really has for me but the devil is a liar! I keep loosing more and more daily but God has me. I have been feeling that this is my year for the Promise Land. I need it all calling, housing, victory, justice from unfair situations, retribution and everything else the enemy stole including time. I want every tear that I dropped everyday for the last year to count for something! Praise His holy name! Thank you God for doing it all for me and my kids!

  78. Danny Castro says:

    I prayed this prayer and it came right when I needed it. I await for answers Lord. Amen & Amen!

  79. John Annanson says:

    Amazing Grace! I was actually thinking what to say in prayer before I go to bed, and I decided to check my email and Bam! Kosher from on high! I prayed like it is the last thing I would ever do. God bless you, for this relief and release! Thank you very much.In believe that there will be a performance!

  80. Christina says:

    I prayed this prayer and it was much needed at this point in my life! You have no idea how much I needed that, and I thank God for you being obedient to his children! Thank you for sharing the word of God! Thank you for being obedient in God.

  81. Hello,I am really greatful for that prayer,i am trusting Abba Father for a smooth transition in crossing over into his promise.May God bless you and all the members of this community.

  82. Hi beloved Jaime, yes I prayed that prayer it is so beautiful and intimate and I come into agreement with this prayer that our daddy will deliver us from the wilderness I’m excited to see where he’s taking me thank you Jaime God bless you

  83. Thanks for leading me to say this prayer Jamie; I receive it, and I come in agreement with it in Jesus’ Name. God bless you.

  84. Cecilia Ramirez says:

    Thank You Jamie for this wonderful prayer! Lord we thank You for hearing and answering all of our Prayers. I love you Father & Lord.

  85. I prayed the prayer and will be using this until the Lord releases me. Thank you.

  86. Amen and amen! Thank you, Jamie!

  87. Beautiful…thank you Jamie! This is just what I have been talking to God about…great prayer and in need of healing bronchitis 🙄 so I can be on my way to the Promise Land Father God has for me…blessings to you and yours…Happy New Year.

  88. I prayed the prayer and believe that He heard me. Amen!

  89. Christina says:

    Jamie, I thank and praise God for the heart of love He has placed so graciously within you to make this prayer for us all.
    I thank you for your obedience in sending this to me.
    I said it expectantly and with joy!

  90. Dan mbugua says:

    I prayed that prayer and i thank God for you and the impact your ministry is having on the Body Of Christ.I Believe this is kairos moment and God Is Showing Himself Strong as Jehovah El Gibbor and He Will Fight all our battles during this New year of 2020.

  91. sonia perez says:

    I prayed it for me, my children and grand children.

  92. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

    I prayed this prayer. Loved to say every word of this prayer,so powerful.

  93. Hallelujah!!!! Amen!!!!

  94. Scheral Mckinney says:

    I read the prayer today, and it is powerful. I cannot express how grateful I am to have stumbled across your website/blog. God knows exactly how to put us in the right place at the right times, Bless you Jamie!

  95. I am so thankful to come across this prayer at this time of my crisis. It feels like I have been in a spiritual battle for close to 9 months in 2019 and have prayed for deliverance with no results. I have asked our Father God to reverse this unjust situation that my husband and I are facing that has taken most of our financial resources. I pray for a Mighty miracle to occur as we have so little strength left. I pray that God infuse His strength and divine will and perfect timing to this situation and that we will shortly experience a miracle that Only He can perform. Thank you abundantly for your Ministry Jamie!

  96. Patricia McNeil says:

    Hi, Jamie: What a awesome prayer. I prayed the prayer and standing in expectation for manifestation. God bless you, your family in Jesus name. 2020 the Year of Fulfillment.

  97. Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah amen thank u Jesus Christ amen hallelujah amen

  98. Daphne Malumo says:

    And to God be all the glory and honour , power and majesty, in Jesus’s Name!
    Thank you woman of God for your obedience to the call of God on your life. The Lord bless you and keep you.
    I prayed , with faith in my heart. I believe this year will be momentous.

  99. I prayed this prayer with everything within me along with you. I’m also praying for you and your mission. Praise Abba Daddy. Hallelujah. Amen.

  100. Nicolette says:

    This word is an accumulation of all my desires in prayer and current word God is speaking to me right now awe struck on how it picked directly to my hearts cry for this moment and this year. Thank you God and thank you Jamie

  101. Thomas Swartz says:

    Yes I prayed this prayer ! Halleluja!!!! Thank you !!!

  102. Lillian Chebosi says:

    Amen and Amen! Thanks Jamie.

  103. REchel Vivian says:

    thank you so much for bidding us with this prayer Amen and Amen

  104. Paulus visser says:

    Yes Lord Father God let Your Will be done in my life in Jesus Name Thank You ABBA FATHER

  105. I prayed it. Amen and amen. What about my husband? I do not want to leave hime hehind.

    1. YES there is great Blessing IN loving ABBA FATHER + EACH OTHER …. UNITED WE STAND…. divided we fall…. a house divided against itself can not stand… we are GODs House …. we are ONE IN CHRIST JESUS + the world knows… Psalm 133….

  106. I prayed this prayer. I believe that God is moving swiftly in my life. Thank you

  107. I prayed this timely prayer last night and this morning. I’m expecting Father God to dol more than I ever hoped or imagined.
    Thank-you Jamie

  108. Lourdes Gonzalez says:

    thank you, Im praying for Focus and Clarity over my Life to be more intimate with God,I want to walk hold his hand every moment of my Life,Thank you once again.I been praying, these pray Loud and Claiming them for me and my Family

  109. Amen and amen! Thank you, Jamie!🙏🏿😍
    I receive this word/ prayer coming directly from the Lord, Almighty God!
    Since last November I sensed in my spirit that THE DROUGHT IS OVER! RAIN IS COMING. SHOWERS OF BLESSINGS!
    After the 5 Day Prayer/Fasting from my church and your 5 Day Harvest Prayer/Fasting, the Lord gave this word that I believe is not only to encourage me, but the all body of Christ. Specially those robbed from so long in several areas, like me : “SAY RESTORE! AND REJOICE!” – according to Isaiah 42:22 “They are for prey, and no one delivers; For plunder, and no one says, “RESTORE!”
    PSalm 68:3 “But let the righteous be glad; let them REJOICE before God: yea, let them EXCEEDINGLY REJOICE before God.


  111. Thank you for such as powerful prayer!
    I also pray this over you and your ministry!
    Needed prayer still battle spirit of suicide

    1. Hi Sharon. I am praying for you right now. Father God, in the name of Jesus, I come against the spirit of death that is on my sister Sharon and I rebuke it in the name of Jesus. Spirit of death and suicide, LEAVE SHARON in Jesus’ name. Father God, please fill Sharon with Your Holy Spirit. Let hope rise up in her again from You. Let her feel Your presence and affection, in Jesus’ name. Fill her with Your Spirit of life in Christ Jesus, and give her the desire to live again.

      In the name of Jesus I rebuke the spirits of self-pity and depression and hopelessness off her in Jesus’ name. Father, fill her with Your Spirit where those things were. Help her not to be conformed to this world, but to be transformed in the renewing of her mind, that she may prove Your good, acceptable, and perfect will for her life.

      Father, let Sharon feel Your love and affection right now. Let her feel Your loving, everlasting arms around her. Let her know You are with her right now, holding her up, and that You will never, ever let her go. Turn things around for her right now, but above all help her to CHOOSE LIFE–and to know it IS dependent upon her to renew her mind in Your Word. Wash her thoughts with Your words of hope, joy, and love. Show her Your perspective on everything that concerns her. Heal her heart. Heal her body, mind, soul, and spirit. Send angels to minister to her right now in Jesus’ name, and we declare Your Word over her: that SHE SHALL LIVE AND NOT DIE, AND SHE SHALL PRAISE YOU, LORD.

      In Jesus’ name, amen.

      1. Yes I prayed and my tears are flowing rite now thank you jesus thank you lord hallelujah.

  112. This prayer is so pertinent to my situation, I thank God for allowing you to share it with me. Be blessed Woman Of God!

  113. Dinah Akinyi says:

    I prayed it, I trust that I am moving to the promised land.

  114. Thank you Jamie! I prayed this prayer over me and family! I’m in total agreement and am excited to see what Abba Father is going to do! Expecting his manifestation of his promises every day! Praise the Lord! Amen 🙏🙌🏻

  115. Kimberly Walker says:

    Yes I prayed it and will continue to! Thank you for sharing this powerful prayer with me!! God Bless! Praises to the Most High God!!!

  116. Wow such a powerful, amazing and awesome prayer. I need this prayer and I claim it and I Receive it in Jesus mighty name. Thank you Lord. Amen and Amen

  117. Amazing prayer Thank you Jamie Thank you Jesus Amen

  118. Thank you Jamie for sharing this, I have prayed this with you and I’m feeling blessed for receiving this at this time… doubt that God’s timing is perfect in every way! I praise the Lord!

  119. Cecilia Loza says:

    Thank you Jamie for sharing. This prayer is perfect timing. I prayed the prayer and believing God will move in my life.

  120. Henrietta says:

    Yes! AMEN! AMEN! AMEN!

    Thank you Jamie!

  121. Jean Potgieter says:

    I have been in the wilderness but the Lord has given me a new vision, a new dream and I am receiving it and believing it. I can see the Lord accelerating His plan for my life, things are just starting to fall into place. I just need for my son to be completely on board and I pray that the Lord will speak to His heart and soften it and bring it into alignment as I know that the Lord wants him and my husband to be part of this vision. Please stand in agreement with me. He is taking us to the place called “There” where our provision is and we will prosper. Glory to God. Hallelujah! God bless you Jamie and your family. Amen.

  122. Alethia James says:

    My tears are flowing like a river thank you jesus hallelujah lord.

  123. Bless be the Lord. That is the prayer that I have been praying about for the last 5 days. I believe it and it will come to past. Thank you Jamie for writing it out and making it plain. God bless.

  124. Alison Pitt says:

    Thank you Jamie, I have prayed this prayer and am believing that all these things will come into being.

  125. I prayed this today, praying in faith and believing

  126. gabrielle says:

    yes I prayed this prayer and will continue to do so until I see the Lord move in my life I am standing on 3 prayers and need a miracle. Thank you as I literally cried throughout praying this <3

  127. I had prayed with you thank you for this awesome prayer ..Amen ..I pray that God will blessed every area of your life, and protect your Ministry from every witchcraft and I cover you and your Ministry with the precious blood of Jesus

  128. Hi Jamie! God is speaking so powerfully through you in this season of my life! May His perfect and beautiful blessings pour out on you, your family and ministry! In Jesus Powerful and Mighty Name! Amen!

  129. Grace Lim says:

    Dear Jamie
    What a beautiful prayer! This morning God gave me the word “Crossover”. I was reflecting my own life and was trying to find a picture to reflect my journey. Wow, I got more than I ask for! I got a prayer that reflects what’s on my heart! Thank you so much! God bless you!

    1. Raul Torres says:


  130. Crystal hill says:

    I received this message in the name of Jesus and I prayed the whole prayer thank you God answered my prayers pls I want a better year this year and I have faith God is going to turn my life around and let me rejoice in my promises love you Jamie

  131. Dear Jamie, I have prayed this beautiful and ever encouraging prayer with you.
    Thank you. May we all get into our promised land. In Jesus name. Amen

  132. we’re believeing for God to move on our behalf today over a court matter. reversal of an unjust illegal stop and seizure which my wife is facing jail time over. we need a miracle today.

  133. Thank you Father for blessing us. May we always be a blessing to You, and multiply in Jesus’ name.

  134. Yes and amen, for this word!
    Thank you Jamie and From His Presence team. I pray for SHOWERS OF BLESSINGS to you, your loved ones and all that concerns to you. In Jesus Name.

  135. Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen. Thank you God Almighty, for taking me to the Promised land.
    In Christ Jesus’s name l claim all the good things You ve stored up for me.

  136. John Akeem Shomade says:

    Amen Amen Amen in Jesus name Amen. What an awesome and timely prayer for me. The Lord has a habit of release a prayer bombshell through you. Remain blessed.

  137. Jamie Thank you so much for this prayer. It is exactly what I needed. I prayed it and I’m going to pray it again and again. I need a break through and I feel it coming. Thanks be to God for His tender love and mercy and where would we be without His grace. Thank You Jesus, thank You Jesus, thank You Jesus, thank You Jesus, thank You Jesus, thank You Jesus, thank You Jesus.

    1. Vernell Gore says:

      May God grant us the grace to move forward in our destiny. I receive it and touch and agree.

  138. Amen!
    Thank you my God, my Father!

  139. Hi Jamie,

    I prayed the Prayer to the Promise Land.

    Thank you for your guidance in prayer.

    May God bless you and your Ministry that you may be fruitful and His light and countenance shine upon you.

  140. Thank-you,Jamie! we need this right now my husband was told today he maybe laid off that means no income we have lived off our savings account before it is hard, please pray for us.

  141. Yes thank you Jamie. I prayed and sowed into this today 11/01/21.
    HOLY SPIRIT hover over each one of us, preparing and positioning us to cross over into Father GOD’s Promised Land for us, so that we move in the full Power of GOD’s Word, in the fullness of The Word of His Power! To fully fullfill ALL that You have preordained for us.
    In CHRIST JESUS Name, for His Glory and for the extension of His Kingdom. HALLELUYAH and Amen
    Sara A. UK.

  142. Thank you ever so much for the blessings as I enter into the Promise Land. You are truly a blessing to me. May God continue to bless you and your ministry beyond measure.


  144. Christina McCrory says:

    Such an on time Word!
    As always, thank you Pastor Jamie!!

  145. gail rawlings says:

    Thank you i did

  146. Nadia Slater says:

    Good day Jamie thanks for your help and support in prayer,may God bless you and your family 👨‍👩‍👦

  147. I prayed this prayer, i have crossed into my promised land, AMEN

  148. Thank you so much for such a powerful prayer. I prayed it.

  149. Amen and all honor and glory be to our Abba God!

  150. Amen (so be it) !

    Thank you so much for the wonderful bible-based and anointed prayer. God bless you!

    – Beverly

  151. Saiboay Tan says:

    Amen. Thanks. Jamie.

  152. Akua Vera says:

    Appropriate prayer for me at this moment of trouble when the devil and it’s cohorts are trying everything possible to prevent me from praying.
    Thank you Lord for making it possible for me to pray this prayer today and I trust and believe, manifestation of this prayer has taken place quickly. Thank you Lord!.

  153. I prayed with you and for you.

  154. God bless ypu and your family once again Jamie.

    Thank you I have prayed it.

  155. Christina says:

    Such a much needed prayer today, thank you Pastor Jamie!

  156. I prayed and I was uplifting.Amen and amen 🙏. It was aligned to what I could not say from my own mouthnut was in my heart. I’m stepping into my promised land.In Jesus’s Name..
    God bless you.

  157. To God be the Glory!
    Jamie I thank you for your powerful prayer that the Holy Spirit placed on your heart. Blessings to you and your ministry as it flourishes.
    I receive the blessings as I walk through to the promise land for me and my family’s life. Thank you in Jesus name.

  158. Amen and Amen

    Thank you so much for this prayer. My heart needed this.

    Dear Father,
    Please bless Jamie and her family and all those that make this possible. May You cover them with Your wings to keep them safe, protected, and always close to you. Thank you Father for blessing us with such wonderful kind people. We love you and we thank you.
    In Jesus name,

  159. Amen ,I prayed the prayer .

  160. I prayed the prayer and I am ready to get to my “promised land.” May God be with you and thank you for sharing this heartfelt prayer with us!

  161. April McCullough says:

    I receive what I have asked for tonight! In Jesus name.

  162. Cecilia Ramirez says:

    Thank You Sister for this prayer! I stand in agreement with her, Lord and everyone else who has prayed and received this prayer, Father. I thank You for crossing us over to the Promised land Lord God Almighty! To You and only You be all the glory forever and ever!
    Amem and Amen!

  163. Margaret Nathaniel says:

    I prayed a prayer with you this is very timely word let the will of God be done in my life. I am sure that you hear from God and send me encouraging word. Thank for being obedient to Holy Spirit.

  164. Salise ❤️ says:

    Yes, I prayed this prayer and was just asking God to send help to get us in the promised land. I love thst He answers our prayers. I’m looking forward to how this is going to look manifested. Bless you, Jamie.

  165. I am believing for this word today on June 14, 2022! I believe the word of God…HIS word and He is not a man that He shouodl lie! I believe it because He said and His word is in stone. I am asking that today is the day that everybody will know that God moves mountains and where He goes miracles, signs, and wonders follow.

  166. I prayed this prayer its powerful I do not know how to prayer with power like this so i look forward to these prayer points, may God continue to bless and use you Jamie

  167. Gladys Mutungu says:

    Amen and AMEN.
    I prayed the prayer and I am expectant. Especially that I may know God more and hear His voice more clearly to walk in His ways.
    Thank you Jamie.
    God bless you.

  168. Shera Chieves says:

    I just prayed the prayer! I can’t wait to see what HE has in store for me!
    Thank you so much Jamie for all you do!

  169. desmond Greene says:

    I have said the prayer and I believe God will move me into the promised land today. I believe he is changing me for the better and guiding me out of wrong ways.

  170. I prayed this so powerful thankyou Jamie for such a wonderful prayer in Jesus name

  171. Amen! I pray this prayer to be actioned by God without delay. In Jesus name!

  172. Blessings to you Jamie. I have prayed this prayer with you and I receive it. This is my portion in Jesus’ name amen, Thank you Jamie. May God continue giving you more wisdom and revelation. may his oil never run dry on your head in Jesus’ name amen,

  173. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

    I give thanks and praise to the lord for leading me to my promised land.I ask the lord to give me boldness protection and his grace from the attack of the enemy. I ask the lord to hide me under his wings in time of need and to give me supernatural protection. Please visit me oh lord and reveal to me my destiny of how you want me to serve you in your kingdom.Reveal your kingdom to me and give me wisdom.Destroy everything in me that does not originate from you.Restore all that has been stolen and make the enemy repay back to multiple portion .Blood of Jesus cover me cover the doorpost of my heart.Blood of Jesus destroy all the persecution I am going through.Blood of Jesus destroy all persecutor intention.Render them harmless and put them to shame .Make them fall to their own pit they have dugged..
    In JESUS name I pray .Amen

    1. I did pray. It is done in Jesus’ name.

  174. Amen thank you Jamie your always on time) and thank you again for this prayer. I’m believing The Lord for my promised land thank you Father.

  175. I have prayed the prayers and I am trusting God to help me cross over to my promise land.

  176. Cindy🌹 says:

    Thank you for your humble yet, very powerful prayer… I prayed it with all my heart, soul, mind & strength. Your ministry is helping me to advance in my walk with our lord, Jesus… Thank you, kindly.
    The Lord has parted many seas for me over the years & surely, I will cross the river to the promised land, in Jesus’ name.

  177. Amen.
    I am moving forward into the Promised Land.

  178. I loved this prayer 💕. It was exactly what I needed. Thank you so much 💗 💗💗!!! It was saying what my heart has been crying out, but in a clear way with backed up scripture. I’m so thankful for you Jamie and your ministry🙌🌈🕊️💝

  179. Amen,thank you Jamie,I totally agree with this prayer

  180. Thankyou Jamie, I receive this prayer in Jesus name

  181. IRMA NORTJE says:


  182. Amen and amen! I prayed and am expecting the testimony- the goodness and glory of God to manifest and birth now! hallelujah. Love you sister and pray the Lord bless and keep you in all your ways as you serve Him in a mighty way 👑💜 shalom, shalom

  183. Amen! yes I prayed. thank you for releasing this word!

  184. June McCullum says:

    YES! Amen! Amen! & Amen!!! It is so!!! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  185. Delia Gonzales says:

    I prayed those prophetic prayer with you I received believed it I declare it in my like for my family friends and myself may the Lord continue using you tremendously God bless you and your family even more continue praying for me to hear his voice God bless you

  186. Jaime, you are really inspired by God. What a truly amazing prayer (like most of your prayers). Thank you and may God continue to bless and work through you as you bless others.

  187. YES, and AMEN, AMEN, AMEN! I receive this in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS! <3

  188. Amen. Thank You Father for Your blessings to me and for Your guidance IJMN AMEN.

  189. I believe & receive this into my life. Thank you Abba! Praise you Lord🙌🙌💕

    1. Yes!! I prayed it! Thank You Jesus!
      Thank you!

  190. Praying to Crossover today, in Jesus Mighty Name!

  191. I prayed this prayer with you. Thank you for sharing.


  193. Amen!!
    Thank you so much for this very timely prayer as I just started a new job! I know my Abba is with me and leading me! Glory to His name!🙌🏼🥰

  194. Maria Divina says:

    Amen i received it in Jesus name!

  195. Hallelujah Amen In Jesus Christ Mighty Name I pray and I believe It Is done.

  196. Millicent says:

    Amen, Amen and Amen I recieve in Jesus name.

  197. Amen and amen!! It’s already happening. Thank You Jesus!!! 😊

  198. Thank you for delivering me into the promised land, Amen!

  199. YES!! AMEN!!! 🙏🏾

  200. Amen in Jesus name. I believe the time is now that the will take us into the Promised Land.

  201. Sharon Johnfinn says:

    God sent me this prayer in response to what I was saying to Him just moments before. Thank you Father, and may God bless you Jamie.

  202. Pastor Patricia Liggins says:

    To God be all the glory, the honor, and the praise, for the great and wonderful things that He continues to do through this Ministry that He has assigned to you! Such a powerful prayer, and so thankful that I know the power of prayer! What a MIGHTY GOD we serve! I am TRUSTING GOD to, this year, BLESS me to finalize and publish the book that He has given me to write! Ephesians 3:20-21 says, “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.” I am praying for this Ministry, and I am grateful for being able to support this Ministry. Love and Prayers!
    Pastor Patricia Liggins

  203. Kristina M Repasch says:

    Yes I prayed that well thought out prayer. May Our Father Creator of All be glorified in each of us in Jesus’s name Amen and Amen

  204. I prayed and am supernaturally believing!!!

  205. Prayed!! Thank you for sharing this prayer!

  206. I’m believing God to help me move into my Promised Land today!

    In Jesus Name! Amen!!!

    Thank you Lord!

  207. I believe, receive and agree that God is Bringing Things Full Circle in My Life! In Jesus Name! Amen!!!

    Thank you Lord!

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