2018 Was About Steel In Your Spine

Hey beloveds,

If you’re anything like me, sometimes you may look back at the year you’ve just had and wondered, “What on earth was that all about?” Well, if you’re wondering what on earth 2018 was all about, the Lord gave me an encouraging word for you today.

That word is:

2018 was about putting steel in your spine.

I believe the Lord showed me that many people begged the Lord for help over and over in 2018, but many of you have thought you didn’t receive it. However, the opposite is true. You definitely didn’t receive the help you were looking for, but–as is SO often the case with the Lord–you did receive a different kind of help … the help you truly needed.

In 2018, your help came directly from the Lord, and He was preparing you for what you’ll need in 2019.

That last sentence I just wrote isn’t particularly prophetic. You could and should say that about anything. It’s always going to be true. One season is always preparation for the next season.

But, I heard the Lord say very specifically that 2018 put steel in your spine because you are going to need it to be able to contend.

When I say “steel in your spine,” I mean:

  • You did more than you ever could have dreamed, in the face of impossible odds.
  • You made it through days you thought would break you.
  • Time after time, many of you sat on your floor and wept at the top of your lungs–and didn’t want to get up again. BUT, you got up anyway, took one step after another, and you made it through.

In 2018, sometimes you were literally counting down the hours until each day ended and you could go to bed. You did things to occupy your time just to get through the day until one day was over and the next one began.

All that time, you thought you were drowning. But the Lord was actually strengthening you instead.

When metal is forged, it has to be heated up.

It has to be shaped, and making a strong metal often requires mixing one metal with other elements. In 2018, the Lord stood as a blacksmith and did surgery on your proverbial spine.

Isaiah 54:16 says:

Behold, I have created the blacksmith who blows the coals in the fire, who brings forth an instrument for his work; and I have created the spoiler to destroy.”

This year, the Lord allowed you to go through adversity which you thought would kill you. But, He knew all along that you would make it through. This year was about getting the “I can’t” out of your vocabulary and showing you that, yes, you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

Much of the help you needed and expected didn’t come from people this year for that very reason.

I experienced this personally, and it was hard. I know it was hard for you too. But, the Lord showed me that this forging storm was fundamental to our future growth. If we had leaned on another while the wind was blowing against us strongly, we would have developed a mistaken belief in our need for the others. However, since the Lord sovereignly removed the props from underneath us, He forced us to lean on Him instead.

2018 was about the Lord putting steel in your spine …

… and it’s not over yet.

I don’t mean to say that the adversity isn’t over. I’m not talking about that right now, for the positive or for the negative. I mean that the year 2018 is not over yet–and there’s still time to allow Papa to place steel in YOUR spine if you’ve been dodging Him.

Signing up for Holy Spirit-led spine surgery is difficult. I know. But you have to have this lesson down pat in order to succeed in the next season. You must have steel in your spine.

You were strong before, but this is a whole new level of strength.

The word I hear from the Lord is “superhuman.” As Bill Johnson says, when you got saved and Holy Spirit came to live in your heart, you lost the ability to claim you’re only human. 🙂

And what I see the Lord showing me is that the strength He has given to everyone who will accept it in 2018 is SUPERHUMAN strength.

It’s the strength and power only HE can provide.

It goes beyond anything you ever imagined. It touches deeper inside you than you imagined it would touch. And it was wrought in a more painful fire than you ever thought you could endure.

But endure you did … and now you have steel in your spine.

Beloved, be encouraged.

If you’ve been wondering “What on earth was that all about?”–this is it. There was a reason for all you went through. Papa had a plan. Papa allowed it and is working it out for your good, and this is one of the very good things. He has made you stronger than you ever knew you could or would be.

Does this word resonate in your heart? Is Holy Spirit speaking to your heart about this too? If so, please leave a comment below! I’d love to hear from you.


  1. Sandra Finn says:

    I love you Jaime! You always have such a on time Word which has encouraged me time after time after time! May.God continue to use you to be such a blessing to the Body of Christ!

    1. Hi Jamie
      Thank you so much!
      Last night during prayer the Lord showed me I am a rough diamond an His hands are the grinder and me obviously the diamond.
      His hands are forging me with Love, Purpose, Wisdom.
      Its so beautiful!

  2. Sacred star says:

    This left me awestruck….i just felt like I’m reading the story of my life.
    I’m totally in love and pretty pumped up now, im literally feeling strengthened now for God has allowed me to go and How He has been faithful and impressed me beyond my imagination in this year.
    Thank you for sharing this. It’s truly encouraging and affirming that God is with me all the while and shaping me…!

  3. Yes, yes, yes!!! This year has been one that I wasn’t sure how I’d get through it. I went through things I didn’t think I’d have to but through it all, I learned to rely on God, to depend on Him, allow Him to work. Pruning isn’t easy and the fire is hot! But I know it’s for His glory and His purpose. I know something good will come from this season I’ve been in! I am contending for my promise and not giving up on it until I receive it, in Jesus name! Thank you!

    1. Carol Sferra says:

      beautifully said…..Amen

  4. Yes this has been a challenging year thus far and God is still manufacturing His me in this journey. I’m in a new place with unfamiliar faces but God has a wonderful plan. I’m not giving up! This too shall pass! All things shall work together for our good. Amen!!! and Hallelujah!!!

  5. Yes it was extremely challenging I didn’t think I was going to make it I thought I was going to die , but God was there with me through it all, and I know that I couldn’t have done it without him we all need him . He’s the God of the impossible and we can do all things through him. Amen

  6. It always baffles me and blows my mind when you get these prophecies from him. Cause inevitably it’s right on every single time.
    I literally just learned from him today that I’m so weak when it comes to making decisions, not because I’m unable, but because I keep acting like I need permission to do what’s right in the face of wanting or feeling pressured to do wrong. Like someone has to come along and give me an excuse, a reason, or permission to do what is just.
    Today I realized it was true and suddenly I knew what to do. I had to recognize my power to choose and make a promise to myself to trust those judgment calls in my heart no matter the cost or where a reason or excuse provided me a way out of my pride.
    Then I turn around and find this prophecy link in my email!
    Thank you again Jamie for being an example to me and faithful to him. Amen!
    Steel in my Spine indeed my friend!!! Be blessed.

  7. Yes. I almost give up every day I wake up and ask God till when. i am suprised I have made it this far. But God has been so gracious and merciful. I would feel hungry and tell Him and immediately He provides. I now understand its the surgery. I am encouraged I will wait for His strength and impartation. God bless you.

  8. caroline roshnee naidoo says:

    amen needed to hear that tank you Jamie hugs

  9. Wow Jamie this is foe me i felt every fire and wondered whats happening is my prayers not right or? But thank you gor this powerful encouraging word i really need it. God bless you sister.?

  10. Dear Jaime: I know that God is using you because I feel it every time you write a message. I have learnt so much from you. You may not realise it but God is using you to speak to me and I am so very grateful. I have a situation in my life right now that only God’s intervention can change and every time I read your message, it is like God is giving me the solution right there. I pray that God will continue to bless you and your family as you hold strong to him. May he bless you in abundance today and always.

  11. Joanne McAfee says:

    Three months ago I asked for prayer after service for healing in my shoulder. My very prophetic sister prayed over me and the heat that went through my back was almost unbearable. She said “God is giving you a spine of steel”. I had no idea what that meant but I knew from His manifested Presence He was definitely doing SOMETHING. Last year I walked through a very hard year. I was an assistant pastor and was hurt very deeply by my leadership. I continually Sozod myself to expose lies and was delivered from rejection as a result of the unearthing this situation brought about in my heart. My best friend just sent me this blog post and I am so blown away at His goodness in confirming so clearly. I wanted you to be able to celebrate with me as He used you to realign my thinking and remind me of all He’s done in 2018!!

  12. Thank you for this article about the truth. I have not gone through really hard things, though as I type this, my mind goes back to earlier this year when ‘outside of my control stuff’ occurred to me and would have really pulled me down but His presence was so close and calming and loving that I knew He had it all in hand and lo and behold this month, it has become clear why things have to be like they are, so while I haven’t gone through really crying from the top of my lungs stuff, I have gone through some things which were hard for me. So what you say in your article has helped too. Thankyou for being available to Him to help us who are learning to be available to Him with whatever He has for us. We know it will be tailor made for us individually and won’t be like anyone else’s gifting. Just thanking Him with all my being for bringing people such as yourself to my attention. He is so good!

  13. Beatrice preethi says:

    This is very true Jamie. I been through so much of emotional loneliness and trauma. I had to rely on only The Almighty for all the down moments. It was awful and too for a year. No year in my life was so much filled with anguish and tears.

    I really feel the same. Praise
    God for he was with me through all those moments.

    Thank you Jamie.Lord is revealing a lot to me through you.

    God bless you Jamie

  14. Catherine says:

    Yes, this word was for me. I feel it and now I understand what Papa was doing all along. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Yes Yes Yes!! This was for me; a challenging year is an understatement. But, indeed thanks be to God for I did and will continue to make it. Yes, I have come out much strong and more faith in God.

  16. Yes and I’m so tired and weak from all the fighting. I can’t take this battle anymore 2018 almost took me out. I can’t do this again another year

  17. Gina Connelly says:

    It is as though you were speaking directly to me! And only me. I have felt so alone this year. God has been moving people out of my life left and right. I didn’t understand why. Even my church family is no where to be found. I have felt God moving me to a new place both physically and spiritually. I just didn’t realize that it would be so difficult. I kept wondering why things were happening and now I know.
    Thank you for being there for me in these past months of trying times bringing His encouragement to “stand” and “wait” and “see the salvation”. Over the last couple of weeks you have been talking about 2019 and I kept saying “it’s almost over” but now I see why I have been battling with so much. I praise God for His infinite Mercy and Grace but mostly for showing me throughout it all I was NOT alone for He loves and cares for me. He has been there through it all with me. And only by His Might and His Strength have I been able to “stand” and say “How I love my El Shaddi!” He is my Salvation! Only by and through Him can I just stand. I have always been one to try to control my environment but I am learning that it is Him controlling my steps only when I relinquish them to Him. Father has a way of showing stubbornness (me) that He can’t work with it in the way.
    So now that I know Holy Spirit has placed a spine of steel within me I know that the tactics the enemy has tried to place on me can’t withstand what God is doing in and through me. He is my Great and Wonderful Father! Whom shall I fear?!
    Thank you so much for being the vessel He is using to help train this Warrior. Many blessings to you and yours,
    Gina, your sister in Christ

  18. Yes this word was for me i went through a lot this year that i almost felt that there is no more hope. But papa God lifted me up, and he said to me 2019 is going to be my year of breakthrough. And for everyone that is passing through difficult times

  19. Lennae Lewis-Atkinson says:

    Thank you for sharing this with me, it came right on time for me. Wow, very accurate.

  20. Thaddeus Molden says:

    yes this is what i’m going thru with the lost of my job and looking for where i’m being led to go i have a 4yr old son who looks to his mother and i for strength and seeing how our love will remain when a dad loses his job and your child ask for something and you don’t have the money to get it you tend to want to push away and figure out how i’m i going to fix this but i realize without GOD the Father ,Lord Jesus ,and Holy Spirit i can’t so i do other things with my son to show that my love has not changed but is stronger for him and his mother. thank you for releasing this timely word

  21. Kahn Johnson says:

    I went through what I feel most people would have lost their minds. At times I felt like I might lose mine. There were days I didn’t want to get out of bed. There are days I didn’t want to see sunlight. I still trust Him because of the supernatural experiences He’s done through me and to me, so I held on. I don’t know what He’s doing , but I do believe He’s working on my behalf. Yes, I must say that He put some steel in my back this time……… wheeeeeeewwww!!!!

    Sincerely holding on,

  22. Andri Weissbach says:

    Thank you Lord Jesus for Jamie. Thank you for her being willing to be used by her. Daddy please take care of her anf thank you for her courageous spirit. Thank you Father for spot on messages. I pray for her for strength and for Godly help and super alignment in what she does for you. Please Father, show her the most efficient and easy ways to do the maximum for You. Thank you for peace over her family and especially over her baby. Thank you for Your favour, tenderness and kindness over her. Blessed is she.

  23. Thank you so much
    Every word of this resonates with me and rings true!
    Eternally grateful Heavenly Father Divine Mother, Divine Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, Ancestors Amen ??????

  24. Francie Robertson says:

    This too is yet another awesome confirming & encouraging word through you Jamie. With steel in our spines we are fully able to possess the promises for our God is faithful. Halleluia!!!

  25. I can totally relate to this blog. God has put me in a position this year where I have had to hold on to Him alone. He has been working on my trust issues with Him. He has been showing me that He is so faithful and trustworthy! Praise His Name!

  26. Kathy Shifflett says:

    Wow! I have literally been thinking this exact thing about my year – the things I have gone through that I never would have dreamed I could handle…and God strategically removing support people from my life ..and I just wrote about it in my journal yesterday asking God what He wanted me to know about this! Thank you! Such amazing confirmation!

  27. Amen ,this really encouraged me .2018 has really been a struggle for me. I fought many emotional battles and I thought I was on my own.It all made me depressed at time.But as I read thoes words, “2018 was about the Lord putting steel in your spine” I reflected on my life and indeed all my adversary had made me stronger.

  28. So true , unbelievable challenges and just Him and me .

  29. Allison Docherty says:

    Hi Jaime. This word came at the right time. 2018 has been a really hard year for me. I have learned to rely on God for all things and he has got me through all obstacles every day. And certainly not in the way I expected. I have learned he is with me every step of the way. What an awesome God we have. Thankyou Jaime. May God bless you abundantly.

  30. Judy Wellington says:

    Thank you Jamie
    This word resonated so much with my spirit.
    May God richly bless and keep you as you continue with this amazing work.

  31. Oh my, what an on time Word for me. From January 1st to now–so many difficult challenges. Don’t know how I made it. I know the Holy Spirit was leading me to just keep moving forward. Surely the Lord was putting steel in my spine. I so wanted to throw in the towel but I believed that ‘greater’ was on the other side of calamity. I can’t say every situation is working out well, but I can say ‘it is well with my soul’. Amen!

  32. Yes, Yes it dose. Back in July my mom and grandma both past away. With-in five days of each other. Not only that. I am getting evicted out of my fiance house by his family. Who r big Christians and just dont like me. They want my fiance with this other women, who they love, and r not giving him the choice or so he says. Not sure who to trust or believe any more. All i do know is PAPA is the only one that can save me and help me and FATHER is the only one I can trust. I HAVE SPENT THE LAST TWO MONTHS PRAYING AND SPENDING AT LEAST TWO HOURS WITH HIM. I know he is the only one that can show me the way and what he wants. He sure has Showed me that i can not rely on people at all. They lie, cheat, care about money to much, and about object’s. Its so sad that someone who ia a chriatan can care ao much about money and peraonal things. I HAVE LEARNED A LOT THIS YEAR. GOD, JESUS AND THE WHOLLY SPIRIT ARE THE ONLY ONE’S THAT CAN HELP AND SHOW ME THE WAY.

  33. You did more than you ever could have dreamed, in the face of impossible odds.
    You made it through days you thought would break you.
    Time after time, many of you sat on your floor and wept at the top of your lungs–and didn’t want to get up again. BUT, you got up anyway, took one step after another, and you made it through.

    You have no idea. I went through a very painful divorce I was shattered and it tore me apart. But God kept me and am standing by the grace and mercies of God. Hallelujah

  34. Resonate in my mind? Everything you said Jamie. I was reading and saying to Abba Father….really? Take about removing the props from underneath? Right from the 1st week in January. I always strengthened myself with the song…. “He that is down need fear no fall” and i say to God, there is nowhere else to fall except to stand up and i am going to and very determined to stand. Glory to God i was not consumed in all that because i was not sure i was going to take it anymore but heyy, Am still standing thanks to My HELPER. To GOD be all the glory,

  35. Victoria Rosanwo says:

    Hi Jamie
    Keep up the good work of our Father the message of today really hit me ? well when you said some of us are doing one thing or the other counting time to end the day that word hit me strong because of all my efforts this year was futile now i know that the Lord is putting steel in my spine because i didn’t know that i can endure it thus far to God be the glory for preparing me like a mud in the potters hand i had a dream this afternoons i saw a man dress down in a long robe he woke me from sleep in the dream and said to me don’t you want to know who tampered with your glory then my mum walk in and wake me up from sleep i was highly upset for not finishing the dreams but the word really resonates in my ear? It indeed rang more than a bell that for this spirit awakening message thanks a million more grease to your elbow and more anointing my blessed prophetess God bless you and your family

  36. Thank you so much for this reading, I know I am a little late but I was busy being forged 🙂 Especially the last few days, I have been feeling like I’m being put through the fire. Your prophetic word makes me feel better. If I am going to get a spine of steel from it…light me up. God did not give us a spirit of fear, I want to be fearless. God’s will be done.

  37. July 9th and 12th 2018 I literally had steel put in my spine and have been ill since. Right now I’m in the U of M hospital one of many stays along with 8 surgeries to date. Me and my boyfriend finally moved in together in June then I had the surgeries and September 6th he cheated on me while I was in the hospital for the umpteenth time. I had no money left, lost my business, along with many other troubles and I am still having to live with him because of loosing so much. I’m hopeful that I’ll heal and get back to work and move out. I will be cutting all ties with him as soon as I’m out of his house. I’ll try not to look back.

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