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21 More Days of Breakthrough Prayer | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comHi friends,

The Lord just will not release me from our corporate fasting and praying for breakthrough right now. (Not that I want Him to; I’m having a blast seeing Him work miracles in our community!)

In fact, not only has He told me to add praying for people to receive their spouses to my fasting list, but He has also told me to write another prayer plan, 21 (More) Days of Breakthrough Prayer, and pray it at the same time as the original 21 Days of Breakthrough Prayer!

God is up to something. He is ON THE MOVE. 

And beloved, I want to pray for you specifically.

So, would you please help me today?

In the comments below, please leave a BRIEF (brief!!!) description of what you’re praying and believing God for. I will not be able to answer any of the comments; there will be too many of them. But, this is going to be my way of lifting your specific needs up to the Lord as we continue our corporate season of fasting and praying for breakthrough.

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Stay tuned later today for Day 1’s prayer directives of 21 (More) Days of Breakthrough Prayer, and continue praying through the original 21 Days at the same time!


  1. Praying for additional sources of income to supplement the single source of income we currently have

    1. Fadi Qastoon says:

      Please pray for the financial restoration and recovery, some friends taken money and not returned for long time..
      Thank you

      1. Meeckral Williams says:

        Please pray that the desire to pray and study God’s word returns to me

        1. Pleas pray for a full recovery for my mom who is in physical therapy at a facility now. Complete healing from head to toe.
          For the addiction to leave my family now, Chris, Dad, Joe. Complete understanding in all area does my family. Debt free for my family. That our house begins the building by February 2022. Thank you.

          1. Pray for spiritual and financial restoration, and for spouses for my spiritual sister and my self. Pray for us to be shown our spiritual gift and that we use them for God’s glory.

        2. For God to do the works in the business he gave me that I can’t do .
          It’s to build an asset to create financial independence big time .
          I totally have never done this and know he led me here .

        3. Vanitha M. says:

          Please pray for my car to be sold,Timothy to be healed.
          Supernatural Debt cancellation.
          People that borrowed money to come looking to pay me back
          To win souls for Christ

      2. Suzanne Costic says:

        Please pray for a financial breakthrough with getting my rent & electric bill other Bill’s paid gas in car, food for myself and my 2 birds
        Stable job and a house to move into when my lease is up in April 2022
        Thank you

      3. Helen Etu Efeotor says:

        I am praying to God to remove all obstacles, curses and veils and to give me a spouse. Amen

      4. For my husband and daughter to have an intimate relationship with Jesus, my husband’s new business to prosper, and my daughter to be free from depression and anxiety

        1. I am praying to God that he will continue to elevate my business and make devine connections.

      5. Patricia Ryan says:

        For my disability claimto be accepted

    2. VivianWoods says:


      I need prayer for consistency in prayer and worship, a spouse, increased finances to purchase my home, and health breakthrough- I need to lose 35lbs and maintain a healthy living with a goal of 4months.

    3. Hi Jamie! My name is Tonya. First, I would like to thank you for allowing God to use you to inspire others. I enjoy every word that He has guided you to write and every prayer. I am fasting and praying for breakthroughs. The first is my oldest son has a court date coming on Wednesday. I am praying for his innocence and justice for him. I am praying that God will work miracles in the courtroom from the DA, the attorney, community leaders, and the judge in the Name of Jesus. I’m praying for my 14 year old son that he will truly be able to see that God is real and not allow the enemy to confuse him. I’m praying to become a homeowner that God will lead me to the right home, lender, real estate etc and I am praying for my future spouse. I’m praying for him to be a strong God fearing man, a leader, and a provider. I am praying that my business will grow and for God to continue using me to help others. Thank you so much again Jamie. God Bless!

      1. Hi.I am praying for a godly spouse in my life according to HIS will.

        1. Hi i am believing for financial breakthrough, spouse, and my next assignment

      2. Hi Jamie thank you for your words of encouragement and prayers.
        Please pray for breakthrough for

        1. purchase of a home or moving to bigger apartment for my family.

        2. religious exemption for my job to be approved.

        3. Salvation and deliverance for my family from All strongholds , occult and bondages

        4. Gods will and perfect plan and for us to draw closer to the Heavenly Father.

        5. A Godly fearing husband.

        thank you Jamie God bless you ,
        Ministry and the family.

        1. Hi I thank God for a wonderful women like you, I appreciated all the prayers and thank you for putting all your energy in the work of God may he continued using you. My prayer request is for a Godly Husband and for the salvation of my family

      3. Hi Jamie,can you please pray into the promise God gave us for a house.Very important, that my husband will be delivered and that our marriage will prosper,also for me that the Lord’s fire will burn in me,and His living water will flow through me! Thanks a million!

      4. Praying for a spouse and income. Never been so broke

    4. Please pray for me for financial breakthrough and for marriage thank you

      1. Busi Tshabalala says:

        Please pray for me I ask the Lord to release my funds from Road Accident Fund. I have been waiting for more than 5 years now. I ask the Lord to release the funds now into my account in the name of Jesus Christ

        1. Pls, may the God Lord connect me to my spouse according to His will. For the good book says it is not good for man to live alone.

          1. Am praying for a house by the end of the month, a job and deliverance from.depression for my son

    5. Out of poverty
      House of my own
      Physical healing
      A friend

      1. Thank you Jamie!
        – salvation for family
        – healing from traumatic brain injury in April 2020 at work
        – haven’t worked since the injury: continued financial provision
        – that God would continue to advocate for me regarding this work comp lawsuit
        Blessings to all!!!

    6. Ruth Creighton says:

      I need breakthrough for immediate family’s Salvation/s; deliverance generational strongholds which include – witchcraft, religious demons, selfishness and narcissism.
      I need financial breakthrough, physical healing ( broke both knees in February) I need more rehab.
      I have decades of writings Which is inspired both the Holy Spirit to help humanity with Overcoming abuse and religious cult abuses as well as Daily Overcoming strategies through Biblical foundational Truth’s.
      (*was born into religious cult- warlock preached Both the Word of God and new age demonic concepts)
      I was cursed by the warlock and majorty of my extended family bloodlines and Church members because I exposed him in the newspapers at the age of 21.
      During Prayer and Fasting the Holy Spirit Revealed to me, as each person learns about the deception regarding new age being demonic- Those who cursed me before will repent and begin to bless me.
      My life has been much Long suffering.
      Doing all to stand, I am still standing even with two broken knees working full time. 😔

    7. Beverly CrockerJohnson says:

      I pray that GOD will supplement my income and/or make me debt free.
      I’m divorced with a special need daughter.
      I pray that you heal her totally. Allow her to speak her words clearly. and repair her vision.
      I want to meet and marry the man you have designed to be my husband .

    8. Hi Jamie,
      Firstly thank you for being a source of encouragement forthe Lord. May the Good Lord bless you abundantly.
      My prayer request if for my business to grow and be a source of financial stability for my son and I. Secondly, I’m praying a loving husband jist the way the Bible describes a husband should be.
      God bless

    9. Please pray with me for a future spouse and debt freedom. Thanks

    10. Praying for a godly spouse and breakthrough in the area of finances, a home, and influence. Also praying for my younger son to see Christ in his life knowing He is the only true God, and for my older son to find Christian community/friends at college.

    11. Tunmise Oluwakayode says:

      I am Tunmise Oluwakayode. I desire:
      Physical manifestation of everything God has written/spoken concerning my children and I for Year 2021.

      The fulfillment of what God told you (Jamie) about November 2021 because it resonates so much with my destiny.

      Divine visitation from the Throne of Grace.
      Thank you.
      May God bless you and your family indeed.

    12. Dorothea Grahl-K says:

      Praying for Frabk honecomeing from wsrzone missiondield now and financial provision El Shaddai providibg return all whatr been stoken vindicate now Family Peace and reconsiliationthank you for praying

    13. Please pray for my deliverance, breakthrough, financial breakthrough, restoration,
      peace and for my future husband to find me this month November 2021. Thank you Father and Jamie. I know my Father is hearing my prayers because of this confirmation thank you God all glory to you 🤗🙏🏾🙌🏾😭💍

    14. I need breakthrough prayer for my ministry for doors to open up for me and to hear clearly what God is saying for His people. I want to know the heart of God so I can minister the Word to both lost and saved. Thank you.

    15. Gwendolyn Mensah says:

      Praying for God to take me deeper in knowing him. Salvation of my household. Lord to restore my marriage, the grace to go back to school and finish with a degree. To start a ministry. Salvation for the world.

    16. Mikateko Mnisi says:

      Good day Jamie,

      I’m praying for a spiritual, healing & restoration and financial breakthrough. I also pray for my marriage and love. I need God to guide me on the path I should take with regards to my calling, business and career. I also pray for healing for me, my mom, mother in law and daughter.

    17. Melissa Foley says:

      Jamie, praising and thanking God for you! Please pray for a breakthrough location for a healing center in Atlanta, or the north Georgia mountains. And, for the conversion of our son, Kyle. Thank you! Count on my prayers for you, too!

    18. Lorenza Passarella says:

      Good morning!
      Praying for breakthrough for myself to receive a godly husband a man of my needs and desires!
      I have been a widow for now 17 years!
      God knows my situation!
      Praying for my house to be Paid in Full and I’m still the owner and occupant of this house …right Now in Jesus name! It’s pay back time!!
      I have found the thief and I receive 7 folds and double pay for what he stole from me! Time monies peace health love and relationships with my children returned now !!
      God knows what unfolded in these past 20 years!! God is restoring He receives All the Glory!!
      What the enemy meant for harm You Will turn it around for the Good!! Now in Jesus name!!
      Breakthrough of household salvation and family members delivered from all unrighteousness!!
      Thank you 🙏 Amen

    19. Albertina Mukwati says:

      Hi my name is Albertina. I was married and i got divorced in 2014. Both me and my husband regret what happened . Pray for me for God to show me the way forward.
      Another request is for permanent employment.

    20. Anna Gonzalez says:

      *Healing in my body ( my ovaries)
      *Miracle baby ( I’d love a girl)
      *Prayers for land and a home of our own
      ( we would like to move out of CA )
      *Church family
      *The answers to prayers we have prayed for years ( restoration)

    21. Please pry for me a spouse and to prepare me to be a Godly wife. I am raising a boy alone he needs a good man to be an example in his life and I need help with him. Please mend my broken friendship and allow open honest communication be done in all interactions.

    22. A Godly spouse and help learning without stress the new job I was blessed with.
      Thank you!

    23. Good day Jamie.
      Trust you are well. I am from South Africa.
      Please pray for my financial breakthrough and success in my Internal Sales Position and I want to achieve my target of R100k by the 22nd of November.

    24. Wase pray for a financial break through and increase in my sales at work

    25. Erin Canahui says:

      Hi Jamie,

      I’m praying for complete restoration in my marriage, for unity as a couple to do God’s will, to live in the same place (I’m currently living in a 12X12 guest house praying for God’s deliverance and for my husband to come home), to hear Father God’s voice more clearly, to explode in gifts of the spirit, and for clear direction in ministry (I have lot of ideas/things I feel the Lord is doing but need to know what to do first so I don’t get overwhelmed). I’m also praying for the salvation of ALL of our immediate family members and for faith to be restored in those who have fallen away.

      Additionally, praying for unity in the body of Christ that we would be set on fire as a nation and turn things around for God’s glory.

    26. Renee Turner says:

      I am standing for restoration of my marriage of 19 years even though we are separated right now. Not for long but Jesus!

    27. Please pray that I have a encounter with Jesus so that may experience a true conversion to Christianity. I no longer want to be a carnal Christian and commit the sins of my bloodline. I want power to become a son if God according to John 1:12.

      1. Katrina, have you ever given your life to Jesus Christ?
        If so, you already are a daughter of God.
        Please let me know.

        1. Jamie could you please pray for deliverance for me and my family and that we be all that God wants us to be I pray for healing for me and my family I pray that my court case be dismissed I need a breakthrough the financial blessing and I’m waiting on my soulmate

    28. Christina Edwards says:

      Thank you for doing Gods working I’m praying for financial restoration, a change of mind for husband of. Maturity compassion and And unitycompanionship in our relationship as well as release of him from Prison and no parole and restoration of our family I am praying for a paid for house for me and my family and my release from CPS an unfair domestic violence case and graduation for my rehab as well as woke up and said compensation for the damages that we have suffered financially and we are separated from each other I am also praying for my faith humbleness and peace of my life

    29. Dear Jamie,

      Please kindly pray for the healing and wholeness of my loved ones and I to be made manifest.

      We’re also believing for our financial breakthrough. That we have the finances for our living expenses and to buy a home of our own.

      Lastly,I’m trusting the Lord to bless me with a loving,kind,caring and devoted gentleman of godly character and integrity.Someone with whom I can experience the blessings of matrimony and motherhood.

      Thank you so much and God bless!

    30. Jamie, please pray for the Lord to bless me with a husband . Also ask him to bless my womb so I can have more children. Also please pray for my son’s complete healing from autism.

    31. Hi Jamie please pray for me to win my child custody case one is the 24th November 2021 so my 11 year old son will return to my custody and we will return home to Holland immediately . I pray God remove his abusive father out of our lives forever.Amen

    32. Kristine Villa says:

      Praying for my husband and my three daughters and their husbands to be delivered from the domain of darkness in Jesus name. For His glory and their good. amen!

    33. Ivana Stines says:

      I am asking for prayers for my 13 year old daughter who has ran away from the lord

    34. Kinshasa kent says:

      I am praying for God to elevate and increase my business coming into the new year forward and also I am single so please add me to the list for the fast for my spouse! Thank you and God Bless💙

    35. Please pray for me & my job situation (UPS) it’s a lot of greed and lack of integrity I my company at large… No longer care for the safety and well-being of the workers they just want to push out as much product as possible and making procedures difficult, & physically taxing… The Lord promised to make rich and add no sorrow…. I know he gave me this job, the benefits are beyond great but that reason for a company to treat employees like animals or machines.. We need deliverance, Suddenly! Thank you for praying with me on behalf of myself and my co-laborers in Jacksonville Fl, and abroad…

    36. Praying for financial breakthrough and for permanent employment

    37. Please pray for me so that Iam blessed with a husband in Jesus’s Name.
      God Bless

    38. Prayer to recover financial lost or stolen by evil please expose and keep my evil neighbors from doing any evil against me or my family protect us And our property’s from all evil Evil eyes evil chants or evil finger and harm

    39. Adele Goodridge says:

      Hi Jamie, right now I am believing in prayer for a spouse and a new job. Can you please agree with me in prayer.

    40. Jamie could you please pray for deliverance for me and my family and that we be all that God wants us to be I pray for healing for me and my family I pray that my court case be dismissed I need a breakthrough the financial blessing and I’m waiting on my soulmate I got a letter from my insurance company today saying that I have to take the paperwork to court said my case will be dismissed but miss Margaret trying to say that she needs to go to the doctor. In the accident Miss Margaret did not even get hurt no one got hurt by the grace of God. Why is she doing this Miss Margaret pray for me .

  2. Thank you being used of God to be a blessing.

    Am trusting God for wisdom, my own home, a massive financial breakthrough and platform to perform for him

  3. Prayer requests for breakthrough in our finances and living together as a family.

    1. Hi Jamie. Thank you for praying. Please pray for the resources and divine connections I need for the geographical move I will be making soon.

  4. I am believing God for a home for my family and a turn around in my marriage.

    1. Brendalynn Kipma says:

      Please help me pray for my Kingdom spouse and breakthrough regarding my Mortgage sale and all other areas of my life..
      Finance, Health, Prosperity and Peace

  5. Nadine Elias says:

    Good Day,

    I need a breakthrough in my work and personal finances. I am tired of fighting and need a season of prosperity, peace and rest

    1. Agree with me concerning getting a husband, the right direction for my business, sustaining relationships especially with my children and siblings

  6. Michelle Elias-Stoudmire says:


  7. Pray for jobs for both hubs and I and new purpose and connection for the two of us. ✌️

    1. Kimbolina says:

      Thank you for all your inspiring emails. My 9 yr old and I need prayer for gods will to be done in our life . And to glorify god through it . It has been a rocky 7 yrs with my sons father. He likes to prove my son and he is controlling. I have been praying for 7 yrs and I feel like they are dry prayers and I am missing somthing . . For the last 2 yrs my son and I have really pressed in and pray more but we cant when his dads around . He is always complaining or putting us down . I ts really hard to leave a situation when the system failed you before . Even though I raised my son since birth. He wants to come in when my son is 3 and take him . The court only looked at my past even though I passed every test and every counselor was on my side . which I was in a dark place for 11 yrs and then God blessed me with my son and I got away from all of that . Plus I even met a amazing man when my son was 8 months in church . we even got married . But the court said that didnt matter . So to be with my son I had to move in with his father . It has been nothing but heartache. He is holding on to unforgivnes and hate . He takes it out on both of us . With controlling us . We have separate rooms and my son stays in my room most of the time . My son hates him and has anger issues because of him . He wont even let us go to church . I cant even get a job . But I know God has a plan and I will never give up on him . He took me out of a very dark place over 10yrs ago , I know that he will do it again . It’s really hard to keep faith when you are being put down constantly and I feel like a failure most of the time .
      Again thank you . This is the first time I have talked about this situation with anyone . Please dont judge me . It’s really hard when you dont know what to do or have resources. Plus I am very scared that if I do anything that I will loose my son . My son will be heartbroken and go down a very bad path . So I just trust God everyday and I let my son know everyday that God is the only way the truth and the light . This has helped him so much . He even prays for kids at school . I also know that our situation is going to glorify God with our testimony.
      Again thank you .

  8. Nonhlanhla says:

    Thank you for praying for me. I need that prayer so much. I am trusting God for a house and finances to start my business. My family is relying on me and I cannot do it on my own strength but God’s strength. I need a miracle.

  9. Prayer for academic excellence and financial breakthrough.

  10. So beautiful of you! I’d greatly appreciate a prayer for my marriage to happen/soul mate commitment and being able to move back to the place I call home (both of which the global pandemic prevented me from) as soon as possible.

  11. A wonderful creative career, the right opportunities, to see Gods glory in all aspects of my life, doors to open that no one can shut, synchronicity and Divine experiences!

    Thank you 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    1. Maletsatsi Maseme says:

      Falsely accused of committing fraud that I know nothing about. Somebody committed fraud with my password to authorize the payment to the wrong recipient. I pray God to prove my innocence.

  12. Praying for the man that I have been with for the past 6 years and I to be United in marriage together, love him dearly and that our families will join as one family, we are in our late 50’s. All our kids and grandkids get along great. That our love for each other will continue to grow and we will be a blessing to each other and our families together and especially to Jesus. Thank you for praying for us.

  13. To meet and marry my husband.
    To finish assignment He gave me.
    To be released to move to the city where the church is On Fire or led to one in my town.
    Stolen parental rights given back to me.
    The property I asked Abba Poppa to purchase for me.
    New witty inventions.
    Wealth Transfer straight to me bank account.

    1. Aishwarya says:


      I need help in preparation for my calling and future marriage and clarity regarding which area God wants me to pick a career. Also praying for breakthrough from patterns and supernatural anointing to do what I am called to do

      1. Shirl Byrd says:

        Jamie, I truly pray that Our Daddy God continues to bless you more everyday through his people. I wake up each morning reading your prayer and scripture and the movement of his work that God has place in you. May God Blesses your ministry and financially, spiritually, and with lots of growth of your ministry. God has blessed me through you with your daily messages. I am asking for spiritually, mentally, physically healing in my finances, work, home, my family To God be the Glory, all these things I ask in Jesus name Amen

  14. God promised me a husband but he seems to be sleeping spiritually. Please pray for that God wakes him up and that he repents.

    Thank you

  15. Deborah Smith says:

    Prayer for family healing and restoration as well finances for the new vision God has given us.
    All the promises of God are yes and amen!
    Many blessings!

  16. Kehinde ogunsola says:

    I need breakthrough in the area of my academics…I would like to further my education in the area of nutrition and I am asking God for application favor, financial favor and success.

  17. I am praying for God to send me my husband and that I will be able to move into my new home with my husband when my current living situation ends soon. Thank you! 🙏🏾

  18. Jamie,
    My breakthrough for prayer is to continue my walk with the Lord. I want the Lord to reveal his plans for my life and keep me steadfast in the direction he wants me to go for my career and finances as it unfolds. My prayer is for faith and humility, to listen and know it’s the voice of God, and to not get side tracked with the obstacles of life.

  19. Doreen Chng says:

    Please pray that Abba will open doors to me to a better job with less stress, less politics and a financial breakthrough – no more debts! In Jesus’s Name Amen!

  20. Maria Rizzi says:

    Dear Jamie, I have been struggling with severe anxiety and I’m only getting 2-4 hrs of sleep each night. No matter what I do or take nothing helps. I have never been one given to to fear but I’m now feeling fearful. Please pray that I will be delivered and healed from this terrible affliction. Thank you, love and blessings, Maria

  21. I am believing God to bring me together with the Godly Spouse He has ordained for my life This month November 2021 and we together will bring God glory.

  22. I DESPERATELY need peace, love and forgiveness restored in my family between husband and my family. Fences mended and complete restoration of relationships.

    I am tired. I can’t think straight and pray anymore.

  23. I’m praying for breakthrough and favor for a paid for home and the spouse that God has for me.

  24. More grace to you in Jesus name, l need a life partner and also need God manifestation in my spiritual assignment. Thanks

  25. Praying and believing for new career opportunity, fully funded study opportunity and my divinely appointed husband

  26. Prayer to meet my God ordained husband.
    Divine favor at my workplace, career development and new growth opportunities.

  27. Hello Jamie,
    Thank you for praying. My direct need now is money to go for my eye test and to get new contact lenses.
    I am on my last pair.
    Thank you
    God bless you

  28. I’m praying for God to provide my tuition and other school expenses before the end of this week! I’m desperate for his help and provision. I’m also praying for favour and grace as I seek for school accommodation. God please !

  29. James Shanta says:

    I continue to pray that God will complete and get approved my Religious Exemption Request that was submitted to my employer. (Federal Govt). I need my job, and it sustains us, I am blessed to have it. I pray that the Lord will get my request approved. I’ve been told that it sometimes does not happen. We serve a “All Things Possible” GOD, I expect that HE will make it happen. I could use some agreement into my Prayer. I ask for PSALM 91 protection.

  30. Praying for a breakthrough for complete healing for my husband’s health. And a breakthrough that we can retire, buy a house with some land and help financially to God’s good works.

  31. Tara Brown says:

    Please pray with me to meet and find a husband to marry.

  32. Pray for financial breakthrough

  33. Praying for a financial breakthrough, that Heaven will release wealth unto me and all my debts are paid off in full.

    Praying for a breakthrough, successful engagement and marriage between me and the man in my life right now.

    Praying for a breakthrough in my career and business.

  34. I need complete healing from anemia and emotional trauma. I need my children to serve the Lord and fulfill His will. Healing for family split. Thank you

  35. Good day Jamie,

    I trust and believe God for my spouse patterned by Abba Fathers own hand. Please pray for me for a so much more closer walk with Daddy.

    Thanking you


  36. Hi Jaime

    Praying for marriage restoration.
    For my husband to have an encounter with God, For God to use him mightily
    For debt free and mortgage free status
    My household to be a house of prayer

  37. Good morning, thank you for your post and prayers. May God bless you and your family, dear Jamie. Praying for breakthrough to receive my husband, business and balance in family life. ❤️

  38. I also need breakthrough for my unemployment to be approved and the backpay to all be paid this Month November 2021 No more Delay but Approved

    1. Hi Jamie
      Thank you for being Abba’s mouthpiece.
      I am praying for a new heart and power to walk in His presence all the time and consistency in prayer.
      Praying for deliverance from the yoke of debts.
      Self control, tongue tongue tongue.
      Thank you

  39. My son to meet all reading requirements and comprehension test requirements for school, to pass snd move to the next grade! He’s in 3rd grade , snd math multiplication and devision facts memorized . This school has it out for us too, the principal doesn’t like our family snd I hate going up there and try to avoid it ! It’s a big mess . Pray that God shows us what to do and where to go if we are to move.
    For God to vindicate our family and deliver us from our enemies for good.

  40. I need to hear from HIM!!!
    I have specific critical decisions to make & I need HIS direction!
    Thank u so much, Jamie💜

  41. irene jones says:

    Prayers for me to get married with one God have for me. Prayers for my business to be up and flourishing. Prayer for peace from my job currently

  42. For restoration, favour, spouse, all round breakthrough and glorious upliftment.

  43. Praying for a new house for me and my kids. A bigger house, with doors, floors, windows and roof strong and sturdy. In a quiet neighborhood with great neighbors. A true sanctuary. And a fenced yard for the dogs! 🙂

  44. Religious exemption approval.
    Financial Breakthrough -money to fix and flip our house to sale and pay off all debt and move into a paid for house.

  45. Praying for mega massive spiritual growth – personal and for family, a prayer language, a spouse, a paid for new home and land, restoration of health from head to toe, successful surgery w/out a scar, financial settlement, employment and business opportunity and settlement, witty and creative inventions, Praise and Thank you Lord

  46. Aidah Agwang says:

    Praise God, Jamie! I am believing God for my God ordained husband. I am believing God for a christain, highvalue husband who is a provider and provider.

    Thank you and blessings!

    Aidah from Uganda

  47. Breakthrougs for ministry, marriage, and businesses.

  48. For restoration of my finances and marriage
    For good health for my children.
    For my business to flourish

    1. Hi Jamie,
      Im in Queensland, Australia.
      On the 2nd December (16 days time), my 2 cats and I need to move out of where we are living. I have not found a home or alternate accom’ yet. We are at risk of having to live in my car, in three weeks out from Christmas.

      My income has reduced dramatically since covid and by 15th December I wont be allowed to opperate legally as a remedial massage therapist because I will not vaccinate and cause my body to be put in such danger. So I need a financial and business miracle. I want to write like you do but dont know how to set up online.

      I have no family support and Chur h mostlt just offers prayer but not much practically.

      I need Gods hand of favour & breakthrough. He has promised it to me in prophesy. I am praying, tithing, fasting, reading the word, repenting and so forth. I just need thst breakthrough. Amen

  49. Ruth Augustine says:

    Hi Jamie
    God Bless you, I am sking to GOd to intervene on my sons life(my 1st born) whom enemy is attacking his mental health.
    Also for breakthrough in all areas

  50. SARAH MUSALIZI says:

    Marital breakthrough.
    Thanks a lot.

  51. Jamie,
    God is good and I thank Him for you your writings are keeping me afloat. It is hard to read & witness so many stories of God’s children in need. God is not a man that He should lie; Abba Father answer Your children.
    I have a sister and 2 close friends that I pray that find peace and happiness and godly husbands.
    I pray for peace in my marriage.
    I have been needing a home with a yard for my dogs and financial relief. This road has been very challenging.
    Hear our pleas Heavenly Father.

  52. Prayers for my spouse and breakthrough and mercy for my family.

  53. Greetings Jamie.

    I am trusting the Lord for a stable job with a good salary.

    That the Lord may bless me with a husband.

    Thank you

    1. Brian Mwesigwa says:

      Hi Jamie
      From kenya and believing God for a green card and a promotion at my place of work.

  54. Vuyelwa Lucia Tshaka says:

    Good Day
    Thank you for prayers. I am a single mother looking for a father for my kids. a loving and caring husband that fears the Lord. Honest and family man that will accept me with my three boys and my family. A man that will provide for me and my kids with respect and good manners. Must not smoke nor drink thank you

  55. Please (and thank you) pray for tooth pain/infection to go and all suffering around area of recent extraction. Also for wisdom for treatment of metestatic breast cancer.

  56. Good day please pray for me for a new job with great working atmosphere and Good salary and also pray for me for the grace and blessing to start my own business and a Marriage spouse
    Thank you in advance

  57. Please pray for healing, family deliverance and salvation. Financial breakthrough, restoration and house. Finances for business, marriage and children. For my partner’s breakthrough, for the Lord to restore everything the enemy has stolen in his life. For God to prepare a table for us in the presence of our enemies. Thank you.

  58. Please pray healing and restoration in my left si joint, right hip, lower back and sacrum, and mid and upper back. Please to remove arthritis and inflammation and swelling and pain from my back. I want to walk and stand more than 10 minutes without pain.

    Also, I believing Father God for a spouse.
    Thank you very for your prayers

  59. Financial Breakthrough, resources for purpose and calling and God sent husband.

  60. Hello Jamie! First off, thank you for Interceding on our behalf. I am believing in a helpmate (husband) for this next chapter in my life. I need prayer for BOLDNESS in moving forward in doing the things of God. Similarly, Inneed prayer for financial breakthroughs, prayer for mutually beneficial relationships and the wisdom to recognize them. I also, need prayer against witchcraft, familiar, masquerading, and monitoring spirits. Also, I’d like to hear God more sharply and discernibly through His word and audibly. Lastly, I would like pray for more wisdom, understanding, and knowledge to assist God’s people.

  61. Praying for deliverance and salvation for my husband and marriage restoration and reconciliation in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

  62. Rita Ragozzi says:

    Hello kindly please lift me up in prayer for me to get a life partner ie a Godly mate to marry me.
    Secondly kindly please lift me up in prayer for me to be able to sleep every single day night or the afternoons as I have not been sleeping at all for the past 6 years.please pray for healing for my eyes and brain to be able to sleep.please email me a prayer to say for myself to be able to sleep.
    Finally kindly please lift me up in prayer for me to get a mega financial breakthrough to be able to pay for my house we need a 100 thousand dollars to be able to pay for the house we live in me and my family.
    Thanks and God richly bless you for your prayers.rita ragozzi

  63. Please pray for my best friend Dee to be healed from a painful divorce and to find a Godly spouse. Thank you!

  64. Hi Jamie,

    Please pray for my financial breakthrough. I am in debts that I want to get out of, my business is not moving at all and I am earning less than I should be.

    Thank you!

  65. Chrishauna says:

    I’m praying for my spouse. I’m praying for financial miracle and that God gives me land and a paid for house.

  66. Breakthrough in my blog and Forex business. Divine acceleration of the delayed projects. Relational breakthrough and restoration in every area of my life, my parents lives and brothers lives too.

  67. Hear Him more clearly and a boldness to speak what I hear Him say.
    A new infilling of Holy Spirit. HOLY FIRE!
    Wisdom to steward the EnVision Center, a nonprofit to reduce poverty in our area.
    A home of our own.
    Husband’s health.
    My nephew (like a son) is standing up against the vax mandate on his job and was denied a religious exemption. I pray that legally this mandate is stopped now in ALL states!

  68. Prayer for unjust land deal reversed in my favor. Financial breakthrough to purchase 7 replacement windows asap.

  69. Hi Jamie, finances, husband& ministry. I’m also fasting the 21 days. Thanks ❤️🩸🔥🙏

  70. David free from all the enemy’s lies
    James heart turned to David
    Divinely appt wife for David
    Divinely appt wife for Dillon
    Mom healed of MS
    Dad saved

  71. Manuela De Koe says:

    Hi Jamie

    Please pray for our business. Construction business, we need clients to be house we built. We need land to built these houses. We need finance to do these projects. Please pray for my child visa. Please pray for my child full study scholarship . Please pray for my child to be accepted at the medical school. Please pray for my cosmetics, detergent business as well . Thank you

  72. Please pray for my youngest who took off to her dad’s last year for our relationship and hers with God. And my other daughter who transitions to male. Pray for it to stop stopped andGod would stop.her before it’s late and she ruins her body and her relationship with God and me. Pray for supernatural miracle in their lives and our relationship and God..that would led me out out dark waters and finial show show me His will..Thank you.

  73. A life of abundance, land, and cabin that are overflowing with milk and honey, prosperity and health.

  74. Jennifer O'Neil says:

    All the finances I need to pay all the bills and help others in need, healing from covid, and to meet my husband.

  75. I am praying for a husband and a life partner. One who will love me and accept my child. A husband that is a born leader and lover of God and His church. A king that will accept me entirely and be a provider and defender.
    May the Holy Spirit bring us together before the end of this year. Amen.

  76. Finances multiple streams of income
    I am still praying for a new car before mine breaks down.

  77. Hi Jamie

    My husband and I are believing God for income. Both our businesses have been unable to generate enough in the past 18months.We need new revenue streams, a paid up cars and a paid up house.

    1. 1. For God to MANIFEST on His Promise according to the vision received that “God is SHINING HIS light on me”

      2. Miracle healing, deliverance and longevity for my partner from massive muscle loss through diabetes.

      3. Manifest on ALL PROMISES from 2001-2021 as per spiritual Visions.

      4. Healing and Deliverance for my Mum
      and myself from ongoing stress and
      health issues.

      Thank you Jamie, GOD BLESS you indeed. We are also fasting, praying and pressing into God…

  78. Praying for a major breakthrough in my life!!
    Full time Ministry/Purpose

  79. Please pray for me to have a FINANCIAL BREAKTHROUGH because I’m struggling 😢 right now. I’m on a fixed income and my two kids are special needs. And could you also pray for me have a HUSBAND who will LOVE me and my KID’S UNCONDITIONALLY and I can LOVE him the same, but always put GOD first. Thank you 😊 so much and GOD bless you JAMIE.

  80. Hi Jamie my name is Marluws
    I am praying for a godly spouse, and also the salvation of .y son and daughter-in-law and for my daughter and son-in-law

  81. Out of debt/ financial wisdom for my husband and I
    Spouse for our daughter.
    Healing for our younger daughter with Alternating Hemiplegia
    All of our children to run toward Christ.
    Help me in keeping/caring for our home.

  82. Maria Philander says:

    Hi Jamie,
    Please pray for healing/supernatural healing of my Cartilages, High blood pressure, release of finances for projects that has been done. Need a car to travel for evangelism. Had an accident with mine. Healing for my children, diabetism and High Blood pressure. For my husband to be released to me.

    1. Thank you Jamie for your prayers and for standing in agreement. I humbly ask that you pray for (1) my accounting business to be blessed with abundance and prosperity for the kingdom (2) all excess, dead weight to be removed from my body (3) my new land/bethel home (4) to find my local church and spiritual church family (5) to find THE Godly husband God has handpicked for me (6) and to conceive my biological children and fulfill my purpose as an ordained mother. Also the removal of all tares and hinderances from my life. Thank you and God bless you.

  83. Hello Jamie,
    Praying for healing over the cancers that have attacked my family members body. Healing over my neck and back. To be 100percent debt free from student loans and other debts, a new paid in full single family home, healing over my kids food allergies and eczema. Help to study effectively and pass the physical therapy license the next time I take it. Restoration of relationships and Godly friendships. To be lead in the direction the Lord would have me to go and life. Thank you so much and God bless you for your faithfulness to Him and us.

  84. Loretta Xati says:

    My husband to win a case against him at work.
    A paid up new car and house in suburb area.
    Spiritual home.

  85. I’m praying for
    Strength as I lost a child in August
    My children that God will protect them and give them strength during this time of grief
    Financial blessing
    God fearing husband
    A home
    For my church to find a building of our own
    My spiritual leaders
    This nation to bind the spirit of oppression, depression, anxiety, suicide, bigotry, murder and any kind of lawlessness.
    In Jesus name!!!!

  86. To have myself and my sons freedom restored. To move back home with our family and the spirit of control/witchcraft to be bound and broken off our lives. To fulfill our divine calling! To be business owners. Financial freedom. To have the finances for my son to go to college stress and debt free. To be married to the man God has got me.

    1. Prayers for a financial blessing. Also prayers for my husband to be healed of his numerous health problems and that he recognizes this healing as coming directly from God.

  87. Hi Sister please pray for me that the Lord’s word to give me a husband will manifest in my life Thankyou Sister ❤️ God bless you more

    1. Please pray for my Kingdom spouse for a new job, for healing for my gum. For my son’s successful completion of university.
      Thanks for your obedience and I pray God’s goodness and strength for you and family.

  88. A home of my own
    A husband
    Personal finances
    God Bless you and your team ❤️

  89. Hi Jamie,
    I am praying for my son in the Navy to return back to God and for his family to be restored. Advancement in the Navy
    My daughter in the Navy has applied for the nursing program 5 times and this time she was selected as an alternate.. praying for her to be moved up as a permanent selectee and we are believing God for her a husband.
    Praying for my husband to be delivered (separated) and walk in Gods obedience and humility.
    Praying for my mothers deliverance from alcohol.
    I need divine guidance and I am fasting with you as well.

  90. Loretta Xati says:

    The money from Road Accident Fund to be released.
    My son to repent and my brothers and sister.

    1. Bobbie Jo says:

      Thank you so much from my heart to yours ❤️
      My husband Matthew needs to find Jesus again.
      And I’m wanting our own land as you have told us recently to be praying for our land.
      I’m also wanting a position at City Hall in the Treasures office full-time making $17 an hr in Troy MI.
      I already work for the City Clerk part-time.
      Thank you Jamie for your prayers and being there when we need to hear from the Lord. Amen!!

  91. 1.Transfer to specific place to our
    2.salvation to all my people in my life

  92. Please pray for me. I need a personal encounter with God. Also, a breakthrough of a husband who’s God fearing and in alignment with God’s Will for me. Thank you

  93. Dear Jamie
    Please pray for financial breakthrough from this month onwards. God’s plan for me in the prophetic. Family to serve God wholeheartedly. Thank you,so much blessings to you for encouraging us in the word. I appreciate.

  94. Thomasine Thomas says:

    Please pray for a financial miracle so my son and I can get our paid for houses and much needed cars and the means to maintain them without struggling in the name of Jesus, thank you and God bless you.

  95. Praying for breakthrough in my life for a spouse, restoration of relationships God has for me, restoration in my life, and a close friends salvation.

  96. Please pray for me to have a personal encounter with God and to know him better. Also, for a husband who’s God fearing and in alignment with God’s Will. Thank yoy

  97. Pray for ulcer healed and a godly spouse.

  98. Please pray for me to know if I should marry my fiancé or not. Please pray for specific, clear directions on how to fully commit to God’s will for this decision and for the grace and courage to obey.

  99. Gerrit Lamprecht says:

    Need 2 vehicles and debt cancellation
    Praying for constant work.
    Home of our own
    Gods favour on our lives after years of lack, testing, demonic interference in our lives.
    Healing of my molested daughter
    Gods peace in our lives
    Thank you Jesus
    Lots of love
    All the way from South Africa

  100. Please stand in agreement with me for the salvation, deliverance and restoration of my family. My husband Krog, my son Schalk, my daughter Linda, my son in law Tyron, my grandson Dean, Tyron’s grandma Daphne and Schalk’s wife and children. In Jesus name. Amen.

  101. My son Schalk is taking medication to change himself to female because the devil has been lying to him from young age. Please stand in agreement with me that the Lord will change this situation around. In Jesus name. Amen.

  102. Greetings Jamie,

    Greetings Jamie,

    * For my sister to be a resident of the US with her green card and for her papers to be process by immigration ASAP.
    *To discover and work my purpose, to finish what I start, and get married to my divinely appointed spouse.
    *Financial freedom that are a direct result of witty inventions and ideas.
    *Reliable transportation for myself and my mother.
    *Lastly, for myself and my mother to be first time homebuyers with both houses paid in full.

  103. please pray for restoration of lost relationship of 16 years

  104. Please pray for salvation, deliverance and restoration for my family. In Jesus name. Amen.

  105. Susan Battiste says:

    Praying for finances and to be debt free, my mental health, new career opportunity as a successful business owner, clarity on my calling, home for my sons and I, and a husband.

  106. PHOEBE STACY says:

    Thank you for standing in the gap.
    My prayer requests:
    1. To mature spiritually in word and prayer
    2. Am a single mum praying God for a spouse
    3. A paid up family/ministry home
    4.Kingdom business (Capital to start one)
    5. To be out of debt by end year

  107. Angelin Selvin says:

    Blessings Jamie,
    Please pray for all areas of my life. Urgently my physical to be resolved. My marriage restoration, my finance and for jobs, my husband’s salvation , my own home, my justice to prevail, my honor to be restored , my drained spiritual life in recent times.
    Sorry for long post , my patience is running out so is my physical a, mental and spiritual strength. Love from india

  108. Vicki Reinhardt says:

    Good morning Jaime,
    My husband passed several years ago, leaving me with a mortgage and equity loan to pay. I’m believing God for debt freedom and a brand new home paid for in full. Thank you for everything you do and God bless.

  109. Katherine Latter says:

    Hello Jamie!
    Blessings to you! I am asking for prayer for salvation for my children. They are all Marines; two have served, and the youngest is serving, currently!

    In Him,

  110. Lyrisanne Mc Diarmed says:

    Please pray for me for good health, strength, and understanding, as well as an increase in my finances and that I receive all the assistance that I need to take care of my dad. I need an increase in faith and want to learn how to rely on God more. Also pray for my son who has to be away from me because of my dad’s situation, it’s tough not being with my son and pray for protection for him as well as good health and he grows to be a young man who excels in all he does,

  111. Wendy Odili says:

    That my future spouse be released from his counterfeit relationship
    Have the veil taken of his eyes
    And hears God clearly concerning us & walks in the Will of God.

  112. Patricia Tyson says:

    Please pray for me supernatural debt cancelation my house my 2022 honda and credit cards be paid off supernatural. My God purpose mate.

  113. Healing and breakthrough in my marriage and family!

  114. Gretha Fourie says:

    nd Thanhs so much.

  115. Hello Jamie, please lift me up in prayers as you pray for the singles, I am trusting God for a husband and also praying for a car.
    Also pray for me to have peace in my job. May I find favor with God and my bosses. Pray for me to perform and excel in my job. Thank you

  116. For God to establish and bless the work of my hands and all family members needing a great job from Him and for ALL thats been stolen from me to be restored

  117. Hi Jamie, thank you for all your encouraging messages. Please could you pray for God to heal my heart and to restore my hope. Thank you, Renette

  118. Healing for breathing issues

  119. Please pray for our congregation. We are facing a huge test and we all need to keep our eyes on Jesus through it.

  120. Zamia Mosman says:

    For restoration and personal revival in my marriage and family. That my husband and son would be released from their physical captivity and my eldest daughter from spiritual captivity. That they would be given eyes to see and ears to hear. Breakthrough in my business. That we would not be passed over for any new accounts that are ordained by God. No more delay or hindrance, in Jesus name.

    *Supernatural provision to become debt free and do ministry full-time
    *For all lost souls to be awakened and led to the Spirit and Truth of Yahshuah HaMashiach, and led to Repentance and Salvation
    * Supernatural Provision to obtain land and a home in the direct place of my Promise Land
    May Father Elohim bless you, your family, and ministry abundantly Jamie!

  122. Thank you, Jamie, for your humbleness and obedience to The living word to interceed for siblings in faith in need
    Would you please pray for a tangible breakthrough in Abba matching me with the spouse He has for me, and while waiting on the LORD, with a manifest huge increase of work of hands / business that will glorify His name.
    God bless you and your amazing ministry, beloved sister in Christ!

  123. Hi Jamie Jolene here pls pray for healing of diabetes for my whole family . I’ve been praying for a house of my own and just a overall breakthrough in finances

  124. Please pray for my husband to succeed in all his endeavors
    A home for my family
    Debt freedom
    Financial breakthrough
    My son Mpho to excel in his studies
    Healing from lower back pains and painful feet
    Spiritual growth

  125. Please pray that this new lawyer we’re going to see can help me in my court case. That I will be able to stay with my children and husband and live a God-filled life. Blessings!

  126. linda harrison says:

    My brother needs a miracle, he has cancer, he’s in pain 😢 help me pray for his healing, he needs healing, thanks

  127. Thakgalang Letsoalo says:

    Hi Jamie

    May the Lord continue to increase your anointing. You’re a great blessing to us all.

    I need a career breakthrough within my company my credit score is bad and might work against me. I need divine favour,I’m also praying for a husband and a house.

    thank you.

    God bless

  128. Hi Jamie,
    Financial breakthrough, ministry & husband. I’m also on the 21 day fast.

  129. I pray for a new paid for house and a life free from debt and scarcity. I claim the life of abundance that Christ’ resurrection brings to all who accept Him and love Him. Hallelujah! Amen! We are blessed so that we can bless others.

  130. Please pray that I’d meet a godly spouse, and to be free from any bad habits or addictions. I revive in Jesus name, amen. Thank you!

  131. Salvation for Drew, Ross, Gavin and Jenifer
    A real walk with God for Jeff and Lizzy
    Healing and reconciliation in Ross and Lizzy’s relationship leading to covenant marriage
    Healing for me knee so I can walk and function again
    Thank you!

  132. I am praying and fasting for a husband before the end of Dec 2021. My name is Queen.
    Thank you. Please pray with me and I will share my testimony.

  133. Jerome Cowell says:

    Hello Jamie,
    I Pray all is well with you, family and the Ministry. God is doing great things through you and your Ministry. Please continue to Pray for me and my family doing these Uncertainty of times. Needing Prayer for enough money to rebuild home, a shed and for Kingdom Building. This is my request for Urgent Prayer. Thank you

  134. Thank you sister Jamie.
    1. Experience new, higher, and deeper levels in God and Christ.
    2. An honourable, destiny fulfilling new job
    3. Meet and get married to my God ordained spouse
    4. Meet covenant friends
    5. Complete financial breakthrough
    6. Destiny helpers for all areas of my life
    7. Win souls for Jesus Christ
    8. Open doors of opportunity to further my education, professional growth
    9. Physical healing for mum, dad, siblings and myself.
    10. My sister to meet her God ordained spouse

    1. 11. Divine provision of land and housing

  135. Breakthrough for my husbands healing from Valley Fever the fungus will be killed in his lungs and his feet restored with no pain. Favor on another financial stream. 🙏🏼💜Thank you for praying!

  136. Dealing with another miscarriage and just am desperate for God to breakthrough with a healthy baby/pregnancy.

    1. Raegan, I am so sorry for the loss of your baby. I am praying for you today. May the God of all comfort be with you and bless you with the desire of your heart. Healthy baby and perfect pregnancy, BE in Jesus’ name!

  137. Beth Hammett says:

    I am praying for a spouse.
    My church ( coastal community church) has recently bought a former night club and is converting it. We need funds and workers to keep coming in.
    I am praying for a paid for house.
    I look

  138. 11. Divine provision of land and housing

  139. Anastasia says:

    Hi Jamie! I need your assistance in praying Father to send me my divinely-appointed husband, thank you

  140. Felicity Williams says:

    Hi Jamie
    I need a new job, financial insight/strategy and the discipline to follow through. I desire a prophetic flow that is consistent. When I pray, most times I sound so angry. I’m sure as a born again believer i should be softer and gentler. I definitely need a mentor/teacher to guide me along this prophetic journey.
    Yes please to the prayer for a godly spouse.

    Thank you Jamie. I love your ministry. It’s always spot on and just for me!

    God bless you exceedingly 🤗

  141. Hi Jamie, please pray for the manifestation of supernatural supply, provision and resources so I can start my own ministry!

  142. Diotay Baker says:

    Family and financial restoration

  143. Hello Jamie,
    Please pray for my retrenched son to get a job in the aviation industry.
    Please pray for my financial restoration to get back money due to me and for financial breakthrough and debt elimination.
    Please pray for my current relationship to grow and lead to marriage, happiness and love.

    Thank you in Jesus name.

  144. Gill Delano says:

    My paid-for house.

    Thank you, you are truly God-sent.

  145. Please pray for a breakthrough on my behalf. I have chronic back pain that is worsened by a recent weight gain of 10 pounds. I also have to take pain pills to get out of bed and get anything done.

    I am angry about my families sarcastic comments about my faith and am requesting a cleared pathway to the Holy Spirit’s guidance on how to deal with this attack from the enemy.

    I am praying for discernment on what the “Key” points are that I need to work on (Repentance and forgiveness.)

    With love in Christ,

  146. Jamie, Thank you so much for your encouragement, support & prayers. I am standing in faith for the following break throughs and would be so blessed if you would also
    1. That I receive favor & grace on the acceptance & closing and payment of the house I placed an offer on.
    2. That my sons case will be closed
    3. That my daughters eye will be opened and her heart soften to the importance of family relationships and encouraging others instead of condemning them
    4. That my detail to S. Carolina will be no less than the 11/12 that it is nationally

  147. Greetings, Please pray for Father will bless me with a home office desk and chair, and rugs for my home.
    Thank you

  148. Hi Jamie! God bless you and thank you for your prayers!

    Prayer requests:
    Liver masses healed without surgery and that the malfunctioning that causes these growths to be healed.
    The sphincter that closes my esophagus from my stomach would be healed so that acid reflux would cease.
    Marriage healed and restored.
    Inner healing and deliverance from traumas for myself and all family members.
    Salvation of family members.
    Repayment of all that the enemy has stolen.
    That my family and children would love the Lord and that He would use us mightily for His Kingdom.
    Healing of friend (Lisa) with breast cancer (2nd time), and another friend (Selma), who will be entering hospice soon for neurotic hemorrhaging pancreatitis necrosis.

    Thank you!

  149. Prayer of agreement for total restoration,reconnection,and reconciliation with my estranged children and their children. Blessings,

  150. Kendra Jackson says:

    I’m praying for more intimacy with Father God, immediate financial release/provision and breakthrough for my spouse and marriage now along with all the prophetic promises God has for me.

  151. Ashley Demarcos says:

    Thank you. Prayer for the perfect sized, automatic vehicle at the right price for our family.
    Prayer that our taxes will finally come through!
    And lastly a major financial breakthrough will occur for my family and we can buy our perfect home.

  152. Hi Jamie,
    I need prayer for increase income and financial wealth and stability as I am a single parent. Also prayer for a spouse. Thank you Jamie 🙏🏾

  153. Dear Jamie,

    Thank you for praying.
    1) Salvation, deliverance, healing and obedience to the Holy Spirit for immediate family, children and grandchildren
    2) Godly husbands for daughter, friend and niece.
    3) Deliverance for niece from lesbianism
    4) For myself, sharper discernment and hearing and obeying God’s voice and will. Deeper intimacy with our Father and Jesus.

  154. *Please pray for God to help me with my study strategies for NCLEX exam, and favor for a position in Nursing without Vaccine mandate.
    *Pray for my daughter Kiyanah and my granddaughter Zhanasia salvation and deliverance, business and education to prosper.
    *Pray for My future husband: salvation, finances, healing and deliverance from witchcraft manipulation and control, May Shaun Bouldin have a divine encounter with Jesus Christ himself and come into the knowledge and truth of Christ.
    *Salvation of my unsaved family members
    *Finacial Breakthrough and increase

  155. Lizelle Herbst says:

    Good Day Jamie.
    I’ve been praying for my husband and our marriage for 4 years now, my husband has moved in with another woman, and I feel lost and at this point I just need guidance and want to move on with my life. I had hope and faith, and wanted restoration but all seems lost and destroyed between us, we still work together, and I have the kids with me, he is currently looking for a new home for him and the other woman and her children and its painful seeing him daily , working so closely with him, and I feel everything that I have invested into our marriage and everything we have built and worked so hard for together is given to her, for free, she only had to be deceitful and false (she was my friend) and she gets everything handed to her on a silver platter.
    My 3 boys and I are being rejected and replaced.
    Even though I am working hard to not be bitter, and I ask God to help me to forgive and bless them, and pray for them. I feel totally alone. I am strong and positive and I God promises that everything that has been stolen will be given back in 7 fold, but I’m tired. It has now been 5 years since the first incident were he cheated on me with her, I forgave him, and we continued. in the meantime many things have happend and I keep on forgiving, and hoping and praying. I am now at the point were I have given up on reconsiliation and of him ever returning to our marraige but I know GOD can change the situation.
    Please pray with me.

    1. Khabira Tucker says:

      Have you heard of the Ex Recovery Program By Chris Seiter, check it out very inexpensive tool to help rebuild yourself in a practical way through No contact. Hope it not only encourages you but aids in total recovery of everything you have lost🙏🏽♥️

  156. Prayers for my parents home that me and my brothers will own it debt free and that God provides us with the money and provisions to keep all bills and taxes paid and provisions for repair work so that it will be kept for the generations to come. Also to break the generational curses on my family. I also seeking God’s favor on my job concerning my position, schedule, pay and my managers. Thank you❤️

  157. Gina Williams says:

    Good morning,
    I’m praying that God will trust me with a huge financial blessing, so I can pay off some bills and get my financial situation together. I’m also praying for an increase in income. I need peace of mind and just to experience some true joy and happiness in my life. I’m also praying for restoration of my relationships with my family and with Joe. I need for God to open doors and bless me with uncommon favor. Thank ou

  158. I’m believing God for a husband and financial breakthrough to buy my house and start a business.

  159. Marriage restoration
    Financial stability
    My husbands deliverance/ salvation
    A home to call my own

  160. Tiana N Mitchell says:

    Hi Jamie,

    I am praying for a God-led and spiritual spouse. I have been single my entire life and I am praying that comes to pass.


  161. 1. To finally FAST the way He wants me to. Minus me resisting. Finally.
    2. Deliverance from mental oppression, emotional oppression, depression, anxiety, fear, etc…. to break out of the cage.
    3. That I will finally live. Enjoy life. Fulfill my destiny scrolls.
    4. Wisdom and Clarity to know what to do in ministry, life, etc. to move forward.
    5. Deliverance from laziness, procrastination, etc.
    6. Order and beauty in my home: physical surroundings, relationships, and family structure (this is an understatement and has been one of my biggest battles.) .
    7. Finances: deliverance from the spirit of poverty….I could use a really huge blessing; consistent income, and for God to give me a business to start and ideas.
    8. Creative God-ideas for business and ministry.
    9. Ability to DO all I need to do: ENERGY, both mental and physical. I have been leaning towards opting out of life.
    10.To finally fulfill the deep desire of my heart to make a beautiful Christmas for my family and others: get people together to go Christmas caroling, etc. Finally have a orderly, decorated home. Heaviness often hits me when the darkness of fall comes (and this year it has)… I have yet to really make anything happen that is on my heart for the season. I’ve even got christmas trees up very late….. I would love to have a wonderful christmas.
    11. My family is doing business for something that I’m not comfortable with. For God’s will to be done concerning it.
    12.Marriage restoration- he has been away for years, and God keeps telling me that he will do as He has promised. I’m more concerned about ME being ready for marriage. That is my main request concerning this. May God open his eyes when it’s time.
    13. Deliverance from A.D.D so i can focus on Him and the Word
    14. Deliverance from rebellion
    15. Time-management help…. and to believe that I actually have time to do what I need to do. Much of nothing has gotten done because I haven’t believed that I can get much done.
    16. Deliverance from unbelief.
    17. I’ve gotten warnings of death via flash visions/ flash dreams… that God nullifies it all and protects my family and I.
    18.Deliverance for my daughter who has been in addiction– suffered rape and much phyiscal abuse and attempted murder. Including yesterday morning. Healing from trauma. Deliverance from demons. Salvation. Stop attracting the wrong guys. Give up guys for a season.
    19. To walk WITH God, and to go higher with Him into all that He has for me.
    20. To become the woman (mother, grandmother, etc.) that He made me to be. To believe that I can be her. Deliverance from arrested development.
    21. My family- repentance and revival fire for my kids and I. Deliverance for my covenant spouse from religious spirits (law-keeping)
    22. For my oldest daughter to have faith to leave a wrong relationship and that God has a soul-mate for her. May He bring that soulmate (back if need be).

    Thank you so much! Please forgive the length

  162. Please pray for my marriage to be restored and my husband to return to Jesus. Also our daughter to return to Jesus and come home. I am also want financial breakthrough in my family.

  163. Touch & agree with me with my prayers that have already gone up

  164. Hi.I am praying for a godly husband.

    1. FATIAH DAGODZO says:

      Dear Jamie,
      My prayer request is to God is to restore me financially and my family and help us grow stronger in faith! Amen 🙏
      I want a Godly and wealthy husband to marry me and take my children as his! Amen 🙏
      I am praying for a fully funded scholarship to pursue my masters in Jesus mighty name, Amen 🙏
      All these and many more granted in Jesus name, Amen 🙏
      Permanent job for me, Amen 🙏
      Good health for I and my family 👪, Amen 🙏
      Prosperity and Abundance for I and my family 👪 Amen 🙏
      Jesus you do all, Amen 🙏

  165. That God would save and pour out His Spirit on my almost 4 year old daughter soon, that He would channel her strong will for His Glory, and that she would obey authority. Thank you!

  166. Prayers for finances – relief from the stress & recovery.

  167. Kendra Jackson says:

    I’m believing for more intimacy/ encounter between God and myself, vindication from lies preventing my God ordained spouse and marriage from coming forth now, financial provision to be released(the new supply) and all God has promised me through his written and prophetic words over my life. Also a paid for in full home and my car paid off in full before Christmas 2021. Thank you ABBA FATHER

  168. Spiritual breakthrough for Joshua – so his healing WILL BE TO the Glory of the LORD! Bless you!

  169. Tiffany Mannikka says:

    Thank you for praying and being obedient to all God has called you to do, All Glory to God! I’m believing God for a spouse, one who He has for me according to Gen 2:18🙏🏻 For me and my two precious kiddos. Thank you!

  170. Prayer for my kingdom husband to be manifested
    For my prodigal daughter
    For financial breakthrough
    Thank you, Jamie!

  171. Dru Davis says:

    I am asking for prayer for my husband to come, financial breakthrough, health (chronic illnesses), and for my nephew to be released and come home, his father lied on my sister and had connections in the court and laughing about this when he is being put in anguish.

  172. Pray to God for the gift of a life partner(husband). For financial breakthrough, for a better job offer. Praying to God for peace of mind, happiness, joy and fulfillment.

  173. Prayer for quick employment in Technology, plus increased discernment to Holy Spirit. Also, prayers for a job for Cynthia and Kimberly.

  174. Valerie Price says:

    Thank you Jamie. I def need a breakthrough for income & knowing God’s Will for my life. I need a new job & or sources of income, asap. I was laid off on Aug. 4th & can’t find work. I am 72 yrs young but truely worn out. I’ve been laid off twice in a year & 1/2. I only have less than 3 mos. left of unemployment. I’m not a “techy” & really don’t see that I have what it takes to start a biz or the $$ to do that, but sick of mainstream, dysfunctional work life, help me Lord. I only get $664 SS monthly. I am praying for a Godly spouse as well. I don’t go out out & have no way to meet people, the church I occaisionaly (gas $$) go to is full of retrees mostly couples!! I just moved back to this area & with the past year of covid it’s been so lonely. I pray to keep my health but get even healthier. Blessings 💝

  175. Please pray for my family, as there seems to be a consistent effort to destroy my life by my sister and her husband. She has threatened me numerous times and levied various false accusations. She is involving my parents and telling them lies about me, and this grieves me. Only one member of my family knows the Lord; the rest of them do NOT know the Lord. Please pray for them. Pray that no weapon formed against me shall prosper, and that Abba would give me wisdom. You could also pray for my health, as am disabled.

    Thank you! Your prayers and writings are such an amazing blessing to me!

  176. Lisa Huff says:

    Please pray for physical healing for my family; especially my husband (he has been on dialysis for 6 years). Also for healing, forgiveness, reconciliation and restoration in our marriage and our relationship with our estranged son and his wife and our now 1 year old granddaughter. Thank you and God bless you and your ministry! 🙂 <3

  177. Ann Wilhoite says:

    I pray for the salvation of all loved ones, our speedy, complete body and soul healings , including the complete health of Jamie’s family, and for immediate, awe inspiring income streams to break forth and gush into our households to the glory of God. We are ever blessed and blessing others in Jesus’ name. Thank you Father! Amen

  178. May I ask for prayers for my son, Chris. He’s incarcerated and locked down for many hours, the prison is short on officers. May they hire those who would be compassionate to humanity.
    New evidence in his case and his lawyer will actually help him. Thank you!
    Finances to fight for him.

  179. I need breakthrough. I am praying for a husband. I am praying it will be intentional and they will pursue me. I’m okay with it happening fast. I need help and support and I desire to be a great help and prayer warrior to my husband. An invitation for Thanks Giving that would be extra special and amazing. Bring me into alignment with a powerful destiny in Jesus name I pray Amen!

  180. Estefania Cota says:

    Health, deliverance, release of finances, debt free, restoration, peace joy , knowledge, wisdom and creative ideas to succeed for me and my family. Freedom for ex-spouse from prison, that my children are able to have a good father in their life. Strength to take care of my children as a single mom. Strength and ability to manage all my responsibilities according to God’s will and guidance. Pray for memory, that I may read the scriptures more often, memorize them and declare them.

  181. Skyrocket trajectory in my career,friendships,spouse.

  182. Please pray for complete healing for our two grandsons who are diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and in wheelchairs. They are Christians and are believing God for their healing. Ages 11 and 15. And for strength for their parents. Thank you. Dee

  183. Hi.I am praying for a godly spouse in my life according to HIS will.

  184. I need the manifestation of my provision for the restored and sole ownership of inherited land to show up TODAY. I have been standing on Psalm 37, Isaiah 32:18, and Amos 9:15 for this specific situation. I have also been believing that 2021 is another year of manifested victory and the fulfillment of long awaited promises and have been standing on Psalms 27:13,14; John 10:10, Ephesians 3:20, and Jeremiah 29:11 I had been anticipating current owner to put house on the market for around $100,000 because the house needs a lot of work and they paid less than $60,000 and only put in about $30,000 worth of work (a new roof and new windows with questionable workmanship). Instead they are asking $249,000. God has given me the continued and uninterrupted habitation for me and my cats that I have requested. However, the current owners are now pressuring me to move which would mean abandoning most of my cats and create a hardship for me. They were aware I was interested in repurchasing the property, but did not reveal their asking price in an honest and timely manner. I also need wisdom and clarity about what moves I need to make.

  185. Sharilyn Beasley says:

    Believing God for a husband, a home, financial increase, unprecedented extravagant favor, my children to not be unequally yoked w/ unbelievers, children to be filled w/ the Holy Spirit.

  186. Mabel Mwassile says:

    Hello Jamie,

    #1. Pray with me that God delivers me and honor me according to His word in (Psalm 91:15)I have been undermined, overlooked for so long because of my social status.

    #2. Pray with me that the 180 days of healthy, wealthy and wise that the Lord revealed to you for His people manifest in my life. Thank you.

  187. Hi Jaime, please pray for healing, family restoration, deliverance and salvation for my children, a healing and restoration of my marriage , over my finances and a paid in full home, filled with live joy and peace . Thank you for standing in agreement! Blessings back to you and your family ! Shalom 🙏🏼

  188. Josphine kaburu says:

    Thank You prophet Jamie for walking the journey with us
    Praying for my daughter who is a candidate to get over 400 standardised marks in her Kenya National end of Primary school exam and God to open doors for her to get admission into a National school- Kenya High school which is her dream school. Pray also for my son who is in form 2 to improve in his performance.

    Be blessed as ever,,

  189. Naomi Adams says:

    Blessings Jamie
    Thank you for all that you do and all the prayers that you send out daily.
    My prayer request is A new 4bedroom home, Healing in my body and mind, A financial breakthrough, Deliverance from all Strongholds curses and generational curses, Vindication, that all my children and grandchildren and I will come together as a family, That God will help me with the land that was left to me but other family members are trying to take from me, and I want to grow more spiritually in the word and in prayer!

  190. Ruwani Wickramaratna says:

    I really need a breakthrough in finances.speedily.James Business for JESUS to be a success,House, d a Deliverance from deep debt and a job.

    Thank you so much for praying ..Love this Ministry.GOD Bless you

  191. Thank you so much for committing to pray, Jamie and team. It meant so much to read your email that detailed your heart for this community, and the subjects in particular you are praying for.

    I would like prayer for breakthrough firstly to grow in the knowledge of Jesus, then to become the incredible (future!) wife and mother I see Father wants to form me into, and for the husband He has for me! This is a tender subject been myself and the Lord, and He knows why. I need healing in this area and want to see His goodness manifest, and in a few areas of health as well.

    Thank you so much. God bless!

  192. Asking prayers for a breakthrough for our situation, being so far from family for 8 years, unable to celebrate any holidays together, all do to being laid off in 2011. Haven’t been able to even meet grandchildren who are almost 5 and 2. Don’t seem to fit where we live now and can’t seem to go back where we were..where I was born and lived for 52 years. I am thankful we have a job here, but family is on the other side of the country. We have been in this turmoil since husband was laid off. Lost majority of retirement so have to keep working. Can’t find a church home, been through so many churches… We are committed followers of Jesus We used to serve in ministries, but now just survive. I try to hang on but I identify with “Hope deferred makes the heart sick:”

  193. Hi Jamie,

    Please pray :
    (1) for my son to know God read the bible and pray; the deliverance of my son from the addiction of gaming and the phone; for my son to have the desire to pursue and complete studies
    (2) for a paid-up house
    (3) for my partner to come to the true repentance of God and be God fearing
    (4) to be released from all forms of debt

    Thank you and may God continue to richly Bless you, your family and ministry!

  194. Joanie Smith says:

    Please pray all predators and people trying to take advantage of me and my 14 year old son including some in my late husband’s family be exposed and shut down immediately in the name of Jesus

  195. Hi Jamie, thank you for standing with us.
    I am praying for breakthrough in finances for my father’s house and I; debt freedom for us, a permanent home for me and my girls; an additional source of income besides my job; and most importantly for the gifts of wisdom, discernment and revelation according to His will. Thank you. God bless you more.

  196. Thank you for all you and your ministry do. Please pray that our family will be totally out of debt by the end of year. That we will be restored and possess everything He has planned for us.That His will will be done on earth as it is in heaven. May we walk perfectly in His will. Thank you!

  197. Praying for healing and restoration of Joe and Kari’s relationship. Also praying for marriage.

  198. Thank you Jamie for praying for all of us. I would appreciate prayer for urgent financial breakthrough we are in urgent need of. Thank your so much. Prayers lifted up on your behalf as well.

  199. Hi Jamie, I am need of so much help with my relationship with God. I cannot seem to have a relationship with him. My relationship with God is in trouble and the more I seek God the worse it gets.

    1. Hi Aline. There is definitely a solution for that. What seems to be the trouble? Could you be more specific, please?

  200. I have a four case tomorrow where I am being falsely accused of a crime that I & my children were actually the victim of. Please pray for dismissal of the case based on no evidence or a favorable ruling. Also my daughter is dealing with identity issues. I went through my mom’s storage unit and RE-lived living through narcissistic emotional abuse by my dad by finding some things that triggered me. I have hormonal & thyroid issues, & I’m slowly continually gaining weight no matter what I do. (I eat & support my body more than most people even know to do, still nothing helps.) There are Issues that continue to erupt between my husband & I & we can’t seem to find peace for more than a month. My oldest son had a very sad thing occur in his life & my middle son is quietly trying to cope with not knowing his purpose & lack of connection. I’ve also been dreaming about a home for over a decade, seems many other people have no problem but somehow there’s seemingly something, one thing, continually preventing it. Oh yes also, it’s hard to admit but I battle thoughts of wanting to die for years actually, so has my daughter. No one really knows that, until now. I’m a very empathetic person. I know that the devil is a liar & Jesus is king (that’s why we’re still here) but that’s a battle I wish I didn’t have to fight anymore. I need & want peace, favor, joy, deliverance & victory. I’m fasting today and maybe tomorrow too, one day at a time this week. I’m very grateful for ecclesia prayers on my behalf.

  201. Prayer for a breakthrough in my marriage, and on my finances to be able to buy a home in Jesus name Amen.

  202. I was supposed to say “court case” not “four case,” can’t edit it. Sorry.

  203. Laura Ericson says:

    Hi! i believe God put the desire on my heart to want a husband and father for my 3 year old son whos dad is not around. I have been praying about this for about a year now. I believe God is bringing him to me soon. I feel as if the Lord revealed to me the number 4 in the past 2 months saying…the 4th season…he will come! But I could be wrong. I usually hear God correctly but have been wrong before. I truly desire a prophetic word on this! Thank you for all you do!!! You are such a blessing❤

  204. We need a financial breakthrough for our personal and business income. Thank you!

  205. Stacy Emerson says:

    Praying for my children(my only family) returned Home (immediately), this court case to be Over (those who have wronged us, leave us be), financial miracle/blessing/outpour to fix our foundation (so we can live and have a fresh start), forgiveness.

  206. I am in prayer to hear God clearly & follow His guidance, for mental & physical health for myself and family, favor at work, in finances & school, to be debt free, & a successful marriage & family with my divinely appointed spouse. Thank you Jamie for your words, your prayers and your devotion to God. Prayer for blessings to you, your family, and the ministry.

  207. Pray that I’m able to complete, have the strength and focus for the assignment God has on my life in this season.

    Thanks in advance

  208. Please pray that my relationship with Renee will flourish and lead to a healthy and happy married life with children. I ask this is Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  209. Gloria Williams says:

    May peace be with you Jamie. I pray for the restoration of my marriage; may God move mightily on our behalf in both our families to break a generational curse of divorce and separation. May He renew our love and remind us both of our marriage vows. In the mighty name of Jesus

  210. Breakthrough for a new job, a house and healing for my mom.

  211. Praying and believing for a spouse. Praying for breakthrough and deliverance. I also need prayer for a car and my new job, praying for God to bring success and open up doors.

  212. Please pray for breakthrough for

    1. Total and complete healing and restoration of my health to wholeness – God’s Shalom peace nothing missing nothing broken

    2. Salvation and deliverance for my family from ALL strongholds of yokes of bondage and band of wickedness: witchcraft, polygamous relationships, and lying and stealing, confusion and strife, break all marriage curses of lateness or delays in marriage, setbacks or no marriage, failure in marriage.

    3. Gods will and perfect plan and for me to draw deeper and closer to the Heavenly Father. to walk on the path of righteousness for His name sake

    4. A Godly spouse / husband.:One that love Jesus more than me, one with a godly character and love family, must have honest employment, must be attractive and well kept. Have Sound mind and manifesting the fruit of the spirit , want to follow and submit to Godly leadership

    5. Believe God for a speedy and supernatural compensation settlement payout. Pray that my lawyers will exhaust all claims for me to receive uncommon favour to fast track method for all payments that God wants me to receive

    6. Supernatural and uncommon favour on the job with God and man

    7 Open doors to start my business and close all doors that would hindering my business from manifesting. Destroy every power operating at the edge of my breakthroughs

  213. Jessica Kamm says:

    Please stand and believe with me for the covenant marriage He is calling me to have and to touch and agree in faith for the way He wants to use the heartbreak I’ve been thru because I know he wastes nothing

  214. Please pray for my marriage restoration and reconciliation. My husband has been unfaithful for the last 3 years. He is also in to pornogrophy and going to escorts for sex. He also texts many women to get nude photos.
    Please pray for his deliverance and faithful return to me.
    Thank you

    1. Gloria Williams says:

      Hello Tammy, may God answer your prayers for the restoration of your husband. May he be cleansed and made into a new creation in Christ. May you receive God’s favour in every area in your life that need restoration. In Jesus name I pray.

  215. Thank you for praying and agreeing with me, Jamie and the team!

    1) Manifestation of my complete healing; eradication of spirit of infirmity
    2) Long-life and salvation of my family members
    3) Financial Breakthrough in life and business
    4) God to send my divine spouse and the formation of our Godly covenant

    In JESUS’ name! Amen!

  216. Praying for cancellation of debts and for additional sources of income to supplement the income we currently have. Also requesting prayers for loved ones for health, healing and wholeness. May God grant you the desires of your heart Jamie as you continue the work that God has assigned to your hands.. Blessings.

  217. Alycia H. says:

    Thank you for your obedience, Glory to Yahweh!

    I am requesting prayer in the area of releasing 50lbs; seeking the Father to grant the blessings of Abraham over my family’s life (Genesis 13:2) and impart the wisdom of Solomon unto me, so that I may be a leader to God’s people in all areas (2Chronicles 1:11-12)

  218. Hello Ms. Jamie,

    I am praying for a Godly, spirit filled, Christ led Husband, New home & children. Please pray for me to overcome procrastination. I pray for order, organization & the discipline to be fruitful in every area of my life; ministry, health, family, finances, employment, business, all meaningful relationships and self care. Thank you & may God’s blessings continue to flow richly in your life & ministry.

  219. For all the things that have been held up in my life for way too long:
    Spouse (I’m in my 50s and know God has someone for me)

    Relief from Jezebel and Leviathan spirits (wrong accusations/competitive jealousy)
    Increased fruit in ministry. The enemy has been stealing fruit for years and years and years. It gets snatched away
    More breakthroughs
    Thank you!

  220. Gloria Williams says:

    May peace be with you Jamie. I am praying for restoration and renewal of my marriage. May God break the curse of separation and divorce that has plagued both our families for years. My mother was divorced three times and my mother in law has eight children all from different father’s. I truly need God to move on my behalf to break this curse.
    May I also be blessed with a house and may I receive God’s favour with the application of a lease for land that has taken over ten years.

  221. True repentance in abusive spouse

  222. Please pray that my employment opportunities are aligned to the Lords purpose for my life. Thank you.

  223. Asking for favor either for strategy to sell a piece of land. That the Lord will bring forth the buyer who would have a vision and provision to develop it or for what they want to use it for. The match made in heaven. It be a blessing. The best way for this to happen. I ask for Gods help to work this out for our good and His glory. To have restored what the locusts have eaten and stolen.
    For the best mates for my 2 children a godly man and woman to help with the raising of dtrs child and that the future spouse for son will bare his child/children raise them successfully with the fear of the LOrd. Gods best will in their situations currently. He has a plan I know not of. His will be done. but I pray.
    For my future grands spouses as well. Thank you will all my heart.

  224. Dennis Jones says:

    Please pray for a huge breakthrough in my finances. Also pray that my back & leg pain will be healed. Thank you!

  225. I am Fasting and praying for my spouse.
    I am Fasting and praying for my paid for house.

    And breakthroughs in:
    • healing my body and healing past heartbreak,
    • knowing my mandate,
    • having fun and being playful everywhere in life
    . the opportunity/open door of launching my brand that is JUST for me

  226. Hi Jamie,

    Thank you for this! I’m believeing God for conversion of my entire family and a godly spouse for me and others I’ve been praying for as well!

    God bless you!

  227. Please pray for a God fearing spouse
    Online job
    Paid up house
    Permanent residency in the country I am living in at the moment.

  228. That the Lord of the Harvest would send forth laborers into the Harvest – in Jesus’ name!!

    Revival and awakening in my house, extended family, and all in the sphere of influence the Lord has surrendered me with. Wisdom and discernment to speak as the oracles of God. Refinement and sharpening of gifts/talents He has entrusted me with that I would steward them and continue to work out my salvation with fear and trembling before His throne of grace.
    That my husband, children and I would fulfill the divine mandate on our lives – loving the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel with all our hearts, soul, mind, and strength and help others to passionately seek and know Him too.

  229. Prayers for: husband God has for me, restoration, restitution, recompense, redemption, regeneration and vindication in every are of my life, family and relationships, including a paid for house and car, streams of income, health/healing especially bones/jaws/teeth/gums/chin/skin/blood/eyes/hair & supernatural weight loss into who I am supposed to be/should be & do. All of my stuff God has for me & should’ve been mine already/promises/prophecies all of His best immediately with acceleration according to His Will🙏❤️

    1. Thank you for this great opportunity, Reverend Jamie. May Our Lord be with you always:
      I pray for Wisdom, Signs and Wonders from Our Lord.
      I pray that my son gets his long awaited Work Promotion.
      I pray for healing for my niece .
      I pray for Career Progression for myself, Son and all my siblings.
      I pray for financial breakthrough.
      With God all things are possible, Iam believing God for a house.

  230. Financial breakthrough and marriage restoration.

  231. Prayer for my future husband and for me to Hold it in my heart and not waver in my faith❤️I’m in difficult time and know i need spouse soon. Not good to be alone. Thank you for praying for me.

  232. Praying for my future husband , and that my faith will be strong and not waver❤️I know it’s not good for me to be alone and need spouse soon. Thank you for your prayers.

  233. Maria Edwards-Olano says:

    Reverend Jamie these are my prayer requests which I thank God for this opportunity to publicly declare in faith.
    1) my blurred vision I want 100% retur perfect vision
    2) Due to tying my tunes I gained stubborn pounds around my hips area… tried what I could..I want my normal weight and shape back, I want those side effects dead and gone
    3) We need a our trip back to my resident country with no delays. We believing for favour for our family of 6. From all expenses of travel to conditions of entry comprising for costs of covid and blood tests.
    4) Financial breakthroughs- family and ministry.

    Thank you. Praise God and God bless you.

    1. Annmarie Spring says:

      Thank you Jamie for your love and service, you are so loved and blessed. We are so loved and blessed to have you.
      Pease pray for me to
      Meet my husband tat God has chosen for me, help me to get ready for him to enter my life.
      Pray that my finances would flourish this month and the financial breakthrough would bring the £10,000 that is required this November 2021
      Pray that my family are saved and open door for me that no one can shut with my soul healing business.
      Thank you, Love you, Greatest Gratitude

  234. Suki McNeill says:

    Please pray for the Lord to restore my marriage to my husband.
    With Gratitude,

  235. Thank you Jamie for always encouraging me! My husband needs healing from a bad vehicle accident, my son needs healing from being disabled from MS and help raising his 3 children on his own. For me I need help from the Lord (which is the only reason I have been able to endure and help everyone), it is time for my healing and to step into what the Lord has called me to do as well as keep all of our businesses running to provide income.
    Thank you and God bless you.


  237. Sandra Douglas says:

    We urgently need housing. Our house is sold but we have been unable to successfully bid on another. We need to lock something in this week.

  238. Prayer for:
    1) I want to start business
    2) high paying Employment
    3) Total deliverance from monitoring spirits and spirit wife

  239. Thank you so much Jamie for all your word of encouragements. I thank the Lord God for you and pray for His blessing and answered prayers and His provisions to meet your every needs in Jesus Name.
    We need breakthrough in several areas, financial, punitive damages breakthrough through. God’s wisdom and discernment. Prayer from spiritual attacks and false accusations. God’s guidance and directions. Thanking God in Jesus name in advance. Amen

  240. Deliverance from gangstalking. Dismantling this evil illegal program against innocent citizens. Selling of our home quickly and profitably—being prevented by corruption. Healing and returning to first love for Christ. Thank you. AMEN!!!

  241. Rasheika Singleton says:

    Financial breakthrough and my king’s salvation.

  242. Hi Jamie,
    I pray that the Lord saves my husband and helps him to forget and forsake a life of polygamy and stuck with God’s word.
    2. Pray for a financial breakthrough so I can be able to build my mum beautiful house that glorifies the name of God.
    3. Praying for business breakthrough
    4. Praying for paid for furniture in the beautiful new house that God has provided me.
    5. To seek the Lord with all my heart, strength and mind forever 💛

  243. Yumna Cowley says:

    Hey Jamie
    My prayer request is for God to make a way for me to get a speedy divorce from my husband please. He is very emotionally and verbally abusive and he is a drug addict.

    Thank you and God bless you.

  244. Jayson Bennett says:

    Hi Jamie,

    I’m gonna keep sewing into you ministry.

    I’m praying for the supernatural miracle to be able to purchase the house we are renting now. We’ve been here a while and would love to be able to purchase this and see where the Lord leads us.

    I really need a fantastic new position in a company or ministry that I can really be used by the Father., Part time and supplemental is just not doing much now. Benefits, good supervision or be in charge?? hmm….

    Be able to go back to school and start in a direction that I think I should have acted on a long time ago in counseling. Have been prophesied over that and it has yet to come to pass. I need an open door supernaturally and direction for that to happen.

  245. Tina Dunham says:

    Please pray that my relationship with my 10 year relationship would be healed. I believe the enemy has tried hard to stop us. Please pray God’s will will be done. Thank you!!

  246. A Godly mentor and the Father to lead me to Men that can direct, counsel and strengthen me as I walk forward in life. Short answer….. Christian Dudes to talk to and be friends with 🙂

  247. Hi, Jamie

    I need a breakthrough in the area of my finances, and a way to pay for my college tuition and application fee for me to get in. Thank you so much for praying for me

  248. Hi Jamie,
    Thank you for interceding/fasting on our behalf. May the Lord grant you supernatural strength to endure. My prayer requests:
    1. Financial breakthrough (solvency) as the Lord told me that I would be 5 years ago
    2. Godly spouse who knows how to love me as Christ loved the church, cover, protect and provide for me.
    My brothers will surrender their lives back to the Lord.
    3. Praying for new house.
    4. Praying against human trafficking of children.
    5. The hearts of those who have walked away from the Lord will be made hearts of flesh to receive Him back into their lives.

  249. Hello Jamie,
    Please pray for the following:
    •for the wooded land around me to be preserved from further development, wisdom on how to proceed & the exact parcels to pursue, and favor with the people/groups that can make this happen,
    •for salvation, healing & deliverance for all my loved ones and their households;
    •for healing throughout my body;
    and just today J found out a family friend went into hospital hospice care- please pray for someone who can visit her that will pray with her to make her salvation sure; for her healing, and for comfort for her and her family.
    Thank you so much; God will surely bless your faithfulness!

  250. Hello Jamie,
    Please pray for marriage breakthrough. Thank you

  251. Ann Butler says:

    I’m praying for a financial breakthrough so that I can get my van repaired or replaced. I’m praying for happiness, depression to leave my life

  252. Hi Jamie,

    Please pray for
    1. Healing of my health condition and healing of my children and spouse.
    2. Conversion of my spouse
    3. True Love to God and Neighbors.

    Thank you!

  253. Julie Marines says:

    My prayer needs are as follows:
    *A home for me and my four children, our own home with the space for every one to have their room and to have a practice/music room for the days we practice our worship sets.
    *A godly husband who loves the Lord so much and desires to be a man God’s own heart, who is led by Holy Sprit.
    *Healing and freedom from rejection and feeling less than.
    *A closeness with Holy Spirit that I have never experienced before.
    *Creative ideas to start my own business.

  254. Hi Jamie,
    Please pray for God to: heal my lungs from the inflammation Covid caused, health and well being for my family, peace in our home, and for our finances.

    Thank you!!

  255. Steven Baril says:

    I am representing myself in Federal Court. My civil rights were violated by the State Police. God already vindicated me from 3 false criminal charges in criminal court. Please pray that God brings justice, vindication, and victory in regard to my civil case.

  256. Hi Jamie,

    I am believing for full custody of my 11 year old daughter, God has told me it will happen. She desires to have a stable home instead of 1 week on and 1 week off.

    I am believing for my husband—a kingdom man of God.

    I am believing for an upgraded home.

    Thank you for your sacrifice. May the Lord pour out a double portion for you!

  257. Hi Jamie. I’m praying for healing and for a husband. Thank you so much. May God continue to bless you.

  258. Praying for a husband and to own real estate home and abroad.

  259. Dog cancer free, new house debt free, Our family walks in the will of God and health and healing for our bodies, minds and souls , weight loss for husband and me, increased finances, sweetness and healing for marriage and hair growth.

  260. I thank God for you, Jaime: for your heart committed to praying for the needs of your viewers.
    I’m asking God to: 1) Lead me to a support system & home church as I make permanent plans for my older years, 2) Guide me CLEARLY to what area of the country to settle in, 3) that He guide me to His handpicked real estate agent & home to purchase, 4)blessings upon my finances, 5) a man of God fun spouse.

  261. Kindy Ague says:

    Thank you for adding our prayer requests to your list!

    I ask in Jesus name for health, career, relationship, spiritual, and financial breakthrough, as well as vindication and restoration with compensatory payments of ALL things that were unjustly stolen from me! Amen!

  262. Hi Jamie

    Please pray that I get my PR. I’ve been waiting since 2019 with my career, personal life etc on hold. I am scheduled to leave the country mid December to go back home and get married. I need my PR for Canada so that I can come back to Canada or else I’ll have to give up on my Pr and go home.i need this breakthrough if it is gods will.

  263. Thank you Jaime for all you do for the glory of God. May God bless you in every area of your life.I just want God’s perfect will to be done in my life and for my children and grandchildren salvation, healing and restoration.

  264. Hello, Jamie!
    My major prayer requests right now are for financial breakthrough, restoration of things lost in the past, and complete healing of anxiety and throat issues I have had since I was sick from covid in August. Thank you so much for standing in agreement with me!

  265. Maika Kamikamica says:

    Godly spouse
    Own double stoRey house
    Permanent residence in America
    Daughters scholarship and student visa in Latrobe University, Melbourne, Australia

  266. Susan Vidas says:

    Dear Jamie, thank you for what you have been helping us with prayers and encouragement. They have helped me a lot. Prayer for healing in my body and also to be close to the Lord.
    I would like to be able to pray again like how I used to. I need that salvation again. I don’t want to grieve the holy spirit again. God bless you always.

  267. We need breakthroughs in our home situation (we need a home) and our financial situation. Thank you for partnering in prayer! God bless you always!

  268. Thank you Jamie,
    I am praying for the right spouse to get married and have children.
    Insurance to pay out ASAP so I can fix my home
    Justice for my brother Samuel with the law and against evil people who are trying to hurt him
    Stop overeating

  269. Please please pray for my breakthrough and miracle, my marrige, and my faith. I have waited 5 years for a breakthrough and I feel stuck but I feel it may be soon.

  270. Hi. I appreciate your prayers very much. My requests are for my spouse and I to be brought together, for financial breakthrough, for God’s highest and best plan to still be available to me and for its protection against all harm and for God’s grace for me to wholly do what He wants me to in this hour. Thank you for praying

  271. Cassandra says:

    Praise and thank God with me for our sons finding wives and finding a good thing and receiving favor from the Lord. Thank God all of our families marriages are saved and joyful and last a lifetime.

    Thank and praise God with me for my husband and son’s new promotions. Psalm 75:6-7. Both are already done,

  272. Hi, Jamie and everyone who reads this. God bless you all.

    This is hard for me because I do tend to be a private person and usually have to know someone very well before I ask for these things.

    First, like Jamie, I do feel that I am supposed to keep fasting. I made it through the hard, first 30 days (I felt led to start on October 1st), and after 30 days, as I coupled this with a fast where I start incorporating things back into my diet and increase my calories, things really hit the fan. Weight loss was a part of my fast as I am supposed to be taking care of the Temple that is the Lord’s. I haven’t put the weight back on yet, but do desire to not to go back to my old habits.

    Second, for my divinely appointed spouse.

    Third, the total payoff of my debts (9,800 remaining in student loans). I pray also for the increase following in my book sales.

    Fourth, salvation and God’s mercy on my brother J*** 3 sticks. and the salvation of his son, J*** 4 sticks.

    Fifth, the complete healing and reversal of endometriomas in my ovaries, as well as any inflammation and wound that Christ died for in my body, so that it can be whole and healthy.

    Short list of what I am believing God for. Thank you. And thank God for his answers.

  273. Calvin DeHerrera says:

    Hi Jaime,

    My name is Calvin I need Breakthrough Prayer for to gain Employment and also for my Finances and Stability in my Life. Also, need Breakthrough prayer for my retirement pay for 20 Years of Law enforcement. And for My son Ty who needs Breakthrough Prayers for Housing and for Personal Medical Issues. God Bless you all in Jesus name. Calvin, Thank you

  274. Hi, thank you for praying. My requests are for my spouse and I to be brought together, financial breakthrough, for God’s grace to focus with my entire being on what He wants me to do in this hour and that God’s highest and best plan for me is protected from all harm and comes to fruition.

  275. Please pray for the restoration of my marriage. Thanks!

  276. Suki Whitmore says:

    Jamie please pray that the Lord will provide a paid for home for me and my family in time for the holidays. In Jesus name.

    With Gratitude,

  277. Marcella L. says:

    Hi Jamie.

    I thank God for allowing you to intercede on behalf of myself and so many others.

    Over two months ago, I experienced an unjust situation at work which left me feeling completely devastated. I may be a victim of Constructive Dismissal and do not know how to proceed or if I can afford to pursue any legal action. My mental health has been affected and I am currently on medical leave working towards healing.

    I have experienced more than my share of negative events over the past 20 months and all aspects of my life have been affected. I know that God is always with me, but I often do not feel his presence.

    I need Breakthrough Prayers in the following areas:

    1. Please pray for a positive resolution to my current workplace situation, so I can move forward. I am suffering, I feel broken down, and I need justice and vindication. If I was constructively dismissed, I need the support of affordable legal representation. If I resign and leave emptyhanded after several years of loyalty, I need God to remove any obstacles and provide something greater for me and my family.

    2. Please pray for a stronger, happier, and healthier relationship between me and my spouse. Our marriage has been strained for several years, due to an abundance of life stressors and negative events which have been difficult for us to overcome. We often experience more hardships than blessings which makes us more frustrated and less connected to each other.

    3. Please pray for increased confidence in my abilities to support my special needs child by making the right decisions. The breakthroughs my child desperately needs to overcome are friendship and peer relationship struggles, and academic challenges due to learning disabilities.

    4. Please pray for mutually beneficial family, work, and social relationships in my life, and the wisdom to recognize them. My kindness has been taken advantage of and my trust in others has decreased due to betrayals. In need others to reciprocate and support me in times of need, the way I have supported them.

    5. Please pray for a miraculous financial blessing to help my family overcome our debts, afford supports for our special needs child, help our loved ones, and live comfortably instead of from paycheck to paycheck.

    Thank you Jamie for adding my prayer requests to your Breakthrough Prayer list. May God continuously bless you!!!

  278. Hi, thank you for praying. My requests are that my spouse and I are brought together, financial breakthrough, that God’s highest and best plan for me is protected from all harm and that I would accomplish what God is wanting me to do in this hour.

  279. Crystal L Nations says:

    Thank you for your prayers so greatly appreciate you and your obedience.
    I’ve been praying for financial breakthrough, breakthrough for my children and a breakthrough with Kyle.
    I’d love for you to pray for the same for me.
    Thank you so much!
    God Bless you , your family and your ministry!

  280. Nordia Mckenzie says:

    Requesting prayer that the Lord will pave the way for my move back to Jamaica and provide everything that I will require, my home, business and job and all the money I will need to ship and clear my things when I reach Jamaica, that the Lord will grant me favour divine favour wherever my name is mentioned and everything concerning me. I am praying for the money to pack all my barrels, buy the rest of the furniture I need for my house and to pay for the shipping of my things and to buy my plane ticket to go to Miami to see my son as I haven’t seen him since 2019 and also for my ticket to Jamaica from Miami

  281. Nordia Mckenzie says:

    For me and my fiancé denzel harris to get back on track and build our relationship so that we can eventually get married

  282. Please pray for breakthrough in my 15 year olds grandson Owens life … for sound mind and be delivered from an interest in vaping and from insomnia and a kind basketball loving friend to come alongside
    Believing for son Michael for a sound mind and delivered from fear and low self esteem for a miracle job and a desire to see his four siblings after not seeing for seven years and deliverance from orphan spirit and a kind loving friend to come alongside
    I am asking God for a godly spouse convicted of the gospel and breakthrough in finances for a debt free home and for harvest now
    Thank you God You are perfecting all that concerns me. Thank you for miracles signs and wonders! Praise God for His goodness!
    All in Jesus name I pray!
    Thank you for 🙏

  283. Annie Chan says:

    Hi Prophet Jamie,

    Please pray in agreement with me that God will provide me with a job offer this week.

    God bless and protect you, your family and your ministry.

    Thank you.


  284. Hi, thank you for praying. Please pray that my spouse and I are brought together, for financial breakthrough, that God’s highest and best plan for me is protected from all harm and that I would carry out what God wants me to do in this hour.

  285. Lelawatee Vidya Amarsingh says:

    I met & fell in love with someone 17 years ago. However, our relationship was in & out and I decided to let him go, I was also inspired by certain scriptures to speak over him. I did for a while, nothing happened so I aborted the process. However, I keep hearing a lot that he is the man who will marry me, yet no sign of him even attempting to connect with me. I believe he does love me, but we cant seem to come together. He is the ideal man for me. Within recent times, I keep dreaming a strong female demon pulling him away and standing between us both. I would like to have a relationship before Christmas 2021 a I have been alone 35years now. God knows whether its him or not. If it isnt, I am open to the God selection that is better than him. Please agree for clarity, accelerated breakthrough speed for this to happen for me, Thank you. I am expecting to receive as I have patiently tarried becoming very disheartened and let it go. I decided to give faith another chance by posting this for agreement

  286. Hi Jamie

    Please pray with me, I’m believing God for capital to start my bakery business and for a godly spouse.

  287. Please pray for:
    *A godly spouse- the loneliness is overwhelming.
    *My finances
    *Salvation of my children/family
    *God’s will for my life to be clear
    *confirmation of my church home

  288. I am praying for my own breakthrough to recieve my Godly and Lord given husband. The restoration of my heart to serve his purpose and share the gospel and for his financial provisions and tender mercy as I become the woman he made me to be. I pray for his forgiveness and the blood of Jesus to fully cover every part of my life and to bind remove every single thing that is not from him. Never letting it return. I want more than anything to win at what he has planned for me. I thank him for saving me and I bless him in return ten fold for calling me and give me a future and a hope. May the Lord bless your ministry 100x over for your heart for his ministry and gospel.

  289. Pray that I’d get full custody of my children, that my ex husband would turn back to God, financial provision, resurrection of the relationship with my ex husband.

  290. Thank you for your ministry. Praying for God to connect me with the RIGHT spouse and the blessing of a marriage.

  291. Raymond Edoni says:

    Please pay for our God in Heaven to accelerate my Financial Breathrough.

  292. First I would like to thank and honour God for healing and restoring my soul. Please kindly pray that he would use me mightily in this generation to heal and restore wounded souls so that they can see him in the beauty of his holiness and live surrendered lives to him. Please also pray that he would restore career, finances, house, and everything else I lost and give me a a husband and a business so that I can be a kingdom financier and a blessing to others. Thank you.

  293. Waiting on the Lord for my spouse. The waiting is not easy so prayer for me for my divinely appointed spouse.
    Prayer for God to honor me in my education.
    Prayer for God to deliver my dads soul and restore my parents marriage and our relationship.

    Thank you Jamie and may God bless you

  294. Please pray for a release and way out from this current abusive marriage and a husband equally yoked with me to come into my life, and pray that I gain independence and my own steady and abundant income. Thank you Jamie, I’m praying for you too. Hailey

  295. Prayer for a new and stable home. My rental has been sold and we have not found another place. Also pray that a legal case against me will be dismissed. It is causing a lot of grief.

  296. Hi Jamie, here are my prayer requests:
    1. Financial breakthrough as he promised,
    2. Family (brother and sisters) breakthrough for marriage and getting hired
    3. land and houses

  297. Hello,

    For roughly a year been praying my way through a divorce. I am praying for my wife’s salvation. I know my son will be restored to me because I know in whom I’ve believed (I was recently able to have him with me a few days which was an answer to prayer as he hadn’t been with me for 4 months). I thank God for everything He has taught me and all His answers. Thank you for everything you do. To anyone else in a divorce situation, run to Jesus, pray … spend time with strong Christian brothers and sisters.

  298. Hi, thank you for praying. I request prayer for my spouse and I to be brought together, finances to do all that God wants me to do, for the grace to do what He wants me to do in this hour and that His highest and best for me is protected from all harm.

  299. Prayer for husband to return to the Lord and for him to walk in wisdom regarding finances 🙏

    Thank you Jamie,
    God bless you

  300. Christina Chanel McCrory says:

    Good evening Jamie,
    my prayer requests are;

    salvation for my son, that HE will return to God and love Him radically and obediently. Healing for his mind, emotions, body. That the creative work that God placed on the inside of him would come alive and out for the advancing of the Kingdom of God.
    salvation, healing, deliverance, and breakthrough for my family. Kingdom financial blessings, and good stewardship.
    Obedience to God for myself, especially in stepping into who He’s created and called me to be.
    Completion of my manuscript THIS week!
    A heart completely filled with the knowledge of the Love of the Father

  301. Hi, i am praying for New job opportunity and financial break through.

  302. Jennifer Ann Botes says:

    Thank you for your prayers,lam an unmarried women who Jesus has gifted me with 6 children, all left at my house,l clearly heard,Jesus to love them for Him.Now with lockdown, 18 months of lost income, every month for 11 months my landlord trys to evict us,l believe Jesus promised provisions for all our needs,and Praise Him for keeping us so far.

  303. I need the money and the right doors to open at the right time to buy the property He showed me. God’s been guiding me through your posts and I’m thankful for it.

  304. Alida Smith says:

    Dear Jamie

    I pray God’s blessing and protection over you and your family. Thank you for this wonderful teaching and prophetic site.

    Please pray for me for the following:

    Daughter to find a Godly husband
    Healing, income and home of my own.

    Thank you so much.


    pse could you pray for my financial chaos to be restored an for the man i love so much to come back to me pse thank you

  306. Gray Monty says:

    Hello Jamie,
    Your ministry is a blessing to me. God bless you.
    My prayer request:
    1. The manifestation of his will concerning my financial Breakthrough.
    2. God to release and connect me to my destiny helpers who will assist me.
    3. Traveling open doors before the year ends.
    4. Right spouse and the blessing of a good marriage.

  307. Annie Francis says:

    Dear Jammie,
    I have been praying for my husbands return to our family and free him from the sin of lust and adultery. He is living with a women who is 20 years younger to him and she is already a married women with two children. They are committing the sin of adultery. With no financial help from him I am trying very hard to keep the household going and educating my children.

  308. Juanita Ann says:

    Hi Jamie,

    Abba gave me the husband that I prayed for almost three years ago. He was a single parent of 2 little boys. We both have prodigal and wayward adult offspring ranging from age 22 to age 42, some of whom are involved in witchcraft/occult practices. One daughter has vision loss at age 25 from diabetes complications-she has a 5 year old son with trauma and behavior issues due to DV exposure. Praying for deliverance, repentance, salvation and healing for all 9 of our kids and our grandchildren.

    2. We are believing that Abba wants us to move from our apartment complex to a safer and more family friendly environment. We have been told to look for 5 acres plus a guest house; believing for a paid for house when our lease ends in December 2021.

    3. We are seeking primary custody of the 6 and 9 year old boys who live with us. Their absent parent pops up occasionally and has taken the older child from his school, and also from our vehicle once as his dad was exiting the school parking lot, assaulting his father in the process. Praying for her deliverance and salvation as well. We just want peace.

    Thank you for standing with us in prayer. May God richly bless your parsonage projects and your ministry as a whole. You have been a blessing to us.

  309. Gloria Williams says:

    May God heal your marriage Annie, may He touch your husband and remind him that you one flesh. I pray for healing and restoration in your marriage.

  310. Hi. I need prayer for me finding and receiving God’s divinely appointed wife for me. I am currently alone. I met a girl named Luna, but we had a misunderstanding and I’m unable to reconnect with her at this time. I am following your prayer guide and believing God will lead me and my future wife together whoever she may be. (Preferably hastily, but all for God’s glory and perfect timing) Will you join me in a prayer of faith? Thanks to any who do.

  311. Prayer for my husband and son to be whole,spirit ,soul,body,and for them to live in the Light.We aa a family may realign woth God,s kingdom plans and purposes.
    Thank you

  312. Praying to meet my husband soon- would like to marry a man in ministry.

  313. 1.I’m trusting God to provide a job for my husband
    2.My Finacial breakthrough
    3.Marriage restoration for my sister in law Palesa
    4. Good health and Gods protection for my whole family
    In Jesus name i pray, Amen

  314. 1. I’m trusting God to provide a strategy for my business
    2. Finacial breakthrough
    3. Family restoration
    4. Restoration of health and Gods protection and provision for my entire family
    In Jesus name, I pray, Amen

    1. Gwynne Nation says:

      I would like pray for complete healing of female nerve pain that has kept my husband and I from being intimate since May 2006.
      And for financial freedom from debt accumulated after I got fired for not getting the vaccine. Thank you Jamie!

  315. I need to find the right house/appartment and the right spouse in Jesus’ name!

  316. I pray for the manifestation of every positive prophecy in my life, prayer answers, healing,deliverance and breakthroughs in Jesus name amen:
    1) Miraculous marital Settlement, a Godly spouse this year 2021 according to his holy will.
    2) Miraculous financial breakthrough and abundance, in my career,job, business, AIM, restoration of Mag-T business and estate.
    3)Miraculous spiritual growth, prayer fire, manifestation of the gifts&fruits of the holy spirit, dream restoration.

  317. Sheree Flowers says:

    Prayers requested for my family as we are in a season of grief and loss.
    Praying for a spouse for me.

  318. Natalie Joseph says:

    ▪ Permanent & complete Deliverance from generational/ancestral curses for me and my family.

    ▪ Complete deliverance for my sister Wanda, i want her to serve the Lord wholeheartedly

    ▪ Peace for my mother Jocelyne

    ▪ For Land and house (cause I’m thankful that the lord has recently blessed us with an apartment of our own recently but I’m also believing now for a paid for house).

    ▪ For the Lord to break the curse of poverty and cause us to flourish financially without toiling for it (cause I don’t want to work 2 to 3 jobs just to make ends meet or work hours just to be rich it’s not Good it takes time away from your family and the Lord)

    ▪ complete healing in me, wanda and Jocelyne soul and minds.

    ▪ Breakthrough for our ministry.

  319. Ernest Adu says:

    Hi Jamie,
    I am praying for:
    1) greater communion with the Holy Spirit
    2) the grace to excel in my job
    3) my God-ordained spouse
    4) finances for the completion of my house

  320. Tammy Howard says:

    Hello,prayers to get closer with God,My baby son battling with mental illness,protection over myself and children and grandkids,prayers to stop smoking,better job, a bigger house a husband chosen by God,prayers excellent health over myself,children,grandchildren,my mother and family and peace over my family and a prayer for whom ever in the world who need someone to pray for them.God bless you Jamie and thank you 🙏

  321. Praise God Jamie and Team -From His Presence
    Pray with me and am believing God for,
    1. Deep intimacy with Holy Spirit and Deep Revelation of His Word, reclaim His glory, wisdom, understanding and knowledge
    2. My 5year old son to graduate to the next class (acceleration)- school fees
    3. Financial Breakthrough
    4. A fully paid for car, house and land – I was with you in the 21day prayer and fasting (corporate fasting)
    5. A husband and a father to my son (my true rib from God)
    6. Sales – Real Estate & Ordinary Life Assurance
    7. Shame and reproach from my family and household
    8. I do serve in my church as a sanctuary keeper but I feel its not enough.

    God bless all as we pray together in God’s grace

  322. kimberly Walker says:

    I am praying for a breakthrough in finding a companion I find it hard and to meet a good man especially being in my 40’s. I am also praying for a breakthrough on my job I am a teacher and right now things are very overwhelming

  323. Lucille Meiring says:

    Please remember me in your prayers. Going through a really tough season. I’m a single mother of 4, divorced for 12 years now. Have to work two jobs to keep us afloat. My ex-husband doesn’t want to help with the kids, financially. This puts a lot of strain on me. I’m physically and emotionally done. To crown it all….I met someone in church 4 years ago and he asked me to marry him. We were to get married in Desember. Two weeks ago he tells me he is still in love with an ex of 7 years ago and he never loved me. This was my final breakdown and it broke me because I believed he loved, for 4 years and I fell in love with him and I love him. I just can’t cope and handle all the pain and hurt. It took me 8 years to trust someone again…

  324. Hi, Thank you for your prayers. Please pray with me for
    -relational breakthroughs for a Godly spouse and close/vibrant Christian friendships
    -physical healing for a major digestion issue
    -to have Joy in my life ( years of rejection strongholds have left me now middle-aged/no kids and no matter how much prayer or counseling I receive, I cannot seem to let go of depression/sadness and find Joy)
    -to truly know that God is Love and to hear His voice more clearly
    -to know my purpose in Life and let go of the enemy’s taunts that try me to keep me feeling miserable, alone, and lacking purpose, joy and direction in life.
    God Bless!

  325. Soon Jung says:

    Hi Jamie,
    I’ve been praying for a husband and for a Godly family for a long time. Praying for a breakthrough in this area and that God will bring us together in this season.

  326. The breakthrough that I need is favor for the interview and job offer in November 2021. I need stability in my mental and physical location. I need a breakthrough in my thinking and finances. I need debt cancellation immediately. Be it unto according to my faith. I believe.

  327. Dear Sister Jamie, Brothers and Sisters in Christ in this community. I’ve been dealing with intense spiritual warfare for ten years, high level principalities including Jezebel, vicious, controling, and stubborn.

    Please pray for me for deliverance. I’ve prayed and fasted, but no breakthrough. I would love to sow a gift into the ministry, but there are spiritual powers and principalities preventing me at this time. (Ephesians 6:10-12)

    When breakthrough and deliverance happens, this will be the first ministry I sow a seed, and I will give glory to God for the great things He has done.

    4 and on that day you will say,
    “Give thanks to the Lord; proclaim his name!
    Make his works known among the peoples. (Isaiah 12:4)

  328. 1.Thanking God for this new trajectory in life.
    2. Praying for a Godly (kinsman redeemer)
    3.Successful and peaceful execution of LA.
    4.Long life, health, peace for my mum and her descendants.
    5. Successful and impactful medical career journey.
    6. Continue to be a signpost and conduit of God’s glory wherever I am found.

  329. Gloria Williams says:

    Hello Lucille Meiring, may God heal your pain. May He occupy all the areas in your body that are in great pain. May He heal your heart, mind and also heal you emotionally. He is your shepherd and He will never leave you nor forsake you, let Him in and trust him for your renewal. I thank God for answered prayers on your behalf.

  330. I need Raise in pay and promotion at work. Satan has delayed my much awaited promotion and salary hike for almost 10 years. I am a very hardworking lady. Yet God has not forgotten me. The blood of Jesus has brought a good life to me.

  331. Please remember me , I need profitable employment and financial breakthrough now in Jesus name. Amen

  332. My sister has been battling cancer for 2 years and I was told she was taken to the hospital last night because she had a seizure. She is a committed Christian and we are all believing for her healing. She needs Breakthrough for her health and in her family relationships. Bless you all!

  333. Hello Jamie, My name is Nanci Thank you for your prayers. I need prayers for financial increase and breakthrough, (a new job that pays better with benefits and better work environment); a husband (with character and spirit filled, emotionally healthy), husbands for my daughters (with character and spirit filled, emotionally healthy); to eat healthier and not emotionally, a bigger house; good friends and support system for me and my children; healing for my mom from cancer (strength for my family with this); and for my family (son and daughters) for emotional, spiritual, and physical health. Thank you so much!

    1. Gwynne Nation says:

      I would like to ask for prayer for my son Jeremy to be made whole from this spirit of infirmity on his lungs and sinuses. He is having nasal polyps surgery today at 8:20. We are believing for no complications and a swift recovery.
      Also my granddaughter Addy has fractured her spine while cheerleading. I’m believing for a complete healing for her but also that she’d encounter the love of Jesus during her time of rest from dance and cheerleading. May she experience His love and presence that will change her life forever.
      I would like to ask for a miracle for myself to be healed of this female nerve pain that has stolen my husbands and my intimacy for the last 15 years. I’m trusting that God will restore everything the enemy has stolen from us in Jesus name Amen!!

      Thank you Jamie 💜🙏🏻

  334. Lelawatee Vidya Amarsingh says:

    I would like prayer of agreement for accelerated speed for everything that was lost, stolen and taken from me throughout my life in relationships, finances, successes, health, love.
    For the Lord to loose his vegenance on all evil and wicked intentions to destry, hurt, bring to shame my children, grandcholren and me.
    For the Lord to break down brass gates, cut open iron bars, make every crooked place straight, rough places smoithand a double portion of his love and favor to be released upon me with immediate effect in all areas
    For Father God to remove or change the heart of my son’s wife who for 16 yrs has always tried to sabotage, destroy him and his realtionship with my daughter and me and she is now inciting theur daughters to disrespect him. She undermines his authority very subletyin the home, dresses the girls very shabily and is constantly whispering lies and decptions in his ears. She has taken the children out of school, and put an invisible wall around him & the girls where they dont even have a social life or friends. She is very narccistic, follows the Amish cult and influencing her young daughters in same sex and transgender saying it is okay. Dark energies sourround them. Also fir my son to rededicate fully his life to Christ and for his daughters to really be saved. I have tried to influence his wife in a realtionship with God. She goes to church as a form of godliness, and again has the children dressing like boys in shabby disdainful clothing. I have become tired and reall need the intervention of Christ to take over , take charge and release his kingdom will. Not sure if she is the wife for him. He provides, protects and takes care if them faithfully. He is a true gentleman and wonderful human being. Thank you Jaime for this perfect timing as I need the spiritual help. God bless everyone of you for interceding

  335. Thanks Jaime for always praying for your Internet family friends and fans. I’ve been praying for the restoration of friends and family suffering health problems-cancer high blood pressure depression diabetes addictions loneliness and financial entanglements. Lift up Horacio Tangi Veronica Angie John Gloria Sandra Dorothy Irene Ryan Jordan Daphne and me. I’m in need of a job a financial windfall and debt eliminations.

    I believe that God will open the windows of heaven and shower me with favor blessings good health restoration of sight.

  336. I would like you to agree with in prayers for our God, God of Israel to destroy marine spirits fighting my destiny. Serpentine spirit, spiritual beads on my waist, spiritual fish, spiritual cut holding on my wrist, dream sex

  337. PATRICE COLES says:



    Please pray that I have a great mantle of a grace and multitudes of favor, virtue anointing the length , height and depth.flowing. to me of DUNUMAS POWER TO EMPOWER ME TO MAKE MY GOALS AND DREAMS COME TRUE in every area of my life,To bring accelerated favor And God speed acceleration and rapid growth WITH ease in every area and situation in the desolate deserts in my life.

    Please pray that I have a great mantle of a grace and multitudes of favor, virtue anointing the length , height and depth of GODS love for MY dreams manifested with multitudes of miracles especially in relationships.

    Please pray that I have a great mantle of a grace and multitudes of favor, virtue anointing the length , height and depth of the yield, the harvest, and the increase on this new sprout of this seed that GOD PLANTED IN ME 20 years ago AND THE MANIFESTATION OF ALL MY DORMANT SEED SOWN.

    PLEASE PRAY THAT I HAVE A great mantle of a grace and multitudes of favor, virtue anointing the length , height and depth of divine connections and divine appointments with creative geniuses who are gifted like me who will mentor me.






  338. Thé Lord bless you and keep you Jamie! THANK YOU for the daily WORD you sent our way. Please join me in prayer against spiritual attacks at work., financial and spiritual breakthroughs For our hearts to be on fire for Jesus and spouses for my 2 daughters in Jesus Name Amen!

  339. Annie Francis says:

    Dear Jammie

    I am praying for my husbands return. He has left me and my kids for another women. I am struggling with my finances and trying to keep up with the bills.

    Please pray for the return of my husband and pray over my finances.


  340. Melvina Stollie says:

    Goodday, please pray for me and my husband. My husband is unemployed and we are starting up our own buisness, please help us pray foe a financial breakthrough for the buisness and for God’s direction and guidance. Thank you and God bless.

  341. Praying for a godly husband and need breakthrough in the area of unbelief that God will provide THE ONE due to my past. Thank you.

  342. Please pray for restoration of my sons marriage, that he would not grow weary of fighting for his wife. Please pray for healing of her soul and spirit that she can see the love he has for her and the love Jesus has for her. Please pray for protection over their son that he would not be adversely impacted during this time.

  343. Pray for me that God’s mercy may be apon me and my fiance. That we may be back together and Marry has to our plan.

  344. May Acosta says:

    Hi Jamie!
    Please pray for the salvation of our son.
    Thank you and God bless you.

  345. I am asking God to Bless my household with Financial discipline & issues. Being Debt Free. Our businesses to grow, Prosper & be a pillar for the Kingdom & Community. To give me Resources to buy a building we was looking if it is God’s will. Deliverance in our lives from grievance but alcohol deliverance fir my significant other & a true relationship with the Lord. God being every step of our lives for our present & our future. Touch us from the top of our heads to the bottom of our feet for Protection, Guidance & Perseverance. In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen!!

  346. Please pray for continued growth and maturity with the Lord. For grace and supernatural empowerment in my purpose and the work He called me to perform. The revelation of the spouse of His choosing and preparation as his help meet. And reconciliation of a broken connection (according to His will) and the estranged person’s salvation.

    Thank you.

  347. Hello Jamie, Thank you for praying for us.
    My prayer requests are:
    1. For me to get job.
    2. For me to meet my husband ordained by God and get married.
    3. Financial breakthrough for myself, brothers and sister.
    4. Fruit of the womb for my sister.
    5. Health and happiness for mom and dad.

  348. Please pray that I receive clarity soon before the year ends as to who my spouse is and get married to him in God’s timing. I have been in a dilemma and want God to guide me to the right man and have him healed, open, loyal and communicative with me. Thank you


  349. Please pray for complete healing and restoration and liberation from alcoholism addiction for my spouse.

  350. Hi Jamie,

    Please pray for me to meet my future partner and to get on the property ladder (uk. Also please pray for me to meet new friends and have more energy too. Also for every good thing/opportunity, relationship that should have been mine and was stolen from me to be returned to me. Also need lots of grace and mercy too.
    Many thanks,

  351. Hi again Jamie and many thanks for your prayers in advance.

    Please also pray for any generational curses to be broken and for any past word curses spoken over my life to have no affect.

    Many thanks,

  352. wanda gordon says:

    Please pray my daughter and my husband open their hearts to Christ.

  353. Lelawatee Vidya Amarsingh says:

    I have an appointment with the US Embassy in my Country on 4rd December, 2021 to get my Visa for the US Visitors . Praying for favor and success in securing the maximum years they allot to a non citizen

    I am a liscensed Massage Therapist doing medical, sports and chronic pain specializing. Would like the Lord to release his success and prosperity for business sales increase. Also when I lay hands on clients – his love healing, salvation and deliverances will be imparted on them and they will be healed and go away with testimonies of God’s love and goodness to them

  354. Hi Jamie,

    Please pray for my daughter to be totally committed to the Lord and pray for God to bring the right person way for marriage, I have been waiting on God on this for many years and I know He is faithful.

  355. Thank you Jamie, you and your ministry are such a BLESSING to me!!! Thank you and God Bless you ABUNDANTLY!!!
    Please pray for me, my prayer requests are given below:
    1. A Godly spouse for me (I’m over 50, never married and still waiting for God’s perfect spouse for me)
    2. Salvation for my parents and Brother and his family
    3. I built a house but still to complete and live in it. I want to live in it with my Husband.
    4. Breakthrough and promotion in office as the present management is persecuting me.
    Thank you so much and God Bless You!!!

  356. Prayering for a financial breakthrough and a permanent employment and for a house

  357. Please pray for complete healing & stability in my daughter’s mind & life… depression / mental illness is trying to take over

  358. Renee Ziegler says:

    Prayer for wisdom with other avenues of income.
    Family salvation
    Husband’s healing.

  359. Ruwani Wickramaratna says:

    Dear Jamie

    Thank you for praying.This Ministry has been a Huge Blessing for me and have shared with many others.

    Fiance james and I have lost everthing..We are in a Huge debt situation.I have been out of work for 4 years.

    Pls pray for speedy deliverance from debt
    Finances..Regular Income
    James Business for JESUS to be a success
    A Home of our own/marriage
    Salvation of Family-My elderly Parents
    I also have a broken relationship with my father and I desire restoration.
    Also Ministry Portion.

    7 Fold Restoration of ALL lost.

    Thank you so much for praying
    GOD Bless you in abundance


  360. Renu Tupper says:

    Jamie i need an urgent financial miracle n breakthrough.. I want to be debt free and I want to stop begging to survive…I have such a heaviness ..haven’t laughed in years..pls I beg u pray for me..

  361. This is what I have been asking God for. That He will save my husband. Bring him back to Him. That He will restore our marriage and family (my husband thought a divorce would make him happy) and that while I am waiting on the Lord that He will provide another stream of income for myself and our children. I need breakthrough in my husband’s salvation, our marriage restoration and finances. Thank you Jamie!

  362. Sasha Nair says:

    Hi Jamie
    Pls pray for my son s forthcoming exam ( Master s Program – Medicine). It has been delayed for a year now because of Covid. No more delays – he will sit and pass the exam in Jesus name.


  363. Simone Perch says:

    Grace and peace to you, your husband, son and family, Jamie. May God bless you in the thousand-fold realm according to Deuteronomy 1:11. I’m praying Numbers 6:24-26 over you and your kindred. Blessings, today and always

  364. I am praying that God will restore my husbands desire to be stronger in the Lord and not rely on his own understanding, for peace in the workplace and direction for what God would have me to do next.

  365. God bless you Jamie.Thank you so much for praying for me.please pray I move forward to win souls. For land or building given for church and the abuse centre fully paid for .To write my books. Kingdom spouses for my two sons Tim an tyron.Healing for Timothy. My licence Baysie court case dismissed
    Finish my destiny .Love you

  366. Please pray for me I’m a single mom, pray for god to bless us with our own home huge 2 car garage 5 bedrooms 3 plus bath…good schools / neighbors, peaceful area lots of land my daughter is learning to drive please pray god give me patiences to teach her, my son complete healing from ADHD heal him Jesus I break every stronghold that’s binding him mind body soul break him free lord

  367. Renu Tupper says:

    Dear Jamie.. I beg of you…pls pls pls pray for cancelation of debt or a way abundant o reflow of financial miracle..I dont want to enter 2022 a beggar..such a heavy heart since January 2020..cant talk or laugh with my children..pls pray for a miracle dear sister.
    God bless u

  368. Please pray for me that I would get a real job soon because I have been out of job almost a year and I need to work as I have 2 school going children. Please pray that the LORD will fix my family situation right now. I also have to take my elderly parents.
    I also have problem with my eldest child who is 22 years old but still rebel like a teenager and she hates me saying I never take care of her and she is very rude. Please pray she will change her attitude.

  369. Walter Lovett II says:

    I am asking for prayer as well as agreement for financial increase and funding for my Christian comic book series, The Watcher. The money and funding that I am asking for would help with creating more art and visual content (hiring artists) , since I do not draw (only write) and would also allow me to transition to doing it full-time without putting a big financial strain on my wife. My hearts desire is to do this full-time as a ministry job. I am also asking God for two additional things. I am asking that he also bring me divine connections that can help propel my walk with HIM as well as connections that will help advance the book series into a film or animated series. Lastly I have asked God for the gift of teaching and prophecy. The book series is a teaching tool and I desire to use it to teach people about God. Can you please pray with me that God grants me these gifts for his kingdom?

    Thank You,


    Sustained Financial Increase
    Divine-Kingdom Connections
    Gifts of Teaching and Prophecy

  370. Carla Y Lane says:

    Hi Jamie,
    Need Prayer for legal counsel regarding knee implant failures. Had surgery Four years ago, any the implants has failed.
    Divine Kingdom Connections, and a place where I can serve.
    Paid for home.

  371. Salvation and filling with the holy spirit for my children and my husband
    -to obey and follow the Lord and to overcome; to fast and to eat in a good way
    – godly friends
    -godly dreams and sweet sleep

  372. I need a husband, and healing and deliverance for my son Israel, I also need to know his plan for me


    Pray for me for a wife, sustained financial increase and for God to reveal to me my purpose in his Kingdom/divine mandate.

  374. CICILY K FOUSE says:

    📖Let marriage be held in honor among all and the marriage bed kept undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterers.
    Hebrews 13:4 TLV🙏🏾

  375. *Marriage Restoration
    *Financial Prosperity, Blessing and Increase to build Generational wealth
    *Family Salvation and release from all negative emotions (to seek God and serve Him)
    *Paid-For Forever Home
    *Family Bonding/Love/Forgiveness

  376. Josephine says:

    I am trusting God for more children and for a breakthrough. I pray to God for resources to start a business, something I can run myself and will love to do and for God’s hand to be in that business.
    May God break all strongholds, curses, chains, bandages upon me, revive and deliver me today now and forever.
    I also pray for my children to pass their forthcoming exams. May they excel abundantly and exceedingly beyond my and their expectations.


  377. Dawn Schultz says:

    Please pray for favor on my son’s sentencing and that we can provide all the medical documentations relating to his TBI and that God will grant him house arrest.

  378. Jennifer Botes says:

    My daughter who l adopted at age 5years weighing 12 lbs,dying of ahivAids,turned 21,in May,its a miracle she’s alive,5 weeks ago left home,she’s staying with ungodly people, hasn’t taken her medication for 3 weeks,l believe this is a plot of satan to destroy her and me.We also need a permanent home and a monthly income

  379. Hi, Jamie, Please pray for fairness in the allocation of work hours for part-time employees and that my loyalty will be honored by that.
    Thank you.

  380. Please pray that monies owed to me will be paid to me speedily. I have been waiting for finances to come through for me since April.
    Thank you.

  381. Patricia Quarles says:

    Please pray that money owed me will be released to improve my finances.
    Thank you.

  382. Praying for COS for a job to come out soon,Meet my life partner this year and settlement in all areas of my life/family in Jesus name I pray amen.

  383. Hi Jamie,
    Please pray for favor in business transactions, restoration of my family, protection, provision and increased wisdom and discernment in every situation but especially spiritual warfare.


  384. Faithful7 says:

    Prayer for marriage restoration, financial breakthrough and healing on health issues. In Jesus name o stand and trust

  385. Bobbie Jo says:

    Greetings Jamie
    Please pray for my husband Matthew to come back to the Lord and I’m in need for full-time employment to help us to get out of Dept.

  386. Tasmin Hamilton says:

    Good day. My name is Tasmin Hamilton.
    I am a Christian and it was a joy for me to pray. I am not praying much any more. I am either sleepy or tired. I miss my prayer life so much. There are so many thoughts that I find it difficult to meditate, when I read the word or hear a sermon I don’t remember.
    I was working in a production company, they told lies on me, I was repeatedly laid off. I got frustrated and left without getting a cent. I went to legal aid for them to look into the situation and help me but it has been over a year now and I’m not hearing anything from them.
    My two daughters are backsiders and my two sons don’t know the love of Jesus.
    Everytime I start something I have to stop mainly because of financial setbacks. I tell God over and over that I am frustrated. I am not spiritually strong and this is going on for a long time.
    Please help me pray.

    1. Hi Tasmin. It sounds to me like forgiveness could be a big key to your situation. If what those people did to you still hurts, that means that you haven’t completely forgiven them. You can find our prayer of total forgiveness here to help you, if you want.
      The life and power of Jesus will flow back into you as soon as you forgive. But if you do not forgive, neither will God forgive your sins, and you will be cut off from the fullness of the Lord’s power operating in you.

  387. Hello Jamie,

    I am for a promotion at work, been working hard but they keep overlooking me. Seems like something just goes wrong when my breakthrough is about to manifest and they find reasons not to give me promotion. Please pray with so this dark cloud hanging over me can go away.

    May this come to Pass, in Jesus name Amen

  388. Halima Abubakar says:

    I am lawyer and have been out of work for a while now I am believing God to get remote work online and be paid in dollars and pounds so I can pay off my debts and my rent and my children fees and have a sustainable income to do God’s work

  389. Desperately Need prayers for complete and total healing and restoration for my daughter with drug addiction.
    We need miracle money breakthrough on the many projects that my husband has been working so hard on. We need to be payed now.
    I need help and energy, wisdom and discernment in dealing with and caring for 3 family members who depend on me.

  390. A Bacchus says:

    Pray for me to endure to the end for Jesus and for my family,friends and enemies to be saved in Jesus name AMEN….For my family and friends who are saved pray for them to endure to the end as much as me and for their fire to increase more and more in these last days in Jesus name AMEN….Pray for my fire to increase more and more in these last days in Jesus name….Pray for lost souls to come to Christ and for backsliders to come back to Christ in Jesus name AMEN….Pray for my Sis in Christ fire to increase more and more in these last days as well….Pray for my Sis in Christ and I for our prayers to be answered in Jesus name and that everything good and truthful especially everything good we say will come to pass in Jesus name AMEN….Everything good and truthful especially things that are good for our lives will come to pass in Jesus name AMEN….Pray for my Sis in Christ and I to be vindicated in Jesus name and all our prayers to be answered in Jesus name AMEN….Thank you Jesus….Thank you Lord….Credit goes to God….God is awesome and wonderful….He is worthy to be praised….God is good….

  391. A Bacchus says:

    Pray for me to endure to the end for Jesus and for my family,friends and enemies to be saved in Jesus name AMEN….For my family and friends who are saved pray for them to endure to the end as much as me and for their fire to increase more and more in these last days in Jesus name AMEN….Pray for my fire to increase more and more in these last days in Jesus name….Pray for lost souls to come to Christ and for backsliders to come back to Christ in Jesus name AMEN….Pray for my Sis in Christ fire to increase more and more in these last days as well….Pray for my Sis in Christ and I for our prayers to be answered in Jesus name and that everything good and truthful especially everything good we say will come to pass in Jesus name AMEN….Everything good and truthful especially things that are good for our lives will come to pass in Jesus name AMEN….Pray for my Sis in Christ and I to be vindicated in Jesus name and all our prayers to be answered in Jesus name AMEN….Thank you Jesus….Thank you Lord….Credit goes to God….God is awesome and wonderful….He is worthy to be praised….God is good….
    and enemies to be saved in Jesus name AMEN….

  392. Please pray for me to be pregnant. I want to be a mom so bad! Thank you truly

  393. Viola Cleo Bradshaw says:

    I’d like prayer because: Prayers are requested for healing Viola-Cleo Bradshaw. Healing needs include: depression, sleep disorder, insomnia, eyesight, and for a broken nose, needs peace,  heal center of consciousness, brainstem, heal my Akashic records, they need clearing, and lift up Cordelia Vogel,  heal her mind, heart trouble and family tree. Include in the pastor’s daily prayers and on your prayer chain and list for 6 MONTHS.

  394. DHUHANTIQUAN says:

    I pray that no one who say I hope this work defeat a man who pray and give his faith to god a 100 percent I pray that no harm be done to my soul I don’t want to fight nor be violent to anyone god no if a man choose boxing as a sport it’s not negative by being obedient to self and sport so please lord keep me away from all devilsh traps all devilsh downfalls anyone have in there soul or have free will for failure with my name on it I pray for exiting to live a godly life I will love to utilize my mind in another way then I am daily so please lord answer my prays u sit high never look low so u understanding all my prays I pray to u for so consider my footsteps that u will have for me to be planed different in ur book of my life please lord all my prayers answer in jesus name amen 🙏

  395. Thank you Jamie for your incessant prayers for us. Please join me to pray for
    1) the Lord to give me back me back my hope and joy; and use me
    2) the God of miracles, restoration, healing and wondrous things to deliver my 2 sons out of the pit of deep despair and destruction back to Him, to the faith that I may find relief and that my joy may be full (my 2 sons have strayed from the faith/gone into captivity into the distant land of the enemy and are now live meaningless, purposeless lives). He is the God who creates new destinies and brings back the dead to life.
    3)the Holy Spirit to help me and my sons fulfill the unique purposes and plans of God for our lives without reproach but with joy unspeakable, and steafastness and humility of hear, in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
    Dear Jamie can please help me with a prayer plan to continue interceeding for my 2 adult prodigal sons? Thank you so much. Blessings. Rose

  396. Bobbie Jo says:

    Please pray for my spouse Matthew and I. We have been in a financial crisis ever since Matthew had a heart attack on my birthday back in April. He lost his job and I only work part-time. He has found a job but it doesn’t pay the bills and rent.
    Please pray I find a full-time position and Matthew comes back to the Lord.
    Thank you and God Bless.

  397. Thank you for praying for us.
    I need the Lord to move on the following;
    1. My health to be restored.
    2. To be blessed with my husband and house
    3. To bless my candidacy (The Lord said I can do it)
    4. To bless my family & especially our children without their parents.
    5.For the salvation of my nieces, nephews
    6. For supernatural favor on my jobs,businesses & community

  398. Please pray for our family. We are in a deep financial crisis and several members of our household are battling severe health crises at the moment. My husband and I are providing support as our adult children are walking these difficult pathways. Our son-in-love received a dual transplant last year, while our youngest daughter is being placed on the waiting list for a dual transplant next year. Our special needs grandson will have reconstructive surgery next month (January 2024). We are now a household of nine, which includes 6 adults and 3 young children. The juggling acts of schools, meals, keeping food stocked and our utilities are taxing on us. The bills have snowballed in recent months and it feels like we are under siege like Samaria and Jerusalem in the scriptures. However, God assigned all of them to our home, which he said would become a sanctuary. So, we get up each day, pray, and keep going. We had planned to retire again in another year and a half. Our greatest prayer focus has been that they would turn to God and away from the occult practices that they were drawn into after leaving Christianity in their teens, but we need financial help as well.

  399. I pray my future kingdom spouse…I am praying for God led relationship to come into my life

  400. Praying for justice for the prolonged job search, mounting debt, legal issues. Please give Judge Freeman wisdom. Thank you, Jamie

  401. In desperate need of financial breakthrough and provision so that we can pay bills and help mom and family.
    Salvation for our children
    Health issues

  402. A couple of months ago, I reunited with a childhood friend, Ron, who I became emotionally close to (no physical contact, which he respected).
    I began to share my faith in Christ with him, and he was open to it, but then suddenly after he admitted some skeletons from his past, he shut down
    and decided he couldn’t live up to the man he wanted to be for me. He took off and I never heard from him again. I tried to contact him, but he ignored my
    email. I’ve been pleading the blood of Jesus over him three times a day and binding and casting out all Satanic entities while loosing the Holy Spirit over him,
    and praying for reassurance from God that Ron is ok. He thinks very low of himself but doesn’t seem to realize he is a prime position to receive the Lord. I miss him every day and my heart aches with loneliness.

  403. Thank you for praying for me. Please pray for my future husband to come into my life asap! Health to be restored, Financial breakthrough, family issues resolved, new job and my best friends salvation. Thankyou

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