Encouraging Word: Don’t Let Fear Win Today

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I want to encourage you today from my own process. And I don’t mind sharing my own process because ain’t nobody immune to the trials of this world, and my call is to teach. To do that, I have to be transparent.

So here’s my question for you:

Ever feel like you’re spiritually bipolar?

You know: Standing firm in faith one minute, hit with the darts of the enemy and feeling very, very afraid the next minute? And so on … over and over until you see God break through?

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    I feel that way sometimes. That used to be every day for me, but God sent me through a multi-year season of refining fire to burn that instability off me …

    … ​mostly​.

    Sometimes it still surfaces, and that’s when I know the Lord is working on another layer. #facepalm

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    But you can’t give in to fear.

    Even if things look really, really bad …

    Even if the devil is whispering lies in your ear about how God’s not going to come through for you this time, and you’re finished, and (in my case), the devil is telling you you’re going to have to leave the ministry and get another job in order to support your family …

    … Even if “the facts” give you lots of reasons to worry, if you look at them …

    You can’t do that. You HAVE to keep your eyes on Jesus.

    Faith is a CHOICE. Standing firm in faith is a CHOICE. Standing firm in spiritual warfare is a choice. And you have to get out your spiritual weapons in order to fight the good fight ​of faith.

    Your spiritual weapons include:

    • Speaking the Word over your situation. That’s what I’ve been doing, even when I don’t feel very excited about it. You grind it out because you have to. It’s what you do to stay alive.
    • The prayer of agreement. Our staff is tired and busy, preparing to host a local men’s Bible study event in our offices on Thursday and Friday. But, we’re going to have a prayer meeting this morning in the office, like we do every day, and contend once again for a miracle today. There’s comfort AND spiritual power when the saints agree together in prayer.
    • Fasting. Already doing that, and we’re starting our corporate 21-day fast tomorrow.
    • Giving. Very often, when my back’s against the wall, I don’t know what else to do but give–so I give even out of my lack, sowing a seed to proverbially stab the devil in the eye; but somehow the Lord always comes through.
    • Soaking in the Word. I woke up after sleeping only 3 hours last night, and felt led to go pray and read the Word. The Lord really ministered to me through His Word (Psalms 50-56, read them) 🙂 … but it took a few hours to receive that comfort. Then, I finally went back to sleep. I’m tired, but in times like these, I need God more than I need sleep.

    Friend, don’t let fear have the victory today. YOU are victorious in Christ Jesus.

    Use your spiritual weapons, even if you don’t feel like it. You are MORE than a conqueror through Christ Jesus who loves you. Today is not going to be the day God chooses to get off His throne and cease being God in order to be unfaithful to you.

    He who promised is faithful.

    Stand firm in that, even when every appearance is against you. And confess with your mouth: Let God be true and every man a liar.

    Love in Jesus,



    1. Powerful great word of encouragement God bless

    2. Yes, the devil is a liar! He tried to get me in fear too. I was up early and prayed and read as well and tried to go back to sleep, but I was too cold. I realized his tricks when I asked God what lie I was believing. I knew he would try something because today is a day of increased activity in his realm. Praise God that he didn’t win, and reading this really helped confirm his tactics. I love you friend and I’m praying for you and your ministry and family 💗. Jesus already won. We stand united together for Him 💖🌈🙌. I’m declaring this truth for all believers.

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