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In the last few days, the Lord has spoken a number of prophetic words for people in our community. I wanted to share 6 of them, for any word that encourages you is for you too, even if it wasn’t originally issued to you. 🙂 Click here to read more about how to know if a prophetic word is for you.

Without further ado, please read these 6 brief prophetic words for today, and be encouraged:

Word 1:

“You tried one time and thought you didn’t succeed because someone told you it wasn’t going to work out. However, it is time for you to try again,” says the Lord. “I am the one who ordains times and seasons, and I have ordained that you should succeed–and succeed today!

My success will come rushing upon you when you do not expect it; even when you have resigned yourself to failure. Stop resigning yourself to anything less than complete victory, however, My child; for I meant it when I said that you are MORE than a conqueror through My Son who loves you and gave Himself for you! Victory is your portion, and success is your inheritance,” says the Father who loves you.

Word 2:

“Everywhere I look, I see you and My great love for you. The birds sing to Me of you; the trees whisper your name to Me. I am with you always, and I am always thinking of you and of how special you are to Me–and of how MUCH I love you!

You are My beloved, and I am giddy with joy over My plans for your life. Please don’t think you’re forgotten–ever. I am quiet sometimes, but I am always with you–and I am always ready to talk with you at a millisecond’s notice!

I dwell within you and am fighting for you, and nothing about you is lost on Me,” says the Lord. “Remember My great and abiding love for you, and for every part of your life!”


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Word 3:

“Don’t let the trials get you down. Sometimes a trial is just that–a learning process that teaches you what pastures to pursue for all the things I am growing in you.

A trial is not a mistake; it is an experiment. And now at this juncture I am aligning you with My path of beauty, even when My beauty feels barren to you. Look closely for the fruit; it is there, and it is beautiful! But My fruit in this season may be quieter than you expect. Nevertheless, I am shoring up your foundation while we grow and move together.

You are My witness,” says the Lord, “and we are going to have fun together in this season! My delight is in you, and your name shall be ‘Married,'” says the Father of lights!

Word 4:

“I am coming ’round the bend like a racecar on a mission to help you. Your engines have sputtered, but they have not broken down–and now you will receive new life like the racer you are! I am birthing speed in you, and am gifting you with acceleration,” says the Lord.

“Time is short on this earth, but you still have an assignment with Me, and I will see that you fulfill it! Do not fear; with long life I will satisfy you, and will show you My salvation (Psalm 91)!”

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Word 5:

“I have received the pouring out of your heart as the oil of incense unto Myself. I have heard your every prayer, your every cry, and every beat of your heart–even when you didn’t have words to put your pain, and your emotions and desires, into words that felt adequate. I am honoring it all,” says the Lord.

“You will soon find that your worship has opened doors for you, for I move greatly on behalf of them who love Me. I am with you to make your dreams come true; don’t be afraid of the process, even when it is slow,” says the Lord. “Do not despise the day of small beginnings, for inside one germ of wheat is found a whole harvest over time!”

Word 6:

“Some things that you think are My best for you actually do not have your best interest in mind. I am standing between you and things that are not worthy of you, just like I sent My angel with the flaming sword to keep Adam and Eve from walking down a path that would not be right for their eternal good.

Trust Me with open doors and closed doors at the same time. As for your open doors, they are bright with the full spectrum of My glory. I am making My full glory available to you for the asking, and you will look back and find that everything happened as it should,” says the Lord.

“Your future is bright; better days are ahead!” says the Father. “Look to Me and find wisdom for your future days!”

Did any of these words speak to your heart today? If so, leave a comment below!

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  1. Awesome a lot of them felt like they were for me. Thanks for sharing God bless you Amen

  2. They all resonated with me. I can keep my head up and keep going with these wonderful words from the Father, through you, Jamie. Thank you for being so sensitive to the Holy Spirit. It is much appreciated.

    1. Bruce Cashmere says:

      Yes thank you those words spoken right into my heart of encouragement.

  3. Amen Hallelujah!!! I believe In Jesus Christ Name I have confidence In You Lord Thank You for Your prophetic words to me through Your servant Jammie.It is done

  4. Irma Nortje says:


  5. I felt connected to each one. I have been going through a lot trials and tribulations this season but I refuse to let go of his unchanging hand.

  6. Buhle Sibanda says:

    Amen those words have touched my heart and I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ for His name endures forever

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