Why Getting Offended Blocks the Anointing

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Why Getting Offended Blocks the Anointing | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.com

Have you ever heard someone say that “getting offended blocks the anointing?” Have you been skeptical or even unsure about what this means? If so, I want to talk with you about this today–because this one truth could literally save the rest of your walk with the Lord.

Have you ever gotten upset about something, or gotten your feelings hurt, and just KNEW that you were in the right before God?

And then had the Holy Spirit convict you later that you were actually really, really wrong?

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    I have. More than once.


    So why don’t we know it right away when we’re wrong? Why do we allow ourselves to go through horrible situations and total nightmares before we finally listen to the convicting voice of the Holy Spirit?

    Because we can’t hear God when we’re offended. Getting offended blocks the anointing.

    It’s sad but true.

    Why? How does getting offended keep us from hearing God?

    Because we’re not paying attention to God. It’s as if He is broadcasting on FM radio, but we’re tuned into AM radio. Our offenses become static in the airwaves, and we literally cannot hear Him.

    Allowing ourselves to get offended puts our pride, our ego, and our emotions between us and God. And anything that comes between you and God is static in the airwaves.

    See, God has specific principles–rules, even–for how He wants us to handle offensive situations. These rules include:

    • Do not allow yourself to be provoked (1 Corinthians 13:5).
    • Always believe the best of every person (1 Corinthians 13:5).
    • Love covers a multitude of sins (1 Peter 4:8).
    • Love your enemies, and do good to those who hate you (Luke 6:27).
    • Bless those who curse you (Luke 6:28).
    • Pray for those who spitefully use you (Luke 6:28).
    • Forgive, and you will be forgiven (Luke 6:37).
    • If you do not forgive those who hurt you, your Father in Heaven won’t forgive you either (Mark 11:26).

    But when we find ourselves getting offended, we’re not listening to the Lord.

    Instead, we’re allowing our emotions to dictate how we respond to a situation, instead of listening to what He commands us to do.

    And yet we are convinced that we’re right.

    The problem is that you and I are never right if what we “believe” or “feel” or “think” is contrary to the written Word of God.


    So if we think we’re right, but we can’t support it by the entirety of the Word IN CORRECT CONTEXT, we’re wrong. And the Holy Spirit tries to show us that so He can bring us back into right standing with Him.

    Holy Spirit always wants to clear the airwaves. He never wants us getting offended or staying that way.

    He always wants to bring reconciliation in every area. It is NEVER His will for His children to get offended or to harbor bitterness or unforgiveness.

    But will we listen?

    • Will we admit that, even if the situation wasn’t our fault, we sinned when we chose to get offended?
    • That we sinned when we chose to embrace bitterness and unforgiveness?
    • That we sinned when we choose to think about it and talk about it and think about it and talk about it and think about it and talk about it some more?

    Will we repent and extend the grace and forgiveness to others that we expect them to render to us?

    Will we be humble and teachable?

    I heard a pastor tell a story once about some folks in his church that gave him a hard time.

    They hated him and let him know it, too. But finally the Lord told my pastor to go to these people and make things right. Pastor had done no wrong, but the Lord told him to make it right anyway. So he went to them and, in the sermon, he broke down and cried as he told us what he said to them:

    “I’m sorry I haven’t loved you like I ought to.”

    And he told us that that one, heartfelt apology broke the situation and brought reconciliation.

    Have you loved like you ought to?

    And if not, won’t you make things right today?

    Reconcile. Forgive. Let the offenses go, I beg you. Walk in love and forgiveness, and allow the Holy Spirit to restore His anointing on your life.

    Beloved, getting offended blocks the anointing. There are no two ways around it. However, if you find ourselves getting offended, it’s easy to get un-offended …

    When we forgive.

    When we love.

    When we humble ourselves.

    What will you do today?

    Is Holy Spirit speaking to your heart through this word? If so, leave a comment below! I love hearing from you!


    1. Please pray for me through this difficult time

      1. AMEN thank YOU LORD please help me to do what ever You command Lord in JESUS name.

        Thank you Jamie I felt that please pray for me at this moment I feel like I don’t know what is happening around me and why please pray for my difficulties.

      2. Judith Makunga says:

        Thank you Jamie for sharing this is true its one area I find myself thinking I have overcome it when inactual fact I have not.

        1. Please pray for me in this area i need Father to heal my heart and mind thank you Holy Spirit thank Jamie for this word..

        2. I have actually not love enough. As the brakes I will reconcile with the family that is always not in support of what I am doing. Thanks so much.

      3. Prophet, Mary Robinson says:

        All I can say is Lord God I am so sorry that I got offended by something someone said on yesterday. Please forgive me.

        Prophet Robinson.

      4. Sonya Gray says:

        WOW,yup….Holy Spirit convicted me as I was reading this.i hadn’t even read the whole thing,and he let me know exactly why I’ve felt blocked and down lately.Thank you so much for this message.plz pray for me on this.praise God now I know👏🙌🙏😁

    2. This is so true! I know from experience that forgiveness and overlooking another’s offense is the best way. It’s God’s way.

    3. Charles Ochei says:

      Thank you Jamie for this instruction/,exhortation. I am reminded: it is convenient to look outward on others failings rather than judge oneself first.

    4. Thank you so much for this word…

    5. Thank you Holy spirit, please help me. Thank you Jamie

    6. Amen and amen.. This sermon was meant for me and Holy spirit has lead me to read it so that I can forgive those who have offended me and still offends me.. Lord Almighty God I ask you for forgiveness of my sins and iniquities have committed knowingly and unknowingly, cleanse me father.. I forgive those who offends me and provoke me.. Lord keep my heart clean from hunger, from being harsh and keep away from people with negative thoughts of offending in Jesus Mighty name I pray and I believe 🙏🙏

    7. God…. This is calling out to me. How can I forgive people who want me and my family dead because of property. How can I get close to people who are blatantly lying with manipulation of the truth.
      I sincerely don’t want any harm to come to these people but on the other hand I do not want to associate in any way with them because I stand the chance of becoming a Martyre.
      Dear Jamie am I offending God by moving on from such persons? or do I in the name of forgiveness allow them to destroy me and my family.
      How do I treat such unrepentant enemies without failing God?.

      1. Annette White says:

        This word was for me!!! Please pray with me as I struggle with being easily offended. Thank you for your obedience to the Holy Spirit as you step out in faith each day and write what is sometimes the HARD TRUTH. Blessings

    8. Thank you for this message. I forget how my actions affect others. In this time of pandemic, it’s easy to think we ‘re justified in speaking out dislike of the method God yes, God uses to clean up the earth and our own lives. So we Stand before a Holy God asking to be “shriven”, thus forgiven. Amen

    9. Nadia Slater says:

      Hi 👋 Jamie I am so thankful for your teachings of the things I have done and was convinced that I have been doing the right thing, Thank you Jesus for your teachings through your servant,oh how you love me so much, that you want me to know and do the right thing, Thank you Jesus, Thank you Jamie 💖

    10. Crystal hill says:

      Thank you Holy spirit, please help me. Thank you Jamie Lord i asked you to forgive me for all my sins and help me to forgive others that who did me wrong is hard because when you know someone treating you bad and doing you dirty behind your back how can you forgive them but I pray this day to ask God to heal my heart because I want to receive all my blessings I love everybody

    11. Akua Vera says:

      Dear Jamie,
      Thank you a million. Yes, yes Lord, I have sinned against you. Holy Spirit, I ask that you forgive me all my sins and help me in the journey and process of forgiving heart. Grant me a heart that love and forgive even in this difficult time and situation. Show me a way out of it all and grant me peace. Direct my thought to stay on you and you alone and help me to remain silent in the tones of provocation. Thank you Lord for hearing me and answered prayer.
      Glory be to you Lord!!.

    12. I am letting all offenses go and walking in forgiveness, for that is truly where I will find FREEDOM!!
      Thank you for being a blessing in my life. May God richly bless you.

    13. Ruwani Gayatri Wickramaratna says:

      Jamie This is an awesome Message…Yes Battling it all the time…cos I live in a Home where there is Constant provocation….and its Constant…I Live with my aged Parents…..and their 2 Caregivers……Lot of underhand sabotage etc……going on……Please JESUS Pls help me in this area of my Life Dear GOD….Pls Help James /Jamie as I call him too to deal with Spirit of offense..In the Mighty Name of JESUS I bind and cast it off..Amen.

    14. Hi Jamie,

      Can you explain more what Anointing means? Is it possible for a believer to not receive an anointing? What does it mean when the Holy Spirit anoints you? Does that mean your chosen to do something for God ?

      Thank you

      1. Hi there,

        Great questions. The “anointing” is when Holy Spirit sits on you to accomplish a thing.

        Yes, it’s possible for a believer not to be very anointed. The level of anointing you carry has to do with how close to Jesus you are, and how much you obey God. If you don’t obey God and aren’t close to Him, you won’t be anointed. The anointing is something you have to treasure and cherish and sacrifice total control of your life for at all times. (It’s worth it, though.)

        Everyone is chosen to do something for God. Only a few will actually care or obey His call, though. Isn’t that sad? I hope you will be one of the few who cares and obeys His call, fully performing His purpose for your life!

    15. Hmmm. Lord have mercy. Holy Spirit be my helper to put away any annoyance in my life. 🙏🙏
      Bless you Jamie for sharing this message.

    16. Mellany Koff says:

      Hi jamie
      Thank you for this word it’s so true in my life at the moment I am getting offended and annoyed with my family please pray for me.

      1. Thank you Jamie, had an overnight but experienced total spiritual dryness and negative emotions & offensive thoughts all night but I really want to Thank the Holy Spirit for intervening & making me realize my sin against my God.please pray for me it’s weighing me down

    17. Thankyou Jamie you are a blessing,
      I find I do get offended quite easily over small things you have opened my eyes through what God is speaking to you

    18. IRMA NORTJE says:

      Amen, help our family Lord to forgive, overcome the offenses of the past. reconcile, restore healthy Godly relationships. thank you beloved Ps Jamie

    19. Elizabeth says:

      Wow!!!! I am facing right now with my husband.Thank you so much for revealing me this message.Will do it right now..I need reconciliation through His Powerful Name.

    20. Mrs. Sherly Dsouza says:

      All Glory and Praise to Our Father, who gave us free salvation to eternity through Jesus Christ. Yet we forget, HIS the painful death for our sins.
      Sister Jamie, you are the prophetess of this age, I, am always and on time convicted by our message as you teach Holy Spirit inspired words.
      A few hours ago, I just said “SORRY” to at least 3 of my family and friends which brought more grace n peace..God bless you, Sis Jamie for helping us lean og God’s word.

    21. Yup just happened but repented quickly and forgiveness because I know what blessings I need to breakthrough. Prayer for mercy and to keep a humble spirit, mind, mood and attitude. Thanks jamie!

    22. Annette White says:

      I’m dealing with a situation sort of like the pastor you mentioned in your blog. Two years ago, my youngest sons wife said that I made comments about her that I know is untrue. This isn’t the first time that she’s done this to family or friends, but everyone seems to be happy that it’s not them that they appear to have forgotten about her doing this in past relationships. It hurt me to my core and when I denied it, the result was that I can’t see my grandchildren. I’ve prayed about it, and continue praying about it for more than 2 years. I’ve asked the Lord if there’s any forgiveness in my heart or even anger towards them. Although, I’m confident that I didn’t do this, I was wondering, how should I approach this matter? As each year rolls by, it’s causing a deeper divide in my family, especially since I’m a widow and I’m the only paternal grandparent. It’s made it extremely difficult for holidays, special occasions and events. They’re saying horrible things about me, but I’ve been waiting on the Lord to vindicate me. How do I move forward for my families sake?

    23. James Tucker says:

      Hello Jamie, can you please Pray for my mother Anita Tucker, and myself on this issue it would really be beneficial. Thank you very much and may God Bless you and your family and Ministry.

    24. Wow Thanks Jamie this was touching, it was a word for me I can be easily offended and sometimes I struggle with forgiving now I know it blocks my anointing I will definitely work on that area of my life

    25. Iva Leacock says:

      Oh, thank you so much Jamie for this powerful message, please pray for me that I will be able to forgive and teach me how to do so.
      I really needed to hear and receive this message.
      God Bless you and your ministry/ family.

    26. Tiffany Thompson says:

      Thank you for the reminder. I appreciate the scriptures to back up the importance of not allowing offense to rule our lives. Instead it is important that we follow God’s principals. After all he knows best and wants the best for us always. Thanks again.

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