Giveaway: Supernatural Grace for Glorious Fasting

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The-Supernatural-Grace-for-Glorious-Fasting-by-Jamie-Rohrbaugh-300x300Beloved readers,
The Lord told me to do a giveaway today. It goes along with today’s Presence Seekers University equipping assignment that I just sent out via email a few minutes ago.

I don’t do product giveaways very often, and there are very good reasons for that:

  • First, Proverbs 31 tells me that my products should be profitable. Business done God’s way should earn a profit.
  • Secondly, teachings and books take huge amounts of my time to study for, prepare, and produce, and the worker is worthy of her hire (1 Timothy 5:8).
  • Third, it costs a lot of money to keep this blog online, and product sales really help pay those expenses.
  • And fourth–the most important thing to me, and the BIGGEST reason I rarely give products away–is that I have learned from mentoring and teaching that people value things more–and therefore get more out of them–when they invest in those products themselves. And I want you to get every bit of revelation out of all my teachings that the Lord can possibly give you. 🙂

But sometimes the Lord just wants to bless His people. And today He told me He wants to bless some people.

So, the giveaway.

To further inspire you after the Presence Seekers University equipping assignment I just emailed out, I’m giving away 10 copies of my downloadable MP3 teaching entitled The Supernatural Grace for Glorious Fasting.

In this teaching, I tell stories about what God has done in past revivals through fasting, how He has worked in my life through fasting, and how He can give you the supernatural grace to fast EASILY. Fasting does NOT have to be hard!

I believe this teaching will bless you. So for 10 of you, it’s free today. This offer is available today and tomorrow only. To get your copy, go to this link:

And enter the code “azusa” (no quotation marks) at checkout. It will take the entire price of $4 off your order, and your card will not be charged.

Ready? Go for it! My Gumroad shopping cart will allow for 10 free downloads. Only one per person, please. 🙂

Have a wonderful day!

In Christ,

If you have listened to this teaching and been blessed by it, would you leave a comment below? I’d love to hear how the Lord spoke to you about fasting. Thanks!


  1. Thank you for this offering, Jamie.

    1. My pleasure. I pray Papa would use it to bless and inspire you! Have a wonderful night!

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