God Is Restoring You BETTER Than You Were Before

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God Is Restoring You Better Than You Were Before | Prophetic Word by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comBeloved, are you in the middle of a period of great loss right now? If so, the Lord wants you to know: “I am restoring you BETTER than you were before!”

This is what the Lord showed me:

Starting in the summer of 2015, many of God’s people began experiencing great losses. The losses you felt were brutal and beyond your wildest imagination; you never dreamed anything so bad or so painful would happen to you. However, like dominos, valuable things in your life fell away one after the other as the enemy robbed you of what you held dear.

The losses didn’t last forever. After awhile, there was nothing left to strip. That season of loss ended abruptly in a way you had never planned on it ending.

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    For the past two years or so, you’ve been in a place where the Lord has been restoring you. However, you have missed the big point the Lord wants you to know today:

    The place where you are is not just a place of healing. It’s a place of restoration.

    In a place of restoration, according to the Biblical definition of the word “restore,” things actually become better than they ever were before. And the place in which you are is going to turn out BETTER for you than the old place ever would:

    • In the place where you are, you will have more joy.
    • You will have more peace.
    • You will have greater friendships.
    • You will walk in the ways of the Lord with more power and less hindrance than you ever knew possible.
    • You will hear the voice of the Lord behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it,” and you will be able to obey without resistance and without major obstacles.

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    The Lord wants you to know this today:

    “I am healing your life, but I am actually also redesigning your reality based on the fact that you won the battle. The enemy sent his most sinister forces against you, but you abode in Me and in My Word, and the enemy did not succeed.

    I realize that you thought the enemy did succeed, and it’s true that he stole some things from you. However, I allowed it to happen only because I had something so much better for you. The enemy played right into My hands as I can now force him to restore what was stolen seven times over.

    I have healed your heart, but you haven’t realized the journey you’ve been on.

    The journey you’ve been on has been steep and rocky, but you have been building muscles of faith. Now, you are so much different than you were before. The enemy does not even recognize you! I repeat, the enemy does not even recognize you because you look so much like Me!

    You stay hidden in Me as I walk you personally through the process of restoring you. Take a moment and have a look at what I am doing in your life:

    I am assigning new territory to you. The angels of Heaven are ascending and descending right now upon the ladder of your prayers–yes, even the prayers you have forgotten about. I have not forgotten about a single prayer you have prayed. I have been keeping those prayers in Heaven, and even now I am answering.

    New alignment is coming to you. New places–gates and doors–are opening to you in the Spirit right this minute. You have proven yourself a good and faithful servant, and you are entering right now into the joy of the Lord.

    Watch and see what I do as you enter a place of rest.

    The battlefield has been hard, but I am pulling you into a Holy Spirit spa. Even now, you feel it. Even now, you sense it. Even now, you can feel the pressure–including the pressure you put on yourself–falling off.

    Stay in this place of rest with Me. Make conscious decisions to rest and relax every day. Work hard, yes; but do even that from a place of resting in Me.

    Watch out for distractions.

    When I tell you to do something, do it without delay. Watch out for things that would pull you away from My instructions, for many are the devices of the wicked one. But I am a God of clarity, order, and rest. If you feel harried, it is not from Me. Go back to the place of rest and recalibrate your actions and your thinking.

    I am restoring you and building you right now, even as we speak.

    I am making you better. I am expanding your territory and making it fuller. I am EVEN NOW stretching out your tent pegs and enlarging the place of your tent. As it says in Isaiah 54:2-3:

    Enlarge the place of your tent, and let them stretch out the curtains of your dwellings; do not spare; lengthen your cords, and strengthen your stakes.

    For you shall expand to the right and to the left, and your descendants will inherit the nations, and make the desolate cities inhabited” (Isaiah 54:2-3).

    Even now, as I am restoring you, I am expanding your territory. I am preparing more joy for you than you have ever had before–and indeed, if you will look around you, you will notice that you are already in that place of more joy.

    I will not stop until I have rebuilt your life better than you could have ever dreamed.

    I am restoring you. I am committed to this, for My Son Jesus died on the cross to see your complete and total restoration. You are going up with My Spirit into territory that is uncharted for you, but is very familiar to Me.

    Restoration is the place where I dwell. I dwell in the BEST and the BETTER, and even in the BETTER THAN BEST. Those things that eye has not seen nor ear heard are the things I have for you.

    Ask Me daily to do things for you that you cannot imagine.

    Petition Me daily to do the things that you don’t even know to ask Me for. Then BELIEVE that I am doing them. And when you look at your situation right now, look and see that you are on the slope of My glory, being lifted over time into a better reality than you ever had before.

    The things that you lost will pale in comparison to what you are gaining RIGHT NOW.

    I am indeed restoring you better than you were before. I am rebuilding your life to an unrecognizable state, it will be so good.

    Look where you are now; yes, even now! And look back in time to four years ago. Could you have imagined then that you would be NOW where you are now? Your vision was so small! You had no idea where I would take you.

    Of course, you didn’t know the pain it would take to get there, either.

    I am sorry about that. The pain you experience is a result of the sinful world in which you live. But, it will not always be that way. You will always have challenges, but I am even now bringing such healing to your heart that you will forget the pain.

    Indeed, you will actually bless me for the pain you have endured–and you will say out loud, ‘I wouldn’t change a thing. Look at what I learned. Look at where the Lord brought me. Look at how He delivered me. Look at the glory He bestowed upon my life,’ and you will bless Me,” says the Lord.

    “I am with you always, even to the end of the world.

    You had no idea what it would take to get here, but you haven’t seen anything yet in comparison to the grandeur of what I desire to do for you. And I will keep going with My plan, child, as long as you keep cooperating with Me–which I know you will, for you are a good and faithful servant.

    Enter into My joy now, My child.

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    Delight in My joy. Revel in it. Enjoy the place where you are, knowing that I have given you this place of restoration as a good and perfect gift. I am the Father of lights, with whom there is no shadow of turning. I have not brought you this far to leave you; indeed, I am showing Myself to you now more than I ever did before.

    I can trust you now.

    I allowed you to be tried in a fire hotter than you thought you could stand. But, I knew you could stand it. I know what you are made of, for I formed you in your mother’s womb. I knit you together in secret, one cell at a time. I knew exactly what you could take, so I allowed the fire to be hot so it would burn the dross off of you all at once.

    You have endured well. I am proud of you. I delight in you, and you have My name, My esteem, and always My affection. But I want you to know that I am SO PROUD–of YOU. I am SO delighted in who you are to Me, and in who you have become. You have clean hands and a pure heart, and you will not lift your soul to another, nor swear deceitfully.

    Well done, good and faithful servant.

    Enter now into the joy of your Lord. Enjoy your restoration as I do, for I delight in both you and in restoring your life. You are the object of My delight, and you serve Me well. You warm My heart every single day, and I delight in you, My child.

    Love, Abba.”

    Does this word from the Father speak to your spirit? If so, please leave a comment below and let me know. I love hearing from you!


    1. I’m not sure if I chanced upon this post by accident or not since I subscribed to your blog (though I might not read every post all the time). The word that came to me earlier this year were – restoration and rejoice. But I’m currently at a place that seems rather hopeless, barren, in the wilderness. What seemed to be so promising at the start of the year, suddenly went downhill and it’s now filled with darkness, I can’t see light anymore. I’m frustrated and been questioning God “I’ve been obedient, why isn’t my situation changing?” I’m so demotivated at work now as a Financial Advisor, I stopped prospecting for new clients and even thinking of changing career, given that the big cases that seemed so promising were hijacked. I felt so wasted and wondered if I’m being punished due to my laziness. Will things ever change?

      1. Thank you so much for your prophetic ministry Jamie.. you actually spoke right through my situation when it first started in 2015. You prophetically and accurately described my situation and yes, God has restored me, and yes He is so so so good 😊all the time !!!
        Bless you!

        1. WEGOSASA STELLA says:

          first i want to thank you Jamie, i remember exposing my challenges to you guys, but now i have read several messages that defines my changing situation now, since then i used print,read,quote and etc a lot of ur messages until i got tired, i almost gave up on calling but i could remember what my daddy said one day that always appreciate the little u ve in ur life, i also learned the thanking God is importance no matter what? as long as u still breath, so whoever is in tough situation don’t give-up on GOD in fact he knows you, this above message its about me, it makes me tear of in the name of joy. brothen am the happiest person now for what God is doing for me.
          I have gotten a spouse,something that i ve given up on, God is blessing me, am happy. therefor God knows you, he knows ur situation, he knows whatever ur going through just trust in him, u will rejoice.thx

        2. I hope that I am doing this right. This message resonates with me. In 2016 I was introduced to a charlatan who I had been prophesied that I would meet(aka a millionaire) . I was homeless with my children at the time. I was desperate to get a home. He promised to help me buy a house.. I was shopping around for homes in the area that I wanted to stay in.. Long story short he swindled me out of $36,000, I lost almost everything my car, my storage, and my health. ( I worked non stop to earn the money that I was swindled out of.) I am thankful to God that I didn’t lose my children in the process. I now have my own car. I am still working on the home where I need to stay. But, the Lord has granted me rest. Just please 🙏 for my little family that we get to a home where we need to be.

      2. Jacqueline brown says:

        Thank you everything you said is right what I have gone through or going through.i thank God for your faithfulness and will bless this ministry soon God bless

        1. Victor Ibeziako says:

          Thank you so much Sister Jamie. I appreciate all you do for the kingdom of God. More grace to you. Could you please for me today is my 60th birthday.

      3. Babylin Salazar says:

        Wow I am so whelming for this message it’s for total restoration. Exactly what I am in experiencing the Lord is really talking to me over you. May The Lord bless you always and always🙏

      4. I thank the Lord for His a wonderful Father of love and restoration.

      5. Hi Carina. I just read your comment, and I want to encourage you. When I don’t know what to do, I stop and just remember that I belong to Him. And that He has not forgotten ANYTHING that concerns me, not one thing. He is FOR you and not against you. Praying that you are seeing breakthrough and change as you stay steady in Him and lean into His faithfulness.

      6. Osabouhien says:

        thank you very much for your words. I am bless by the words,thanks you Jesus for all you have done for me and for being by side I bless your holy name Amen

    2. April McCullough says:

      All I can say is thank you. I know it was the Lord because I was always taught to tithe but never did it until the Lord really begin working on my heart. Somewhere around 2011 I begin faithfully tithing and sowing seeds. I would pick different ministries to sow into each year. My car was repossessed in 2013, and I had another Premium vehicle so I wasn’t too upset but even that one was too expensive to maintain so I sent it back to my Sister-in-law. I walked away from what I thought was the security of my government job in 2015 and now—my house, and I have not looked back. Yet nothing is missing and nothing is broken and I sincerely feel the peace of God. We are down to one car now in a family of 5 with one teenager! But I don’t feel anxious. There are some days I wake up and think about renewing my license so that I can go back to the marketplace but I know God has called me to do something. And He called me away to prepare me for whatever that is. Before I started seminary (which I did not complete), I asked the Lord what now? And when I was going to make my selection on which ministry path I would take, I just felt the liberty to finally do something creative, so a I chose Media and Worship Arts. Not that any other area of ministry does not involve creativity because it is almost a prerequisite now with reaching people each week. But I have two Masters degrees in Education and Counseling and it just seems like I have been on a serious path all my life, partly because I needed to “secure” provision for my family. I debated between Worship arts and Women’s ministry but I finally wanted to be free to express all of Who God was and is through me so I went in fully believing this was God’s BEST choice “for me.”
      Everything that was written was confirmation of what I have heard the Father say to me, not then—but NOW. He sees my pain and He sees me! He is a Good,Good Father and He will restore everything. I’m confident of it. He is speaking Ephesians 3:20 to me DAILY, even through this encouraging word and saying April you can’t even imagine what I’m about to do. I do trust His written Word but whenever He begins to speak revelation to me I really tune in and listen carefully. I know He has a plan and an expected end and I am waiting expectantly for His Word to come to full manifestation in my life.

    3. DONNA CARTER says:


    4. Tamie Haley Tyra says:

      Thank you sister for a beautiful word from our Daddy in heaven. These are the words I have been longing to hear. My spirit quickened when I opened my email and clicked on the link, the words I longed to hear.
      Bless you sweet sister

    5. Praise you Father Lord God Almighty. Amen and Amen

    6. Jamie, I love your ministry. You are such an encouragement. I rarely leave messages on blog post. I had to leave a message today though. This was so personal. I knew the father was speaking to me. Before I opened up my email, I was doing a study on my middle name “Rene” which means “reborn” or “born again”. I knew it was deeper than my first thought of it meaning a “born again” believer in Jesus Christ. The holy spirit has been highlighting this name to me for a few months. Some of the extended meanings I found were: revival, relaunch, resurrection and of course “restore”. Your prophetic word from the Lord is confirmation of what he has been trying to communicate to me. I am in tears because of His goodness. Everything you spoke on has been the season I have been in since Summer 2015. It felt like everything was stripped from me and my faith has been challenged. I had prayed for a change for years, the times I thought it was going to happen, I never saw it come to fruition. Not until literally this week have I felt such a shift and recharge in my faith. I am expectant. Thank you as always for your encouragement. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family.

    7. This is a remarkable word. it was exactly in Summer of 2015 I was unlawfully dismissed from my job. this was soon after my son was born and it was just awful and life continued to go downhill into an abyss of darkness of despair. I have never had anything as awful happen to me as what happened over the past four years. it was really just one attack after another and so much was stolen….. finances, family, friends …. the worst betrayals, humiliations and trials ever. I can definitely feel now that things are on the upswing and I receive restoration. Coincidentally it was in Summer of 2015 I came across your blog Jamie and I know that was God…. Your prophetic words, prayers and sessions are amongst some of the things that have kept me above water and I know God has done a great work in me in this season. Thank you Jamie and God bless you always.

    8. Lori Warren says:

      Thank you! This word was for me. The dates/timing was on point. Thank you

    9. I couldn’t even finish reading without weeping. I can not stop crying. I feel this word in my spirit and is speaking to my heart. I believe with all my heart that God gave you this word just for me. I’m speechless and in awe right now. Thank you Abba Father.

      1. 2015 the year of change. I lost about everything I had. Moved to another state but things didn’t get better. I been working paying bills robbing Peter to pay Paul. Well I have now moved again, can’t afford to live alone so for the first time in my life I live with other people. First few months everything was great, paying bills not troubled. Now here we go again, Bills due car will be repossessed by the weekend. Can’t work no car gonna be out on the streets soon. Yes, I pray everyday, I mediate everyday. I thought maybe its my Faith is it not strong enough, I asked myself are you doubting God’s help. I asked that question all the time then I pray for more faith, I pray for Grace, I pray for strength so today whoever reads this please please pray for me. Sharon, Thank you.

    10. Divinefavor Osinloye says:

      Amen! I receive it!


    12. Hello Jamie. This spoke to me and my spiritual journey. The past 4 years have been pain filled and I was stating yesterday about how I have learned to be content with whatever comes. I’ve been resting more in the Lord and enjoying a new level of joy and peace. With that being said, thank you for your obedience. I have clarity about what’s been and is to be. God Bless You!

    13. This brought tears to my eyes and I felt His presence as I read. I have been told by my husband that the Lord is disappointed in me more than once. Please pray that I will hear the Lord and what He thinks of me very clearly.

    14. Jamie I cried the whole way thru this because it was spot on the only thing is the longer it went the harder it got….and I don’t yet see the start of the restoration if I am in it I don’t understand why I’m not seeing the turn around ….I have gotten that msg so much from God lately that it is here the turn around his vindication for me and restoration I am praying God open my eyes and give me his perspective….because I am not seeing it….and like Maria said above I have NEVER in my life been thru the kinds of testing trials and tribulations betrayals slander that I have been thru in the last 4 yrs…I’m sorry to ramble just need prayer that God open my spiritual eyes so I can see in Jesus name Amen thank you and God bless you all and especially you Jamie have followed you since 2016 for sure and maybe even before that you have helped me hold on thru so much of this

    15. Amen Claim it receive it let no weapon formed against me prosper

    16. Confirmation thank you

      1. Yes! And AMEN!

      2. Praise The Lord Jamie , I know tgat God speaks to the heart , and this definitely spoke to my heart and it’s confirmation , on Pentecost Sunday The Lord told me He was restoring me , I completely receive this Holy Ghost Spirit filled word , I won’t forget it and I am grateful to God for sending His word to heal , I love Him so ! I pray that The Lord Jesus will continue to bless you and use you for His glory ! Thank you ! thank you! thank you ! ☝🙏

    17. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

      Praise God Jamie!I forgot while i was reading that you send me a Message,all i knew that it was our Dad talking to me.I realizesd at the end that God send this message to you to pass it on. Wow!!!!!just what i needed,i am about to go through this now and i don’t know how will i go through it. But this message prepared mefor what i will face that is stored for me and i know God will restore it back cause He is a miracle working God.

      Amen Jamie

      God Bless

    18. Sanhawit Suzie AHMAD says:

      I’m sitting at work and I grabbed my box of tissues. This word is exactly to my heart . Just yesterday I was sharing my testimony about how I left Islam n came to Christ and how I had to give up my daughters forcefully to my ex husband who is a Muslim extremist and how my family disowned me and took all my inheritance because I chose Christ .
      How the enemy would try to break me down by having people mock & ridicule my faith in Christ but I made a promise n said I will endure Jesus and you will see . I kinda challenged Jesus to bring it on full force because I want so bad to be his warrior . And I even told Satan out loud screaming many times as my tears rolled down i will never let you break me because God is for me n with me . I really cant stop crying . Than the relationships I tried to be in and my intention would be marriage n theirs would be to want hurt & manipulate me to live freely like the world and i would say I’m sorry i cant and watched people tell me your too Godly for me n leave . Friends tell me your obsessed with your Jesus and they would cut me off. And at the end i was alone from work to the house . And literally since September 2015 i said Lord Have mercy the storms were getting more intense n fierce and he reminded me and said You are my warrior and I am with you . Do not give up on my my child and I still clung even on days where i couldn’t worship or pray . I feel this season n year is my season and my breakthrough . Thank you Jesus for building me and helping me endure for your name and Glory Jesus.
      Lord I am ready to rise and Mount up and soar high like an eagle …bless me lord and let your will be done in my life for your Glory . Use me as your vessel …use me to win the lost souls for your Glory in Jesus name !
      Use me to tear down the walls of Islam in every Arab country ! Use me father to help set the captives free! Use me to break chains! I surrender all and I want you all Jesus! Let heaven open and breath your breath upon me and send me to hold your banner high ! I will hold your name king Jesus and March into every Muslim country and speak your truth ! Use me Jesus and please forgive my family and save them ABBA!

    19. Veronica Williams says:

      Hello Jamie,
      Thank you for this word. I have a great expectation for the last couple of days. Almost like something great is in the process of birthing. I was thinking earlier today of how blessed I am.
      In the end of 2014 beginning 2015 I lost everything I own due to being fired from my job. But God was so good to me. He warned me a week before it actually happened. The bosses were shocked when they called me in and with a smile I asked them where the letter is for me to sign. They asked how I knew and I told them that I am serving a Great God. So I lost my job, cars, house, furniture and I could not get another job even now. I had one small suitcase with clothes and I slept on a stretcher (camping bed). I sold mist of my stuff to pay rent and to eat. I upgrate from stretcher, to sleeper coach, to rubble bed. I receive a government pension and when people ask for a house and pet sitter I apply.
      This word I feel is for me. I say thank you for emailing me this letter.
      May God bless you richly.

    20. I receive this word……and as our God does everything in perfect timing…..this is the perfect timing for me to receive this! Amen…I praise our mighty God!!!

    21. Dear Jamie,
      I am in tears reading this,yes it was summer 2015 where I went through excruciating pain, I went through a lot of humiliation and rejection, I was stripped naked, I spent a lot of time feeling alone and deserted,…I cried and God in His infinite mercy heard my cry, for the past 2 years or so the Lord has been restoring me, He healed my heart.., I am still praying for restoration, last week I prayed for sevenfold restoration, the enemy took everything from me until there was nothing left to take, thank you for this timely word and a word from my Father, I love you Lord Jesus, you are my healer, restorer and promise keeper, never will you leave nor forsake me, take all the praise, honor and adoration,thank you Jesus, forever you are my Lord and King.

      1. Patricia Ryan says:

        Oh my. So needed this. This absolutely resonated with me. So hit the nail on the head. Thank you Jamie. Thank you Father.

    22. Sheri Stuart says:


      Thank you for this post…. You preached every detail of my life these last four years… I was laid off in June 2015 and the stripping of everything else continued from there. Of late, I’ve felt the pressure being relieved and I am so thankful. I’ve been sensing in my spirit these last couple of weeks that the wilderness season is over and restoration is coming! Selah.

    23. Christine says:

      Thank you So much Jaime. This word was Exactly for me. By faith I receive it and claim it as mine. Thank you Father God!! It came right on time. God bless you!!

    24. Lashaunda says:

      awe Jamie, this just had me in tears and I’m trying so hard not to because I’m at work and I don’t need sympathy from fake people who claims to care about me…okay sorry! but not so sorry!… but I felt God’s love for me in every word as I always feel and you are so on point about Him saying that He is so proud because He tells me so..I’m one of the one’s that made it out of the wilderness and I will tell the world and if there’s just one I can encourage while their there or on their way I would and God is also right… I do blesses Him for that wilderness lol I wouldn’t take it back not even if I wanted to. Jamie thank you for being the hand and feet of Jesus! and Yes you are one of the ones on my blessing list… Be blessed..

    25. Dear Jamie,

      Every Word I read showed me that God is not done in this life. Trying seasons always reveal my need to fuel up in God and this is the truth that even though losses happened, it’s nothing to stop God from doing His will. This brought a real check in my faith and also confirmed I cannot just keep at that level. It happened for a reason and I believe it taught me so much and I could only say that being able to live on to experience the rest of this life, it can only happen in firmly living from knowing God never leaves and His plan is the best. Thank you for this article, it really put things into perspective and set the tone for restoration in specific areas of my personal life as well.

    26. Wow, thank you Jamie! I write a comment & It was lost due to a bad connection, darn. I can’t write it again…too much!! So I just wa me to tell you this is solo timely to what is seemingly lining up with what I have been praying for. You are an angel, blessings 💖

    27. Sorry for all the typos above, I am having trouble with this connection! So I will retype!

      Wow, thank you Jamie! I wrote a comment & it was lost due to a bad connection, darn. I can’t write it all again…too much!! So I just wanted to tell you this is soooo timely to what is seemingly lining up with what I have been praying for & hearing from God. You are an angel, blessings 💖

    28. Udoagwa Ifeoma Mrs says:

      Am stupefied by the Words. The words of consolation are so striking and deep. It feels so strange to get ministered to in this manner. God bless you Jaime.

    29. Doreen Chng says:

      This word was definitely for me. In May 2015, I resigned from my job of 10 years due to false accusations and insecurities of my boss. There was so much mental torment and I was experiencing burnout. I left without a job and full of debts. God was faithful to provide throughout these 4 years even with short job stints at different organizations at half my previous pay. I have been praying for restoration and my current temporary job assignment supposed to end in Oct. But the current supervisor humiliates me so much that I am calling it quits just yesterday and will end my contract end of Jul instead. God bless you Jamie for His Word. I receive it and claim it by faith for me. Thank you Daddy God! Amen and Amen!

    30. Wow Jaime—I’m wrecked! God is so good! Thank you for this word. 😭😭😭🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻❤️❤️❤️

    31. Thank you Jammie for letting the Lord use to. I just got this comfirmation from me Bishop yesterday. Amen and I agree and I receive it all.

    32. HALLELUJAH! I receive these words in Jesus’ Sweet name.

    33. Amen and Amen! I receive these words as it is spot on. Blessings Jamie. God is good!

    34. Raymond Collins says:

      YES, thanks you Jamie for being faithful to the Lord God of Abriham the keep of time past .present.and future Amen

    35. Amen.. Thank you Jesus..

    36. SHAWNA EDMISTON says:

      Wow! I continue to marvel at how spot on your words are! They always align and conform what the Lord is speaking to me! Thank you for your beautiful ministry and staying in tune with the Holy Spirit!

    37. Jamie thank you so much for this word! My incredible losses begin exactly as you spoke, in the summer of 2015. I’ve experienced more pain and been on a journey that I never imagined for myself. This word speaks straight to my heart and soul! I will cling to it as I am still in a process of recovering one of those huge Treasures that was taken from me, my beautiful daughter.

    38. CHRISTINE says:

      thank you soooo much ,for this incredible word, my GOD, IT SO TOUCHED me i cryd ,even to hear this words i am so proud of you ; i heard it for the first time, specially from my one & only Father my HEAVENLY FATHER. I THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART,Dear Jamie,i love you precious woman of God. Abba really spoke directly to me. no words actually to say.

    39. May 21 I took the greatest leap of faith, left my toxic marriage and temp-moved with basically a stranger to a new city. I left with the hopes of ALL things new. But from day one I’ve been sick, hot, and the home is extremely dirty. Everyday I struggle to stay or return to my home, full of misery and emptiness. Today I woke up at 2:45 AM, sick again, couldn’t return to sleep. I checked my email and I saw your post. I’m seeking God in what to do next? I’m running out of money, no job opportunities and I’m sick of being sick, but I can’t return home. If I do I just know I’ll die. Please Father help me to find a quiet, clean, safe, affordable home. Please open a door for me to fulfill my heart desire. Thank you for restoring the years that has been stolen from me, thank you for expanding my territory, thank you for helping me to believe again, please hear my cry, I need your help now. I bless you and thank you, for Jesus sake, amen.

    40. Wow! God has spoken. Every word written concerns my life. I thank God for the Total restoration. May His name be praised.

    41. Marilyn Marchese says:

      Wow! I’m sitting here sobbing like a baby right now cuz this Word was so powerful and much needed! I have been asking the Lord why can’t I hear your voice, why haven’t certain prayers being answered for sooooo long! and then I started declaring Lord, I am your sheep and you said your sheep hear your voice. An hour later, I found this email and it has lifted me up and washed away all the noise of the enemy and brought me to a place of confidence that God has been listening to me and wants to bless me and will! Also, that He’s proud of me, when all along I thought He was angry with me because of my impatience at times. Thanks Jamie for posting this encouraging and timely word!

    42. joseph d schiavone says:

      Thank you Jamie for this prophetic word. Between this and the word Judy has spoken, would look like a script write out of my life that began in 2015. I had turned from the Lord about 20 years prior, after serving Him whole heatedly for many years. But I never really forgot the call the Lord had for me. I wont write it all here, but in 2015 I received injuries in work that ended my working career in an instant. I worked 70+ hours a week at a very physically demanding job, and because of this focus on work, I neglected everything else in my life, family, friends and even my God! After about 6 months of surgeries, and intense pain, the Spirit of God within me started to pray, un be knownst to me ! lol. But when I finally realized all that was happening was the work of God in my life, I surrendered ! Praise His mysterious ways ! One of the first things He told me was that I would be restored ! And even now, 4 years later, I am still seeing that restoration unfolding. Your words helped me to recall all the Lord has done, and is still doing in me.Thank You Jesus. By the way, I was a milling machine operator !

    43. I’m speechless. I’ve been in such a hard place for a while, and especially over the past few months. I’ve been attacked on EVERY side, my health, mind, job, friendships, ministry, and even my faith for the dreams I’ve had for years. I’ve been at the place of giving up so many times, but I’ve been determined to stay the course, broken heart and all. I’ve given up and failed the tests several times before, and I decided that this time, I wasn’t going to allow anyone or anything make me stop. I haven’t been perfect, but I was determined to not allow distractions and my own pain to take me off course. I’ve prayed that I could make God proud, and that He help me to have clean hands and a pure heart. I’ve prayed that fervently for a while. The fact that He heard that prayer and spoke specifically to that does my heart so much good. I thought I had failed and that I would have to go through this process again. Now, I see that those things and people that I lost were a part of the plan and He has so much more for me if I stay the course and keep my mind on Him. God bless you and your ministry, Jamie. Thank you, God for hearing my cry and answering my prayers.

    44. Cecilia Ramirez says:

      Thank You Jamie, for your obedience! This Word was for me. I thank God for you. May He bless you indeed!

    45. Frances Juanita Brooks says:

      Thank you Jamie for this word and I receive it with joy. Juanita.

    46. Dear Jamie,

      I was so amazed by this and was exactly to be my situation right now for the past two years. Just a week ago i am surrendering and i am letting it go to God all the things happening to me for the past 2yrs ago until presently because i am so tired especiallly at my age of 62. Things or either my situation turned turtle and we are so hard up now financially. I really do not know why life became like this? Help tooray that i am spiritually low T the moment. Thank you Jamie and God bless.

    47. Thank you Jamie, 2015 I moved from Florida my home and where all my friends and family are. I could not afford to live there and had no one who would help me. I moved to Tennessee, now looking back was a bad decision but honestly feom my heart I thought it was God’s will I really did. I got an apartment i had a job but I really was very lonely and sad. I tried to be happy but I was working 14 hours a day killing myself. After a year of barely making it, i moved again to Ga. Where I am now. Wow thank you Lord I was happy again working, paying bills first time having a roommate. Now again here’s the demonic spirit again. Have to get a new tag for car 800 dollars I don’t have that now I can’t drive I can’t work back where I started. I am not sure why this time. I pray more, I give more my heart is humble I was so happy again. So I pray to my Lord for help restoration, love, strength, grace and mercy. I pray for the Holy spirit to help and guide me for I am now again to the bottom. Thank you your email God Bless you

    48. ngaba Chatata says:

      This word talks directly to me. I went through a situation that I never imagined. I am still hurting, but am much better than when it just happened. All I can say is God has seen me through.

    49. Thanks Jamie…this word was all I needed…I feel empowered and honored by my Abba than ever before and He is restoring me!!! Hallejuah!!!

    50. Wow thanks Jamie. I was on my knees asking the Lord why life has been so difficult over the last 3 years with losing everything meaningful and all the pain. Then opened my email and read your word where it answered my questions perfectly. It was as if the lord was speaking directly. Looking forward to the restoration!!! 😀

    51. Henrietta says:

      THANK YOU ABBA!!! I am overwhelmed. Thank You for Your great love for me!

      Thank you Jamie for this message!

    52. Neada wilson says:

      Hi Jamie,
      I believe God gave you this message directly for me…..every word was for me. It’s such conformation to what was in my heart. Thank you for being obedient and sharing what ABBA gave you. I will pencil this word in my personal journal for a reminder to me. May God bless you.

    53. Jamie, thank you for being obedient and releasing this word. It describes my life for the past four years. The summer of 2015 my husband of 34 years told me that he was going to divorce me. I cannot adequately describe the heartache, and devastation that has brought to me and my children and grandchildren: relationally, mentally, emotionally and financially. Slowly I am coming out of it by God’s grace and HIS grace alone. I trust HIM to bring the restoration to completion in HIS time. And HE used you to encourage me! Thank you! Love and blessings to you and yours!

    54. This word has really encouraged me as I have been experiencing rejection since 2015 and even this year just when things are looking up in my current relationship, something happens to steal my joy. But I thank God for preserving me and I am ready for restoration in Jesus name. Amen.

    55. Bless you Jamie

      This message not only reached my soul it gave me peace for troubles I have experienced over the course of the years. Only my Lord could have ever restored my joy and peace.

      I appreciate and cherish the encourament, explanation and love from my father’s heart.

    56. Hi Jamie, as I was reading it.. It seems like I felt the Lord or the Holy Spirit spirit in me.. I was crying and reading at the same time.. I felt that and it felt really good.. It spoke to me and I was so happy on the inside and outside.. Thank you so much and God bless you..






    58. Gayle Gay says:

      This powerful message about restoration was definitely for me. I believe and I receive every word of it. I thank you, Prophetess Jamie and I thank God for His goodness to me! I look forward to seeing it come to pass daily.
      Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Jesus!

    59. Coral Malayta says:

      Praise God,
      Thank you Jamie,
      This prophetic word is confirmation. thank you, thank you, thank you. God bless you Jamie.
      I receive this word in the name of Jesus .

    60. MWANAMGENI says:

      Thank you Jamie for this encouraging word. It’s really for me since 2015 I have been on a rough road I had a Spain surgery and a lot more, but, I have not given up on Jesus l look up to him believing on his promises. ( In 2 chronicles 32:8 with us is the Lord our God to help us and to fight our battles. ) l always ask the Lord to speaks to me and today he did! PRAISE THE LORD HALLELUJAH!! Thank you Jesus, I believe Lord you did not bring me this far to live me. Thank you , Thank you Jesus. I trust you’ll see me through at your own perfect timing. Amen.
      May god bless you Jamie.

    61. Maria Mollel says:

      Thank you Abba Father. Am In Tears……

    62. This is SO a word of God! EXACTLY where I been – and where I AM standing at the threshold of my restoration by God READY to enter in as I feel I AM beginning to enter in and lay hold of it !!
      And I see HIM painting a “new “ picture of me ! Bless God Sis Jamie and Thank YOU! Abba/Pappa

    63. Elizabeth says:

      Confirmation!! Thank you. With more explanation but exactly what I’ve been hearing…. He is restoring what was stolen. Thank you Abba, Father.

    64. Gail Segars Rainey says:

      Thank You, Abba Father, for using Sister Jamie to speak to me through her prophetic words! I receive, declare and decree all that was spoken. Thank you, Jamie, for your compassionate heart!

    65. Kahn Johnson says:

      You are right where you are supposed to be in Him. You have to be so I encourage you to stay in this place with the Lord because you are citing the oracles of God. You are the mouthpiece that the Lord is using to heal and encourage His people.

      You are so on point with this Rhema Word of restoration!!!! It’s happening to me right now, just as you explained it. I’ve gone through many losses that I never would’ve imagined but I kept holding on to God and I kept trusting Him inspire of what I was seeing and it is true, He will never leave me nor forsake me. He was and is Jehovah Shammah and Jehovah Jireh in my life during the losses and even now. He builds spiritual muscles and it does not always feel good when you’re going through it, but the end product is Ginormous, ( giagantic and enormous)😄. So I pray that the Lord replenishes you and your family as you lend yourself to the Lord!!!

      Safe in His Arms,
      Kahn Johnson

    66. Chimfwembe says:

      Jamie, thank you so much for that word of restoration, indeed I receive it everything that you’ve talked about i experienced right about that time in 2015 and now I believe God is restoring me and my family. I just want to say a big thank you for encouraging me, May God bless you abundantly.

    67. Thomas Swartz says:

      Hi Jamie
      This Prophetic word is on time and on me ,Thank you ! Thank you! Thank you Abba Father !!! I receive in Jesus Migthy Name!!!!!!!
      Jamie may God bless you all time
      Love in Christ Jesus

    68. Lucretia Wingate says:

      Oh my. 😇🙏😱😭…. This really spoke to me and I felt it. As I was reading it I had tears 😢in my eyes. Thank you FATHER 😊😊🙌💞💕 I LOVE YOU so much and Thank you Jamie. God bless you *😊TAKE CARE😊*

    69. I wouldn’t change anything, Look at what I have learn, and not quit when all pressures and storms came against me. You thought me not to quit and never give up! Thank you Papa Father,

    70. Brittne Aigne' Epps says:

      I literally broke down crying by the end of this Word from the LORD!! My Daddy Loves me so much I am Overwhelmed!!! THANK YOU ABBA!!!

    71. Jamie, Thank you Jamie for such a powerful prophetic message which resonate with my Spirit and Being perfectly . I praise and Glorify your mighty name. Abba Father, thank you Jesus my Lord and Personal Savior, I love you Holy Spirit. I am so much grateful for such a perfect wonderful massage of prophesy at this wonderful time for me. I am consumed by the power and love of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit now and i am humbled . AMEN!!!! Abba Father use me as and when you want and like, and let your perfect will be done in my life so that i can be a tremendous blessing to humanity to the Glory of your MIGHTY NAME. Thank you Jesus and thank you Holy Spirit. I remained ever grateful and thankful for your immeasurable love for me always Abba Father.. I bless , worship, adore, praise, glorify , raise, love, etc your MIGHTY NAME infinitely and to positive infinity always Abba Father. AMEN! AMEN!! AND AMEN!!!!!!!

    72. I have just read this prophecy and l don’t know what to say, but say Thank You Lord. You are just, perfect and Faithful in all your ways. You honour your word above your name.

    73. Thank you Jamie for this fantastic encouraging word – it fits me perfectly, even the time frames. It started all with losses from 2015 onwards and exactly four years ago started my journey of restoration which was indeed much more painful yet much more fruitful I could have imagined. I can’t tell every turn of those years just name a few: water baptism on the Lords call (though I had been baptised as a child), baptism in the Spirit, the gift of tongues, many healings…it was such a miraculous but hardest and now I’m experiencing a rest in the Lord I never had before. And I am expecting the great things He is about to do in the months and years to come! Bless you and thank you so much, Praise te Lord!

    74. Thanks Jamie I received your message

    75. Chuks Okorie says:

      Hello Jamie,

      Thank you very much for the prophetic words. God bless you.


    76. Christine says:

      Thank you so much Jaime. That was confirmation from God. What you wrote was exactly what I have been going through. Thank God for restoring me and giving me my joy and peace back.

    77. At long last. Awww, am so excited about what Abba Father is doing in my life. Restoration at last. My heart is full of joy, Thank you Jesus for the victory You won on the cross for me. God bless you Jamie.

    78. Thank you Lord and thank you Jaime!

    79. Delia Gonzales says:

      Jamie first of all thank you Abba Father for your faithfulness you don’t leave us nor forsake us you stand powerful and mightier than ever that is who you are eternal I praise you and worship you for who you are yes you spoke to me directly prayers that I had surrender and humble and submitted to your authority we’re answered that in my mind I had forgotten it is true but you hold on to them for a reason and a season because it’s your timing not our when you know best when to response and through the waiting period we grow and not give up you just continue telling us be strong and of good courage wait upon me I am going to come through well Abba Father you have come through for me I had asked to enlarge my territory and it’s true we don’t see ourselves as being used but you say our thought are not yours and our way are not your ways just wait I am so glad I waited also the way you are using me being my advocate because I don’t know what to ask but you know what we are actually asking for working in our lives with things we don’t even imagine praise God thank you Jamie you are a true prophet of God searching and seeking him may god bless you tremendously with your family and the family of God

    80. This is amazing! Thanks Jamie, and thank you eternally father, I am eternally grateful for the restoration and everything I have been through 💛💛🙏🏼

    81. Thank you for being a vessel that the Holy Spirit speaks through. As I was reading I got all teary so many answers are listed in this prophetic word. Everything is making sense now I now understand why.
      . God bless you abundantly Jamie.

    82. Dierdre Price says:


    83. Dear Jamie,
      This word was definitely for me. I lost the love of my life in 2015.
      And exactly 2 years ago I moved to a different place, a different continent to be exact and God has indeed blessed me so much it is amazing.
      Even after being diagnosed with cancer, incurable according to the experts, I have stood on God’s word Psalm 118:17. I continue to be in good health. I can only thank God.
      Thank you for hearing from God and sharing His messages with us.
      Blessings xxx

    84. allison Franklin says:

      hallelujah God is amazing.
      Thank you Jamie for always listening and obeying the word of God. i PRAY THAT ALL THAT YOU DESIRE TO DO FOR THE LO RD WILL BE MADE MANIFEST IN YOUR LIFE.
      This was indeed for me I started a fast from the 22-24 of october and I was praying these very things to my father. I am overwhelmed with this News. God is amazing.
      God’s riches blessings on you my dear.

    85. Dear Jamie, God’s timing is impeccable. I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am. I am thankful for God’s faithfulness and yours as well. I thank God for you every time He brings you to my remembrance. God has been restoring me, during my prayer time I saw the word restoration and I wrote it on my erase board. I’ve been at my new job for two years I have been promoted and received two raises one of which I was not expecting. Your word that the Lord has given you is right on. God bless you and I am excited to see what else He is going to do that I don’t know about. The world is topsy-turvy but our God is a rock never moving, never changing.

    86. Wow Jamie, THANK YOU for being GOD’s faithful mouthpiece. I was so blessed with this that was sent to me by someone. As I was reading it out loud to myself I felt the presence of the Lord so powerful and a angel’s light flash as I got halfway. His timing is so perfect. Our Father is Faithful and so much bigger than we can ever imagine or understand. The pain, the pressure, the problems ,it has indeed all been part of the process to get closer to HIM and to the promise. Just this morning in my time with the Lord I again realised the power in the testing of our Faith. Faith not tested, is Faith not Tried. We can only grow as we go through places that challenges us. The Pressure is all Part of the Purpose. May ALL God’s Diamonds Shine Brightly!

    87. Victoria Udongwo says:

      Thank you Lord for these words. It is for me. Thank God for the past 2 years of pruning. RESTORATION IS HERE, BETTER THAN BEFORE!!!!! Better than best, those things eyes have not seen or ears heard is what the Lord is about to do in my life and family.
      Thank you Jamie for being the vessel through which the message is released. More grace and anointing in Jesus name.

    88. Thank you God for your confirmation of your restoration and blessings upon me .Thank you Elshadai.

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