His Grace Is Sufficient

Father and baby

Has anyone out there other than me been going through some tough times lately?

I know I have. I’ve been dealing with some things that have caused me a lot of worry concern. The enemy has wanted me to worry and worry about these things, and a couple of times I’ve given in to that temptation. 🙁 But not for long, because Papa God’s grace has come alongside me and lifted me up. Each time I’ve worried, He has helped me stop that and return to His rest again. His grace is sufficient.

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    I’ve also been working on some tough projects at work. (I do work a full-time, corporate job.) These projects have not been my idea of a good time. But nevertheless, Papa has seen me through, and my days at work the last few days have been really good days… because His grace is sufficient.

    In other areas, I’ve been over-committed and over-booked and “over” everything. I have been working on some projects that I felt called to work on, and they have turned out really well. But I’ve been so tired. Nevertheless, I woke up this morning after not very much sleep, and I was in perfect peace, perfectly rested, perfectly calm, and very thankful. All because His grace is sufficient.

    What are you going through?

    • Tough times with the kids?
    • Difficult spouse?
    • A job you hate, or no job at all?
    • Financial pressures?
    • Tired and sick and sick and tired?

    Precious one, Papa wants you to know today: His grace is sufficient.

    • His grace is sufficient to see you through your worst storm.
    • His grace is sufficient to pay your bills when you don’t know where the money is coming from.
    • His grace is sufficient to free you from that depression that has plagued you.
    • His grace is sufficient to strengthen you when you are oh-so-worn-out.

    If you will ask, Papa will give you all the strength, wisdom, endurance, and favor you need. His grace is ALWAYS good enough to see you through, and to see you through VICTORIOUSLY.

    So what’s on your plate today? What are you facing? Ask Papa right now for what you need.

    • Ask Him to let His grace flow over you.
    • Ask Him to strengthen you.
    • Ask Him to give you wisdom.
    • Ask Him to cause you to respond rightly in every situation.
    • Ask Him to literally flow through you.
    • Ask Him to help you sense how much He loves you right now.

    Papa loves you and longs to minister to you. So won’t you let Him? Won’t you stop right now and embrace your Daddy who loves you? Won’t you cling tightly to His neck and let Him hide you under His wings?

    You are the apple of His eye. His heart beats for you. He sees your tears. He knows your weakness.

    But His grace is sufficient, and He will cover you with His grace if you will ask.

    Second Corinthians 12:9: “And He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. “

    What are some ways that God’s grace is seeing you through right now? Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts.


    1. Angela Bley says:

      This is a beautiful depiction of God’s love for us! A wise woman of God told me years ago, “We do not know where God’s Grace begins nor ends”. That statement has never left me. Thats the blessed assurance that we have in Jesus that HIs Grace is more than enough for anything I am facing or any wrong that I may have done. His Grace has got my back. He can handle it! I can’t but He can! His Grace pours over me like a river flowing through the creeks and streams. It keeps me, blesses me and protects me! Its got me covered from head to toe! Thank You Papa God for your Amazing Grace! Keep on writing such a good word Jamie!

    2. Angela Bley says:

      oops. bad grammar. a double negative. It should be… “We do not know where God’s Grace begins or ends”. I just had to correct. LOL

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