How To Tame Your Tongue

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Hey beloveds, do you struggle with saying things you regret later? Are you ready to grow in this area by beginning to tame your tongue?

If so, I can identify. Here’s my story:

Before I got saved, I was filled with hatred, resentment, anger, rage, and pretty much everything else bad you can think of. I was mean, mean, mean. My friends and I all talked trash and made fun of people all the time; talking trash was an art form to us. It was sad, and I was very, very lost.

After I got saved, the Lord started to convict me about how horribly I was treating people–and about how horrible the words I spoke out of my mouth were. For several years, He worked on me and worked on me. (He’s still working on me, of course, but it took several years for me to submit to Him enough in this area to see breakthrough.)

During that time, I really loved the Lord but it just took me awhile to renew my mind.

I learned about the power of speaking Scriptures out loud, so I got Joyce Meyer’s book The Secret Power of Speaking God’s Word and I would pace back and forth in my kitchen, shouting Scriptures over myself at the top of my lungs.

And those words took root. Little by little, the Lord gave me a new heart, new attitudes, and a new way of thinking and speaking. He took away my heart of hatred and gave me a heart of love for people instead. He took away my bitterness and resentment and gave me a desire to speak life instead of taking revenge with my words.

It has been a real process. 

And although I don’t claim to have “arrived” in this area, I sure am doing a lot better than I used to! But you know what? It took purposeful, deliberate action to make any progress at all in this area. 

Are you ready to begin taming your tongue too?

If so, I have help for you today! I recently put together a Scriptural guide that will show you how to tame your tongue. In this guide, I outlined 10 habits you can start building today–and keep on practicing each day–as you learn to turn your tongue into an instrument of LIFE instead of death.

My article entitled How to Tame the Tongue: 10 Steps to Turn Our Lips to Praise is published over on right now.

In this article, I share the techniques I have used to make progress harnessing my own words too. I believe it will bless you. Click here to check out these helpful tips about how to tame your tongue over on iBelieve!

And … know this:

YOU CAN DO IT! Submit your words to the Lord, and ask Him for help. He will help you!

Love in Christ,


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  1. John Shomade says:

    Taming the tongue is a very necessary and important part of our development, and it had given me more tools to work with. I’m always inspired to learn or write my own after reading your post. In fact, you write about things on my mind . Blessings

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