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Dear Presence seekers,

I don’t usually take up a whole blog post to ask for prayer, but today I felt like I was supposed to share this urgent situation with you and ask if you would please pray for me. And since it does pertain to this blog and our community, I believe God’s answer to our corporate prayer will be a blessing to you too!

Beloveds, our Father has blessed this blog this year. I’m working on getting the monthly update out to you, and this post is not that update. But He has blessed. More and more. For example:

  • The webinars I started last month have been receiving a huge response and amazing testimonies.
  • In October, we exceeded 70,000 pageviews in that month alone.
  • In November, we exceeded 60,000 pageviews in that month alone. (Blog traffic is lower over the holidays, and it was Thanksgiving season here in the US. During that time, people are with their families, not online–so that’s why traffic was lower in November. But still, over 60,000 is awesome.)
  • God has blessed me to write for some amazing Christian media outlets, such as Spirit Fuel,,, and more.
  • On Saturday, one of the encouraging words the Lord gave me recently, about Isaiah 54, was published on The Elijah List, a prophetic news source for which I have not previously written. Over 300,000 people were sent this word by email alone from The Elijah List. (I’m still in shock over that one. Thank You, Lord.) I’ve heard from so many folks who were encouraged by that word already, and I’m so grateful.
  • In November, this community (through your donations and product purchases) provided material provision for 6 families who would have had to do without. Thank You, Lord.

I’m eternally grateful.

But here’s the thing:

In order to **try** and keep up, I’ve been working (between all my jobs + ministry) about 16 hours a day (5 AM to 9 PM), about 6 days a week, for the last 3 months or so.

And I can’t keep up anymore. And this is a good thing.

This is a good thing–to have the blog grow so much that I can’t keep up. It means that, together, we’re reaching more people for Jesus than we’ve ever reached. People are getting comforted and encouraged and healed and delivered and, yes, even saved because of our collective efforts in this community.

Thank You, Jesus.

But I believe it’s time for me to discontinue working at my corporate job, which (between working and commuting) takes up at least 25 hours per week. This will be a big step, and that’s why I’m asking for prayer.

Here are the specific things that I would be ever, ever so grateful if you would pray for me about:

  • Pray for me to have physical strength. As you can imagine, I’m tired. My spirit and soul are stronger than ever, and I feel great spiritually! But I do need physical rest.
  • Pray for my husband and I to be brave. 🙂
  • Pray for our faith to be stronger than ever as we make this transition.
  • Pray for me to have wisdom and discernment to know when to work and when to rest.
  • Pray for my husband and I to discern the exact timing of the decision to bring me out of my corporate job. (E.g. tomorrow? Next week? 3 months from now?) We need to both hear from God on this, very clearly.

Please also pray for the following material provision:

  • My husband’s car is 16 years old and has over 240,000 miles on it. I pray it will last forever, but honestly it needs to be replaced. Please pray for provision for a new-to-us vehicle for him.
  • Pray for my vehicle, which is 8 years old and has over 100,000 miles on it, to last a really long time and run perfectly, and to be paid for quickly.
  • Pray for the financial provision required to make up the difference that we have to have between my remaining corporate income and my current blog income. We would be living on faith, but aren’t we always supposed to live on faith? Nevertheless, I believe the Lord can provide what we need, between the blog and speaking engagements, if I were able to dedicate that extra 25 hours per week to ministry.
  • Pray for a better-than-I-could-ever-imagine book contract for me. My literary agent is working on finding me a publisher for my book about getting free from rejection and healing the orphan spirit. Writing books could very well be a key component of making up that income difference.
  • Pray for increased financial partnerships and product sales.
  • Pray for provision for some of the ministry things I’d like to do. I want to do more prophetic evangelism at secular conventions, festivals, shopping malls, etc like I’ve done in the past (e.g. when we ministered at a tattoo convention to 80+ people, including 2 who gave their lives to Jesus). Things like that require money to rent booth space and to outfit a prophetic team to minister.
  • Pray for provision for me also as I desire more than almost anything, ministry-wise, to help with the fasting and prayer movement. Lou Engle is having a 4-day intercessory prayer meeting in Colorado Springs in February, and several others in 2017, and I want to go to Colorado Springs and pray with them if possible. I had previously planned to attend a writing workshop in 2017, which I emailed you about a few weeks ago. I would still love to do that, but I’m feeling a compelling urge that prayer is more important. Unless Father surprises me with money for both, I think I will put travel resources toward fasting and prayer.

Beloveds, this is such a crucial time for me. I don’t usually take up a whole blog post to talk about me, but I am so in need of your prayers at this time in particular. Would you please be willing to help me by lifting my husband and I up to our Father? I know He will answer, and He wins every time.

Thank you, dear friends. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you for who you are, for what you’ve already done, for being a constant encouragement and joy to me. And thank you, so much, for your prayers.

Love in Christ,


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  1. Dear Jamie,
    I have been so blessed by your messages and prayers, and would like to sow in this fertile ground I have discovered. I believe strongly on the principle of giving and receiving. So in addition to my prayers for you I’d like to give something towards your ministry. I know I can’t be the only one who feels this way so I can I ask that you make available to your readers a means of sowing into your ministry.
    God bless

    1. Zuky, thank you so much for your encouragement. I do have a way for people to give. It’s here at this link:
      You can click on the image for either the monthly partnership option (which is the first product listed in the store) or on the image for a one-time donation. For either one, you just enter the dollar amount you’d like to donate in the price box, and finish the checkout process.
      Thank you so very much for your help. I appreciate it more than words can say.

  2. Jamie Dear
    Lifting you in prayer in all the areas listed.
    When we move according to his will, he has us covered. I have faith The almighty will come through with provision that surpasses your asking, for meeting your needs to his glory. In our Lord Jesus Christ’s name I thank God, in faith.

    1. Amen. Thank you so much, Fran. I agree with that prayer and declaration and I receive it in faith as well. Thank you for your prayers!

  3. Standing in the gap in agreement with your requests! Let me encourage you with this short testimony: after our discussion, twice I’ve had to ask the Lord for extra provision financially. We want to destroy our debt! With in last 3 weeks,we’ve received over $2000.00! He’s ever faithful! Bank of heaven rain down on Jamie, in the mighty name of Jesus!!

    1. Wow. Praise God, Pam! And I receive that prophecy. The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy!

  4. Wow! Agreeing with you and Bruce in prayer! Thanking God for already providing all that you need and want! I can’t wait to hear about it as it comes in!

    1. April, thank you! I absolutely believe Papa is going to provide for everything and help it all work out just as smoothly as can be! Thank you for prayers and hugs, dear friend! xoxo

  5. Laurna Tallman says:

    Dear Jamie,
    You can count on my prayers, especially with the shifting political situation that makes ordinary calculations impossible. If you can keep a tie with corporate stability in these uncertain times, that would be common wisdom. But God often calls us to move outside of the safety net. Please get some “down time” in addition to prayer. And you cannot make vehicles last longer than they can last, even in the South. Spiritual communities like the ones you enjoy rarely have long lives; it is the nature of the Spirit to “blow where it wills,” to equip and send forth and then move. Unless you become a literal, bricks and stones university or a church with a huge congregation and financial base, when the mission ends you will have few assets for the next phase of the journey. The Internet is the least predictable medium of all. In other words, while you are being passionately spiritual don’t leave good sense out of your decision-making. From the perspective of fifty years in the Spirit I have seen many powerful ministries come and go and have seen more than a few of them go badly. I am praying for great clarity for both you and your husband.
    Love and prayers,

    1. Thank you for your prayers, Laurna! I hope you are doing well so far this week also. 🙂

  6. I am standing in agreement with your prayer requests.
    Hopeing and trusting in Gods provision for all these things to be added to you. As
    you plow for the Kingdom of god to be advanced ……so shall you advance.

  7. Jamie,

    Praying for you and your husband, in Jesus name!


  8. Tameeka Brundidge says:

    Some of these I have already been praying for ya’ll, but I have written all your requests down! I believe God will answer them all in Jesus name. I’m also rejoicing with you. God bless!

  9. Dearest Jamie, I pray for you regularly and I will target my prayers on those specific needs mentioned. I thank you for your ministry, it has helped strengthen in my faith in tremendous ways!!!
    Love and blessings

  10. Prayed and I am in agreement with you ! Thank you for blessing me so much with your posts.

  11. Gina Trahan says:

    My dear sweet Jamie,
    Yes of course I will be praying for you in every area that you asked for and more.I am very happy to do it.: )
    Love in Christ,

  12. Francie Robertson says:

    Heavenly Father!
    Thank You so much for making us Your children through Your Son. Hallowed be thy Name! Thank You for choosing us & making us Your very own. Thank You for Jamie & her husband. Thank You for choosing them to bless us greatly so that we too may bless others. Blessed to be Your blessing “on earth as it is in Heaven”…
    Let Your Kingdom come and Your will be done as we close yet another (unlike any other) awesome year! Today let Your Word be for Jamie & her husband yea Lord for us all… “On earth as it IS in Heaven!”

    Francie Robertson

  13. Christian says:

    Prayer is good but at this time, we need to put your financial angels on assignment to bring you the monies needed to purchase two new cars and attend both events as well as taking care of all your other needs. In the name of Jesus, I release the finances set aside for you in the heavenly places and command the financial angels to d to bring them to your feet. I curse any attempt by the enemy and his cohort to delay the manifestation or your financial showers. I cover these showers with the blood of Jesus and declare it so. I release divine financial dream into you as a confirmation of this decree. In Jesus’name our Lord and Savior. Amen!

  14. May the blessing and guidance of Holy Spirit come forward for you Jamie! I pray the Lord bless Jamie and her husband with prosperity, health and the discernment she needs to continue to spread the word of God. Thank you, Father in Heaven for using Jamie’s heart to do just that! Amen in Jesus Might name!

  15. Michael Denic says:

    jamie i feel the father say you’re home in who you are and now is the time to manifest your destiny, be prepared and stay focused on the truth, heal the hearts and minds of those around you with words of life.

    pray about what i said and find peace with god about this as you move on in forward momentum, i feel his presence on the screen after i prayed for you leading me to feel what i did to tell you above, i hope this helps you understand how to move forward.

  16. Agreeing with you for all of the above breakthroughs! All of these desires are godly and would further His wonderful Kingdom, and so I know that He intends to fulfill them. 🙂 Thank You, Lord, for Jamie’s provision and resources, physical strength, direction, favor, and discernment, organized to the proper areas and timings. Thank You, Lord, for giving her peace and assurance in Your faithfulness concerning all of these needs, in Jesus’ name!

  17. Dear Jamie,
    What I am going to share with you is what you already know – God bless your heart – and that is the place of God leading us personally in relation to His plan for us. You asked for prayers to strengthen your faith, make you and your husband to be bold, discernment, and also for financial blessings. You may however receive comments and suggestions (either from here or somewhere else, even from face-to-face discussion with people) telling you whether the step you are about to take is right or not, or what someone thinks you should do. Sometimes, people say what they think they would do in a particular situation if they were in it. But what we think we would do is often quite different than what we will actually do when we are there! Listen less to people on this matter, but more to the voice of your Father speaking inside you through His presence in your life. This doesn’t mean that people are not important or that we don’t need advice from others, we do! God uses people to advice us. But, very often, people (even well-meaning people) want to express their views about something, but God’s view at times is different. Only YOU can decode what God is downloading into you. Only YOU can understand the vision. Only YOU…..

    Also, filter any advice you hear about this decision through the voice of your Father. You need rest, so it makes sense that you should reduce your work load. Your Father WILL tell you when and how to do that ,and which part is it that you’re to drop. I trust He will; you are such a blessed and anointed child of God and God has used you in many areas to enrich people’s lives with His gift of wisdom in you. With regards to the cars and other needs, I prayed for you and I’ll continue to do so. God will come through for you. Thank you so much for being such a blessing!

  18. Christine Sanchez says:

    Praying for you to have a book contract soon…so you will have your income and also reach more people , leading to more speaking engagements and a have the flexibility to minister, which you are so passionate about…I will be praying for God to bless you in all the areas you requested…You have helped me many, many times with the prayers posted on here…

    1. Thank you so much, Christine! I really appreciate your prayers, and I definitely need them! I am so grateful to our Father also for blessing YOU. May Father multiply His grace to you today, and may you sense His presence and affection for you. In Jesus’ name.

  19. I come in agreement with you. I too had a situation a few years back where God was calling me out of the corporate world. It did not make sense logically in the sight of man, but I rather be a God pleaser than a man pleaser. The calculations did not add up even from the very beginning I knew there would be a shortfall that I had no immediate solution to address. Being in corporate Banking and crunching numbers all day I knew it did not make wordly sense. After the Holy Spirit kept dealing with me for months I decided to make the move of faith and immediately a weight came of me. The way my job was going it was taking more and more of my time (basically my life). The Lord impressed on me so strong that I needed to be there for my daughters in their formative years, to be a real Father to them. The one thing I realize about faith is the only way we get to exercise it is to step out into situations where God calls us; where we don’t have all our ducks lined up in a row. In fact there would be no need for faith if we had it all figured out already! We know that faith is the key ingredient however to please God. Once you know the Holy Spirit is leading you and your spouse is in agreement “GO FOR IT!” I can say that in the country I am from it is better to have your kids in private school than public. Those same girls (I only have girls) who I gave up over $30,000 in income per year for based on the Holy Spirits leading, He has provided for their school fees to be paid for (Not by ME!) every semester for the past 5 years since I made the move. They run track and even the coach of their team stop charging me to train them, in fact he made me an assistant coach. I have spent much more time investing in them personally than I would have otherwise. It won’t all be easy but I encourage you to be strong and courageous because faith without works is dead.

    Heavenly Father I pray for your Holy Spirit to continue to guide and direct Jamie and her husbands path. I decree that your angels would go before them and prosper their way and make every crooked path straight. I decree that the fire of your presence would overflow in their lives and empower them to achieve the great destiny that is upon their lives, that you have predestined from before the foundation of the world.

    I am new to your blog, I hope my experience encourages you God Bless!

    1. Thank you so much for this wonderful testimony and encouragement, Noel! I do receive that word of prophecy, for the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy! To God be the glory!

  20. Jamie, i just wanted to encourage you. My husband was working at a job that paid very very well, but he never had time for our family or church. So we prayed and waited on our Father, out of nowhere, a job offer came to him! We were scared because taking the job meant he would be getting paid less than half of what we were used to, but it would mean more time for family and church. But we trusted GOD and he accepted it. We can honestly say we’ve never gone without! Plus he was even blessed with a ministry of his own by the grace of GOD!! And he is now able to take part in another ministry which goes into the prisons to teach the Gospel and preach! I know if we had never trusted in the LORD, none of this would have happened. Our Father knows what y’all need and HE will definitely point the way! I’ll be praying for you!! 🙂 May the LORD bless you and your husband!!

    1. Roxane, I do receive that encouragement and testimony. Thank you for sharing it. God is so good. I know He will come through for all of us in every way we need Him. He is so faithful!
      Thank you for reading and for encouraging me also!

  21. Please pray for my family and , I am going through Chemotherapy with a breast cancer diagnosis for the second Tim in 17 years but I’ve received a good report after surgery .. We need God to move for us jobs, homes bills paid etc. through it all we are praising God .. please pray for both blessings f my grandsons incarcerated due to lying babies mothers and one is due to come home in Jesus Name and we pray soon release for them both.. in obedience unto the word off god I have suffered painful family’ and church hurt and seemed to become the preditator in the situation even though I have held my peace when the enemy through Christians tried to destroy my family , malign my character and turn my daughter against me.. Thank You Jamie for your obedience and for Prsying Answered Prayers as the Effectual Fervent Prayers of the Righteous truly Do avail so very much we love you!! We are in need of urgent help from the Lord ..

    1. Francie Robertson says:

      Dear Michelle
      You have just come in with your critical prayers needs on the first day of Jamie Rohrbaugh’s 31 Days of Spiritual Encounters. Be encouraged greatly that all of us here are even now lifting you and her precious loved ones before our Great Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ a upnd our awesome Father God in the throne room. Expect your needs and so much more to come direct from The Throne of His Grace & Power & Love even as we speak. I too had two breast cancers followed quickly with fast growing pre-cancerous cells in my cervix. All this over a two year period end of 1999
      to 2002. It’s been that long for me too. I had two lumps removed one from my breast & one from cervix. One malignant breast lump appeared 2002 but I had NO treatment for it. It disappeared. I was declared cancer free through regular checks since shocking quite a few Doctors & other people. God gave me His Word to heal back then. I didn’t fully walk in it the first time. I did the second time. That settled it. Also I suffered great persecution and rejection because others lost loved ones to Cancer when I survived to get healed by God (no treatment just His personal Word to me confirmed many times over to help deal with my unbelief & doubts till I finally took those first scary steps of faith). Know this you’ve come at just the right time Sister. Press in to your Lord and Father and into His everlasting arms till you KNOW beyond doubt His Love & care for YOU is REAL & forever & He IS with you and your loved ones to bring what’s really needed.
      In His precious Name
      Francie Robertson

  22. Please pray for my sister’s son and my brother in law tommorw journey please pray for there safe journey.
    Please pray for my assignments exam graduation day etc. Tommorw Greek test.
    Please pray for my sister’s son daugther and my brother daughters study protection life etc.
    My family Business, job, ministry and need boy baby.
    Thank you Jesus bless you

  23. Please pray for my marriage restoration.My wife and i are living seperately for 5 and half years.I have tried to bring her back in my life but she is not willing to come back.I am so scarred and worried and i don’t know hat to do.We don’t communicate at all.I love her so much.Our marriage is on a brink of a break.Please pray for my wife so that Jesus can touch her heart.I am so broken.I need help.Thank you

  24. Please pray that i have love and romance in my life!

  25. Peta-Gaye K Curtis says:

    Good day

    Please pray for me that I will receive a financial blessing tomorrow that my loan will be approved and I will be able to provide for my family and to take care of some debts. Also pray that my husband will be faithful and stop cheating and causing problems in our relationship

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