It Is a Time of Emotional Testing

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Beloved, I want to talk to you about what God is doing in this spiritual season today. His work is deep right now, and honestly it does have some challenges. It is a time of great emotional testing for many of God’s people, but the results will be worth it.

I pray you would read this Issachar update and be encouraged to continue fighting the good fight today.

The Lord has shown me over the last number of weeks that He is doing a great work–but a painful work–in His people, specifically in their emotions. And although we’ve talked about that before via YouTube video, I keep seeing deeper evidence of a deeper move than I saw at first.

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    Here’s why the heart surgery that we are all enduring is even deeper than I thought at first:

    The Lord started this heart surgery by casting down our big, main idol that kept us from obeying Him with our emotions. In other words, He picked the biggest thing to start with:

    This move of God–this heart surgery–was so sudden and speedy that I originally assumed it would be over after we each won the battle. I thought His surgery would have just one phase. I didn’t “have a word” about the timeframe or anything; but I just felt and assumed that this was a one-round battle, and when it was over, it would be over.

    But I assumed wrongly. There is more that the Lord didn’t show me at first, and I’m glad He didn’t. If I had seen more at the time, I would have become discouraged because this work of the Lord truly does hurt.

    But there is more heart surgery to be done …

    … Because now, many people have gotten past that one idol. You have allowed Holy Spirit to do a work in your heart such that now you are able to submit your emotions and choices to HIM, instead of letting your circumstances in that one big area affect you.

    The hard news is, now He’s going after another area.

    His conviction never stops. Truly, did we think it did? (Sigh.) If we had not cried out to Him with such passion and fervor, asking Him to change us, bless us, and fill us with His Spirit, then perhaps He would not be moving quite so quickly. If we had not cried out to Him to bestow such huge blessings upon us, then perhaps His work in our hearts would be moving a little slower.

    But we did. We did cry out to Him:

    • To change us and make us like Christ.
    • To accelerate and advance His plans for our lives.
    • To fulfill our destinies in Jesus speedily.
    • To hasten and dump the blessings upon us for which we have prayed these many years.

    So He’s answering.

    He’s answering all of it.

    But there’s a severe yanking, a heartrending testing, and a painful purging that have to come first.

    And the only anesthetic for God’s heart surgery is that we must get lost in His presence–in worship, prayer, praise, and the study of His Word.

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    As it says in Psalm 16:11:

    “You will show me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy; at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore” (Psalm 16:11).

    God’s own manifest presence is His only anesthetic for the heart surgery He is doing in each of us.

    Here’s why: 

    • In His manifest presence, you feel His love.
    • In His manifest presence, He counsels you and teaches you. This immediately helps you feel better, for you know you’re not alone and He’s going to get you through this season of testing.
    • In Jesus’ manifest presence, sorrow flees and joy comes. Jesus personally fills your heart with His joy.

    Additionally, if you’ll respond to Him by getting lost in Him through praise, worship, prayer, and the Word, then the euphoria that comes with praise will take over your body, soul, and spirit.

    Praise brings euphoria because it takes our eyes off ourselves, where we shouldn’t be looking anyway, and places our eyes squarely on Jesus, where they belong. Praising God also helps us give thanks to Him, and giving thanks drives away self-pity. And the foul spirit of self-pity is the gateway demon to spirits of death and suicide.

    Friends, this time of emotional testing that many people are going through is difficult. No doubt about it.

    However, if we each will keep our eyes on JESUS, the Author and the Finisher of our faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high, then we will get through this season of testing–with joy.

    I know it’s hard, but look to Jesus. Set your face like flint, just like He did. Decide and determine that, no matter what, you’re going to persevere. Cry out to God to have His way in you, and to do what He needs to do quickly. 

    Even when it hurts, the work of Holy Spirit in our hearts is always worth the effort it takes to push through the trials and endure, abiding in Jesus.

    Is the Lord doing emotional testing and heart surgery in you too right now? If so, leave a comment below!

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    1. Brittne Epps says:

      Yes this is definitely the Lord!! I submit to the surgery!! Move quickly Lord and have Your way!!

      1. I’m so ready for it to be over! Ive been the ringer, relied on Yeshuas’s blessings, and it is still an arduous painful life. When will this ever end? It’s too much too long Lord to keep enduring. Please have end now.

    2. Every day I have been hit with something that appears to be attack. Each one I call on God and seek HIM. He has been faithful to step in inHis way and show me that His grace is sufficient.He has all power. I will continue to rely and trust him. I know He will deliver me to victory. He is faithful and He never fails.

    3. Yes! He has been doing work in me specifically in my moments of impatience, frustration, anger and even vengeance! Pruning away what needs to go! Thank you Jesus

    4. Oh wow yes He is because I’ve prayed everything you listed & I knew when He my big stumbling idol out the way. However, I too thought this yet & now I know He’s got lots more to remove. Oh wow it’s so I can birth the baby He’s giving me. Praise God! Thank you & bless you for sharing!

    5. Thank you for your post Jamie, I’m a little astonished by it. This is exactly what I experienced 48 hours ago, Though a sleepless night, He did exactly as described as I called out to Him. The release has been beautiful. Thank you again and bless you and your ministry for your faithfulness.
      To God be the glory!

    6. In His service I have been feeling like I have been cut off on some issues,still trying to understand what is going on. Its not easy I have cried out to Him because of my own emotional stress and He heard me.I am submitting to His will

    7. LaShaunda says:

      I saw this but glad I didn’t open till today, because the pressure is on and the enemy turnt the furnace up a notch …but God! …although God did come to calm me before I read this ….this just confirms what you are say..Yes! I am being tested and tried, its not easy, but I trust God to walk! run me through it …quickly so I can move on to the next He have for me….Prayers needed..thanks!

    8. My heart is broken. I have been hurt over and over and I just feel God does not like me. I am experiencing delay in career, marriage and all.

    9. I can’t do this anymore.

    10. “And the only anesthetic for God’s heart surgery is that we must get lost in His presence–in worship, prayer, praise, and the study of His Word.“ hallelujah- sound wisdom sister- Truth! Amen 🙏🏼
      It has been one of the most humbling seasons of my life – I feel like Paul at times – oh wretched man that I am, BUT GOD. He is faithful to finish the work He has started and I can’t wait to be unrecognizable to myself and see the image of Christ reflected in every fiber of my being. For His glory to shine in and through me, so that all may come to know this beautiful Jesus and His amazing grace that I have found. Many a time I’ve cried out and asked Lord, if I have found favor with you and for the sake of the elect bring forth Your justice and vindicate me speedily. I want to love what You love and hate what You hate- Remove all hinderances that provoke me to jump onto the emotional roller coaster and fix my sight on You alone. Give me strength in my weakness Lord and help my unbelief, that I may wait on and trust in You alone; lifting up my soul unto no idol! Hallelujah- You are the worthy Lamb and I will forever exalt Your name Lord Jesus ! “I don’t mind waiting on the Lord!” And “we will not bow to the gods of man, we worship the God of Israel- You are Holy!” A few lyrics I like to sing to get me through.
      Thank you for this confirming word and season we are in as the Church – God is moving and preparing His sanctuary 👑❤️🙌🏻 Hallelujah

    11. My 25+ marriage has been rocked with revelations of past failings before marriage, and pain, hopelessness and betrayal are deep. I know God is in the midst of the storm, and there is complete and total healing available through Him. We are in a desperate place. It has caused us to be thrown to our knees before the throne, but looking at the emotions and pain has brought major doubt and fear. God’s work is always redemptive, and there is purpose in the pain. I need a word to hang on to.

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