How To Kick the Scoffers Out (So You Can Truly Live)

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How To Kick The Scoffers Out (So You Can Truly Live) by Jamie Rohrbaugh | blogHave you ever had a dream that has died? Maybe you have even felt like all your dreams have died?

If this describes you, I have an encouraging word for you today: God can resurrect your dreams.

If you will kick the scoffers out and look to Jesus to do the impossible, you can truly live.

In Luke 8:51-56, we find a story about a desperate father, Jairus, whose 12-year-old daughter was dying. Jairus ran to Jesus and begged Him to come heal her.

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    Jesus set out for Jairus’ house. But, on the way, a servant came and told them not to bother; the girl was already dead. Jesus wasn’t disturbed by that news. He just told Jairus:

    Start-quoteDo not be afraid; only believe, and she will be made well” (Luke 8:50b).

    When they got to the house, Jesus only let His three closest friends (Peter, James, and John) in the house with them. Going inside, they found people weeping and mourning for the girl. Jesus told the mourners not to cry; that she wasn’t dead–only asleep.

    But the mourners did not listen. Luke 8:53 tells us:

    Start-quoteAnd they ridiculed Him, knowing that she was dead.”

    So what did Jesus do?

    He put them all out. He had work to do, and He knew He would only be hindered by their unbelief. So Jesus kicked the scoffers out.

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    Then He went to the girl. He took her by the hand, told her to get up, and she did! Luke 8:55-56 tells us:

    Start-quoteThen her spirit returned, and she arose immediately. And He commanded that she be given something to eat. And her parents were astonished, but He charged them to tell no one what had happened.”

    When Jesus does something, He does it well. Not only did He raise this girl up, but He raised her up strong. She was hungry, and only healthy people are hungry! So they fed her, and Jesus told them not to talk about the miracle that had occurred.

    This story contains some really powerful lessons for everyone who wants to see a resurrection of their dreams. Here’s how you can apply this passage to your life:

    1. Believe that Jesus can give life to your dreams again.

    Jesus told Jairus that, if he would believe, then his daughter would be made well. He said that AFTER the little girl was already dead.

    Jesus says the same thing to you today. If you will believe Jesus can raise up your dream, then your dream can live again too. It doesn’t matter how long ago your dream died, and it doesn’t matter what other people think. Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life. Your dream is not too big for God.

    Related: Read about how God gave Susan Boyle her big dream here! If God can do it for her, He can certainly do it for you!

    2. Surround yourself with people who believe in your miracle.

    Not all of your friends are going to love what you want to do, so follow Jesus’ example.

    Jesus brought only His inner circle with Him into the house. He didn’t kick the rest of His disciples out of His posse. He just wouldn’t let them come see this particular miracle.

    If you are believing God for a miracle, be careful who you are trying to take with you. You may have friends that don’t believe, and it’s okay to keep them as friends. But don’t let them be your inner circle. Make sure your closest friends are the ones who will believe God with you–the ones who won’t prevent you from walking on miracle ground; and ideally, the people who will go WITH you onto that miracle ground.

    3. Kick the scoffers out.

    Scoffers have an evil attitude that is contagious:

    • They mock God’s plans for you.
    • They laugh at your dreams.
    • They mock the prophetic word God has spoken into your life.

    Jesus would have none of it. He kicked the scoffers out. He got rid of the doubters, the haters, and the mockers. Even the “professional” ones. (Mourning was a professional occupation in those times.)

    Do you want to see your dreams live again? Kick the scoffers out. Don’t let them have any more influence over you. Eliminate the doubters, haters, and mockers–even the “professional” ones:

    • Get rid of people who seem to have nothing to do but whine and complain.
    • Get rid of people who are always bad-mouthing their leaders.
    • Get rid of people who are going nowhere and are thrilled about it.

    That means you may have to take some drastic steps. Do you have a so-called friend who does nothing but poison your life with doubt and negativity? Cut off that friendship if so. Protect God’s dream for your life.

    You don’t have to be mean when you purge your relationships. You can just stop answering the phone, be too busy for lunch dates, and stop answering in-kind when people complain. There’s no need to hurt people. You just need to get the negativity out of your life! Kick those scoffers out, so you can truly live!

    Jesus got rid of the scoffers and haters before He proceeded onto miracle territory.

    Then He raised up Jairus’ dead dream, his daughter. He raised her up strong and healthy, and her parents were astonished.

    Are you ready to be astonished?

    Believe that God can resurrect your dream. Kick the scoffers out. Surround yourself with people who will believe God with you. Then Jesus will resurrect your dream too.  

    Pray this with me and let’s ask God to resurrect your dream:

    Heavenly Father, in Jesus’ name, I thank You today for having a great big plan for my life. Father, I feel like the dreams I used to believe in might be dead. I don’t know how they can ever happen now.

    But Father, You are the Author of those dreams. You are so much bigger than my inadequacy. You are Life. So Father, I ask right now in Jesus’ name that You would give life to my dreams again. Let the dreams You have placed inside my heart and spirit rise up in me right now. 

    Father, I pray that You would also help me to know whose influence I need to get rid of in my life. Help me to walk away from relationships that are not Your best for me. Send me covenant friendships and mentors who will encourage me and pour into my life as I chase You. I know that covenant relationships are a good thing, and I know You won’t withhold any good thing from me, so I thank You for those friendships right now.

    And finally, Father, please give me wisdom about when to talk about my dreams and when to keep silent. Protect the dreams you have given me from ever dying again. Increase my faith, and confirm Your word to me along the way.

    Show me what to do practically every single day. Help me to know which steps to take to see my dreams happen. Give me the motivation and the inspiration to follow through and do the work, and I pray You would keep me in Your perfect and best plan for my life. In Jesus’ name. Amen!

    Does this word encourage you to believe God for your dream again? If so, please leave a comment below! I want to hear your story!

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    1. I am 54 yrs. young, but like many I usually say the word “OLD”, the problem is you believe that old is “OLD”, which prevents you from dreaming and believing big things for your life…because your “OLD”!! Thank you Jamie for this timely word for me…I am dreaming some big dreams and so many negative thoughts are creeping in…like you are tooooo “OLD”, Renee…and time is short, and you can’t accomplish that this late in life…well I am going to follow your advise and kick myself for being the scoffer and put my dreams to God and see if he thinks these dreams are worth my time and energy…Thanks again and keep allowing the Holy Spirit to use you in such a powerful way. 🙂

      1. You are definitely not too old, Renee! By setting goals and taking one step at a time toward them, you can get a long way a lot faster than you think you can. I’ve read books by very successful people that say, “Most people overestimate what they can do in one year, and underestimate what they can do in five years.” So think long! Don’t just look at the next 1, 2, or 3 years… instead, look at the fact that you’ve got another 30 productive years in front of you! Thirty years is enough time to anything. Your life will transform as you walk toward your goal one step at a time. Don’t give up – Jesus can raise you up! Love you!

    2. This is a great post!! I’m homeschooling my kids and want to serve people around town with them, but I feel the inner mocking of family members, even if they don’t say it. I also hear that voice that says, “You are trying to be a goody-two shoes, better than everyone else homeschool snob.” You’ve given me something to pray about. Thank you for the post!

      1. Wow, Joann, thank you, and you go girl! 🙂 I admire your desire to serve and your discernment too! It can be hard to go against the flow, but it’s so fulfilling when you know you’re doing what God has called you to do. 🙂

      2. Ajung Jamir says:

        It seems like all my dreams that I had is gone but by your word and prayer I hope I may regain my dreams so please pray for me.

    3. thank you, Sister Jamie this really helps me,your words are blessing, God Bless you and your Family.

    4. Thank you I have been praying for God to restore deans and plans that died and only to get this prophetic message , This is such an encouragement to me and my faith to keep pressing on.

    5. Penelope ware says:

      So appreciate your encouragement, direction and affirmations…gifts for our Body of Christ to be on the same page!
      So Grateful to God for you Jaime!
      Blessing upon blessing????

    6. God bless you in the thousand-fold realm. Thank you for encouraging us all to dream until the will of Jesus for our lives is fulfilled!

    7. Linda Davies says:

      Thank you so much for this post . I am 51 years old and so ready to pursue my dreams , it’s never too late .

    8. Christine Marie Sanchez says:

      Hi Jaime, I love how you put the word of God into present time situations…I have a question and I want you to know I am not a scoffer..What if your dream is not God’s dream for you? Myself..I am in my fifties and my life is not recognizable to me any longer…So different then my dreams, I have made peace with God about this, because some really wonderful things have happened in my family lately…I am still waiting is the issue. For a breakthrough and a sign of what God’s dream is for me….I get confused sometimes and think, is he waiting on me? For me to start dreaming again?

      1. Hey sweet Christine. It’s definitely not too late for your dream. God cares about what you care about. If your dream is holy–in other words, not sin (God wouldn’t give a person a dream that involves sin)–then it is from God. God’s dreams are your dreams. Your ability to dream comes from God, and His Word says that if you delight yourself in Him, then He will give you the desires of YOUR heart.
        Dream on, sis!

    9. Dear Jamie,
      I Appreciate you so much and I thank Heavenly Father for his hand in your life. your Prophetic words always meet me in time. My dead dream has just been revived and hear you are confining things to me, making me know that truly, God has done.
      Thank you for always making your self available for Jesus.
      Thanks and God bless you.

    10. Thank you so much cause God has answered me through this prophecy. I believe in that you have what you say but sometimes you realise you are surrounded by those who talk the church language when your are at the place of worship but once out, the talk is what’s going on in the world: how bad things are, the economy, people’s morale, how hostile the world is, diseases etc. Rarely you hear people mention how good God is and what He is doing for them. It seems some only give testimonies only when God has granted the desires of their hearts or when they get their manifestations. There is so much God is doing every time but it’s the devil getting the glory more than our Abba Father. I am pleased how peacefully l can leave the scoffers out of my prayer life to resurrect my dream.
      Thank you Lord Jesus!!

    11. Kedibone Celia Magooa says:

      Hi Jamie, thank you for the scripture it did resurrected my believing in God, My dream died two years ago after i got scammed on Facebook and i ended up loosing all my investments, my salary and i became literally broke till today, i lost hope for the future as I’m turning 60 in June, I’m about to retire from my job, what i foresee was just poverty and struggles the whole part of my retirement. But today i received the word and I’m kicking the scoffers out of my life. I believe in devine restoration of everything that i have lost to the enemies, My God will do a miracle that will shock the nation as long as i hold on to Jesus and believe in him as my Lord and Savior. He is a faithful God and will never leave me nor forsake me. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen

    12. Thank-you,Jamie! we have a bad neighbor that does things we can not prove they do shady things ,because they have people coming an going all hours of the night ,they watch others all the time an bully us ,we have come to the end ,you don’t know how many times I wished I would die ,why would God bring these people in we were here for over 30 years?

    13. Richard natala says:

      This word has touched me. God bless you .

    14. Teresa M MONTGOMERY says:

      Dear Jamie, that includes everyone. I’ve had to distance myself from my family most of all. Jesus said our enemies (of the call and cross we bare) will be those of our own household. I am trusting in His promise. Thank you

    15. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

      I am working on this right now. I really need to draw away from people who will drag me away from His presence.Thank you so much for this encouragement message.It empowers me alot with my relationship with Abba.I really loved this great message. AMEN!!!!

    16. Thank you Jamie, for your encouraging words all the time. This words apply to me and i have no doubt there is a resurrection power already working towards God spoken words in me and i know its the reason the enemies are up in all weapons against what God is preparing for me. But i know, the devil cannot win over God the creator and His spirit that is working in me. I ask that you continue to support me with prayers for i need it.
      Thank you.
      Peace in heart and all around you.

    17. Thank you Jamie so timely and This word is so encouraging 💕🙏🏽 praying Father God to resurrect all my dreams for a house , going back to college , the dream career , getting my driver’s license. So many to list thank You Lors that’s never too late.

    18. Hearer Must Doer says:

      With me it’s always the other way around. They pull on my soul, take by force my persona & then do to me what I ought to do to them. So, the scoffers, those who do not favor my righteous cause, the thieves, murderers, & liars who deceive, hoodwink, & hypnotize the people through sorcery, witchcraft, freemasonry, & who enslave, exploit, criminalize, police, demonise and dehumanize people, are the ones who latch onto me like parasites, through surveillance, & have me “kicked” out before time…..because they’re afraid of getting caught in the traps they set for me. They’ve drained my soul of the substance, pulled out dreams, gifts, blessing, provision, homes etc. and then when I/we have nothing left they need to get rid of me/us because I/we/others in the same situation become an eyesore. People start to wonder and talk.  So, they need to get rid of us before they lose what they stole from us. They go as far as killing people like me, so there’s no evidence to prove what they’ve done/did. But the blood of those they scoffed at, ridiculed, mocked, slandered, falsely accused, blamed, scapegoated, cries out from deep within the grave of their consciousness. 
      They try different tactics to make a public spectacle of us, having us scrutinized and observed by many recruits, getting the police involved repeatedly, evicted, arrested etc. It’s all so they have the upper hand before we can take any action. Our blood and souls will be a witness against them. They will always be looking over their shoulder, and will never enter into the Kingdom of God/Heaven/God’s dear Son. They and their children that they fed with the blood of the innocent will always be guilty, and will never be free from the stain. 

    19. Trisha O’Shea says:

      WOW! When I read the title of this, I thought yeah, this is probably a good topic, but I already can relate to theses types: how to identify & and/keep them out of my circle. BUT you have brought so much light to this through THE WORD OF GOD! I never knew what it meant when Jesus told the family not to speak of what he had done to anyone! And for the LONGEST I have always felt a…can’t think of the word right now, but something that made me think ‘ok, I don’t really need to discuss this with everyone’ OR I only told a one or 2 close family and friends about certain things!!!! And now I know why!!!
      Thank you for your heart for The Lord our God and for others!

    20. Annanson John says:

      Amazing timely message!
      Grace to you, Prophetes Jamie.

    21. Maribeth Bieber says:

      Hi Jamie, the negativity that I get and getting lots of anger and not believing when I share healing, or prophecy and other things that is true about The Lord is from my Husband and some things not as much negative things are the movies from my son and my husband.
      I can’t leave my husband because I don’t have the money or a car, or a job to be able to leave him.
      I know that if I had a way I would go. But don’t.
      God bless you!

    22. Denise Moore says:

      YES and Amen, my grandson Please Pray for him, All Around he’s in prison, but he Just told me a dream that he Will do, WHEN he gets released,he is trying not to let his Dream die, he’s has a lot of jealous, people’s and scoffer, so he separated himself a Way from then, he Just told me this, so I’m praying, that he will continue to speak about his Dream, he trying to humbling himself to the Lord, so he doesn’t get angry anymore,He is really trying. I Thank you to All with Dream.. in Jesus YESUHA the CHRIST NAME AMEN

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