Mercy! Mercy! MERCY Shall Surround You!

Beloveds, do you need mercy in your life? If so, I have an encouraging word for you today.

As I was studying this morning, the Lord led me to Psalm 32:10, which says:

Many sorrows shall be to the wicked; but he who trusts in the Lord, mercy shall surround him.”

I looked it up, and sure enough:

The word “mercy” is chesed, which is the word I taught on throughout the entire 21 Kisses teaching series.

“Chesed” is God’s covenant love, which you have in Christ Jesus. It’s His faithfulness and lovingkindness, manifest and put together into action on your behalf.

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    It is the kiss of God on your life.

    “Chesed” is what causes God to help you, no matter how bleak your conditions.

    It’s what turns things around for your good. It’s the sweet manifestation of His goodness toward you.

    It’s the power of God at work on your behalf that makes you weep into your pillow at night, because you sense Father’s love and feel Him helping you, even if nobody else loves you, helps you, or believes in you.

    And when I read this Scripture, my heart cried out in agreement with the Word of the Lord: “Yes, God! Mercy! Mercy! Mercy!”

    Mercy is not just for when you mess up. Mercy is the thing that makes you whole again.

    It’s the thing that makes everything beautiful in its time.

    And if you trust in the Lord, the word of the Lord to you today is: “Mercy shall surround you!”

    Believe it. Speak it out of your mouth. Confess out loud that you trust in the Lord, and that mercy surrounds you. It’s God’s Word! Mercy SHALL surround you!

    Thank Papa for His mercy. Pray for it to be manifest on your behalf. Then take time to notice all Papa’s acts of mercy toward you today, and keep on praying for more.

    According to your faith be it unto you!

    Does this word resonate with your heart today? If so, please leave a comment below and share with others what God is ministering to you!

    21 Kisses: The Sure Mercies of David for Your Life | Jamie Rohrbaugh | the way, if you haven’t listened to the 21 Kisses teaching set yet, please. At this point, based on all the Lord has been saying to me and others in the prophetic community, I consider an urgent message.

    So please, please, please, I implore you for your own sake: run don’t walk to get 21 Kisses today (it’s instantly-downloadable on my Gumroad store), and learn these 21+ manifestations of MERCY so you will have faith for them in your own life.)


    1. Thank you Jamie for this one! Thank you for the message of mercy! Please I am wondering if you saw the comment I left recently on one of your previous articles. It’s about following what I feel is my calling; about a desire to engage myself in full-time writing. Thank you.

      1. Hi Samson. I am not sure if I saw it or not. So many comments have been coming in that I have lost track of some answers. I apologize. I will look for it.

    2. Millie Williams says:

      I thank you for this message. May you have a bless day.
      Love Millie

    3. Rebecca L Jones says:

      Yes, mercy is all around as He pours out His peace on those who can receive it. I was reading Psalm 127:2 and I slept a lot today and still have manage to encourage so many women over the internet.

    4. I receive it! Thank-you Lord. In Jesus mighty name!
      God’s Mercy surrounds me! Amen!

      I strongly feel a break through in such
      an amazing God “can only do”, kind of way!
      Amen and I Thank-you God!

      Thank-you so much for your post Jamie.
      Blessings and Favor of our Almighty God to you!

      1. Hi Lili! Yes, breakthrough! By MERCY! Apostle Dutch Sheets has been preaching lately that mercy is God’s new currency for this hour. I believe it. This word is so strong in me. Mercy!!!

    5. My Father! Yes this resonates profoundly. It’s been brewing in my spirit since a previous post of yours, Jamie…about His mercy even when you’ve made the mess. And in disgust and utter brokenness can’t bring myself to pray about it…because why should He help me? I deserve to lie in the bed i made…
      Oh, but His unfailing love and His TENDER MERCY! Within moments of whispering gratitude for His mercy, this post arrived in my inbox. His MERCY endures FOREVER!!! Really take that in. I mean, try to absorb that truth in your soul Beloveds. That’s why I’ll sing His praise with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my might until my last breath on this side! Oh bless Your sweet name Jesus! How I worship and adore You!
      (Totally wrecked over here)

      1. Oh, dear sister. My heart goes out to you. His mercy has nothing to do with the merit of your actions. It’s all because He loves you, and because Jesus shed His blood for you so Father could pour out mercy on you.
        Thank You, Jesus!

        1. Thank you Jamie for your heart and prayers. And correction on my part – that “can’t bring myself to pray…” should have read “couldn’t. ..” as recent past tense. I finally ignored the comdemnation and shame from the enemy just long enough to lift up my heavy soul, tormented soul to Him and repent and ask for His mercy and His divine rescue. His presence wrapped around me and lifted my hung down head.

          Check out “Came to my rescue” on The Very Best Of Hillsong Live album.

          Psalm 3:3

          May the abundant blessing of the Lord, even the thousand-fold blessing (Deuteronomy 1:11) of El Shaddai chase you, overtake and overwhelm you, manifesting FAR beyond every glimpse of what He has shown you or whispered, rendering you awestruck, dumb-founded. In the unfailing name of Christ Jesus, Amen.

    6. Jamie,

      What a timely word I needed to hear this today. I saw a vision of two people that had kissed and the enemy immediately tried to make it a wired thing, although, I knew it wasn’t. Then after reading this blog, it resonated with my spirit even the part that talked about feeling alone and nobody understanding. Thank you for sharing!

    7. Hi Jamie,

      Thank you for this revelation for the Holy Ghost. I really really appreciate it. It just sparked tons more in my heart and mind. What really blew me away was what the word “Mercy” in the original language means! “Manifest action on my behalf” This makes so much sense! Especially when you consider that the Greek word for “salvation” means “the power to change”. So yes God’s Mercy is acting on my behalf to change me and transform me into the image of his son. It’s not just about forgiveness but his willingness to save me from false thinking and to act on my behalf for all things provisional.

      Wow! Thanks for sharing this this morning. Again I really appreciate it.

      Oh and as an aside, your photo of your bible page above just pointed me toward a scripture that help[s prove a point I’ve been trying to teach my church and bible study for quiet some time ha ha! Thanks for the pic and the underlining. Be blessed my friend.

    8. Leon Dietrich says:

      Morning Jamie
      I have not received any of your postings and Blogs?
      Please tell me everything is well with you?
      Your daily postings are a massive source of Blessing and strength to a lot of us?
      Perhaps I have unsubscribed by accident – let me check.
      Looking for you hearing from you

      1. Hi brother Leon. You should have just received an email with today’s post. Please let me know if you did not, and I can check and make sure you were not unsubscribed. Many blessings to you!

        1. Leon Dietrich says:

          I was worried!!!
          Thank goodness I got todays mail

          Todays : If your Spirit is broken – I KNOW THE LORD SENT IT TO YOU TO SEND TO ME – the timing is way to accurate to be anything else. It was meant for me.

          I am at wits end, and this Goliath is crushing me, and “yes” I cant fight him I am not strong enough, so I am just going to ask for the LORDS protection and give it to him.

          I have stopped the struggle and what must happen will happen – but your insert
          “I felt like the Lord wants you to know that, in the long run, it is going to be okay. YOU are going to be okay.”… what I long for.

          I truly believe this is coming but the road is full of “demons” always seeking to pull you down and smother you….

          All your articles of the recent few weeks have been absolutely amazing and you indeed have a very special gift, and you use it with such precise spot on the moment application it can only be the FATHERS work.
          …I am sure that you have been told this many many times – but you are a true Blessing to many readers.

          I specifically print out your articles and have them in or on my person, Today I came under attack “that gut wrenching acid feeling of stress that burns into you, and causes panic and disention….I prayed the Mercy Article and the re-called the unjust situations, and sent up a file to the Heavenly Court…..It worked – THANK YOU

          I must say that I know the LORD is going to do something impossible, for me because I have done the “Blessing” 3 Times and an hour after each time, their is an answer. I trust he will do it for all the other readers and address their needs, wants, fears and hurt.

          Bless you and keep you and your family

    9. Lilieth Dennis8 says:

      Thank you Jamie

    10. Lilieth Dennis says:

      Hi Jamie I did post a request did you get it. I am problem with the uk immigration and need deliverance in the name of Jesus they’re just having a go at me all the time, they told me regularise my stay yet they take my money and still refuses my visa, help !! help!! this is unbearable cannot take much more

    11. Mercy! Mercy! Mercy! Oh Lord let Your Mercy surround me and my children every day of our lives. Thank you Jamie for your encouraging words. May God bless you and give you more words of wisdom to lift up our spirits when we are down.

      1. Amen, Martha! For sure. I agree with your prayer and thank you also for your encouragement. 🙂 May Father bless you today!

    12. Annanson John says:

      Hallelujah Amen!!!
      The devil loses again!!
      Glory be to God.
      Accuracy, Authenticity, Precision!!
      Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth forevermore Your word settled!!

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