Notes from the Trenches: Testimonies, Partner & Blog Report for June 2016

Notes from the Trenches by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comHello, beloveds,

I wanted to give you a report and share some testimonies about what God did in June through our collective efforts. And let me say, I really do mean that “collective effort” thing. Reaching people for Jesus takes all of us putting our hands to the plow; each fulfilling his or her part in the beautiful Body of Christ.

So no matter what part you have played–whether you’ve been reading, studying, praying, partnering financially, sharing on social media, or whatever–we are all serving Him together … and THESE are the results that I have personally seen from June 2016 alone.

Please read the quantifiable results below, then the partnership and blog update, then more testimonies below that!

Two clarifications first:

  • I’m seeing Papa do amazing things already in July, but I’ll give the July report for the whole month at the end of July. And…
  • I sent a thank-you email & mid-month update out on June 15, so you may have already seen part of the results below. But the results listed are the totals from June, including the numbers sent in mid-June. 🙂

Ok, now for June’s blog & ministry report:

In June 2016, your partnership dollars and those of other precious partners have allowed me to serve the Kingdom for free in the following quantifiable ways:

– Led 3 corporate prayer meetings at my church;
– Conducted 20 deliverance / inner healing / mentoring sessions;
– Led 8 Bible studies;
– 12 new blog posts posted;
6 exclusive encouraging/equipping/teaching words sent out to members of Presence Seekers University (my free, online equipping program);
– Attended a week-long mission trip in Nicaragua, during which I was privileged to preach to girls, women, and adults a total of three times, with 32 people saved during those sermons/testimonies alone, plus many more receiving ministry from our team during the week, with a total of 1,785 salvations;
– … (plus dealt with stomach illness from said trip for 3 days afterward)… ;
– Built a website for a worship leader to benefit her ministry (free);
– Taught 2 Sunday morning Bible classes;
– Helped one entrepreneur pray over her new retail location; and
– Taught one seminar to Gospel writers to teach them how to use Pinterest to spread the Gospel.

We also reached people with the good news of Jesus Christ on the blog ( 43,610 times so far in June.

Partnership program update:

As of this morning, 65 of you lovely, precious readers are currently enrolled in my monthly partnership program, which starts at $8 per month. Several of you have also chosen to send one-time gifts. THANK YOU. You are making this ministry possible.

I’m still believing God for 1,000 partners. Yesterday, someone asked me why I’m believing for so many. Here are my reasons:

1. One of the things I’m called to is to help pastors and Gospel workers with soul care. (“Soul care” meaning taking time for yourself [and often your spouse] to rest and rejuvenate, so the Lord can restore your soul.)

My husband and I have a passion for Gospel workers who pour and pour into their congregations, but never take care of themselves. Believe it or not, many people in Gospel ministry consider themselves basically unworthy of getting away from it to rest.

My husband and I are called to support and help take care of those people who take care of everybody else.

Soul care is not cheap. It requires hotels and gas money and food money and sometimes even airfare, to get people away from their ministry environments so they can rest. Sowing into Gospel workers like that requires money. (By the way, we do vet the needs because we only do this based on recommendations from our personal pastors and their pastors’ network. So we’re very careful about this.)

But it’s worth it. If you see a pastor who looks worn and haggard, who hasn’t gotten away with his or her spouse ever or in years, get away for a few days even a brief respite and time to pray–and come back in peace, healed of physical ailments, and with the sparkle back in their eyes–(as I have)–you’ll be wrecked for this ministry.

2. I’m called to help sow into short-term missions.

You paid for me to go to Nicaragua, and may God reward you for it. And as you know, I got wrecked down there–and I desire to go back to the Latin American mission field as soon as, and as often as possible.

My church offers opportunities to do missions several times per year, and if I have the time off work and the funds to go, I am likely to be able to go. Also, my church has a vibrant missions program that equips our sons and daughters of all ages here and ministers to sons and daughters of all ages there (whereever “there” is–again, usually in Latin America; but we’ve done some work in the First Nations as well, which I am passionate about). I’m called to sow into people, as many of these sons and daughters can’t afford to go without help. I desire to be that help, financially.

3. I desire to dedicate all of my work hours to the domestic mission field here in my hometown.

You already know I’m working part-time for a large corporation here in my city. I’m grateful for my job. However, I’m not called to it. I’m called to help hurting sons and daughters receive the love of Abba Father, salvation in Jesus Christ, and walk in the freedom, victory, and power that Jesus paid for them to have with His blood.

Sons and daughters are hurting everywhere, and they need help.

So I’m urgently imploring Abba to make a way for me to write, preach, teach, and serve in my church’s deliverance & inner healing ministry full-time. And I need several hundred more partners in order to do that alone.

And last but not least …

4. It takes quite a bit of money to keep this blog online every month.

Every month, I have to pay for hosting; for the software that keeps things running behind the scenes; for email updates to be sent to you (yup, email’s not free), and more. Blogging is expensive. And the “overhead” has to be paid out of blog income.

Also, here in the USA, we have what’s called self-employment tax. That means that any taxable income I receive through this blog is subject to a massive amount of tax–twice what I would have to pay if I were only working for another employer.

So. That’s why I’m believing God for 1,000 partners. The Gospel is free, but communicating and ministering it to people is not.

Nevertheless, if you could see what I see–and maybe you have; I don’t know–

but if you haven’t and you could–

… You would see things like this–the additional testimonies about what I’ve seen Holy Spirit do during June, through the labors you helped make possible:

… (and I’ll refer to every female as “daughter” (i.e. daughter of God) and every male as “son” (because every believer is God’s child) …

  • A son felt like an orphan, but received great ministry from Holy Spirit, weeping before the Lord, when Papa spoke “You are a precious son” to him.
  • A daughter collapsed before the Lord in tears when she heard that Papa God loves her with perfect love.
  • Three daughters were taught how to operate in and handle words of knowledge.
  • A daughter who had been raped prayed through to forgive the man who raped her; and when she forgave, Holy Spirit touched her with emotional healing in a powerful way.
  • A daughter with new prophetic giftings was discipled in how to handle those giftings safely.
  • Two daughters were taught how to do impartation of the gifts God had given them.
  • A daughter who struggled with thoughts of suicide was delivered and received joy from Holy Spirit instead.
  • Groups of sons and daughters were taught about the power of Jesus’ blood during Bible study.
  • An elderly daughter–bent and wizened with age and care–who had been hurt by father figures received inner healing ministry from Holy Spirit for her father wounds. (You are never too old to heal, and Papa God is always ready to minister to His babies–even if you’re as old as Noah!)

There’s more, but many things are confidential and so cannot be shared. The testimonies above are some of the beautiful things that can be shared, and I give Holy Spirit the credit and honor and glory for all of them. He always does the work. ALWAYS.

So what’s coming up in this ministry during the rest of July?

1. I’m working on additional posts about the 9 power gifts of the Holy Spirit.

I haven’t forgotten about this series; these are simply large teaching posts, and they take a long time to write. But I’m hoping to release one more this week and another one or two next week. The gifts of words of knowledge and prophecy are next in the series.

2. I have a word coming out real soon–possibly this week, if Holy Spirit releases me to release it–about the Nazarite call.

It’s already written and ready to post, but I felt like Holy Spirit told me to wait a bit to release it. But please stay tuned for that.

21 Kisses workbook by Jamie Rohrbaugh for FB3. I’ll also be teaching a new workshop on July 29-30 called 21 Kisses: The Sure Mercies of David for Your Life. And you can attend it if you want to!

21 Kisses is a prophetic study of the life of David, the only man in the Bible whom God described as a man after His own heart. This four-part weekend workshop is all about how God will give you the same lovingkindness He gave to David.

Papa started downloading this workshop to me about two years ago, and it’s been a progressive download ever since. I’m so unbelievably excited about it.

I believe 21 Kisses is going to be a radical, power outpouring of love encounter for all those who attend.

Want to attend? It’s free and we’d love to have you. Email me if you plan to attend and I’ll sign you up.

4. I’ll be continuing to teach Bible studies and serve in my church’s deliverance ministry.

I teach a Bible study 4-5 times per week, depending on the week. And I have been handling about 2 deliverance / inner healing sessions per weekday, most days (although June was lighter because of Nicaragua and prepping for that trip–and recovering after it). 😉

So this is the fruit you are sowing into, and every partnership dollar or donation; every prayer; every social media share is reaching people.

Only God can get these results–but He is using YOU and I together to do it. We are seeing great fruit as the Holy Spirit moves among His people to get His Gospel out, and none of this would be possible without readers, friends, and partners like you, so thank you. From the bottom of my heart.

Is God putting it on your heart to help me? If you haven’t signed up to partner with me, but would like to, would you please take a moment to do so today?

Here’s the link with all the partnership info:

I also have a new benefit for partners:

I just launched an exclusive mastermind/discipleship group on Facebook called Presence Seekers Soaring. Our focus in the group is intentional living, but we’ve been talking about discipleship topics too. This is where I can do life together with you and get to know you better.

I just started this group a few weeks ago, but God is already doing great things through our conversations there. If you’d like to be added to the partners’ Facebook group, please reply to this email and let me know.

Also, if you used to be a partner, but had your partnership cancelled by credit card charging issues, you can also be part of the Facebook group. And… of course, I would love for you to come back as a partner! 🙂

(I found out that charges were system-cancelled for several folks because their credit card companies weren’t familiar with my Gumroad vendor. Here’s an explanation: – and if this applies to you, please contact your credit card company and ask them to whitelist the GUM.CO charge, so it will go through. Then you can re-sign-up using the link above. I do apologize for the inconvenience, but I thank you for your help in making this work possible.)

Beloveds, there is my update for June. Again, I’m seeing God move mightily in July already, so I’ll be sending out another update for July in a few weeks.

THANK YOU again for helping me reach so many lovely, hurting people for Jesus. Thank You for helping me lift Him up each day. May He receive all the glory and have all the preeminence.

Laboring together with you in His harvest field,


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  1. Clement Amoah says:

    Glory be to God. may many greater works be done through you. Amen.
    God richly bless you Sister Jamie.

    1. Amen and may He richly bless you too, mighty warrior of God! Thank you for reading and being a part of our Presence-seeking family!

  2. Helen Whatley says:

    Wow! So exciting!Praise God for what he is doing! Thankyou Jamie for your ministry, keeping you in prayer…

    1. Thank you so much, sis! I definitely need the prayers! Thank you for your kind encouragement and support!

  3. It’s always exciting to hear what God is doing through his faithful children. Thank you for your faithfulness Jamie. As always you are in my prayers.

    1. Thank you so much, June… and thank you for your help and support. God is awesome! I love seeing Him move! It’s all Him but He sure is fun. 🙂

  4. Rebecca L Jones says:

    I definitely add a lot of Scripture and help for women to my board on Pinterest, I help my mother with one. I have had people comment and I think it’s refreshing to them.

  5. Rafael Somma says:

    Hi Jamie,

    Thank you for being there once again. Also, I would like to be added to your Presence Seekers Soaring group.

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