Prophetic Word: You Have Reached a Baseline of Healing

Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comBeloved, have you been in a healing process with the Lord? Have you been healing from burnout, stress, and overwhelm–and learning to walk in the rest of the Spirit?

If so, I have an encouraging word for you today.

Recently, I felt the prompting of the Lord to focus for awhile on my home–and on making my home beautiful.

He’s been helping me with the anointing to clean up messes, in which I’m still progressing; however, this was different. For this, the Lord prompted me to take extra steps that would force me to invest in my home and be FULLY PRESENT when I’m there–present in soul and spirit, not just in body.

Specifically, although it sounds crazy, the Lord led me to plant flowers.

So I planted geraniums in two flower urns by my front door. I bought a comfy, outdoor armchair and put it together BY MYSELF! (I was so proud.) 🙂 I placed the chair on my front porch, also surrounded by flowers.

I put a wreath on my door and pulled weeds from the flowerbeds by my front porch. (Not all the weeds are gone yet, but I’m getting there.) I planted a pink clematis on a trellis in my yard. 

As I did this, Holy Spirit began talking and downloading to me like crazy.

What He whispered was simple, yet profound. He said, “If you’re too busy for flowers, you’re too busy.”

Now, that may sound crazy to you, but you have to know the backstory.

The backstory is that I have always been wildly, passionately in love with flowers. I love to grow flowers, plants, and even vegetables of many kinds. When I was a child, I lived on a vegetable farm and I grew a huge greenhouse full of vegetables. It was my special place, and my parents were happy to let me have free rein there. I spent most of my time in that greenhouse, and it became a verdant masterpiece! (I was about 11 or 12 years old at the time.)

Also, when I was a teenager, I worked at a commercial greenhouse 20 hours a week and throughout multiple summers. I have simply always loved flowers, houseplants, trees, and growing things from God’s creation.

Well, as I followed the Lord’s prompting to fix up my front porch, pull weeds, trim shrubs, and plant flowers, the Lord showed me that my love for gardening is a core part of myself that I had let die for many years.

For too many years, the planter-urns on my front porch have sat empty of flowers. Yes, literally: they sat by my front door, filled with dirt but NO flowers. 🙁 (Embarrassing, right?) I used to grow a Joseph’s Coat climbing rose on my trellis, but it died and I never replaced it. My hanging baskets of flowers also died, and I left the hangers empty.

Why? Because I was too busy. Too busy allowing things like work, stress, overwhelm, and burnout push more important things out of my life–important things like my health.

But you know what? The Lord is merciful. And as I have been embracing His Sabbath rest, taking a physical rest one day in seven and cutting back on the many pressures I have placed on myself over the years, He has healed me of burnout. I am functioning in a way that I haven’t functioned in years–in health and rest. (Praise God.)

As I pondered all of these things, the Lord told me He wanted to speak to His people about these things also.

I honestly didn’t want to share my story; it feels too personal, too private. But the Lord always asks me to share things once I’ve been healed from them, so here it is. 🙂 And as I was contemplating this and asking Him to speak to me about it, He gave me a prophetic word that is for you, me, and all of His people in general.

Here is what I heard the Lord say:

“I have shown you a baseline of healing.

I have shown you an old part of yourself, something that you love but which you haven’t accessed or tapped into in a long time–something you used to enjoy. I have resurrected this passion of yours as your baseline of healing, and I want you to use it that way.

When I say “baseline of healing,” I mean I have brought you to the place where you are not burned out or overwhelmed:

  • I have already shown you what your priorities should be.
  • I have shown you what you should cut out of your life.
  • I have shown you how to rearrange things to establish good boundaries so your family, health, work, and emotional safety can all be protected, and you are in the process of carrying out My instructions.

You may be busy, but you have learned to slow down and work only by the leading of My Spirit. You are at a sustainable place now.

You have reached a baseline of healing. In this place, I have shown you a hobby you used to have; a passion you used to have.

I have helped you remember how much you love this thing. I have helped you resurrect it under the unction and anointing of My Spirit. I have even provided physically for you to engage in this great love of yours again!

I did all this for a purpose. I want you to use this hobby as a visual thermometer for your level of activity, as well as a thermometer showing the right alignment (or lack thereof) of your priorities.

Here’s how to use your baseline of healing:

  • Let yourself tap into this passion of yours that I have resurrected. It’s not a distraction or a waste of time; it is part of My healing.
  • Remember how you enjoyed this thing back before you were burned out, stressed, and overwhelmed.
  • When your priorities get out of balance, you will be tempted to give up on your hobby–this part of yourself that you only have accessed when there is peace and calm in your life.
  • As soon as you notice yourself giving up on this passion I have shown you, or letting it fall to the wayside, THAT IS YOUR INDICATOR that you are out of balance; that you are out of My will for your life and priorities.

This is a boundary I have established for you, and I desire you to keep this boundary in place by your choice all the days of your life.

If you will self-monitor for this, you will find yourself more stable and secure in My arms than you have ever been. If you will listen to Me and keep yourself from wandering from this tether I have gifted to you, your urge to run ahead of Me will be controlled. 

This is an exercise in self-control, which is a fruit of My Spirit.

I have given you this baseline of healing, with this visible sign thereof, so that you can walk more purposefully in the leading of My Spirit. So walk with Me, talk with Me, and let Me help you make your life beautiful in all the ways My beauty is not yet manifest in your life, marriage, health, and family.

Love, Abba.”

Thank You, Abba Father.

Is the Lord speaking to you through this prophetic word? Has He shown you what your own baseline of healing looks like? If so, leave a comment below!


  1. Òh my goodness! I used to sew EVERYTHING – family clothing, curtains, pillows, and then… life. For more than 25 years however, I have only drug the machine out when I HAD to. A few weeks ago i sat down at my sewing machine to make masks (like everyone else) and what joy came over me! I sensed Father took pleasure watching me create, and the process gave me such pleasure and peace. This word hit my heart. Thank you, Jamie!

    1. Lorenza Passarella says:

      I too one time long ago enjoyed sewing creating costumes and clothing for my children.. Then couldn’t do it because making a living to pay my home and bills!
      But Father God is helping me to bring that back into my life again and because of praying God bring divine order in my life and family! Amen

    2. @ Dear Jamie thank you for this word. I used to sew with passion, like Martha, clothes, curtains, bed linen and so on. Then I had overemployment, stress, work and finally came to the edge of a burnout. I no longer knew whether I wanted to throw everything or what. Then came your prophetic word in November, where we should sit down and write everything about the soul because the Lord wants to heal us. I wrote seven large pages in full and noticed while I was writing how I was healed of things. From that moment on I got into this wonderful healing process and it was getting better and better. Today I’m feeling really well. Suddenly I had an urge to take out my sewing machine and sew a blouse. I was wondering why I felt such deep joy and peace when sewing. If I wanted to sew something in between, I was stressed and never finished the thing. Now I know why I had such peace and why it was so good for me. I am deeply touched by this wonderful love and care of the Lord. I am touched that I can now sew without a bad conscience without believing that it is wasting time and that work is more important and urgent. Thanks Jamie and blessings.

    3. Maryelizabeth Re'born says:

      Once I used to make time for encouraging and prophetic letter writing, craft and Calligraphy but due to a lot of emotional and spiritual damage it all got lost. Recently I’ve been aware of punishing myself by not doing them except sporadically. I have also been aware that fear was stopping me from making any effort to put myself in the spotlight, this led me to give up singing in the worship team. Your post has encouraged me that I am permitted to enjoy myself, doing what makes me happy, and blesses others at the same time. Thank you xxx

  2. I have just set up a study where I can journal and songwrite, worship and paint. It is like coming home to myself. I am also gardening much more intentionally this year and have decided to do flowers again also. I love what you wrote; “What He whispered was simple, yet profound. He said, “If you’re too busy for flowers, you’re too busy.”
    I will be putting those words up on my corkboard in my study!
    I love your style of prophetic encouragement. Thank you!

    1. Tanya Rodriguez says:

      Thank you God bless you I also started planting flowers and growing some veggies and herbs I never done that before and I enjoy it😀…I have never gardened before but it brings me peace I enjoy it Thank you!

  3. Wow praise God! Just on Monday, I was obedient and followed through with doing something the Lord had put on my heart to do for someone I just met in my neighborhood while walking. She has an amazing garden and I was telling her how much I loved it on our first meeting. When I followed through with what the Lord asked me to do, she gave my 8 plants for our garden which I just planted on Monday. I have not planted and gardened since I was a child. While gardening the Lord gave me so many revelations about the soil I was digging through and the roots of each plant. It was amazing. I remembered how much I loved to plant vegetables as a child and wanted to do that again. A couple weeks ago the Lord also began reviving my love of singing. I’ve started to do that again as well. Praise God for this word and confirmation.

  4. This is so on time! Just this morning and all throughout today actually Hid has been reminding me of the importance of His presence! I was even led today during my “work hours”, (my hubby and I have split up the stay, to just read. I have always loved reading and in this season I actually restarted my bookclub 💖 Reading and connecting with “my people” is definitely my baseline.

  5. Thank you Jamie for this prophetic word! Just what I needed right now 🙂

  6. I had started cleaning up the flower beds an exterior of the house last year. This year it has become my life line. When everything in the world seems crazy I can look at the blooming flowers and know that God is in control that He still creates beauty just because He can. Stopping to acknowledge His work, I am able to praise Him and trust Him.

  7. I too have just started buying flowers and plants and decorating my outdoor space. I have always found peace in nature and God is speaking to all of us. The birds do not sow, nor reap and the lilies of the field are beautifully clothed. We have a faithful, good Father who longs for us to just rest in all he is. I am finding that…and oh so enjoying this gift. Bless you Jamie, faithful to share as always. Be exceedingly blessed today!

  8. Hi Jamie,
    For me it is two things. Writing and working out. I used to enjoy both, but I allowed work, stress, and the cares of life drive me away from these things. During this pandemic, I feel as though GOD is gently urging me to go back to those things. This Word was definitely needed.

  9. Thank you Lord t his word for me. I will continue to walk in your spirit.

  10. Glory to God! Amen ! Thank you Lord ❤

  11. Wow! Love this! Thank you so much, Jamie.
    I too have been spending time in my garden (which I am so thankful for).
    My job was made redundant a few weeks ago and I have not felt particularly concerned about racing back into full time work. The Lord has been speaking so clearly through the beauty of nature and in particular, the rose buds that are about to burst into full bloom.
    He is teaching me patience, as I’ve sometimes felt the urge just to peal back a part of the bud to help it to bloom sooner. To do so would be to destroy the flower entirely. So like with many other things in my life, I must sit and patiently wait for the timing to be right. Not according to my time, but according to God’s timing. Soon, I will be ready to step out and be and do all that I was created to be and to do, just like the rose buds in my garden.
    Bless you Jamie!

  12. Jamie, this is all true I have allow many things hurt my situation to the point of not living ,we have endures so much for so long through people we never brought into our life ,God allowed them there, (bad neighbor’s), an I don’t want to have to start over again not young anymore, Please pray for us.

  13. Jamie! Lady! Last night I heard in my spirit “baseline”. Out loud I asked, “baseline for what?”. Heard nothing, felt nothing, just nothing so I dismissed it. My passion is studying, taking notes, and diving deep. I’m back in that place because it brings me peace. Just wow. Thank you!!

  14. One thing I loved to do was sewing and another I wanted to learn is gardening. I have used being quarantined as an excuse to do nothing. I have been just existing from day to day–feeling stressed, depressed, lazy, and dull. Been making excuses why I am not doing what I want to do. I feel revived after reading this post. I am so encouraged to go forth. As I read this, I kept saying to myself, this is it–I’ve lost the creative side of me. He is called the Creator–He brings things into existence! We are His workmanship–we have the ability to create beauty, harmony, balance, to transform nothing into something! Thank You Jamie and Thank You Father for awakening that part of me and that brings joy!

  15. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

    AMEN AND AMEN Dear Lord for the timely message you’ve shared to us Jamie.I received it and it is mine .I finished my quiet time with God this early morning here in Fiji Is(08/04/20) and i came across your email.It is just the right timing message from God.I thank God that He always cares about me.It is mine ..Amen and Blessed be Your Name My God.

    Thank you lovely Jamie.

    God Blessyou Always.

  16. Lucretia Wingate says:

    Thank 🙏🏾💕 You Father 😊🙏🏾..

  17. Amen! We live all things plants, veggies.. In fact we had a plant business! Love macrame too. Made tons of hanging tables lamps and wall art. Sewed till my fingers fell off! Jk… Curtains, upholstry, pillows costumes etc. Played piano hours and hours…deep Worship music that we could hear angels singing! Prayer… Intersession and worship in our UPPER ROOM! Creative ideas, inventions, businesses.. Written down tucked away over the years for such a time as this!
    Love the geraniums and fushia ! Beautiful Jamie!
    BUT… Now… I long to! Loved decorating my house and ither homes for CHRISTMAS! righ5 now… No home… Just a motel room..a year and 1/2 so far. . Long to be in even a rental home. Furniture still in sheds for years now.. Husband went home to be with the Lord…. Still praising HIM though…. One day he will send the angel to open door and show me the way to a house, a vehicle and new start. Until then…I rejoice. I have soooo many talents from him! Ive began reacquainting myself with macrame…and plant longings!

    Rejoice! God is good!

  18. Thank you Jamie, this has also spoken to me.

    I receive thank YOU thank YOU thank YOU LORD.
    For reminding us YOU never leave us that YOU are always present and watching us YOU are AWESOME LORD.

    Thank you Jamie for sharing we love you bless you AMEN.

  20. Henrietta says:

    Yes, the Lord did bring back my love for stories, writing stories for children. Long back even as a teen I wrote stories and it was a joy. As a kid I loved reading stories too. Thanks to HIM I was able to publish my first story for children last month. It brought such joy just to be able to do it.
    I remember enjoying telling stories to my younger brother and sister even during a time when I was going through pressure. This part had become quiet and dormant in the years I suffered a lot. It was difficult to imagine anything good… Thank God for His healing and restoration that I can do it again!

    Praise and Glory to our LORD GOD! What a wonderful Father, our ABBA is!!!

    Thank you for this post Jamie!

  21. WOAH Jamie! I JUST felt led to read your blog; like, right now. Last week, the Lord put it on my heart to find the tomato and basil seeds I purchased years ago and did nothing with. I found them, toyed with the idea and left the packets by my bedside. Then during prayer a few days ago, after I’d decided to “rent” part of my friend’s garden to grow veggies, He said, “greenhouse.” I’ve always wanted a community garden so I was like okay, a greenhouse instead and no friend’s garden; got it Dad! I even went on Amazon and found a relatively inexpensive home greenhouse. I didn’t purchase it. Then I read your blog. I’m going to do what He says. Thank you for writing this! <3

  22. All I can say is WOW. I felt like you were telling my story. I have felt an urge to clean my house and throw things out for a few months. I have planted flowers and put up hanging baskets. I have even been looking for patio furniture for my porch. Your message definitely spoke volumes to me. Thank you for letting the Lord speak through you!

  23. I think I know exactly what you are talking about. To me, it is painting, drawing, doing pottery, everything with arts.
    Thank you
    Love Jenny

  24. Thank you for this word and many others. You have been speaking deep within me, especially in the past few months. Your word today, while very personal for you, spoke to my spirit. I have a passion for gardening and while I haven’t been able to do outside I’ve worked on terrainiums lately which bought me great joy. These mini gardens was reminder how God works on the intricate details of our lives. Thank you for reminding me what I need to do to heal and so I can be silent to hear God speak to me. May God bless you and this Ministry. Thank you for your obedience.

  25. Thankful ❤️ says:

    Wow, thank you Jamie for your timely words! This one SO resonated with me as I’m trying to cut out things in my life that are not my priorities. I have been so consumed with my job, my extracurricular roles and my doctoral program, I don’t even know what I enjoy doing anymore. The Lord keeps telling me to do something nice for myself and I don’t even know what to do. I’m praying for His wisdom in making the best decisions to cut out unnecessary responsibilities and to still keep peace between these people whom I think I’m letting down. Maybe what I feel is that I’m letting myself and those around me down. If I let them down, I might lose their support of me. This type of relationship makes me see the unhealthy attachments I have built upon my co-dependency. If I help someone else, they might like me more and give me more value and support. That is a very unhealthy way to build my identity because it is built on pressure, conditions and performance. I’m thankful for His grace that He gives me so I can also extend it to myself and others in their time of need. Thank you Jamie for your vulnerability and sharing your heart. Keep being obedient because it brings healing to people all across the world!

  26. Wow! Amazingly powerful. Mine are my writings and drawings.

  27. Gladys Mutungu says:

    Thank you Jamie. This speaks to me. Reading and cooking and walking. At least I have got out to walk recently. I need to arise in the other areas again. Plus clean out clutter.
    Thank you again.
    God bless you.

  28. Amen. Thank you abba Father and God bless you for sharing Jamie.

  29. Tonight I was praying and asking the Lord to give me strength to clean out my house of the clutter. I have degenerative osteoarthritis and need a hip replacement so I am in constant pain, but I want to get my house cleaned of all the clutter. I have started doing artwork again and I want to try my hand at pyrography. I want my artwork to reflect my love for the Lord, so I prayed and asked Him to help me to do this. I decided to check my e-mail and found this message and prophetic word. I was like wow Lord I feel like You are speaking to me personally. I know that the Lord will help me do what I have to do to get my house cleaned of all the clutter and also that He will help me with my artwork. Praise the Lord! God bless you my sister!

  30. Thank you Lord.
    Thank you Woman of God.
    I like outdoors. If it’s shopping that is OK as along as am out. And for the first time 1hour out with my 4year old son made us really happy and we look forward to many more outings to funfairs, movies, swimming. Thank you God for hanging out with us. Mwah!

  31. Emma obeng- Tuudah says:

    I love encouraging people and I get soo much joy and a sense of fulfilment whenever I do that. People who are close to me often say to me that, I have a funny way of making big problem look insignificant. I quite remember a friend of mine complained about having a body pain and I told her that, she should thank God for feeling the pain because that is a sign that her nerves or whatever it is that makes her feel the pain is not dead and that is a very good sign. She laughed off the pain giving thanks to God and that was it. She called to tell me a few days later that the pain had vanished without any medication. She added ” I saw the pain as a good thing and not a bad thing so I wasn’t worried but rather glad and in my happy mode it vanished.
    Thank you Jamie for letting me see the big picture. Know I know that, God intentionally made me like that to lift people when they are down.

  32. Thank-you, Jamie,we love doing random acts of kindness for others an because of the pandemic we were not able to do much ,but think God has put somethings in motion for some who are hurting an may never have had kindness shown for no reason, I forgot this , Thank-you!

  33. Francie Robertson says:

    Oh ABBA thank You for giving us Your Son. HE is our Promiseland. In Him you have given us All things! To ENJOY!
    I am His Worshipper through Song and Dance. I am a vocalist and musician which used to be my number one passion. Over the years it has been drying up most especially at home in my own space. Last week or whenever, Jamie you brought forth that amazing INHERITANCE word message. It made me search through my journals and there it was. Add to that I found I had typed this “God has given me A NEW SONG!” It looks like it is a rhema/snippet from THE SONG OF MOSES – WOW!!! He even helped me name it. It’s called “WHO IS LIKE YOU.”
    It remains to be WRITTEN…I have sung the title part only, like over and over, in Church and that’s it…
    2021 time for God’s Songs to come forth out of the Wilderness/World and into the good land, a land of Oh ABBA thank You for giving us Your Son. HE is our Promiseland. In Him you have given us All things! To ENJOY!
    I am His Worshipper through Song and Dance. I am a vocalist and musician which used to be my number one passion. Over the years it has been drying up most especially at home in my own space. Last week or whenever, Jamie you brought forth that amazing INHERITANCE word message. It made me search through my journals and there it was. Add to that I found I had typed this “God has given me A NEW SONG!” It looks like it is a rhema/snippet from THE SONG OF MOSES – WOW!!! He even helped me name it. It’s called “WHO IS LIKE YOU.”
    It remains to be WRITTEN…I have sung the title part only, like over and over, in Church and that’s it…
    2021 – time for God’s Songs to come forth out of the Wilderness/World and into the good land, a land of brooks of water, of fountains and springs, that flow out of valleys and hills…Deuteronomy 8: 6-10

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