Releasing My Song “Catch Me Up”

Rain album coverAround New Year’s of this year, I was spending some time alone with the Lord. At one point, I felt His presence so strongly that I just laid on my face in my office and cried. I felt this overwhelming love coming from Him, and it messed me up (in a good way). Nobody has ever loved me or you like He loves me and you.

After a few minutes just melting in His love, I felt Him giving me a song. I moved to my piano, and these are the lyrics He gave me:

Never been loved like this before / never felt Your Father’s heart, known it’s me you adore / never felt Your arms around me like this before / never felt so close to You and I want more / So catch me up into Your Father’s arms and hold me tight to You / O catch me up / I want to see You more and nothing else will do.

We recorded it, and I just got the final version back a few days ago. It’s not perfect. I got a bit teary a couple of times while I was singing it. But I’m not singing it to you, you see. I’m singing it to my Daddy. But if you would like to listen in, then you can.

You can listen to this song by clicking the player below, or by accessing Soundcloud at the links below.

Like all of our songs on Soundcloud, “Catch Me Up” is a free download. I hope you like it. If it touches your heart, I’d really love to hear about it. You can leave a comment below.

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