Believe with Us for The Sanctuary, Our Paid-For, Log-Cabin Retreat Center!

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Hey beloveds,

After years of dreaming and prayer, I believe the Lord has led me to share the dream with you, our Presence-seeking community, for our ministry to own a paid-for, timber frame log cabin lodge and retreat center.

I am asking you to BELIEVE with me.

Like Pastor Jesse Duplantis, whom the Lord told to believe for a plane that can fly him around the world without stopping, the Lord didn’t tell me to try and raise money for it. I’m not going to do fundraising campaigns for this retreat center. He simply told me to ASK Him for it and believe.

But I do believe I’m supposed to share the dream with you, so you can believe with me. I’ll keep this page updated and in a prominent place on our website. And whether sooner or later, God will provide what we’re believing Him for, because His Word says He will.

The dream is to HOST and HEAL. Only God can do this, but God CAN do this.

Here’s the dream:

  • For our ministry to own a paid-for, timber frame log cabin lodge/retreat center with which to serve our readers.
  • The retreat center will be called The Sanctuary. 🙂
  • It will have a minimum of 5 bedrooms (preferably more), most with their own ensuite baths.
  • I would like for it to be secluded and, preferably, set in a forest to make it more restful and private for our attendees.
  • The location needs to be within reasonable driving distance of where I currently live, as I still intend to continue supporting the local churches in this area as we currently do–and to continue attending my own local church, as well.
  • My dream is to be the innkeeper, and for this ministry’s staff and volunteers to use our hospitality gifts to host and heal God’s people.
  • We will use this center to host our readers in the following ways:
    • prayer retreats for people who just need to get away with the Lord to be refreshed;
    • vision retreats for people who are seeking God about His plans for the next season of their lives;
    • ministry planning and website building sessions for people who are launching their own ministries;
    • mentoring weekends for women and/or couples;
    • small-group equipping workshops;
    • small-group prophetic intensives;
    • “burn” weekends, in which we do extended worship and prophetic intercession (e.g. worshipping for 3 days straight, other than mealtimes and sleep); 🙂
    • writing retreats for pastors who are trying to write books, but struggle to focus in their own environments; and
    • respite and rejuvenation retreats for tired, worn-out, burned-out pastors, ministers, and lay leaders of local churches.

We will need an endowment for The Sanctuary, so we can operate it without financial burden.

I’m not going to get our ministry into something that would handicap our purpose. So even with the retreat center paid for, it would still need an endowment to pay the utilities, insurance, maintenance, and applicable taxes–as well as the costs for hosting large groups of people (such as food costs and extra staff and catering for events). A building like this costs thousands of dollars a month just for electricity, water, insurance, and taxes.

Based on my calculations, we will need a $3,000,000 endowment. This fund will be legally set up and professionally managed (in other words, it won’t be cash in our bank account). 🙂

The Sanctuary also needs to be paid for from day one–land, building, and furnishings.

I don’t do debt. I believe debt is sin. And I know God, who is NOT a debtor, is fully capable of simply GIVING us this center–and to make it nice, for His glory.

Unless The Sanctuary is given to us already built, I estimate based on my research of comparable properties that we need $3,000,000 to either purchase it or build it.

All donations that come in toward The Sanctuary will be kept for this purpose for as long (or as short) as it takes the Lord to fund the entire project.

We’re not going to compromise our faith. We’re asking Him for a paid-for, fully-endowed masterpiece that will be a blessing and not a burden–and we’re going to get it, because He is going to send it! So, please pray and believe with us for the Lord to do so QUICKLY, so we can get it up and running to HEAL and HOST YOU, our precious readers!

And if you’d like to donate, the form below has been set up especially for this project.

If you’d like to donate a very large amount, or fund the entire thing as a gift to the Lord and an investment in His Kingdom, and would like to help us avoid significant credit card fees on the large gift, then please send the check by US Mail to:

From His Presence, Inc., PO Box 25232, Chattanooga, TN 37422 USA. Thank you!

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  1. We are believing for the exact same typ of retreat up here in canada!!!! I truly believe that God gave us this vision 3.5 yrs ago. Praying for you

    1. Yes!! I decree and I declare that this retreat is fully paid for!! Thank You Lord Yahushua Hamashiac!!!!!!! Amen.
      It is manifesting sister!!
      It is manifesting!!!!!!!

    2. Alison Lusted says:

      We are believing God for a retreat center in Georgia too! Please give us an update on the progress because you wrote this in January and it is now July. Maybe we can host each other at times for free(?)? God is moving!!

      1. Hey Alison, it’s great to hear from you! I will believe God with you! We are still believing on this side also. Who knows what mighty wonders God will perform? Let’s keep in touch!

  2. Angela Teti says:

    I am looking forward to coming to this Sanctuary and worshipping. You’ve got this girl.

  3. Dan mbugua says:

    God Word is true and He Says that gold and silver belong to Him and He Owns the cattle on thousand Hills.So i pray with you for this vision to come true and may God Provide everything needed according to His Riches in Christ Jesus.

  4. Amen amen that is for me i receive in Jesus name God bless you Jamie

  5. Dear Jamie
    I could only smile when I read this. I asked God very much the same thing a few years back to start for the Lord here in South Africa. I received a message from overseas that God is going give me land to do this. I believe that God hears your prayers and will make a way and give you favor, wisdom and discernment with your project. I am in a major healing and restoration phase at the moment with the Lord and He has done AMAZING things already. Be blessed.

    Tanya Herbst

    1. Praise GOD! Believing for you too, Tanya! Thank You, Lord, that we received as soon as we prayed the prayer of faith! (Mark 11:22-24) Let it be to us according to our faith in Your Word!

  6. Our Baba, who is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than we could ask or think, provide for the completely paid for log cabin in Jesus name, Amen. Lord use me as a vessel and bring in more kingdom financiers to the glory of Your Great and Holy name, Amen. The name of Jesus forever be lifted in these sanctuaries. Speak the Word Lord and let it manifest, in Jesus name. We love you and trust you, Amen.

  7. Brenda Thurston Rolle says:

    Jamie may you be blessed, to be a blessing .when I look at the smile on your face .and the hope that lights up your eyes its says that you believe God and you’re expecting, the baby in me jumped .so you will delivered also be bless my sister in the Lord

  8. Wow Awesome desire, Jamie, may your hearts desire be fulfilled soon!
    I found your website yesterday, and I’m really loving the content, books, prayers, keep up the good work Amen.

    I have a question, I tried downloading “Supernatural Lifestyle” Kit and was being prompted for a password,
    how do I obtain a password for this?

    Have a blessed day / night in Jesus,


    1. Hi Collin, the password is “worship” and it should have been included in your welcome email. Was it not there?
      Welcome, though! Great to have you in this community!

  9. Wow! He’s been speaking to me all this week about character. I’ve been meditating on and praying 2 Peter 1:5-9 daily because I want to add to my faith virtue, knowledge, self control, patience, godliness, brotherly kindness, and love 🙏🏾! Thanks for the confirmation!

  10. Pst. Laurent K says:

    I came accross your blog as I was studying and praying for the grace and Anointing of the sons of Issachar. I began to dig deep and was blessed for the fire burning in you. Praise God. I believe God with you for this heavenly dream to come true. Every divine vision has a divine provision.
    I know it will be a placed of divine visitation for the true seekers of God.
    I’ll like to stay connected so our ministry can be a blessing for this great project.
    Remain Blessed.
    PST. Laurent K.
    Charlotte, NC

  11. Tangela Harris says:

    I am in agreement with you. God gave me the vision of Life Center where people can come and reset in life and well as. a Retreat Encampment in the shape of a M when you drive up but a W from the prayer garden view. Only God could and He will open the doors for us all. I am excited for us all.

  12. June Toal says:

    Is Brevard, NC too far it’s 4 hours from you? Our family is involved with started by a prophetess. There are homes on the property you can buy with a kitchen worship center lodging for women and men. You may be able to partner with them. The retreats have been going on for years and everyone who comes does not have to pay its by donation only. Living Waters. Please contact me if your interested. Not sure if a home is available now for purchase.

  13. Thank you Jamie! I have been sitting here telling God I CANNOT keep going through the treatment I am receiving from my clients daughter, and what I have witnessed from her daughter.I have prayed, and prayed about this situation. It is beginning to affect my Health, but I LOVE my client, and she NEEDS me. I know now I CAN persevere, and God is/will protect my Health from her daughter. I have never experienced this situation in my career, and I was ready to throw in the towel. Thank you for another WONDERFUL study.

  14. Hey Jamie,
    I just felt God say to me that you will get the Sanctuary, just be patient. While everything may seem to come against you, just keep trusting God, and remember that He’s Got Your Back.

  15. Dawn Armtrong says:

    Hi Jamie,

    I read over this from time to time to believe with you, but also to encourage myself to dream big – God dreams.

  16. Carlos Friesen says:

    Do you pray for other people, My prayer request is for healing and justice, Had a bad incident happen to me about 4-5 years ago, when I got very confused and made some bad decisions but I did not realize it would cost me my overall health. Asking for prayer for justice and healing


  17. Christina says:

    The Holy Spirit led me here as I’m setting up an altar consecrated to GOD. My son Damanta will be released and all u justices towards him will be reversed. Thank you and God bless you immensely!!

  18. I’m praying for you to receive this incredible blessing! This would be incredible to visit! I’m in agreeance with you that you will receive The Sanctuary, and I am so excited to visit it!

  19. It is ashame how the way some Christians talk to each other.We should never ever put other Christians down.We are suppose to walk in Love,especially when another Child of God is in pain.I am so glad met some Christians who never accuse other Christians of being hateful,having a poison heart,and getting easily offended.I am going to make sure I stay around loving Christians who always shower other Christians with love.

  20. Wow Jamie, Wow is all I can say.
    I just ‘happened’ on your site as I was looking for prayers for USA as our congregation observes prayer&fast every Wed for our country!
    I am joining with you in Faith for the Provider to GIFT you this as we know He Who gives the vision gives the provision.
    We also know when it’s His will, it’s His bill!
    Shalom, dear sister!!!

  21. Mrs. Owens says:

    I am standing in agreement with you for your retreat. The Lord gave you this vision and it shall come to pass.

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