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Hey beloveds,

I am bursting with the vision the Lord has given me for 2020, and I want to share it with you today.

I could go on and on about this vision, but I am not going to do that because I don’t want it to fall into the “TL;DR” (too long, didn’t read) pile. 🙂

Instead, I am going to write down the vision and make it PLAIN–and short and sweet–so that if you’re a Kingdom runner whom God has called to run with me, you who read it can RUN WITH IT with me. 

First, our new mission statement going forward is:

  1. “We forcefully seek first the Kingdom of God, and everything we need is added to us.
  2. We fast and pray out of love for Jesus Christ, our Bridegroom.
  3. We make disciples of every nation.
  4. We raise up sons and daughters to become spiritual parents in the harvest field.
  5. We underwrite ministries with proven fruit to help them produce more fruit.”

Love it? Good, because everything we do is and will be related to THIS MISSION STATEMENT above. 🙂 ❤️❤️❤️ From our teaching about discipleship and prayer, to prophetic words, to teaching on abundance and wealth and money, to raising YOU up into ministry, it’s all here.

From His Presence mission statement by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

I want the people whom GOD IS CALLING to unite around this mission with me:

  • I want the people who are hungry for God–or want to be.
  • I want the people who choose to go after God with all their heart, even if you’re not sure how to do that yet, but you’re willing to learn.
  • I want people who invest in their own spiritual growth and victory.
  • And I want the people who will love pastors with me, and help take care of them–both personally and through strategic investments in fruitful local churches who need help.

I believe that’s you, and I’m so thankful for you.

Next: We’re going after souls.

I do not always preach about evangelism/souls myself because souls don’t drive me. The worth-ship of Jesus drives me. And up until now, I’ve been focusing on helping the Bride of Christ worship His worth-ship by becoming more of the pure and spotless Bride she is supposed to be.

But the worth-ship of Jesus means He deserves more people in His inheritance. Jesus Christ craves souls to enter His Kingdom.

Therefore, we will use our best gifts to go after souls on His behalf. And giving is my #1 top spiritual gift (not prophecy or teaching or anything else–far and away, it’s giving–) so funding the Kingdom to win souls is my best gift.

Here are my 2020 evangelism priorities, in order:

1. Provide a paid-for meeting space for the most soul-winningest church I know, Dwelling Place Church International.

This also goes along with Mission Statement Points 3 & 5–making disciples of every nation and underwriting fruitful ministries so they can produce more fruit–because this is an international, church-planting, missionary-sending, globally-broadcasted church.

2. Fund one evangelistic crusade before the end of the year and help host it.

We may do this through hosting a public prophetic evangelism event and using our intercessors to staff it. Or, we may fund something else. Or both.

For years, I’ve dreamed of bringing in a motorbike/extreme sports team like Real Encounter to do a crusade here in my local region. If possible, I’d love to do that in 2020. It would be amazing. Please pray about this.

3. Adopt an unreached people group through AIMS.

One of the missionaries that YOU support through this ministry every month is a missionary to, and coordinator of, unreached people groups through AIMS in Colorado Springs, Colorado. AIMS is a ministry that equips, sponsors, and sends indigenous missionaries into unreached people groups all over the world (many of which are in the 10/40 window).

It only costs $300 a month to equip, provide for, and send an indigenous missionary into an unreached people group. I want to adopt one unreached people group and send in an indigenous missionary to start reaching it. “Go into all the world and preach!”

Thirdly in 2020, I want to go deeper with you than ever before.

We’re going deeper into Lordship. We’re going deeper into prayer. And we’re going deeper into equipping YOU to raise up spiritual sons and daughters into the harvest field.

How will we do that? Through:

  • My new podcast, Take Your Territory with Jamie Rohrbaugh. The first 10 episodes have been recorded and are being uploaded to my podcast host now. They will be released very soon.
  • More webinars, both free and paid–including a new, free webinar series on the Fulfillment Gifts of the Spirit.
  • More blog posts and ministry training and so much more.

Take Your Territory Podcast with Jamie Rohrbaugh

Fourth: 2020 is the year of EKBALLO.

Ekballo is thrusting out laborers into the harvest field, and YOU are the laborers. In 2020:

  • I will be offering teacher training–teaching people how to teach and preach the Word effectively (whether in small groups at church, home Bible studies, in the pulpit, or wherever).
  • We will continue to equip you to enter the fivefold ministry–and equip you in knowing how to FUND your ministry.
  • We will continue to help existing fivefold ministries transition into online work, so they can reach more people.

This is our vision for 2020. Will you support it? Here’s how you can:

1. Pray.

Our team needs your prayers more than ever before.

2. Show up.

I can’t equip anybody who doesn’t want to be equipped. Get in the game 1,000%. Show up every day and present yourself to the Lord as a living sacrifice. And if you’re called for me to disciple you, read your emails and blog posts, attend classes, watch the Facebook teaching videos I release, and ENGAGE.

3. Partner with us.

All preaching of the Gospel costs money, so I’m not ashamed to ask for your help. Please sign up today to become a monthly partner. You can partner below using PayPal or here on Gumroad.

Love you! Thank you SO MUCH for all that you do. You are amazing and together we are reaching tens of thousands and sometimes even hundreds of thousands of people every month. All glory to the Father and to Jesus Christ His Son–and the crowns go to you to throw at His feet.

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And thank you!


  1. Jamie, everything you posted is confirmation of what God has been speaking to me! We’ve been in a tough (really tough!) spot financially but we plan to be partners with your ministry by November. I’ve been following you for 3 years now and attended many webinars and training. I know your fruit is good and the soil to be furtile at FHP <3

    1. Maria Edwards says:

      Hello Jamie
      I know that I know coming across your blog was not a mistake but The Lord Himself showing it to me in the first place. I live in Fiji and I’ve been so blessed by your posts.

  2. Yes! Jamie I am wish you, I am excited. We are responsible for our spiritual growth! I love it. I am excitied to partner with you for 2020.

  3. Shera Chieves says:

    I’m in for the win Jamie!!!

  4. Sonja R Campbell says:

    I definitely am called to your ministry as far as funding and learning. I am still trying to navigate the who and the how much. I will use your wisdom prayer. Thank you for showing your time and efforts into us.

  5. Deborah Henry says:

    Hi Jamie, that was yet another mighty word. I’ve been hearing that message a lot just recently – taking the kingdom by force. I know God has placed that in my heart for a reason.
    I have begun to attend a very small church since Jan this year & I believe God has placed me there for a reason. I have a vision also the thing I’ve prayed about since I attended was that God would fill that place with souls. This past week at church they spoke about the same vision & asked if we all believed! Mighty God🙇 I stumbled upon your ministry this year certainly not by chance either. I have had so much spiritual growth since this Jan this year. I know God is calling me to support my new church & give where I can with your ministry. I have decided that prayerfully in the new year I too will become a partner & Support you where I can. I believe God wants us to support one another as we are all doing work for the kingdom. Please pray with me & for me the church I attend is Bethesda Ministries.

    God bless you Jamie
    Your Sis In Christ, Debbie

  6. Jamie!! You go girl. This is spot on what I have been feeling in my heart of hearts and hearing God say. Souls are priority and the harvest is white. We must go boldly after the lost and hurting. I am all in… I have been partnering where I can and I intend to do more in 2020. I am spending time with Abundant Hope and trying to help there where I can. I am excited for the New Year…

  7. Thank you Jamie for your vision 2020. I have been so blessed your ministry. I will continue with you. I hope in the near future I can be in a position to send a gift for the ministry. In the meantime I pray.
    God bless you.

  8. Hi Jamie, this is a wonderful vision/mission and almost every point reflects what the Lord has been telling me as well; and really it should, b/c the Spirit does not divide us, He unites us, the Body of Christ in both purpose and plan, God’s purposes and God’s plans, the ONLY ones that truly matter. Hallelujah and Amen!

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