Asking For Your Specific Prayer Requests Again!

Hey family,

At the very beginning of this month, I put up a blog post asking for your specific prayer requests. I have been heavily burdened for you in extraordinary ways, and I wanted to intercede for you individually.

Many, many of you responded, and I agreed with you in prayer for your specific requests. By name and claiming God’s promises over each need. And I’ve received so many emails from you, letting me know that God has answered.

Thank You, Abba Father! We love You!

Well, I am so thrilled over all the answered prayers that we’re going to do it again. 🙂 I’m going to agree with you in prayer individually for your need, and lift up God’s Word to Father. 🙂

If you want me to intercede for your specific prayer request, please do the following:

  1. Leave a brief note with your specific prayer request in the comments below.
  2. Please do not email me your requests; I get so many emails that I don’t want the requests to get lost. I need all the requests in one place, at the bottom of this post.
  3. When God answers, please let me know. 🙂

Like last time, please note that I will not be able to respond to individual requests. There are simply too many. However, I will be praying for you by name.

Also, because there were so many themes last time–e.g. the need for jobs, financial provision, and healing of family relationships–I’m making something right now that will help you. 🙂

You all have actually been asking me to do this for years, and I finally am. 🙂 I’m putting all my Biblical prayers, plus new prayers I’m writing for your prayer requests, into a prayer book. I’m also annotating each prayer with the Scripture references from which I take each portion of the prayer.

This book will make it easy for you to both pray effectual prayers AND learn the promises throughout God’s Word that apply to each type of situation.

Here’s an example of the work in progress. This is from my Prayer to Reverse Unjust Situations:


So, if you need a Biblical prayer for a specific situation, you are welcome to mention that in the comments below also.

I’ll already be including many prayers from existing blog posts (but the blog posts don’t contain the Scripture references). But I’ll also be writing new prayers based on readers’ needs, and a number of those new prayers will be included as well. 🙂

Ok, so that’s all for now. If you have a specific prayer request, go ahead and add it to the comments below. And I will agree with you in prayer!

Start-quoteAgain I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven” (Matthew 18:19)

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  1. I pray for Peace, trust and love into my marriage. And God’s presence into our marriage.

    1. I pray for Papa to open doors that only He can open when it comes to a job. I haven’t had a job in 3 months and finances are a bit tight at the moment. Let it be the right job that He has been preparing me for these last 3 months.

      1. Lisa Blair says:

        Thank you so much for your faithfulness to God in praying for others.I always enjoy reading your emails.

        I would like to request prayer for my 82 year old dad who has stage 4 metastasized prostate cancer.He is a believer and has a strong faith.
        He has recently started a new round of chemotherapy treatment because the other chemo treatment stopped working.I wish to ask ,if it is the Lord’s will,for a healing and none of the horrible side effects of the chemo.I love my father very much and I am so pained to see his suffering.
        I would also wish to request prayer for healing and strength for my daughter,Shan,who has retinitis pigmentosa (a sight disability that prevents her from driving)and for my 13 year old granddaughter,Mariah,who has type 1 diabetes and is wheelchair bound because of muscular dystrophy.
        Also my grandson, Mechai,who is autistic.
        They all live with my husband and me.
        I have been having health issues since February too.I have chronic migraines and severe GI issues.I also have neck and shoulder pain partly due to lifting and degenerative disc disease.
        My husband also has neck and back issues.He had spine surgery in March of this year.

        I am praying for you,your husband and your baby.

      2. Gabriel Isaiah says:

        Please pray that God should exposed whoever behind all the shortage I got in my place of work.Also open a financial doors for me so that I will all the debt I’m into as the result of the shortage

    2. Dear Jamie,
      Please agree with me in prayer for Father God to bring me a godly, loving, and faithful husband.
      I don’t want to be alone anymore. In Jesus Name, Amen.
      Thank you Jamie. The Lord led me here because I did not know your website existed. Thank you, and God bless you.


    3. Bobbie Jo Franson says:

      My Dad Larry has stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer and My husband Matthew are living in diffferent states because of our employment. Please ask the Lord to open up the doors and find away we can be under one roof.
      God Bless!

    4. I will pray for your marriage

    5. I pray for a position in agency closer to home so I can talk care my family especially for my dad which has Parkinson

    6. Asking for total restoration and healing of migraine. I get relief and they try to come… Was a rough night last night and early pm…. I believe the Lord for total restoration and healing…. Thank you so much for agreement w me…. Great article! Thank you Jamie! And thank you everyone for agreement in prayer…

  2. Hi Jamie,
    Thank you for your work, your blessing and your intercession. I would really value answers to 3 specific prayers; 1 That I get a new job in the new year that I will LOVE, or get my business up and running! 2. That the silence between me and a signifcant person is broken, as the silence is causing me pain and sadness, and I would love healing and reconciliation. 3 That I find the funds to fix my car this month. With thanks ..

  3. My husband Basil and I thank you for interceding on our part. We are in desperate need of housing.. Specifically our own home ( we live with my daughter, her boyfriend and there 3 babies… 3 1/2, 2, and 3 months). We are standing on Isaiah 32:18. I also would like to have a son for my husband , no more miscarriages. Thank you and God Bless.

    1. cynthia funegard says:

      Dear Lord bless and heal this precious person and family we ask you for a selves as well in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to the glory of God for healing for everybody who plays here and for Nicholas and Cindy and Sophie and Scotty and Julian and Scott and all the kids to the glory of God and family reconciliation and Restoration in a mighty Divine touch Afghan

    2. Definetly definetley praying for your situations

      1. Have things gotten better?

  4. I’d like a biblical prayer for my marriage. We are both Christians but not united as one. We don’t have the marriage that is full of love joy and happiness that I know and believe God intended us to have.
    I’d also like for you to pray for my friend Tracy. She has cancer and is in a lot of pain. It’s spread to her bones and has pain in her head also. I’d love if she would be cured of all pain and completely healed of all sickness and illness.

  5. benjie nunoo says:

    thank you for this initiative. please pray that God will wage war against the spirits figthing aflicting inhibiting blinding and seducing my mind.and form the mind of Christ and humility in me. benji nunoo

  6. My frend Dillon is addicted to drugs. He overdosed yet survived. He is dangerouslying and severely depressed. He witnessesed his wife being decapitated in a horrible car accident 5 years ago and can not get over that. He has now survived twice. I believe God saved his for their daughter. I pray God restores his health, takes away his addictions, brings forth light into all the dark Lonely places inside him and shows him grace-love- light-peace. I don’t know how to help him but pray and ask for angels to come watch over him so he doesn’t do it again and to bring him happiness again. Please help me pray for him. Thanks.

  7. christy dixon says:

    Prayer for a car and home for me and my family i have been denied by every lender i have applied with also complete restoration of my health and household and Gods to help me to strengh to help me to continúe to stand.

  8. I had asked you to pray for my marriage earlier this month. Thank you so so much

    For the past 2 weeks my husband was so so kind to me, loving, wasn’t angry the recipe I tried failed, didn’t call me names… like I had wished he had been like when we first got married. I was surprised.

    I cried so hard Wednesday or Thursday night cause I felt it wouldn’t last; it really felt like he loved me, enjoyed my company and all the pain from the last 2 years came out.

    That changed last night. He started calling me stupid again and other things/names I can’t mention… cause I misunderstood him about a certain issue. So I called him a worker of iniquity cause he calls me names.

    I don’t know what to do. I tried not to respond in the beginning for awhile but now I am so angry at his name calling it’s hard not to respond back.

    I don’t help cause I sometimes get jealous . There’s a woman he went on some dates with a few years ago, before we were married, long complicated story. I get upset when I feel like he texts her too much (my opinion of course ). I don’t like that he often talks to her and her family after church. I have caught her winking at him on one occasion (he even commented that she was winking many times but I only caught one) or another time she was eating seductively in front of him and I looked up quickly from my plate and caught her pose. Needless to say now when I eat around her I try to watch her like a hawk. She’s very nice though other than that and I try to be kind to her. He says he hadn’t done anything wrong (she’s the one doing those things ).

    He says people at church think I am stupid too and named a few.

    Please know he has his very charming sweet moments so he’s not all bad. I just wished he could be like nice and patient more than less. We all have areas we need to work on.

    Please pray for the Lord to help me. I only have the Lord as a help.

  9. Rebecca L Jones says:

    I pray for my mother’s wisdom and discernment in the matter of her great grandson, and other family issues. I know the Lord wants peace restored.

  10. For continued wisdom in all things.

    To be a good steward & the total release/freedom from debt.

    My heart is drying up waiting for my mate – prayer that the man of my dreams (& of God’s plan) will arrive this year!

  11. Thank you Jamie for your prayers on our behalf. My desire is to work with the Holy Ghost and for the Father in fulfilling my purpose and destiny in Him by healing the sick in body, mind and spirit with the healing He has placed in my hands; to be more of the intercessor He has called me to be and to teach others His Word with power and authority, and to prophesy into the lives of others to edify, comfort and exhort. I just want to be used wholly and Holy for the kingdom, church, my business, all to the glory of God. I want to fall so deeply in love with Jesus even the more. Also please pray that my husband begins to be the spiritual head of our household; leading us in prayer and devotion and bible study as the Word says he should. I do it now to a small degree, but I’d love for him to lead in this way. He is not comfortable in this (spiritual) position just yet. In every other way he is wonderful and on top of things. Pray that spiritually he takes his rightful place. Thank you for your prayers. Be blessed!

  12. Please Pray for my lazy eye to straiten out!

  13. Tracey Marie says:

    Jaime, thank you for your intercession for all who need it. I have been praying fervently about 2 things for several months now to no avail. 1) My husband was injured at work 3 years ago, and 3 months ago workers comp stopped his benefit (pay, coverage for Dr visits and meds) we have a lawyer but these things take time. We are fighting for a fair and amicable settlement. Also, he had a disability hearing 3 months the ago too. Waiting on a decision. For this situation, I ask that things turn out fairly and just, and quick as possible as we are sinking in debt. 2) I have a friend who will not speak to me. I wronged her, admitted to it, asked for forgiveness but she has ceased all communication with me. She is a Christian and knows her bible. I did not expect such a cold shoulder from her. I pray she can forgive me, reach out to communicate with me and we can reconcile, heal and restore our friendship. I know our Lord is not happy to see people in such disunity. Please pray for these situations and intercede. You are an amazing person! Thank you so very much!

  14. Lana Larson says:

    I ask for prayer for my “impossible” situation/marriage in my relationship with my husband (ex-husband) to be restored. For the Father to heal my family. Phil1:6, Philemon 12-16
    Thank you so much 🙂

  15. Maggie Fernandes says:

    Jamie thank you so much for wanting to intercede on our behalf. May the Lord richly reward you.
    Please join me in prayers for my nephew who has been jobless for almost a year and a half. Also for good jobs for my son, my daughter-in-law and a friend. Need prayers also for the sale of my property, that God would accelerate and do the best for us, and salvation for my family members.
    God is good and faithful all the time.
    Thank you and God bless

    1. Hi Jamie,
      Thank you for your intercessory prayers. My specific prayer requests are:-
      1. Financial prosperity,
      2. A new house and car fully paid for and,
      3. A new and a good job with good people and good benefits.
      Thank you.

  16. Maggie Fernandes says:

    Jamie thank you so much for wanting to intercede on our behalf. May the Lord richly reward you.
    Please join me in prayers for my nephew who has been jobless for almost a year and a half. Also for good jobs for my son, my daughter-in-law and a friend. Need prayers also for the sale of my property, that God would accelerate and do the best for us, and salvation for my family members.
    God is good and faithful all the time.
    Thank you and God bless

  17. Thanks Jamie for your prayers and may God extend your ministry far and wide into every nation and meet every corresponding financial need.

    We desire to be committed and planted in the right church and submitted and accountable under the proper Godly leadership according to the will of God for our lives. At this time we are unsure if it is a local assembly, or out-of-state. Willing to stay or even relocate according to God’s plan and trust Him to work it all out, but desiring not to make any sudden moves, or miss God altogether. We believe our spiritual covering has tremendous impact on purpose and destiny. Therefore, we want clarity/confirmation regarding this all-important decision so we can move forward in God’s purpose.

    Also, debt-cancellation and ventures in business and entrepreneurship.

    Thanks much Jamie and many blessings!

    P.S. Perhaps we will all see you on Periscope one day for periodic live broadcasts if/when the Holy Spirit leads.

  18. Sherri Roberson says:

    Please pray I get a job this week. I was laid off last month. I need pray for restoration of my finances also. Thanks

  19. monica rodenberry says:

    Please pray that i get a place to stay. I presently homeless and living with someone and I’m tired . I pray that the lord hear my cry and provide for me a home . Jane I need spiritual covering because the enemy come to kill, steal, and destroy. Bless my family and everyone who going through trials and tribulations. I’m going through something with my friend i need him to call me its been almost 1 week and no cntact. I don’t understand what’s going on but all I want is to be able to hear his voice. I want you to pray for my situation with my son and a test it was reveald once so let it be revealed again. I need you to pray for my brother who has been unemployed for awhile . Lord you know my heart I help others so please help me. My final Pryer request is to thank the lord in advance.

  20. Tracey Marie says:

    Part of my previous comment disappeared. In addition to the requests I asked for, I ask for prayer for my beloved dog, Boots, who went into remission from cancer in August and I have concerns it has come back. We go to the vet next week. Thank you so very much!

  21. Shalom Jamie!

    Please pray for my marriage restoration and employment.

    Yah bless

  22. Blessings jamie
    I have multible challenges at present unjust is there a specific prayer i can use to combine it all ?

  23. Rowena C.Del Carmen says:

    Hi Ms.Jamie can you pls pray for my fast recovery from my surgery a days ago.(Hysterectomy) I need physical healing and also my sister and some of my friend needs inner healing as well.And pls also interceed for me and my husband that God will teach ,give us wisdom and oneness of heart and mind to venture into business that God wants for us.Thank u so much and God bless.

  24. Jamie thank you once again .
    Need prayers a miracle to bring my family together – save my relationship if possible and bless me with justice around financial issues im now faced with as per the unfair loss of my job of recent . Please-pray the union helps me win my case and i receive all the support i need in this case so i xan gain my redundancy owed and compensation for discrimination against my health issues . Most if all please prayi get closer t god and keep my faith i need t feel his lovet see breakthroughs i need to keep my faith thank y so much
    God bless y and everyone

  25. Thank you for your prayers, Jamie. May God bless you as you bless so many!! Please pray that all debt is cancelled. We need a financial breakthrough. It’s going to take a miracle. Thanks again and Kingdom Blessings!!

  26. Thank you requesting to intercede on my behalf. Please pray for me concerning my place of employment. I desire to transfer to another school but needs confirmation frome God.

    Also I desire a new home before the year closes.

    Thank you. May God increase you more and more.

  27. Jamie, please continue standing with me in prayer for a promotion and increase and that God will restore to me in 7 fold the 2 promotions that was stolen from me and the increase that should’ve came with it. The increase will really help us financially as we are facing difficulties right now.

    Please pray also for the spirit of depression to come out of my 16 year old daughter.

    And lastly, for our presidential election, that Gods’ will , shall prevail and our Nation gets right back in God. Thank you Jamie! God bless you and all you put your hands to.

  28. Thank you for interceding for me.
    I pray for peace and an apt/new home. Been homeless for 6 months now and praying for a new job before the end of the year.

  29. Thanks Jamie,

    Prayer that I will come to trust in Jesus and Jehovah in a real way. That I will pass my statistics class and government class to receive my associates. A place for me and my 6 year old. I went through a divorce 2 years ago and lost everything. I pray for financial freedom and a great job. At lastly my hearts desire is to be married and raise our children to love and obey God.
    Thank you!

  30. Bless you Jamie and thank you for serving us in prayer:
    Would you please pray in agreement with me for:
    1. This time of transition that I and my kids are in, to be filled with the glory and presence of Jesus!
    2. Complete deliverance of my husband
    3. Stepping into the destiny that the Lord has for me!

  31. Frank Milton says:

    Healing, coping and strategies needed for adult ADD.

  32. Leith Alexander says:

    Please pray for the right job for me. I need to know if I am to stay where I am or move interstate. Thank you for praying.

  33. Kahn Johnson says:

    Praise the Lord Jamie,
    This time, I’m praying for my brother to come back to Christ and deepen his relationship with the Lord. I’m praying for my mother to havewisdom in dealing with my father who has Alzheimer’s. I’m praying for my father to be delivered from Alzheimer’s. I’m praying for a God-sent husband for myself, to graduate with my Doctorate in Psychology next year, and to have several divine jobs so that I can have money coming from more than one source. In the priceless Name of Jesus Christ, I sincerely pray that the Lord gets the glory out of these prayers as He answers them! Amen and Amen!!

  34. Please pray that I find a job.
    Thank you

  35. For a favorable outcome to an unjust situation.

    For a financial blessing.

    For continued family restoration.

  36. Kahn Johnson says:

    This is Kahn again!! I’m praying for You!!! I’m praying that the Lord will give you divine wisdom, divine knowledge, divine discernment and miracle working , Holy Spirit-led power to continue the Lord’s work and to get 100 fold blessing in every area you desire for lending yourself so intensely and selflessly to us! May the Lord richly bless you in every area of your life. May you receive more depth , more levels in the Lord that show His power and manifestation of whatever you put your hands to. That whatever you pray for comes to past in the Name of Jesus!!!
    Kahn Johnson

  37. Hi Jamie. I’m continuing to pray and believe for a husband so please also pray for me. Most importantly that God gets the glory. Thanks!

  38. Hi Jamie,

    After being married for just 15 days my husband wants a divorce. He says he is not attracted to me. This is second marriage for both of us. I am in India and he is in the US. He is now refusing to let me come to the US. Please pray for me and for my family’s salvation.

    1. Christine & my son wisdom says:

      Dear Jamie, kindly pls. Pray for i so much need Jesus presence more in me !!! To act on my behalph , my mother has tryd to kill me in spiritrealm. I went trough so much. Need God s act, also financialy , as he promised me acc to joel 2:25,26& job 42: 10 , my heart crys to God to act to his glory . For my life & my sons life. Special protection , .im a single mum need Jesus so much . My life must gloryfi God . I shall live life in abundance & my son too. Love you thank you for praying for me & my son. God bless you.

  39. Please pray for me. I recently had colon surgery, they removed 8″ of my colon. The mass was cancer but everything else they biopsied came back negative. They did see something on my liver so now I am going to have a liver biopsy. Please pray that it comes back negative and when I have aa PET scan everything is clear. Give me strength while I go through some chemo. I know God is with me but having extra prayers help. Thank you so very much.

  40. We are still waiting on disability for my husband. I work all I can, but we are having to get into retirement accounts (and pay tax penalties) to pay taxes and insurance. Please pray for our patience and my husbands faith during this trying time. I am believing God for restoration and debt free living, please agree with me in prayer. Praying for you as well, and our Country, government and those that are lost!??
    Thank you

    1. I need relief from pain I have in lower back and hips, this has been going on a few years now and has affected my ability to work. I do need a job also.

      Thank you

  41. Hi Jamie

    Thank you for intercede for us. Can I please have biblical prayers for the following situations?

    1. Free from debts and financial provisions
    I am in debts partly because of my own foolishness and partly because the last generation’s debt has transferred to me. One of the debt repayment is due tomorrow 31 Oct, and I have no money to pay.
    I am still dreaming to be financially blessed so I could have a wise and simple lifestyle and invest on God’s Kingdom.

    2. Clear direction for my career
    I will be graduating at the end of this year. I need a job urgently to feed myself and my aged mother. I also want to be where God has planned for me, and be the light there.

    3. Increase level of intimacy with God and the gift of hunger.

    4. Wisdom and revelation. I have received dreams and prophecies from God time to time. But all of them are vague, and I don’t understand them specifically.

    5. I hope to honour my father and mother. There are lots of wounds within me created by my parents. I have forgiven, but it still hurt and sometimes affecting me. I want to honour them.

    6. My future husband. I hope to build a faithful household for God and glorify Him with my marriage. I also hope to understand the mystery of marriage, and have wisdom to make a good decision of being with the right man at the right time.

    Thanks, Jamie.

  42. Jamie
    Thank you for interceding on all our behalves. Pleaae pray for my depression to lift. For a man to come into my life suddenly who will love me desire me and protrct me as i will him. I pray for peace over myself and for my friend whom needs a miracle. God please bless Jamie Dillon and all those who have asked for prayer. You know their hearts desires . In Jesus name amen.

  43. Thank you Jamie for your prayers. Thank you for all your good work! I have been blessed.

    I have been praying to meet my future husband for years. God has given me words from Isaiah 34:16 and 55:11-12. I have tried my own ways to find him, but I felt Papa said to me stop trying myself and trust Him. So I made up my mind and trust Him. Now I am waiting to see His words will come to pass. I am proclaiming His words all the time. My sister has been praying let this year be the year of the Lord’s favour. I have a list written down and submitted to God.

    Other prayer request is finacial provision by the middle of next year. I need certain amount of money to pay off my education fee. It has to be from God. I do not want to be in debt to study. I am saving some money already but I might not have enough. I need the provision from God. I trust that He has leading me to this path and He will supply all my need to pay the fee off. I also need to get some paper work done before next year. It will take time and money, it might also need help from others. Please pray that I will have favour from all the government departments and I am going to deal with. It will not take long.

    I am stepping into a new page of my life. It is exciting and also very scary. I have to complete trust God for every step of the way. There is a lot of unknown and I need His grace and help.

    One more thing, please pray for my aunt, she is suffering from lung cancer and she is taking the medication that has been given her so much side effect. She has suffered enough. She has lost her only son a few year ago. It has been so hard on her. Please pray for her healing physically and emotionally. I hope she will meet Jesus soon because that is her only hope.

    Thank you again for praying!! God bless you!!

  44. Shelley Van Meter says:

    I am believing for a car, family reconciliation, finances, job.

  45. Bobbie Jo Franson says:

    Please keep praying for my Dad Larry Watson who was diagnosed this month with Pancriactic Cancer stage 4. Please pray for miracles to happen and people get saved through this family journey with him. He’s been saved since this past summer and wanting to get closer and closer to the Lord each day as he has his strength.
    May the Lord Bless you in all you do.
    In Christian Love,

  46. Thanks so much Jamie! Please pray for financial success for my business and wisdom to help the poor.

  47. Gwennetta says:

    Thank you Jamie for your prayers! I am praying for God’s purpose for my life! Also financial provision/ wisdom to start a business; this desire was placed in my heart years ago however I don’t have the finances sobIm praying for provision! Also praying for healing in my body, mind and spirit!

  48. Tammy Eros says:

    I am still desiring prayer for God to show me how to build my business His way, connecting me with those who need what I have and giving supernatural wisdom and strategy in all the technical and logistical stuff! Also, would love prayer in the best way to use my time and effort to work smarter. Thank you!

  49. Kara Raubenheimer says:

    Dear Jamie,
    Could you specifically intercede for my family and my financial breakthrough to come, it is desperate, especially since this is the beginning of the jubilee year. Also, my sisters and I are all praying for our godly spouses, praying that ABBA will lead them to us and prevent counterfeit spouses from wasting more time.
    Also, two of my sisters (we are 4 girls) really need the favour of Esther for very important events happening now, please pray for their success and excellence.

    God bless you

  50. Dear Jamie, I have 2 specific requests. For my son Anthony 24, to return to the Lord after being in college and graduated and is now living a very carnal lifestyle. He just broke it off with his beautiful girlfriend Jill, after 3 yrs and she is devastated. I pray for her to receive the peace, comfort and love of the Holy Spirit to mend her broken heart. That she will receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior, and that my son’s eyes will be opened to the TRUTH, return to her, but to do so in purity and holiness. I believe she was the answer to my many years of prayers since he was a child, that God would send him a godly woman who would also be a great mother and help mate as his wife. The enemy has really taken hold in his life and my son doesn’t even recognize it. And for me to be healed in my sinuses caused by environmental toxins which is bringing much illness to my entire physical body, so much so that I am not even able to pray, or read the Word daily which is causing me to be under intense spiritual, physical attack.

  51. Tameeka Brundidge says:

    I thank you for praying with us and for us. I want you to know that I am praying for you. To receive above the number of faithful partners you desire. That you receive an overflow of peace and balance to accomplish what God has put in your heart. For your family to expand and finances will be released. For God to increase visions and prophesy into you. To bless your ministry, that He has entrusted you, to grow in unexpected measure and in unexpected places. To open opportunities never thought. To bless you with favor to reach the unreachable. I love you and I pray God’s divine protection to cover you and those around you. In Jesus name.

  52. Thank You for your obedience into to the Lord .. Please pray for my family and that an unjust decision regarding my grandson will not only be reversed but he be exonerated and his innocence proven. We need healing amongst each other . Finally please pray for my ministry to increase in prayer and ministry outreach and that I quickly find a beautiful new place to move/live .. Blessings to you and our Seekers U Ministry Family I Love You All and stand In agreement for your Answered Prayers As Well!!!

  53. I want God to flood my heart with His abundant agape love through Christ.

  54. Rafael Somma says:

    Hi Jamie,

    I would like to have a good job and find the girl I’m gonna marry. I would like to have peace of heart and be someone who has resilience and that is able to go through hard things in life without being shaken. I also want to heal a broken relationship with my ex-girlfriend, a story I talked to you about. Also I would like to help people with mental illness problems, I have a project for that, but for it, I need money, at least 200 000$ (canadian if possible :))

  55. Gina Trahan says:

    Thank you for your prayers Jamie. It means a lot to me to know that someone is praying for me. Please pray that I will be healed from chronic shingles. One spot will clear up……and then another one appears. I have been going through this for years on and off…..but since August it just keeps happening. It is very depressing and makes me feel like doing nothing most days. I also get great anxiety every day.
    Also I am waiting for a car accident claim to settle. It has been an unjust situation since it happened in 2014. It is in negotiation at this time and causing me great anxiety to have it not settled. I’m on a fixed income and really need the financial breakthrough.
    I also need prayer for when I get alone with God…….I need for that time to get back on track. I’m searching so hard for a way to read the bible daily, that I think I’m overwhelming myself by having too many bible apps at one time on my phone and trying to read them all; hoping to find a bible reading plan that I can do daily during my time with God. I need to read for quality not quantity. I’m driving myself crazy about this. I’ve always been able to have a more orderly and fulfilling morning with God which sets the tone for my day.
    May God bless you mightily in your every area of life.
    Many thanks to you…….I know holy spirit is speaking to me and doesn’t want me to be worried and confused about my times with God.
    Your sister in Christ,

  56. Hi Jamie, may God bless and keep you! Thank you so much for your ministry. Through the working of the Holy Spirit you are making such a great difference in my spiritual life.
    My husband has been diagnosed with melanoma. Please pray for him that our Father will heal him in body, mind and soul. He has been carrying so much intense anger, bitterness, hatred and blaming others in his heart for such a very long time – 25 years.
    Also, please pray that the Lord will provide financially according to his riches so that we will not only have enough for all our needs but more, so that we can help others in need for the glory of His name.
    Faith for me, my husband and my son.
    The enemy has stolen so much from our family. May the Lord restore all that has been stolen.
    May our Father answer all your prayers in the most radical ways.
    Thanks Jamie

  57. I need prayer for restoration & forgiveness in my relationship with my fiance. For me to be able to walk in forgiveness toward myself & others. I’ve never had rage & hurt to stay in my heart before!
    For God to bring back my creativity, so I can begin again with a game I was designing for youth in crisis. While I was designing this game, my brother was murdered & my mother passed away in the same year.
    My best friend’s son has been accused & arrested for some things that he didn’t do. May his righteousness shine forth like the noonday! God & man’s favor on his life!
    Last night I was reading the prayer requests from earlier this month, God has placed a purpose in my heart for me to pray for these requests with you. Then I open up my email & you have asked for more! I LOVE OUR DADDY!

  58. Paige Gregory says:

    Thank you Jamie for the opportunity to give prayer requests 🙂

    1. Remove that which is blocking me from intimacy with the Lord
    2. Healing of depression
    3. Heal the broken places in my mind and heart
    4. Completely restore my ability to carryout tasks in everyday life
    5. REVEAL specific purpose, give direction, and open doors of opportunity
    6. Lead me out of abusive work environment into a prosperous and aligned job – LEAD to and OPEN doors of opportunity.
    7. Lead me to a good church home
    8. Bring me out of loneliness into primary relationships with friends, family, and companions that want to have mutual relationships and community. If it aligns with God’s plans, lead me to a great love relationship with a spouse.
    9. Financial prosperity
    10. Adventure

  59. Kelsey Gauthe says:

    Oh, I love your beautiful, sweet, servant heart so much!

    I had asked you to pray for a house for my 2 powerhouse women of God friends and I, and we now have some stellar opportunities in the works! Just a little praise report in progress. 🙂

    The Lord has called me out of the “security” of working a desk job for my dad and into the unknown territory of total self-employment, on top of moving out my mom’s house. He’s really working on my trust! Haha. While I know that He can make it happen so that the income from art sales supports me, I am regularly tempted to become overwhelmed at the enormity of the process of setting everything up. I need things like a shipping label printer and an etsy account, but I’m stuck because of issues like not knowing how much certain parcels weigh (needed for etsy).

    Anyway, my prayer is this: Father, I know that you are faithful. Thank You for guiding me through every step of this process, and leading me to practical and supernatural solutions for every issue that pops up. Lord, thank You for keeping me in perfect peace as You and I navigate these waters together, and thank You for helping me to enjoy the journey. Thank You for supernatural provision both for the set up and as a consequence of running my own business. We rebuke striving and stress and heavy burden. Thank You for growing and refining my trust in You. I praise You not only for the answer, but also simply because You deserve it at all times! Glory and blessing and honor to You, Lord, in Jesus’ name!

    Thank you, Jamie. Be blessed. 🙂 <3

  60. Paige Gregory says:

    Also, one more prayer request. I know you can’t respond to everyone but any tactical direction would be appreciated….

    I am intelligent, someone who fixes and seeks solutions, and a good researcher. As it relates to my personal life and looking for solutions to grow in the Lord, and for help, change, career guidance, adventure, creativity, etc., I believe I have overdone it for years and suffered massive information overload and my brain (and maybe spirit and soul) are now rejecting that path and is shutting down. This has been crippling to my everyday functioning. One way that manifests is producing so many options I don’t know which way to go.

    PRAYER LIFE is one area this is true. I honestly don’t know what to pray, everyday. The pain of unanswered prayers along with too much information (on how to pray) leaves me in a numb, frozen place. I need help to know how to begin to pray again (simply yet powerfully) so that I can connect with God, have relationship, grow in faith, and experience breakthrough.

    1. Amanda Encalade says:

      HI, Paige
      I just happened to see your post as I had just posted mine and Your words really resonate with me Iam in a similar boat as you I love learning and soaking in information yet Iam overwhelmed and overloaded at the point I don’t no where to begin again.
      Iam coming into agreement that we need breakthrough and The Lord is our overcomer and He will overcome our inabilities
      To being again
      Holy spirit I seek your wisdom your word Says if we lack wisdom you give it liberally and It’s by faith not in ourselves but by your spirit we can obtain Lord quite our minds to seek you first direct and guides us to lay down striving and or lack of motivation,persistence I ask father that you direct Paige teach her heart how to be effective and powerful in prayer for that is your will that in righteousness we persevere through prayer for all people
      Renew her mind as she engages in your word for by it we are purified in truth. Read colossians starting from 1:9 pray it over your self Ask and you shall recieve seek and you shall find knock and the door will be opened
      *pray His word it’s simple take a verse and pray it over you it’s powerful.
      Father I Thank you that your word is powerful and alive sharper than a two edge sword I come to your throne of grace asking that You fill paige with more knowledge of you and your will for her in all wisdom and spirtual understanding the mind cannot understand the things of the spirit I pray she comes to know more of your holy spirit Lord the spirit of counsel in Jesus name enable her to walk in the inheritance of the saints which she is qualified increase her understanding of who you are and who she is to you Father God
      I ask all In Jesus name I believe you will do above and beyond for your word does not return void

      For this reason we also, since the day we heard it, do not cease to pray for you, and to ask that you may be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding; that you may walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing Him, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God; strengthened with all might, according to His glorious power, for all patience and longsuffering with joy; giving thanks to the Father who has qualified us to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in the light.
      Col 1:9‭-‬12 NKJ

  61. Joyce Ellen Pass says:

    Please pray for myself and my brothers and sisters for wisdom and help in caring for my mom who has dementia. Please pray for peace for my mom. Also please pray that god will provide a good car and job for me. Mnay Thanks and God bless you for all you do.

  62. Amanda Encalade says:

    First I would like to say I value your blog posts and truly I have no doubt The Lord has Anointed you for it I love your writing syle.
    On that note here are my requests for prayer
    The Lord has anointed me as a writer He’s givin me words of knowldge and Iam starting to step up and out on social media this area of opening up is still a learning process. My prayer is that I impact others and that they see the work God has done throug me, my desire is to have that interaction with others but there is no responses. Pray for advancement
    Priotize and balance in my
    Purpose and calling which is ministry that has been confirmed to me, while maintaing a healthy family life Iam a mom and wife
    I don’t have that support backing it’s more as though Iam looked at as doing what I want to do
    My husband and I are not Yet spirtually aligned.
    I love both but I feel I excel in church things better than I do at home and I want to be more effective at home.

  63. Dearest All in Jesus Christ, Why dont we come as Christians over a while via the web, share and pray, I see people hurting and need help. The reading and writing is good but we can also be praying for each other needs as commanded in James.

  64. Gina Trahan says:

    Paige…my name is Gina. I’ve been having a similar problem in that I am having trouble connecting with God and I don’t seem to know how to read my bible anymore. I’m just all over the place in the morning when I try to spend time with the Lord . My prayer life is also suffering because of this. I have way too many bible apps on my phone and am overcome with information, but yet I am unfulfilled and confused. I’m going to try to simplify as I’m probably trying to read everything I see on these apps.
    I’m going to pray for you if you don’t mind and also …..I bought a book called Prayers that Prevail
    The Believers Manual of Prayers
    by Clift Richards & Lloyd Hildebrand. It’s a manual of Prayers that pray God’s word back to Him. It really gives me a jump start on praying for everything you can think of. I just haven’t used it since I’ve been going through this season of feeling like I am not really connecting with God. I bought the book used on Amazon for 4$.
    It’s brand new though.
    I think that Jamie’s upcoming book of Prayers will also be extremely helpful for many of us.
    Feel free to pray for me too : )
    In Christ, Gina

    Jamie. ….I forgot to mention please stand with me in praying that my daughter finds Jesus and that we can finally reconcile our relationship. Her name is Caralee; I’ve been praying and I’ve tried contacting her to make peace but she just ignores my texts and calls. I had the same issue with my son but God restored us this past spring. …….AWESOME! !!!!!!! I got a daughter in law and a grandaughter and one on the way . What a bonus from daddy God!
    Again thank you so much for your prayers and your heart for God and for people.

  65. Pray for me to be lifted out of career stagnation and increase my finances so I can be a blessing to the church and God’s people more than I ma now

  66. Please pray for me for career success to become a consultant and financial blessings to enable me be a blessing to God’s people

  67. Thank you for doing this again, Jamie. I am looking forward to your prayer book!! I love the way you are listing the scriptures so that we can delve into them ourselves.

    My prayer remains the same. Please pray for my fiance, Tony – for doors to open for him with regards to his music ministry/profession, so that we can marry and he can be the provider that he wants to be.

    Thank you, Jamie! May the Lord richly bless you as you come to Him on behalf of all of us.

  68. Hi Jamie,

    Thank you for the initiative you are taking to interceede for us. God Bless You Abundantly.

    I kindly request you to pray for

    1. An effectual job. I was laid off from my job in August 2016. Please pray that I get the right job with the right salary very soon. Do pray for my employment visa . (As I’m in the company’s visa, they want to cancel my visa. Only after I get an employment I can stay in uae.)

    2. Pray for cancellation of all debts.
    3. To clear the housing loan
    4. God to restore my finances and my losses.
    5. Peace in my family.

  69. Eileen Freeman says:

    Thank you so much Jamie for praying for my needs. Your posts have been a source of encouragement. I’m sorry that I didn’t see this request the first time that you posted it.
    My number one prayer is for our daughter. She has chosen to walk away from her family, desiring no contact with us. We do still see the grandchildren, thankfully, because they are teenagers. I have grieved over the loss of our relationship with her. However, after about 10 years, I’ve finally been able to “let her go”. The Lord has helped me to be strong in this and I’m seeing Him undergird me everyday, good days and bad days. She doesn’t want to talk with us, saying that “she’s said her peace”, but we don’t even know what that means. We know that this is a “but God” situation, but I want to pray effectively. I’ve been such an emotional wreck, I’ve not even been able to intercede. I’ve been a mess, battling my emotions, unorganized, unmotivated, angry…in a pit. I know the Lord is with me and He’s been bringing me up out of the pit. I’m getting stronger every day, since I’ve “let her go”, which was His instruction to me when He led me to Luke 15 & Genesis 13. He said to trust Him and lay hold to His promises. Of course, I need HELP! And now I receive your e-mail. My ladies’ prayer group is praying with me and my faith is being strengthened. But the wonderful thing is…I have hope again since He instructed me in this. I also know, there are so many “Prodigals” out there like her, and I really do want to get healed so that I can join with the Lord in praying for His Prodigals to come home to the Father; Praying with Him for The Family Mountain of Culture. Thank you, Jamie, for praying with me and my family.

    Leaning on my Beloved,

  70. Prayer request: Bible studies in all schools.
    More workers for Christ in the schools. Salvation across the city and nation.
    Wisdom and favor on Christian workers and students.

    Healing for myself and family and obedience to Christ.
    Blessings, and wisdom for the church. Debt reduction.

  71. Dear Jamie

    I’m without a job since August 2016. Please pray for an effectual employment, salary. I also have to pay my housing loan. It’s been very difficult to pay without an employment . Also do pray for my visa .
    Eagerly waiting to see the Hand of God to move in my situation.

    Stay Blessed

  72. Pray for God to continue healing and delivering a loved one, and for the Lord to restore our relationship. Pray for Him to bring forth unity and a time to communicate. 🙂

  73. Hi Jamie. I would like to add my 17 yr old grandson to your prayer list. He lost his father this year and misses him terribly. Its only been in the last few years that his dad has been involved in his life. Please pray for comfort for him. He has his grandpa and uncles but it’s just not the same as having your dad. Thank you Jamie.

  74. Thank you so much Jamie for praying for us until something happens.

    My prayer request is God to bless me with a God fearing husband. A man who will love God first above all else.
    A job with all benefits and good salary where I could be closer to my son.
    My ID document to be released at the Ministry ofvHome Affairs for years Im struggling without an identity document and it put so many limitations for any progress in my life.
    My family salvation as Im coming from idol worship family.
    For God to use me as an instrument and remnant of this hour with signs and wonders with the spirit of holiness and obidience to the voice of of Abba Father.
    For His will to be completely done in my life on eart as it is in heaven.

    God bless you.

  75. Thank you Jamie for your prayers. It is so encouraging knowing you are praying. I have 3 requests – 1. That after many years in the same job my skills would be recognised and valued by my boss. 2. I would like prayer
    for a husband of God’s choosing. 3. Clarity on whether I am to step out in the healing ministry.
    Thank you and may God bless you.

  76. Thank you, Jamie for interceding for us, for doing His will, God bless you richly in your kindness.
    Please pray for my Nursing studies success and for me to finish by middle of next year. And for the immediate need of clinical placement satisfactory work and a part time job that I enjoy and enhance my studies. For me to be guided at all times by our Lord’s Spirit and to be equipped in doing His will. These I pray and thank for in Jesus’ name, Amen.

  77. Please prayer for a promotion on my field of social work at the agency I work for. I asked for this earlier this month and I got two interviewseparate but no offer . I have been praying for this since 2011 as I truly believe that this is what God has called me to do. Please continue to pray for me.

  78. Wonderful, what a blessing.

    Again it’s for family but more specifically for the disconnect they have from anything to do with God.
    Although, I have for years taught, exposed, and prayed they continue to openly oppose anything to do with God. This leaves me as the last elder in the linage to bring influence. I am the brunt of ridicule as a believer to them. One to be mocked really.
    Only God can reach them and I want prayer that he would make Himself known supernaturally to my son, the leader of the younger generations. I know this is a big request but I am desperate for unity. Time grows short and the journey for them seems far, far away and blocked by the enemy in a very real way. Blinded my son cannot see.

  79. Lisa Ingram says:

    Jamie, thank you for your emails and blog – my husband and read them daily!!

    Please pray for us. I am in a season of quiet, stillness and rest. God gave me 5 words to focus on Patience, Trust, Stillness, Rhythm, and Abide. It has been a powerful season of learning and growing!! So thankful!! But, the last week has been difficult – we had what felt like attacks come from every direction. I had a vision of me standing in a field and arrows were coming at me from every direction but not one came near me – God’s shield was protecting me (my prayer daily). I immediately read Psalms 91 and God highlighted every verse. We are going through trials right now – and I woke up yesterday morning with the Lord saying “count it all joy” (James 1:2-3). Not surprising this has come as there have been powerful words spoken over me and my husband recently.

    But, the Lord has been encouraging us!! <3 Thank you, Lord.

    Please keep us in prayer!! Thank you, Jamie!! God Bless you!!

    P.S. Your prayer to reverse unjust situations!! WOW!! It was on time and I have it printed and it is in my prayer closet!! Thank you!!!

  80. I have recently discovered that my girls (8 & 5) have been being molested by a close family friend who has helped care for them on and off since they were born. It’s devastating to think about but I know there’s more in the spirit. I have been married twice and both husbands have turned abusive and sexually abused me. There was sexual abuse in both my mom and dad’s families and my sister was also a victim of sexual abuse… THIS STOPS HERE! NO MORE!!! If you receive any discernment, principalities or specifics that I need to break free from please message me or something… I have been battling this so long but feel ineffective in that battle… I need to know what to target. Thank you so much!

  81. Hi Jamie
    I would like prayer for (1)a miracle of healing in my body from bone marrow cancer & back issues. (2) restoration of broken relationships with 2 of my kids/grandkids (3) a new car…I’ve been praying for over 2 yrs & still find myself carless (4) for the Lord to restore back to me all the finances that have been stolen unjustly… Dad passed last Dec & I found out Jan 2016 my Dad changed his will after my Mum passed in 2008 & cut me out….I feel the Lord has said my oldest sister instigated this……I was hoping to buy my own home with the funds & get out of renting.(5) a deeper relationship with the Lord open my spiritual eyes & ears & bring me back to dreaming again both in the night &spiritually. Bless you & thank you all the way from Australia!!!

  82. Well some two years ago I was spiritually attacked by a demon. God waa with me the entire time and the demon was cast out. But the attack was so hard it’s left me with so many doubts and fear has overwhelmed me to the point that I have built a wall between me and the Holy sprirt, so now I can’t hear him when he speaks because I’ve pushed him away for so long. Please pray that I am restored to that relationship and to God.. can you send me the prayer like above. Thanks

  83. Dear Ms Jamie- thank you for prayet for us. I need a new and better home and neighborhood for me and my daughter. I need increase in income to move. We also need a church home I believe its time to move on. I know I am suppose to move out of state-praying for the timing of that. The job and money . Please pray my daughter would want the things of not the things of the would and that she would make better grades. Thank you- Matilda

  84. Hi Jamie, please pray with me for financial provision to get my license and computer. Believe with me also for me to meet my God ordained husband. Lastly let’s agree for my sister Mpho s promotion to be released. Thank you.

  85. Please ask Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit for the Miracle of marriage restoration. Divorced from husband of 40 years as he left me for a much younger woman.

    Please pray that we, husband and I, will love each other more than we did before as this time we will look to our Heavenly Father for guidance in our marriage and all relationships.

    Pray the Blood of Jesus to cleanse both of us from our unrighteousness and to please get rid of the other woman. Place thornbushes around her do that she cannot find my husband and thornbushes around him so he cannot find her. Make both of them repent and seek their salvation. Send him home to me and her home to her family. Let them see their relationship as filthy and wrong.

    This I ask in Jesus’s name.

    Amen. Amen.

  86. Linda Wade says:

    Thank you for your faithfulness Jamie and your obedience. My prayer is for Abba to deliver my son David from herion. To

  87. Christine Sanchez says:

    Please pray for healing and salvation for my family..For my brother who has six months to live , but still fighting cancer all over his body. A rare cancer at that..My seventy year old mother who is taking care of him and will not let anyone else take over..She is wasting away and has many health issues. For her husband and his father who are both undergoing surgeries and serious health issues. For myself , I have been sick with Fibromyalgia and lupus etc…for many years and all the stress is given to God everyday but my body doesn’t show any improvement. My world is extremely fragile and I never know what kind of phone call I will get . Finally for support and salvation for the rest of the family…..and to recover what I lost during a very difficult divorce…(everything)…..God has been so good to me to take me back in to his heart because I lost my way and I love him and don’t want to leave him again….Thank You

  88. I am in appreciation for your Intercession Jamie, I feel at a loss currently thru peoples jealousy of not my ability but GODs moving my family and I thru our life. The path has been painful and so much lost however I have listened and obeyed the words spoken. A breakthru and restoration of our finances as promised is needed at this time. I have lived thru chronic violence and child abuse including marrying a man who did the same, terminal cancer and a stroke. My children and I left Sodom and Gomora obeying GODs word all the way. We ask this in Christ Jesus name.

  89. God bless you Jamie. I pray that Papa God remove all bitterness from my heart. I am always grieving because it seems God is not avenging those who are hurting me The Word says God is the avenger (vengeance is mine). Please Papa let me have the faith that you will do it. I need joy and peace at heart.

  90. It wasn’t in Abba’s wish that I get the job I was trying for (perhaps for the better because He knows best). I pray that He wake me up to understand what His perfect will for my life is and that He instruct me and teach me in the way that I should go. “Thank You Abba for loving me and sacrificing Your life for me so I am saved. I love You, I need You.”

  91. Please for Gods perfect peace, Divine provision and hedge of protection over my grandson dj and complete exoneration from an unjust situation from which he is innocent.. All I have left is my faith in God which is more than enough for me to trust and believe that it’s already done and we have the Victory.. Jamie,Thank You for allowing us this opportunity to intercede one for another and pray until our prayers become testimonies of prayers answered !!! L❤️VE and Blessings to All Michelle.,,

  92. SJ McNichols says:

    Hi Jamie,

    Please agree with me that I will be firmly planted and no longer move to and fro. That I will be steadfast, brave and bold for Jesus, pursuing him more and more with total abandon.
    Thank you for your prayers.

  93. Jamie, God Bless you for all you do for His Kingdom! Because of your blog and prayers I got through some difficult times. I do have some prayer request below:

    1. Favor to get accepted in the FSU or better PhD program for fall 2017.
    2. 2 Timothy 2:22 Friends to fellowship as a young adult
    2. My family reconciled (father delivered from drugs and the negative mindset; my aunt saved from the power of the enemy)—All of my grandparents kids, grandkids, and great-grand kids togetehr in love, peace joy, and harmony!

    Blessings in Christ,

  94. Jamie, beloved. I’m so humbled and honored daddy aligned me to your post. My soul rejoices in knowing the father sent you as a light and salt for his glory and splendor. Keep on fighting the good fight for his kingdom. You are a blessing, people are listening and being equipped.

    My prayer request is this. The Lord has provided the land for his house to be built. He told my husband and I it will be a home for love, charity and prayer, a safe haven. We have talked with two builders now and neither were whom God wanted to build the house. Glory be to daddy he locked the door and put bars on it for us not to walk through. We will meet with he third builder this coming Sunday. We entrust in whom we have made our request to and know daddy answers our prayers. I keep saying, “daddy you say, you say, your sheep hear your voice and I know I have heard you.” We will not be moved, we will stand on your promises. We never want to walk out of the covering of daddy and only want his will for us and his kingdom. Just asking for his wisdom, his provision, his patience, his clarity, his financial blessing and his unmoving stability. Thank you so much for your time, dedication to the cause and sacrifice. I appreciate you.

  95. Faith montoya says:

    Thank you Jaime for imparting everything God gives to you and we are able to take part of it!
    I appreciate any prayers.
    It’s been a yr and a half since my husband and I were seperated. It happened very suddenly. We have 3 young kids and this month the divorce was finalized. Yet God has told me and I’m standing on “Be still and know that I am God” and John 11:4 “this sickness is not unto death but for the glory of God, that the son of God may be glorified through it”
    He has told me my marriage with my husband will be restored and he will be a completly new man. I am just praying and fighting to see it to come to past. My oldest is doubting God and having major issues with this. I’m also believing God for complete healing in my husbands body from constant pain and complete healing in his mind from war and ptsd.
    Thank you so much! Much love and blessing

  96. What a blessing Jamie! Thankyou for your beautiful offer to intercede. I’m back again with our cry to see our little girl Arwen healed of a dark and debilitating genetic disease. The most pressing need right now for her is to put on weight, as she’s been steadily losing it because she vomits so frequently. All of us (me, my husband and Arwen) need more sleep. We want to live joyfully and praise before we see the miracle, and persevere with the things God has called us to, in the midst of this difficulty.

  97. I would appreciate prayer for my 81 year old father,Wayne,who has stage 4 metastasized bone cancer.First,for healing and secondly provision to cover the cost of his cancer treatment untill which time G-d chooses to heal him.
    I would also wish to ask for prayer for my left ear that has been giving me troubling symptoms for 2 months now (diminished hearing and slight ringing)that the doctors are puzzled by.The next step is CT scans to check for blockages.My father lives with me and my family and I am his primary care provider.
    My adult daughter also lives with my husband and I. She has a sight disability. Her two children (our wonderful grandchildren)also live with us
    Our grand daughter has muscular dystrophy and type 1 diabetes and our grandson is autistic. As you can see,I need to stay healthy to help care for everyone.
    Thank you very much.I enjoy reading your daily emails.

  98. Sam Bechtold says:

    Pray for a promotion to Texas be opened that no man can shut. Bless the Father for His patience with me.

  99. Hi Jamie
    God bless you for you heart for His people. Thank you for the intercession you nake on our behalf.
    Please pray for me, I married a serial sex offender who is controlling and manipulating. I find it hard to break away. He leaves in my house and wont leave. I have told him many times to leave. He pretends I did not say anything. I desperately need the courage to break free. He has a bad temper too.
    Please pray for God to make a way

  100. Lisa Gaines says:

    Hello Jamie, thank you so much for interceding for me and my family. Please pray for me to know & receive the Lord’s wisdom concerning my current job, His debt cancellation plan that’s tailored for me, the spirit of wisdom & revelation would be upon me. Please pray for my mother health & restoration in her body. She’s suffering from swelling & pain in her feet, gout & arthritis, back pain. Thank you very much, Lisa

  101. Jamie,
    Thank you so much for interceding on our behalf. I am very unhappy with my current job situation new supervisor very difficult to work for him. I have been employed with this company 15 years and the past year has been absolutely miserable. I pray everyday for a job that I would love doing instead of painfully endure. Because this type situation just emotionally and spiritually exhausts you and I struggle to have the relationship I so desire with God. I remind myself daily Jer 29 v 11

  102. Praying that he will give you, Jamie, the power to get wealth according to Deuteronomy 8:18 that He may establish His covenant which He swore to our fathers. And that He will make of you a great nation, and bless you, and make your name great, so you will be a blessing according Genesis 12:2. Wealth and name recognition for you, Jamie, for the sake of the Gospel and Kingdom advancement so that God, and God alone will receive ALL the glory. Amen.

  103. Thank you so much for praying for our needs!
    About 2 years ago I lost a really close friendship and I’m believing and praying that God will restore it! I need prayer in the healing of the friendship. Again thank you?

  104. First of all, thank you Jamie for your prayers! I appreciate you! Prayers are needed for my right knee injury, doctors misdiagnosed it twice and now my right knee and leg are turned and crooked. I want God to heal my right knee so I no longer need 2 more operations with rods and pins in my right leg. I need prayer for finances, child support and divorce from an abusive and violent man. I also need prayers for moving across the country because my son and I both need jobs and freedom from the oppression that my husband and his biological dad has caused and continues to cause. we need peace and a new life. I am praying for you too! Blessings in Christ, Juli

  105. I have experienced a lot of spiritual warfare trying to get this prayer request through to you, so I pray in Jesus name this goes through.
    Prayer needed for reconciliation between my two daughters who do not speak to each other.
    Prayer for my husband to be more God fearing and more of a spiritual leader in our home.
    Prayer for me to find my calling in the advancement of God’s kingdom. I am especially interested in the gift of healing and desire to learn how to pray effectively for the sick for the glory of God. Also for boldness.
    Thank you Jamie, praying for you as well.
    Glory and praise to Abba, Jesus and Holy Spirit

  106. Stefanie Morris says:

    I’m praying for 5-10 big bookings this week. I had a ton of inquiries last week but I’m feeling discouraged since getting emails back from all of them telling me ‘no thank you.’ If I don’t break through this, I’ll have to find a part time job this Winter to get me through and there are not many options available. I know God has more for me to do with my business…I am worn down from the discouragement.

  107. Brethren, lets pray for one another, the best and quickest way is to seek others first, if your are in need of particular issue commit yourself to be praying for others before God through sweet Jesus. There is instant answers from experience. It doesn’t become ME issue. Pray for 100 – 150 known or unknown people in your situation and see you results.

  108. Lets pray rather than pray for me. You might not know the virtue that lies within

  109. Let’s pray for spiritual restoration.. I can’t seem to pray at night anymore, feeling ill and waiting for good news and favour that will be a blessing to my family and ministry. I join and interceed for anyone going through same situations and pray that God will show for us in Jesus name. God bless this forum and all the saints praying.. Amen!

  110. Christians, and Brethren, lets gather and pray, the isolation and doing things in singles doesnt help

  111. Nancy Mmelesi says:

    My specific prayer request is for:
    1. Healing in my body; specifically for cysts and growths that I know were not planted by my Father to be removed/uprooted permanently.

    2. Financial provision. Since May 2016 I have had very serious financial challenges resulting from stagnation in my business where we have gone without salaries for over 4 months.

  112. God bless you Jamie! Thank you for your intercessory prayers for each and everyone of us! God is working in you and I pray for you and your family daily.
    I ask for prayer for unjust situations on court day for child support on November 8th. I also ask that God exposes the evil strategy to the judge that my husband has planned for the child support case. He says he is above the law and all the police officers and sheriff’s deputies are scared of him and won’t mess with him. Thanks Jamie,
    Your sister in Christ, Julie

  113. Please pray for a speedy response from God- it is going on month 18 of no job, a legal battle with my former employers for wrongful dismissal. I am jobless and so is my partner with the oilfield situation. We have a 2 year old and everything is just overbearing now – no money, debt, unsupportive family and strained relationships. Even had several setbacks and failures in money making attempts. Feeling forgotten by God: my faith is dwindling – I am totally EXHAUSTED- what breaks my heart most is seeing my son affected and sad by just the negativity and sadness he is feeding off me and his environs. He is an angel and deserves so much more. I feel Abandoned and hopeless and there are moments where I just lie on the ground crying ” My God my God why have you forsaken me?”
    God help me


    Who I feel like if i found the fountain of youth. just like Ponce de Leon.
    I am going thru a very unjust situation with my mortgage, there is a foreclosure and a sales date in my house for November 21st, 2016. That situation will take me to became homeless and jobless because i work from home.
    Please pray for a reversal and an approval for the modification requested several times.
    Favor is all I need. I am believing God for a miracle.
    Believe with me for I know that nothing is impossible to God.
    Blessings and thank you.

  115. Hi Jamie
    Please intercede for me that I may get a husband and start a family of my own and for my family to get to know God on a closer level

  116. I ask for intercession for Kevin Freeze. He is in severe pain with his back. Your prayers are needed greatly because he is unable to work due to the pain. We cant live on just my wages. We are headed to the back doctor this morning and we pray that they can ease his pain. We have been doing daily prayer time together each day please pray with us.

  117. Gwynne Nation says:

    Thank you so much for being willing to seek God on behalf of us. You are a rich feminist the Fathers hand!!

    1) Marriage – please pray that we could see each other as Jesus does. That our oneness and intimacy would be rekindled and my sexual problem would be healed so we could finally start having sex again, ( it’s been 10 yrs) :(.

    2) Ministry – timing and release of healing,deliverance, mind, body and spirit would come forth!

    3) Writing anointing- Blog?, books?

    3) my children
    Angie (Dan)
    Jeremy (Karen)
    Nicole (James)
    That they would humble themselves and truly hear their Father God calling them to know Him intimately and allow Him to have His way in their lives

  118. Loved your teaching on the spirit of poverty, thank you for all you do for the kingdom.
    Continued prayer for my son, his wife and my grand children that they would come to know and love the Lord Jesus with all their heart, soul and mind. And that they would enter into the Kingdom of God as well as the many generations to come after them.

  119. Thank you for following the leading of the Holy Spirit to do this.

    I am requesting that you pray that I receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
    I am really pressing into God to understand more His will for my life. I ask you to pray for healing… specifically of the knees. Restoration of the same will greatly enhance my mobility and allow me to fulfill my calling in Christ.

    Thank you

  120. Hi Jamie,
    Am amazed with all the things you can do! God is really using you so much. Just be sure to take your breaks and rest. My prayer request would be in asking God for a new business, or opportunity to earn as I am on a career shift. Also, healing from keloids, asthma, and back pain. Plus, a baby for Myra and I. We’ve been married for 16 years. Thanks for partnering with me. All the best of heaven to you!

  121. Hello my name is Dawn and daughter Hollie I would like today for u all to touch and agree for our freedom and the joy of our salvation and restoration of our soul we have been in captivity and isolated prisoners of our own home I pray for our glory to locate us now and shut doors that need to be shut today.i am in an unjust situation I been married for 22 years to a pariah that was not of god he was sent by a psyhic it all came true I am married to a liar their shame him and his leaders may they all drown in the red sea god has opened my eyes we are in poverty.we need dry land to appear today and be free from this destiny destroyer counterfeit of what god has plan for me this phaorah name is Thomas he’s a hater and defileds God’s name doesnt work house is in forclosure dec 1 leaning on the everlasting arms of jesus dont know where to go in poverty i need a miracle today breakthrough its time for the sealed to be Jesus name amen ava I belong to you Dawn.

  122. Hello my name is Hollie I would like u all to pray for my book of life to locate me today and set me free the lord told me I am a singer and I belong in Nashville Tennessee I need friends family fun laughter I need restoration today of the plans the father has for my life I am 21 in 3 weeks I was persecuted in school hated for the love of Jesus I am a prisoner of my home no won hired me I never worked I have no friends I need help my heart is broken 2 years ago I sent out a demo of my songs to Nashville that was ordained by god I just want it to locate me now I need freedom wealth and riches please pray for me that I would be loves and restore my holidays let the joy of my salvation be restored today in Jesus name my house is up for auction dec2 I don’t know where to go I know I belong in Nashville I need a miracle to get me there in Jesus name thank you

  123. Please pray that our Father for whom nothing is impossible to resurrect marriage from the dead. Divorce will be final soon. Please pray that God gets rid of the other woman and my prodigal husband returns. In Jesus name. Amen.

  124. Please pray for reconciliation for an unjust situation my daughter has not spoken to us for 4 years and we are dying from broken hearts waiting and waiting for to call us. We always had such a good relationship now after going through counciling she came out with this completely new life she lived and says we are the reason for it. You would think we only thought up evil continually toward. It is straight from hell. I don’t understand but have been such shock. It feels like it will never end but I am trusting God and have been praying for so long I just want to see something happen.

    1. Father God, pour out Your Spirit of Elijah on that daughter. Turn her heart back to her parents, and bring her home. In Jesus’ name.

  125. Jaime, Thank you so much for praying for my specific request. Im just now seeing this so I hope im not too late to get in on your prayers. My son is up for parole and is being considered in the date range of October 31 through December 31 2016. I feel he is ready. The Lord has done a mighty work in and on him. Please pray that the parole board people who are deciding his case will choose in his favor. Thank you.

  126. Please pray for me and my husband to be pregnant this year we have been trying for a long time. And also for my husband to find a job that pays him regularly as we are in lots of debts.

  127. Dear Jamie
    Thank you for having a heart & taking time to pray for others.
    Please pray for my husband and me.
    Specifically for our marriage, migraine & infertility issues which have been going on for many years.
    God bless you abundantly

  128. Sarah Ince says:

    Dear Jamie
    May God continue to inspire, renew, strengthen and protect you as you seek to bring His message to us. I lift up myself for healing and I lift up Bernard who has stumbled along his path to God and cannot see how he is offending God and seems unable to open his heart to hear God’s call and seek forgiveness. I pray for God to send His Holy Spirit to redeem Bernard and save him from the snares of the enemy and to guide his steps for a closer walk with God. I pray God’s victory to be released into this situation.
    Thank you for praying with me.

  129. Mafungwashe says:

    Dear Jammie.
    Blessed new year.

    I humbly request you to join your faith with mine in prayer for reinstatement back to my employment.

    I thank GOD for answering my prayer in The Mighty Name of JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth.Amen.

  130. Mafungwashe says:

    Dear Jammie.

    I bless the LORD for you in JESUS CHRIST Name.

    As I pray I lift the name of my daughter Lazola.Bless her FATHER. Amen.

  131. Joyce Chukwuemeka says:

    Hello Jamie,

    God bless you.

    I am a first timer to your blog, yesterday was my first time to visit your blog and i was really blessed. May God bless you and keep pouring out His fresh grace and wisdom upon you in Jesus name Amen.

    Please am sorry to bother you nor take your time out of your busy schedule, but an adage says a problem shared is half solved. And also the bible said in Mathew 18:19, Again I say to you if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my father in heaven.

    I am going through an unjust situation, and i need someone to add faith to mine. I was accused over a crime i know nothing about and it has caused break-up in my relationship with my fiance who we have already started planning our marriage.
    i was accused of something i never said but i want God to intervene and give me justice because i am innocent of the accusation.

    so please i beg you to pray for me, i want my fiance back to me so that we can get along with each other and plan our marriage which has been kept on hold since November 19th 2016.

    This is the accusation i was been accused of by my fiancee’s sister:

    My fiance’s sister came to visit my fiance (who is her brother) and met his absent, so i have to call my fiance to inform him that his sister was around to see him, so my fiance now asked me to give his sister my phone to speak with her and know what brought her to his house without her informing him that she will visit him, so later, after speaking with the sister on phone, i collected back my phone. the next word i heard from the sister’s mouth was; i am not living this house until my brother comes back and settle me,, so i was curious to know why she made such statement, so she replied me that her brother who she came to visit (my fiance) promised to give her money to start up a business and now does not want to give her the money again , that (my fiance) her brother only gave her money to rent a shop for business and the shop rent is just wasting and she has not started any business yet, so i was pleading with her to take it easy that if i will still be around when my fiance will return home (because i only came to visit him, i don’t leave with him yet) that i will ask him to give her the money even if its some part of the money then maybe later he can give her the remaining part of the money to start up the business in other not to waste the shop rent. The sister was so angry lamenting how she helped the brother (my fiance) when he had difficult times, but now that my fiance (the brother) does not pick her calls for over 4 months and does not want to help her to start up the business, she was so upset. so i was pleading with her not to be upset nor fight with him that everything will be fine. Even the food i offered to her she said No that she won’t eat, that if she eats, her anger will reduce, so she won’t eat because she needs to start up the business because she and her kids are suffering, all i was doing was to plead to her not to be upset that all will be fine.

    And do you know what? that was my first time of seeing the sister, we haven’t met before,,,,,

    To cut the long story short: when my fiance came home to pick me, the sister was still in his house, they started quarreling, i was even pleading for peace, before my fiance hurriedly left the house and ask me to put my luggage in his car for him to drop me at a motor park where i will board bus to my city where i came from. so we left.

    i left and came back to my city after my fiance dropped me off at a park to board a bus to my city with joy and happiness we departed to see later soon during the xmas period.

    Later in the evening my fiance called me on phone and was upset with me, i was even amazed because we never had any fight nor quarrel, my fiance on phone was furious with me and asked me, that why did i have a conversation with the sister when she came to his house with anger? to my greatest surprise i was shocked and i told him i don’t understand what he meant by me having a conversation with the sister, my fiance now told me that do i know that his sister that visited him wants him to marry her friend named Vera, that everything i discussed with his sister that the sister called her friend Vear which she wants him to marry and told her all we discussed. i was like but what will your sister tell the Vera her friend that i said, because we never had any private or relationship discussion, it was just i pleading with your sister not to be so upset with you (my fiance) that you will give her the money for business, i was only making peace between both of you, so what did your sister tell her friend Vera? i asked my fiance, he now said, the sister told Vear her friend that i said am the woman in my fiance mind to marry, that i am a graduate, that i have known my fiance for a very long time, that my fiance loves me so much, that every other women are wasting their time… hmmm’ i was so shocked to hear all this… and God bears me witness i never said anything of such to my fiance’s sister. I never did. So since on 19th November 2016, my fiance stopped calling me on phone, i even went o visit him he didn’t let me see him, if i call him he does not pick, he now said it is over between us that i was bragging to the sister. God of Justice is my witness i never bragged to the sister, i never discussed anything relationship with his sister.

    so please am begging you to join me in prayers, add your faith to mine, i want my fiance back to me, i want his heart of stone and anger to melt away, i want his heart to return back to me.

    God said i will not labour in vain… Do you know i have laboured for my fiance when things were so hard and tough for him, i stood by him, i feed him for almost a year, i cared for him, i helped him with the little salary i was paid, but today he has gotten money and have abandoned me because of the accusation the sister accused me of. so i want God Almighty to bring him back, Let God give me Justice. My fiance’s name is Mr. David Odis. I want him back. he promised to love me forever and called me his wife now he does not speak with me again.Let God touch his spirit and bring him back to me in Jesus name. Amen

    Thank you so much, am sorry my mail is long.

    God bless you


      1. Amen. thank you & God bless you.

  132. Please Pray for success in passing of my license exam for social work. I pray for clarity, wisdom heaven sent in Jesus name. Amen

  133. Thank you for praying for me (Sheetal).
    I feel so anxious and lost and I am in desperate need of a miracle.

    Please pray that God softens/moves my lover Rohith’s heart so that he realizes how much he loves me and misses me and that he has to be with me forever. Please pray that Rohith gets serious in his commitment to me and doesn’t waste my time or play with my emotions or break my heart. Please pray that God helps Rohith to take the right actions and decisions so that Rohith can be with me and be mine forever. Please pray that Rohith and I become one and we are able to start a life together and be happy together. Please pray that God strengthens our love and helps us to start a family together & raise healthy kids together. Please pray that all obstacles are removed in the path of me and Rohith being together. We should have a relationship where we place God above everything else. Amen!

      1. Thanks for praying for me Jamie.

  134. I am requesting specifically to hear from Jessica ,Melissa and/or Carla .Please Lord lay it on there heart to contact me about working there weekedn walk. My heart yearns to work the womens Emmaus walk and Girls Chrysalis. Please Lord open this door for me. To either be on the prayer team. Agape team or place me in that conference room where I can be a blessing to the other ladies. I havent been asked to work in 3 years . Please whatever hinderence is blocking me from getting that call Lord remove it. You know which team I need to be on and who is going to call me. Make it happen God. In Jesus Name Amen.

  135. my prayer request is prayer that God will heal my mind and my memory (bring wholeness and unlock intelligence and bring back what is learned) and restore my creativity so i can make jewelry and other crafts again. Restore my spirit so that i can feel the presence of God and the peace of God. Heal my life and remove the fatigue and the tiredness and help me have the energy and motivation to exercise and ride my bike and the ability to lose weight. Bring restoration to every facet of my being and let my relationships and communication in those relationships be restored and renewed. Heal my relationship with israel and melinda and bring communication and friendship alive and vibrant again. Bring them salvation and (bring israel out of darkness and into the life christ has for him and help him with his writing of blogs/books) bring melinda and alex safety as they live and travel in berlin till nov and then go DIY RVing back in Australia.

  136. Bobbie Jo Franson says:

    Please pray for my husband Matthew and I to be under one roof. We are still separated because of our careers. Pray the Lord will open doors to where the devil can’t shut them.
    And please pray that Matthew finds the Lord again.
    Hugs, prayers and Blessings!!

  137. linda evans says:

    Pray for the healing of my mind and my spirit and bring restoration to my life. Restore my creative side so i can create jewelry and other crafts, help me have energy to do the things i love such as bicycling and reading and help me exercise. Pray for Reconcillation and communication with my friends melinda and israel and restore and bless all my friendships and help me hear from Don and Ryan. Bring Healing to Richards heart, Heal faith and marcia B lili m and may turner, from their many physical ailments and bring faith to lili and may and strengthen faith for faith and marcia, Help me be aware of God’s presence in that I would see, hear, and feel his love and guidance. Help me with work with the children in plant city and help me with applying and possibly working at bright horizons. Help me have abundant fiances and money for christmas gifts for my nieces and nephews and be able to spend time with loved friends for the holidays

  138. linda evans says:

    I would like specific prayer for healing of my mind and my energy level and that God would help me exercise and ride my bike and be able to create new jewelry pieces and be able to sell them on my etsy page and that My relationship and communication with friends ie israel, melinda, brooke, don ruthy etc would be open and flourishing and that they would call, email, facebook chat, etc and communciation would be frequent and affirming. pray for the salvation of israel and melinda. Help me get the job i need and help me with my interview monday!

  139. Hi Jamie,
    I’m requesting you to pray for me to get married to whom the Lord has for me, I’m requesting prayer in being divinely being placed where the Lord wants me to work , healing within and between family members, for the Lord to keep my mind in peace so that I can continue to encourage, exhort, love, serve, and counsel others.

    Sincerely ,

  140. Dear loving sister, I M going thru so many trials right now I will not know where to start, but to give you an idea on how to pray let me tell you my business been dead slow since May ,, my children are doing really bad and my marriage looks like is going to be destroy but I have so much faith that this will change soon and I need you to agree with me on this please in prayer .
    Thank you and blessings to you and Glory be to God my helper and my refuge
    I just lost two listings and there is no money for anything in this house.
    Please help me to pray ??❤️❤️

  141. Angela Hughes says:

    First let us give the Lord thanks for the abundance of all things.Please pray that the Lord would deliver his people from evil men; That the Lord would preserve his people from violent men, who plan evil things in their heart and stir up wars continually. Pray against the spirit of anti Christ,false witness,terrorism hatred and violence. Please pray and intercede without ceasing that God’s will be done in the lives of the world’s leaders and for our leaders to seek God and listen to Him. Pray that they would be surrounded by godly counsel and, that our leadership would personally know God and the salvation found through faith in Jesus Christ alone. That we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. God can turn the hearts of kings. Earnestly pray that the people of America and its leaders will humble themselves and seek the Lords face and turn from their wicked ways. Pray that the Lord would hear from heaven and forgive our countries sins and heal our land. God Bless America Pray that the Lord would grant peace in America, that we may lie down and no one will make us afraid. That the Lord would remove wild beasts from the land, and that the sword will not pass through our country and that President Trump along with our leaders be filled with power, with the Spirit of the Lord, and with justice and might to declare the sins of Gods people. Please pray for revival and that the Lord would pour out his spirit on his servants, throughout the world both men and women. Pray for the peace of Israel. Gods will be done on earth as it is in heaven.In Jesus Name, Amen.

  142. Hi Jamie!

    I would like to ask for help in praying for my families application for express entry to Canada. I am from the Philippines. And while we are a improving country. I wish to provide a better future for them. In a country that values human life. With equal opportunities for everyone. Every prayer helps. Thank you!

  143. Dear Jamie
    Thanks for the great blog posts
    My prayer request is that God would supply my needs i sales this November so that I can have abundant and share with a certain children home that I visited and help them buy few certain things that the children needed


  144. Please pray for me . that my neighbors condo sells quickly . Her boyfriend is a drunken drug addict who beats her dog when she is not around . he threatens and harasses me when he sees me coming and going from my car . Her condo is for sale . Please pray that they sell quickly and move . God bless you and thank you

  145. Please pray for my daughter Christine, who studying in University for pharmacy course, as she is struggling to do May she fing the course no matter how hard she study, Please pray for her wisdom knowledge and understanding to finish her pharmacy course in another 3 years with high pointer, may she find favour in eyes of God n. Lecturers who making her paper, thank you for your precious prayer. Please pray for second daughter jess may God show her what she have to study for to further her studies.

  146. Sonja Ayers says:

    Thank you Jamie for allowing the Lord to use you unselfishly. You have been a blessing to me as I follow you on Facebook. I am in need of a financial break through to buy a house for me and a foster child. I am in an apartment right now which don’t allow him to play outside . My credit need some work so I can qualify. I just started Fostering this child 2 months ago and he needs space to burn energy. Please pray for speedy results because a new lease is upon me . I need a miracle. Bring my family close to each other with love for one another. More than anything keep me in Gods grace and mercy. Amen and thank God from whom all blessings flow❤️

  147. Bobbie Jo says:

    Thank you Jamie for utilizing your gifts and honoring and obeying The Lord our God.
    I’m moving to Jackson MS May 9th and seeking employment as my last day where I work now will be April 26th. I have been with my employer now for 5 years and hoping my resume gets into the perfect hands.
    Praying I’ll have all the benefits I have now plus more..And to be working with Christians like I do now.
    Thank you Jamie for praying for each and everyone of us.
    Love, Hugs, and Prayers!!

  148. Mercedes Debora Reyes says:

    Thank you Jamie .
    Please pray for my granddaughters fathers is not letting neither my daughter or me to have access to see the baby we are waiting for court order but it’s taking a very long time
    Please pray because if we try to hurry the process thd baby will go to the system until the judge makes the ruling
    Thank you honey her band is Annabella that The Lord will bring her back to us
    Thank you and blessings

  149. I would like long term prayer for getting a job with benefits that i can do successfully and be able to have financial success both with the job and Financial success with my jewelry business and shop on Esty :Linda’s Jewelrynmore. I would like to have a table, business cards, and to do art shows again. If i get the child care job at children’s nest, pray i would be able to handle the children and job responsiblities well. Pray i do well at the interview at Chuck’s, and the other interviews and jobs i have applied for. Help me get the money for my doctor’s appointment, gas, and biking/exercise/events for this month and next month. Continuing help with finanical medical needs -get sleep study, get new primary, and other expenses. I would like prayer that God would heal my mind so i can read and remember and that I would be able to all manner of cognitive and executive function. I want healing of thoughts and dreams and to sleep well and wake up well rested and have a good amount of energy for the day. I would like to lose weight and be able to exercise and do biking events more frequently. I would like to restore my relationship with my friends israel and melinda and communicate with them and don and brooke and Ryan and others frequently and be reconnected and that israel and melinda would have salvation and you would strengthen brooke and don faith. Help Melinda open her heart and have the energy to give to our relationship and other relationships. Restore Josiah and Brian’s faith and restore our relationship. Prayers for salvation for Alex, giles, shannon and lauren too. Help me reconnect to Ryan and redeem him and make his farm prosper but help him get out off pot farming (regenative cannbis cultivation) bless him and amber. Restore Crystal’s faith and desire to go to church as well. Help her get a job and heal her emotionally and mentally as well as be a success in her yarn business on ravelry and esty. help her not be so angry and frustrated and heal her relationship with friends. Help her stop lashing out at me and help her get that job she needs and that people would treat her with respect. Help her have a better relationship with her parents, sister, brother and others. Help Jennifer with her dating relationships, get more hours, and get the education she needs and fulfill her dream of a bakery/children shop. Heal debbie’s from health issues, last year’s concussion and financial needs. Help mom and dad Joyce and Jim have a healthy healed relationship and heal them physically too so mom won’t be in pain and dad’s doctor visits and surgeries will go well.

  150. Dear Jamie, thank you for this blog and giving us the opportunity to share our prayer requests. Please pray for me that God would process my American visa when I follow it up in June 2019. I need divine intervention. Thank you again and God Bless you, I look forward to sharing a praise report.

  151. Brenda Georgeson says:

    Please pray for my loved one Steven Lange to be saved. He was raised Christian but it’s been over 30yrs since he has known Christ as his lord & Savior. I’ve been contending for 7yrs & am praying for a breakthrough. Also pray for me to have strength & not give up.

  152. Christle H says:

    Jamie, I am believing God for an Anointed, Godly Spouse that is a great provider, protector and will love me like Christ Loves the Church. I am believing God that he will send him into my life this Year and by next year I will be married.

    Thank you so much!

    1. Yes, praise God! Are you praying for him already? I mean, praying for the person he is–not just for you and he to meet? If not, Did you happen to get my finding-your-spouse prayer guide? Stormie O’Martian’s Power of a Praying Wife is a great prayer guide too.

  153. Taylor F. says:

    Dear Jamie,

    I first wanted to say thank you for your website and giving me an opportunity to share my prayer requests. I came across your blog in May 2019 when I was searching on information about “witty inventions”. Since then, I have read through many of your posting and they have been a blessing to me. Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing for the Lord.

    The past few months I have been going through a very difficult time with my health and my relationship with my wife. My wife has left me and wants a divorce. She is an unbeliever and I have been seeking God’s wisdom on what he wants me to do. I want healing and reconciliation with my wife, but she has totally abandoned me and shown no interest in saving the marriage. Would you pray that God would save my marriage and that my wife would get saved. I also have two health conditions and I need prayer for a physical healing in my body.


  154. Adeola sunday says:

    My name Is Adeola Sunday Ayobami, am a Nigerian,Italian shengen visa will be applied on behalf of me and my cousin Kemi, we are hoping and praying to God,that the visa will be approved for us, we will not be refused,we shall hear and receive positive reply in Jesus name.

  155. Beth Sims says:

    I am a cancer survivor – am asking for prayer that cancer has not returned and that I am healthy. I am specifically asking for prayer that sores that don’t seem to heal. Thank you

  156. linda evans says:

    These are long term requests 6 months or more 🙂

    Pray that israel will have salvation and deliverance from darkness and two he will be able to reach out to me and we could be connected and God will bless our friendship and relationship with great communication and connection. Pray that Don israel brooke and melinda would reach out and connect to me in a strong and healthy relationship of communication and relationship.(also prayer for melinda’s salvation) –

    Pray that crystal would be healed mentally and emotionally and that she would get a good job and that God would heal her attitude and she would be kinder to me and her family. help jen with her three jobs and finding her wallet.

    Pray that i would be healing mentally and emotionally and that i would be able to find a good job with benefits that i could keep for a long while. pray that i would have restorative sleep and plenty of energy for exercise/riding my bike (and lose weight easily) and life and that i would be able to do my jewelry and sell it on line and in person. Help me do all my creative outlets and be able to more forward and be unblocked completely. Pray for healing executively, cognatively and healing of remembering and reading. Pray that God would help me have abundance and prosperity in friendships, finances, and life and events. Prayer for safety in travel via car or bike.

  157. Please pray with me that my condo sells quickly as I got a new position cross country and cannot afford rent and a mortgage

  158. Please pray for our family we feel that life is at a stand still an need to see god in everything.

  159. Lord, I thank you for being in my life. Thank you for create me and gave me a wonderful family. I beg you my Father to help me through these difficult time I face. I am not allowed to go to church, be among brothers and sisters. I want to marry a Christian man and have a blessed family under Your eyes. Please, help me with Your mercy and grace. Amen.

  160. Amanda Nieders says:

    Jamie my sister is fostering a new born baby born addicted. His mother was a drug and alcohol abuser. He is so beautiful and so loved but he has a few intestinal issues and has one surgery already. He is facing another surgery soon and might possibly end up with a colostomy bag and I’m just asking God to heal this baby completely and make him whole. I also want to pray for his mama to find her way to jesus and be free from addiction. Thank you so much for your heart for jesus! You are beautiful Jamie! The babies name is Dakota!

  161. Bobbie Jo says:

    Dear Jamie,

    Thank you for loving people like you do and being very forth coming with your struggles you have in life.
    My struggle is being away from my family, mostly my mom, and having hormonal issues that’s effecting my mental health.
    I’m going to the Dr. on the 5th of August to make sure nothing else is going on. I had surgery almost a year ago and I’m feeling the same exact way before I had my surgery so I’m going to get checked out but not until the 5th.
    Please Pray for healing for me both physical and mental.
    Please pray for my husband Matthew which he is an unbeliever. He has been baptized in the Holy Spirit and has turned away from God and has been for many many years.
    I’m also needing the perfect job made just for me from Heaven above.
    Thank you Jamie for praying for all of our needs.
    May the Lord Bless and Keep you!

  162. Jamie,I feel something not right with the household next door in my spirit the lord told us to stay, not move ,that family is into no good, I believe they moved here thinking they could do bad an no one would know, expose their crimes an make them have to move,life has not been good since they moved in .

  163. Bobbie Jo says:

    Please pray for a career for me. I have a Intellectual Disability and working with Vocational Rehab and I’ve been out of a job for a year 1/2 now.
    Please pray for my husband Matthew who is not a believer and needs to find Jesus again.
    Please pray for our finances during this time. I tithe with my unemployment check.
    Thank you for you and your team praying for my husband and I.
    God Bless!!

  164. I’m a widow of almost 5 years now . My 25 year old Son was killed in an accident 1 year ago .I pray to see his Son my grandson . Not allowed to only seen him once . Heal our hearts over this and be reconciled .
    We were all doing music , working , traveling to serve etc… I have 9 children . All are married now except 2. My now 15 and 18 year old lost their father the youngest 5 years ago .
    Pray for healing in our family . Restore unto us the years the Locust have eaten . Force the devil to pay back 7 times what he stole . God to open doors for all of us no man can close close doors no man can open .my two youngest the righteous to compass us all about . Raise up a spiritual Father for them .For me to have influence in their lives and see the power and LOVE of their Father Daddy AND AS MY HUSBAND . To live in abundance suddenly !! To give us beauty for ashes . Give us the Land inheritance he has for us and our dream house .
    Any word you have . Blessings
    Men of understanding to draw out the counsel we all need .
    Turn our sorrow to Joy .
    They’re gifts to make room for them and bring them before great men .

  165. Dear Jamie
    4 years ago my husband committed a crime amounting to £31000 pounds and he paid for it in jail for 2 years and has repented over this. The court have now fined him £650000 which is 22 times the amount involved after he was released from prison!!!!!! This means that we will lose our house. The ruling in my view is unjust especially after he had spent time and lost his job and business. We are now looking for ways within the legal system to contest this huge disproportion. We have tried some lawyers who have taken our money and did nothing. However the law says there is a way in which we can protest and contest the amount. They say it is longwinded and almost impossible but people have been known to climb over this mountain before.
    Please can you agree in prayer with us that no matter how difficult it is to achieve that God will make a way for us to find the right Lawyers who can help us and that the Lord will give us the wisdom as to how to go about it including the Lawyer we find. That there must be some set of Judges who can show compassion and empathy as be able to reconsider this huge injustice. I thank you so much for the work you are doing. I hope you managed to get all of the salary for your staff last month February 2023.
    God bless you and your family. God bless your ministry too in Jesus name amen.

  166. Hi, please do pray for new clients and new business prospects as post Covid pace of work has been very slow, Debts taken to be paid off fully. Thank you

  167. Hello Jamie,
    Thank you for the beautiful daily devotionals. I am reaching to you help and intercede for me, I am waiting upon the Lord to bless me with a job, so that I can be able to take care of my family. Especially my parents.

  168. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray, that all spiritual warfare, spells, voodoo and all the residue and effects will be removed completely from me, and I will be perfectly protected from future spiritual warfare, spells, voodoo because Linda who was my good friend stole my husband Jim from me. Her family and friends do voodoo and need this to stop and I need to be protected.

    In name of Jesus Christ, I pray that my husband James will stop the divorce and immediately come home to me today and repent for what he did and be completely faithful, loyal, kind, attractive to me and love only me and realize how special our marriage is and he will start immediately trying to repair our marriage and he will brake up with Linda the other girl today and completely stay away from her forever.

  169. My company is back to zero no Job,no income now,I just need a financial breakthrough for my company.

  170. Dear Jamie thank you for this open invitation to make my specific prayer request. I am new to your Ministry and yours truly the Teachings, Messages, Pryaers, Prophetic Words, Mentoring, Coaching….. Resonate with me. Re: “3 Prophetic Words: Freedom, Delight, and Glory” I have realised how controlling and toxic my relationship with my 2 prodigal sons have been for the past 13+ years and yours truly I strongly desire and am willing and readily available for God to cause me to rise and shine again for His Glory more than ever before; more than when I just became a Jesus Follower; more than in those times of my first love (Rev. 2:4); trusting and knowing that God makes good on His promises” He will take care of my children who currently are in darkness.
    Thank you Holy Spirit for this rhema word. I thank God for you Jamie. Thank you for your intercession for me and my prodigals. A zillion thanks for sharing the strategies, guidance, direction you receive from God for our case. I am grateful. So grateful. Blessings! Rose.

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