The Best Illustration of What the Kingdom of God Is

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Read this blog post for the best illustration of the Kingdom of God I've ever heard! | FromHisPresence.comHave you ever wondered what Jesus meant when He talked about the Kingdom of God?

The arrival of the Kingdom of God was Jesus’ central message. However, I used to always wonder what He was talking about. It seemed like a pie-in-the-sky idea, and I had never heard anybody preach on it. So what on earth is this thing called “the Kingdom”?

But then I heard the best illustration ever of what the Kingdom actually is. This illustration, from Bill Johnson, rocked my world. I thought I’d share it with you today. (I don’t remember what he said verbatim, so I’m summing it up in my own words below.)

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    Check out the best illustration ever of what the Kingdom of God is:

    When the Roman Empire was in its heyday, it was a huge kingdom that kept getting bigger. The Caesars continually sent out their armies to take new territory.

    When a new territory came under Roman control, the Romans would use force to try to make that new territory as much like Rome as possible. They would build Roman temples and institute the Roman religion, which involved the worship of Caesar. They would institute Roman education, arts, and culture. They built Roman baths. They would do everything they could do to make the new territory just like Rome.

    Why? They did it so that if the Caesar ever came there, he would feel right at home because the territory was just like his own home.

    That is what the Kingdom of God is. The Kingdom of God is when everything in Heaven is instituted on the earth, so that God’s government, teaching, worship, glory, and power are manifested here on earth, and the earth looks just like Heaven.

    After all, the King is coming back here one day. When He does, we want Him to feel right at home… just as if He were still in Heaven.

    That’s why Jesus prayed, in what we often refer to as the Lord’s prayer, “Thy kingdom: Come! Thy will: be done on earth as it is in Heaven!” (Yes, Jesus’ prayer was actually a command like that, not a plea.)

    Isn’t that amazing?

    So how do we get there?

    By encounter. By becoming aware of the Presence of God with us continually.

    Romans 14:17 says:

    Start-quotefor the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.”

    The Kingdom of God is found in a Person–the Person of the Holy Spirit.

    That’s the same Holy Spirit who is always with you. The One who adores you and loves you beyond description. The One in whose Presence is fullness of joy.

    The Kingdom–a.k.a. “on earth as it is in Heaven”–happens in your life when you learn to become aware of God’s Presence always. When you learn to live FROM His Presence toward earth, instead of in earth always seeking His Presence. That’s why Jesus said that “the kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17:21).

    On earth as it is in Heaven. That’s the Kingdom of God.

    Matthew 6:33: “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

    How will you seek the Kingdom of God today? Please share how you seek the Kingdom in the comments below!

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    1. Patricia Howitt says:

      Hi Jamie,
      I am a newbie in your Presence Seekers University and I’m so much enjoying your introductory emails and the feeling that you are a real person reaching out to each one of us. I have been many years on the backside of the desert (and sometimes God intends this for us), but it is lovely to have communication and fellowship with you.

      Thank you!

      1. Joanna Lance says:

        Gods Kingdom is a heavenly Government with Christ Jesus as King and will rule from Heaven . Who would make a better ruler over the earth than Jesus?
        The Kingdom will soon destroy human governments, and gradually the earth will be returned to a paradise, like the one Adam and Eve began in, but lost. That was Gods plan for humans from the very beginning…no more death, sickness, hunger, diseases, wars, Will finally bring Peace and happiness. Jesus will resurrect all in the memorial tombs and only the righteous will live here on earth. John 5:28,29. Many prophecies in the book of Isaiah to be fulfilled! There’s much more, but writing in a hurry….

    2. Greeting from another newbie who recently joined your Presence Seekers University. I am honored and joyful to have come across you site. Your message on Isaiah 49 was so timely and moving that I had to join your web site to discover other great teachings and insights and I’m glad I did. I’m looking forward to what is yet to come. Thank you!

    3. Roberto DEL CAMPO says:

      Your encouraging words are a joy…The “Hidden ones” Isa.49 mandate really resonated in my spirit..thank you…stay blessed ?

      1. Thank you so much, brother. I’m so glad the word encouraged you. It’s the amazing power of God’s Word! It’s life to our spirit and health to our bones!

    4. Am loving the emails, it feels like you know me

      1. Thanks for reading! It’s not me who knows you, but Papa God definitely does! And His messages are absolutely for you. He adores you!

    5. Matthew Porter says:

      Hi Jamie

      Thanks so much for this. Please can you let me know the source of Bill Johnson’s excellent quote/definition of the Kingdom of God? (It begins:
      When the Roman Empire was in its heyday, it was a huge kingdom that kept getting bigger. The Caesars continually sent out their armies to take new territory.)

      Thank you!

      1. Hey, brother Matthew. I actually heard Bill Johnson preach that ‘illustration in person. I am not sure where you could find it written down to quote it. But, if I were guessing, I would say to read his book “When Heaven Invades Earth” OR his book “Hosting the Presence.” Odds are good that you might find something about it in there. Not sure though.

    6. Laura Anderton says:

      Hi Jamie,
      Thank you so much for your wonderful work! I found you in Pinterest and I signed up immediately! I am so very blessed by the words the Holy Spirit is speaking through you.
      I am asking for prayer because I am prayerfully considering doing an online Master of Theology course.
      It’s a huge undertaking and I’m not fully convinced in my spirit.
      I would
      Appreciate all your prayers.
      God bless you!

    7. Thank you so very much for sharing this! I really like the comparison. I plan on spending much more time in God’s Presence!

      God Bless!

    8. Barbara Sonin-Robbins says:

      Hello Jaime, I am a follower of Christ and so appreciate your encouragement and gifting. I am 70 years old and lost my only child my son this past March. God blessed my life giving me an extra 41 years with him!! God’s protected me since birth as the enemy has tried to take me and my family out BUT GOD! Adam (my son) was given 2 years to live in 1974!! God healed him from cancer but the doctor’s “cure” created a non cancerous tumor that wrapped around his carotid artery and the surgery performed on him sent him into 2 years of tortured hell on earth BUT GOD!!! He passed PEACEFULLY INTO THE LOVING ARMS OF OUR GOD and HS has comforted me through the letting go and trusting process. Your sharing THROUGH CHRIST has greatly helped me through this challenging season. THANK YOU. ❤️

    9. Thank you so much for encouraging introductory emails. I’m glad I subscribed.

    10. Thank you I have been seeking for a long time now a local mentor. I happened to find you last year and have only read your articles up until now on Facebook.
      I also read your article about the mattah. My spirit was so moved that I have my sisters and a spiritual daughter making them. The bonus was when I shared the directions my youngest sister knows you personally, that was the confirmation I needed.
      Praying I get to go to the up coming retreat this fall.
      In Christ love,

    11. God bless you Jamie thanks for sharing. I pray God continues to bless you. Love sis

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