Day 5: Heavenly Hosts and Orbs of Light

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This entry is part 5 of 23 in the series 31 Days of Supernatural Encounters

Heavenly Hosts and Orbs of Light | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comWelcome to Day 5 of our 31 Days of Supernatural Encounters free devotional series!

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Every day of this series has four parts: Read, Know, Pray, and Listen. As you walk through this series, I pray that you would be powerfully impacted and that Holy Spirit would take you to a new level of intimacy with Jesus!

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    Day 5:

    Read: Acts 20:7-8

    And upon the first day of the week, when the disciples came together to break bread, Paul preached unto them, ready to depart on the morrow; and continued his speech until midnight.

    And there were many lights in the upper chamber, where they were gathered together” (KJV).


    Would you like to experience visitations from heavenly beings? You absolutely can!

    Here’s the backstory:

    The Bible tells us that there are many different kinds of creatures and beings in Heaven. These beings and creatures include things like:

    • God Himself, who is Spirit;
    • Angels;
    • The four living creatures around the throne;
    • Humans; and more.

    Of course, we know that Holy Spirit is always with you, living inside you, if you have given your life to Jesus.

    We also know that Jesus can and will manifest Himself to you personally, if you love Him. We’ve already talked about those things here on the blog repeatedly, and we may talk more about them later as well.

    But did you know that God sometimes sends angels AND other sorts of creatures to minister on earth too?

    Yup. God sends angels to earth to minister to us … and sometimes He sends other creatures too.

    Because we have limited understanding of heavenly beings, we tend to call everything except God that manifests itself here on earth an “angel.” However, that terminology is not necessarily correct. God can send any sort of being to visit us that He wants to send.

    31 Days of Supernatural Encounters | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | free devotional series on FromHisPresence.comFor example, I’ve heard very well-known prophetic voices talk about being visited by heavenly beings such as “watchers” and other things. Each time I’ve heard a testimony about these things, the teller has always described how the visiting being carried the very atmosphere of the throne room.

    Let me first be clear that we must TEST THE SPIRITS.

    As we discussed in yesterday’s blog post, when something supernatural appears to you, you need to ask that thing/being to confess that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh.

    If they will, then they are from the Lord. If they will not, they are NOT from the Lord.

    But as long as we know how to test the spirits, then we don’t have to be afraid of receiving visitations from heavenly beings that Father God might send to us.


    And there is a certain kind of being that manifests itself on earth in the form of moving, ministering orbs of light.

    I do not know if these particular kinds of beings are simply an odd appearance of angels, or if they are something else. My personal belief is that they are most likely something else.

    Here’s the first reason why:

    First, the Scripture I asked you to read today–Acts 20:7-8–is key. This passage describes how Paul was preaching one night. He was preaching as late as midnight, so you know it was dark outside. However, the author–a very detailed historian named Doctor Luke–takes care to point out that “there were many lights in the upper chamber.”

    Key point (and this isn’t original; I heard it first from John Paul Jackson but have seen it myself since then):

    If Luke meant that there were a lot of torches in the room, or oil lamps, that would be a very odd thing to comment on. It was dark outside for hours during this story. Paul was preaching and people were listening. Of course they had some sort of light source in the room.

    Having natural light of some sort in the room at midnight is so obvious it’s totally unremarkable. It’s like saying, “And all the people had their clothes on” as part of a story. It’s an extra detail that is not needed. Of course they had light.

    However, Luke found this one thing remarkable: that there were many lights in the room.

    What’s the significance?

    A few years ago, with the advent of digital photography, people began seeing some things on camera that they had not seen before with the naked eye.

    When people began taking digital video and still photographs of worship services, prayers, etc, something strange began to show up: orbs of light. They didn’t show up all the time; they showed up when worship was at its most fervent; when people were chasing God with all their hearts.

    Again, they show up both on video and still photography. I’ve personally taken photos and seen these orbs of light. (Although I was not able to locate any of my own photos of this, as they were taken several years ago; so I’ll show you some other people’s photos in the videos at the bottom of this post.)

    When I was first learning to hear God, I attended a class called “The Art of Hearing God” by the late John Paul Jackson’s Streams Ministries. At the end of the workshop–sort of as the icing on the cake–our facilitator showed us some videos of some neat supernatural things that have been documented in church services.

    And one of the videos showed the orbs of light.

    The first time I saw them was at this class. It was on a video, and the video showed a beautiful, powerful worship service. People were praising the Lord, worshipping through the dance, and waving banners and flags. You could tell they were just welcoming the Presence of the Lord.

    Suddenly, DOWN THROUGH THE ROOF came a huge number of orbs of light.

    They descended downward in huge numbers. They looked like a cloud of bubbles would look, if you took your child’s bubble bottle and began blowing bubbles all over the place–thousands of bubbles.

    Except, these bubbles moved purposefully–and they came DOWN. Through the closed roof and down into the worship. They were obvious balls of light on camera.

    Then, the bubbles (or orbs, as I’ll call them going forward) began to interact with the worship. Some of them embedded themselves in the banners and flags that were flying through the air. Some of them stayed with the people, seeming to minister to the people. Some of them just flew around.

    After awhile, all at one time, the orbs began to ascend. They went back UP through the air and through the roof, disappearing through the roof.

    When I saw these orbs on video for the first time, I was amazed. So I started looking for them in the worship services I attended!

    At that time, I sang in the choir at my church. Several of the choir ladies and I began taking photos of one another, or of the choir, or of the congregational worship when worship seemed to get really intense.

    And sure enough: often, when we looked at the photos, we would see these orbs of light in the photo. Usually, the orbs would be sitting on the shoulder or otherwise positioned next to someone who was really caught up in worship. It seemed like these orbs of light were actually ministering to the people, somehow touching them with a heavenly touch.

    I experienced their ministry myself many times, and saw others experience it as well.

    So what are these orbs of light, anyway? Are they angels or something else?

    My answer: Again, I don’t know. However, I tend to believe personally that they are something else–perhaps something the Bible calls “heavenly hosts.”

    I already explained how Luke wrote in the book of Acts that the room was filled with lights. To me, the fact that this detail was included appears to indicate that this was an unusual phenomenon.

    However, angels were not unusual to the believers in the early church. Angels appeared repeatedly to people in Acts, and the writers always called them what they were: angels.

    So if these orbs of light were angels, wouldn’t they have simply called them such?

    However, there IS another reference in the Bible to heavenly ministers that are different from angels.

    It’s found in Psalm 103:20-21, and it says:

    Bless the Lord, you His angels, who excel in strength, who do His word, heeding the voice of His word.

    Bless the Lord, all you His hosts, you ministers of His, who do His pleasure.”

    When David wrote Psalm 103, he wrote what he meant. There is no reason to believe that he wrote anything other than exactly what he meant.

    And what David wrote in Psalm 103 was addressed to two sorts of beings:

    1. Angels, who excel in strength, who do His word, heeding the voice of His word; and
    2. Hosts, who are ministers of God’s, who do His pleasure.

    I believe that this text appears to say that David was instructing two different kinds of beings. This is my personal belief only; you are welcome to disagree with it. However, I believe the Bible means what it says and was written entirely by Holy Spirit’s inspiration.

    I’ve also seen photographs of angels from reliable sources–and they were shaped like humans, not like orbs of light. I’ve also had angels visit me personally in dreams; and again, they were shaped like humans. Made of light, but shaped like humans.

    Then there’s also James 1:17, which tells us that God is the Father of lights.

    James 1:17 says:

    Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.

    God is the Father of lights. Lights! Hmmm … that’s an odd thing to be the Father of, don’t you think? Unless maybe He really meant exactly what He said–and there are lights that He made?

    It’s food for thought.

    What I do know is that these orbs of light are actual beings–not just random balls of light.

    They can’t be just random lights, meant to illuminate a room, because:

    1. They don’t always manifest to the naked eye, so physical light cannot be their purpose;
    2. They clearly have a will and can think, for they actively participate in worship;
    3. They can see, for they sit on individual people or join the worship in ways that require one to see what’s going on; and
    4. They actually minister to God’s people.

    But whether these orbs of light are all angels, or whether they are a different kind of heavenly being, here’s why this matters:

    We should want to experience everything on earth that is currently happening in Heaven. And since Heaven is full of angels, heavenly hosts, and more, we should want to experience that here on earth as well.

    We do NOT worship angels. We do NOT worship orbs of light. We do not worship ANYTHING or anyone but God Himself.

    However, if God’s Word says that the angels work on our behalf and that the heavenly hosts minister at His pleasure, we should certainly desire to receive their ministry. The ministry of angels and of heavenly hosts is simply another blessing that God has for us.

    And I don’t know about you, but I want EVERYTHING He has for me!

    Do you?


    “Father God, I come before You in Jesus’ name.

    Father, Jesus taught us to pray that Your Kingdom would come, and Your will would be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. Father, in Heaven You have angels and heavenly hosts, and even other things, who minister on Your behalf wherever You send them. And Father, I want all the ministry from You I can get. I need You, Father, and I need every blessing You have. I am totally dependent on You.

    So Father God, in Jesus’ name, I ask that You would send both Your angels and Your heavenly hosts to minister to me. I ask that You would send me every blessing You have, and teach me about my heavenly home in the process.

    Father, give me discernment, and help me always to test the spirits and remember that they must confess that Jesus is come in the flesh (1 John 4:1-3). Help me to keep my eyes on You. Let me never seek angels or any other heavenly being above You.

    However, Father, I do ask that You would help me receive and enjoy all these supernatural blessings You have for me–things which are natural and normal to You, but are outside my experience. I thank You for Your angels and hosts who minister to me, and I pray that You would get all the glory from it.

    In Jesus’ name, amen.”


    Here are several examples I was able to locate on YouTube of videos that show the heavenly orbs. Anytime you are dealing with the supernatural, TEST THE SPIRITS! Do not believe every spirit. Even Satan can appear as an angel of light. But I do believe these videos below are legit (although I am not endorsing any of the authors of the videos).

    Do you want every blessing from Heaven that God has for you? Did you ask Him to send His heavenly beings to minister to you today? If so, leave a comment below! I’d love to hear from you!

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    1. Love your series here, but just so you are aware… on my viewing of ads that are randomly inserted and chosen by your 3rd party, I am seeing on this blog ads for “Celeste the Angelic Medium”. Probably a good idea to flag this and get in touch with your ad provider.

      1. Hi there. Thanks for the heads-up! I do not see those ads; so if you do, PLEASE click “report ad” and report the ad. They are NOT supposed to be there!!

        1. I already did that as well but thought it best to bring to your attention.

    2. Rebecca L Jones says:

      Hi Jaime,, Great to read about angels, I’m doing the 2017 writer’s Challenge on that very subject.. I caution people to be careful of some of those pictures, some orbs are just sunlight or poor photography. No doubt though angels are very real and there to minister to the heirs of salvation. I hope you don’t mind, I wanted to share a link. Always great to visit with you.

      1. Some circles of light in some photographs can be sunlight or poor photography. The ones shown in the videos I have posted here are not. Looking at each video or photo, you can tell the difference.
        Thanks for reading!

    3. Jamie, your words & ministry are very encouraging. My son, daughter, & I have been experiencing strong attacks for almost 20 years now: Satan is very determined to kill us all. We do not attend a church any longer, as the church failed us in a major way, even as we asked for help & had been regular tithing members for years. Every time my son has been close to good things happening in his life, he has been struck down & extremely bad things have happened to him. He has had severe consequenses for things others would get a ‘slap on the wrist’ for. This last crisis started about a month ago with an argument between him & his common law wife….. resulting in him loosing the only good job he ever has had the opportunity to have just as were within 15 minutes of picking him up to take him to it. ….. now his whole life has been destroyed, he isn’t allowed to even spend time with his baby daughter (even tho she was the concrete, visible thing he could see, touch, & relate to & everyone who saw them together commented on what a good Dad he was, including the common law wife). I believe God knows what is happening & loves us, is in control & desires all of us to be free of all evil in its many forms & effects. I also shake & doubt, even in my belief, from this going on for so long. I need concrete evidence of Gods love, deliverance, & protection- especially in respect for my son. I pray to God for help & ask for the prayers of all who read this, & for yours!

    4. Tamie Tyra says:

      As a retired surveillance officer, I will tell you I have seen more than my share of light orbs. The dust orbs are definitely totally different from light orbs from movement to growth patterns. I’ve witnessed an orb zoom through the body of a would be theif,causing him to pause and look over his shoulder and abruptly stop beside a lady whose pose had fallen over on the floor causing her wallet to fall out. When the orb moved closer to her cheek she bent over to retrieve her wallet add his hand reached for it. Quick call to police on site speed this theif, in the name of Jesus. I worked one year in retail, the Lord would direct my vision and focus to the camera at the entry where His light orb by divine order would illuminate certain individuals for me to follow with cameras, and it never failed that these persons would be in my office shortly afterwards where I would tell then that God allowed me to see them to stop then from their life of crime for I knew He had a reason for them to repent and hear Him. Many wanted to hug me as the police took then away. I was given the words to share with them by the Holy Spirit. My favorite thing I witnessed was an angel who ran through a wall to catch a man who was falling during a heart attack. No one saw him out there, God showed it to me through divine appointment. As I showed this to the police they were moved in the spirit to share many occasions with me. We had a worship service in my office. However the company insurance rep said to delete it showing no one. I rebuked this spirit and showed everyone! Many have tried to make me feel as if I we’re strange or demonic because of this but even today God gave me a visitation of birds 2 of each kind singing to me. Thank you for publicly affirming what God had already shown me.
      You are a gift a beautiful spirit filled gift.
      Your Sister in Christ

      1. Greg westfall says:

        Question please……do you have a copy of the video…..where the angel passes through the wall

        1. Jamie Rohrbaugh says:

          No, I’m not familiar with that one.

      2. Vicki Simmons says:

        Hi Jamie,
        I enjoyed the message on Orbs and I so believe this. I now realize that this is what I encountered many years ago. I was in my bed one night home alone my husband was working and I had not fully drifted off to sleep and all at once there was many balls of light that appeared in my bedroom and I layed paralyzed by what was happening. The light just started moving and dancing around and I watched in amazement at first I thought it was the street light from my bedroom but it was not finally the lights went away but they came back several nights straight just moving in a dancing motion this was beautiful. I never knew what this was until some recent years ago when I heard the word orbs and I looked it up to see what it meant. I had a heavenly encounter back then I was young and didn’t know it. It was a beautiful experience because these orbs came for several night to visit at my bedtime

    5. george modise says:

      gooday Jamie.i very sorry to be late in our assignment.jamie im very blessed and now I can hear the move of god.when I look that video I fell the power of the morning I test the spirit then god use me to speak in other lady from Somalia,s life .then she ask me to pray for her then I speak the prophetic word in her lile.I thank god for send you to make me grow in the spirit.jamie stay blessed

    6. Nikki Spearman says:

      Very interesting and very cool…

    7. Angela Eagle says:

      Since my daughter, now almost nine, was very young, she would dance spontaneously to worship music. One day, she asked me to video her dancing. That was the first time I saw the orbs of light moving as I watched her through the camera lens. Some were large and others were smaller. They moved slow and then fast and would suddenly change direction. I remember it being late in the day, almost evening. I knew they were of the Lord. From there on, we saw them all the time when we worshipped. We even saw them in a home we rented while on vacation in Florida. Again, this happened while my daughter was dancing. We captured several videos of these experiences. I was reminded that the Lord inhabits the praises of His people. That’s what comes to me when I see heavenly manifestations occur during worship. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this!

    8. Sandra Lynn Lightfoot says:

      Truly inspirational that we have the power through Jesus Christ to bring heaven down to earth. Praise God for He is the almighty Lord!

    9. valentine Machaka says:

      Blessed Day, thank you very much, this was very helpful to me a lot. I am in ministry and I am a worshiper of God through Jesus Christ. As i was ministering the other Night singing “Healing Rain” for the first time there were these Orbs of Light moving around. Now, see, i could tell this is not just any random light or obstructions in the camera. So I thought they were angels, but another thought came in and said to me but no, Angels cannot be that small, but others refer to them as Angels. So I really wanted to find out what it is. So I said to myself if they are not Angels then it maybe the presence, which could either be a sign of Angelic presence or the impactors of the Spiritual Atmosphere of the presence of God, however closed related to heavenly beings. This is what led me to your post.

    10. Awesome Word! thank you! I will pay more attention now.

    11. Hello Jamie,

      Thankyou for the amazing gifts God has given you and it has had an amazing affect on my financial life because money has being coming my way even today i bought some things in the 99p store in the UK I used one of the self service tills spent 12.00 put a £20.00 note in and the machine gave me over £12.00 in change even yesterday i gained £8.00 I believe the day before that £5.00 I believe I am being blessed through your ministry, I only just made the connection today, all glory to God because money has always been a source of lack in my life, but I have being sowing giving to whoever needs it with no reluctance even with my lack of money, God richly bless you

    12. Thank you for creating this blog. For years something has stirred in me to be more vigilant to the things I see, feel, and hear. It is 2023, and I am expecting God to move in a supernatural way that will surpass anything the church has seen in decades. Your obedience to continue to encourage those who feel God and want to open the eyes of those who haven’t noticed the orbs surrounding us has given my heart a desire to see more. I hate that satan has taken away these opportunities by having people from the pulpit say they are of him and not God. God is pursuing those of us who will listen to reach out and speak truth on behalf of those He sends to protect and minister to us. Thank you again for your obedience. I am so enjoying your blog!

    13. Yes I would like to be ministered to

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