Day 4: How To Test the Spirits

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This entry is part 4 of 23 in the series 31 Days of Supernatural Encounters

31 Days of Supernatural Encounters | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | free devotional series on FromHisPresence.comWelcome to Day 4 of our 31 Days of Supernatural Encounters free devotional series!

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Every day of this series has four parts: Read, Know, Pray, and Listen. As you walk through this series, I pray that you would be powerfully impacted and that Holy Spirit would take you to a new level of intimacy with Jesus!

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    Today, on Day 4, we’re talking about a foundational skill that you will need as we talk more about supernatural encounters this month. It’s how to test the spirits! Be sure to learn this skill well!

    Read: 1 John 4:1-6


    Second Corinthians 11:14 tells us that Satan can appear looking like an angel of light. And of course, you already know that his demons pretend to be telling the truth–even though they are only lying. As Jesus said to the unbelieving Jews:

    Jesus said to them, ‘If God were your Father, you would love Me, for I proceeded forth and came from God; nor have I come of Myself, but He sent Me. Why do you not understand My speech? Because you are not able to listen to My word.

    You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it'” (John 8:42-44).

    The devil is a liar. His minions–the sinful, fallen angels, which we call “demons”–are liars too.

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    Therefore, it is very important that you know how to test the spirits, to know whether they are from God or not.

    Here’s how to test the spirits if some sort of spirit manifests itself to you:

    How to Test the Spirits | by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

    • Whether it appears to you in your bedroom at night;
    • Whether it appears to you in a dream;
    • Whether it whispers a thought in your ear;
    • Or any other manifestation at all, even  if it looks like an angel of light! …

    The Bible says that you need to ask it a question. Read 1 John 4:1-6, today’s Scripture, carefully. What’s the question you should ask every spirit?

    Simply this: Ask every spirit to confess that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh.

    If that spirit is from God, it will confess that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh.

    If it’s not from God, it will not.

    I have personally used this test, as we all should. And I’ve found that when something is whispering to me that is demonic, and I ask it to confess that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh, I’ll hear nothing. Silence. Sometimes I even see a mental picture of a nasty, evil spirit grimacing in anger.

    But no matter what response I sense or hear, if that response is not a “Yes, Jesus Christ is come in the flesh!” then I know that spirit is from the wicked one. I immediately command it to leave me in Jesus’ name.

    Note: It’s not enough for the spirit to simply confess that Jesus Christ is “a” Lord or that He exists.

    James 2:19 says, “You believe that there is one God. You do well. Even the demons believe—and tremble!” So don’t let an enemy spirit wiggle its way around the question or avoid the question. Make it clear, and make it specific … and listen carefully for the answer.

    Any spirit that comes to you MUST confess specifically that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh in order to be from God.

    Easy enough?

    You can, and should, also ask God to give you the gift of discernment of spirits.

    The gift of discernment of spirits is a gift that Holy Spirit will give to every believer who asks. This gift will NOT take away the need for you to ask EVERY spirit to confess that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. However, it does make it a whole lot easier to distinguish between the holy voices of God and His angels/ministers, and the evil voices of the enemy and his minions.


    “Father God, I come before You in Jesus’ name. Father, I want to know You and all Your truth. I want to know Jesus, and I want to obey You and hear You clearly.

    So Father God, from now on, please help me to test every spirit that manifests itself to me in any way. Even if it’s a thought whispered in my ear, Lord, I pray that I’ll remember to ask that spirit if Jesus Christ is come in the flesh … and that I’ll notice the answer. Please help me to test every spirit, Father, and to know the truth which will make me free.

    Father, I also ask that Your Holy Spirit would give me the gift of discernment of spirits, so that I’ll be able to discern better what is from You and what’s not. Your Word says that if I ask You for anything, I will receive; so I thank You in advance for this gift. Please help me to use it properly and for Your glory.

    In Jesus’ name, amen.”


    Today, listen to “Our Father” from Jenn Johnson and Bethel Music. As you listen, pray that our Father would make everything in your life look just like things look in Heaven.

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    1. Edward Hillary-Edjere says:

      Hi Jamie,
      Greet teaching, loving it and can’t wait to see the 31st day come.
      Gods blessings.

    2. Maria Dimba says:

      Thanks Jamie, for your teachings. I pray that each time I question the spirit whether it is a true spirit or not.

    3. It is our right to know!
      Thank you Jamie!

    4. Rebecca L Jones says:

      I know this is very truthful and useful information, I hope believers will it to their spiritual warfare.

    5. Sara Carolina says:

      Jamie, eres una gran bendiciòn para mi vida!!!

    6. Sara Carolina says:

      Jamie you are a big bless in my life!

    7. George modise says:

      Thanks Jamie.I really need decentment spirit.and to hering the voice of God.thankyou holly spirit

    8. Thank you for this new revelation Father and for using Jamie as your vessel.

    9. Tamie Tyra says:

      This message empowered me to overcome an overwhelming fear last night. I am so very thankful for you following the voice of the Holy Spirit to give to us His children. I knew there was scripture that supported testing of the spirits but it hadn’t been revealed until I read this. God Bless you.

    10. dawn melendez says:

      Jamie thank you for what you are teaching. It is very important to grow deeper in the knowledge in how to serve God and protect ourselves through Christ Jesus, and completely understand who we are in Christ.
      Thank you

    11. Wow!!! Jamie, you are such an inspiration in the Kingdom of God, if you ever come to Australia, I’d love to bless you with accomodation plus food.
      Bless you!

    12. Kimberlee Herman says:

      Loving your posts! What great and essential information we need as we are dealing with demonic stuff all the time without realizing it! Asking the important question and asking God for the gift of discerning of spirits creates a dynamic soldier. Thank you!

    13. Christle H. says:

      Amen! I will use that to test the Spirit. The music videos attached are a awesome! God has given you a awesome gift!

    14. I really love the information here….God please help me to discern every spirit whether they are of you.

    15. Thank you mighty God, Jesus Christ I am able to know the true spirit that confesses Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God… And false evil spirits Parading themselves in my thoughts, dream or mind.. From today hence forth I reject, I rebuke evil spirits with the blood of Jesus and I cancel them with power and authority granted to me from God.. Thank you Jesus, you alone reigns.
      Thank you Jamie, excited to be part of this super natural connection with my creator, day 4.. God bless you. Amen

    16. Jessica Surface says:

      I am so glad to have you continue this connection with us all. You are truly doing God’s work. The song was so beautiful I shared it with family and friends. May God continue to Bless you!!!!
      Jessica S.

    17. Good Morning Jamie,

      Thankyou for this because I cant always discern the spirits so this has helped me tremendously

      Keep up the good work you are doing for the Lord

    18. Why do you say the words….. Jesus coming in the flesh? What is the significance of these words, opposed to saying any other words? I realise that the devil knows about Jesus…..

        1. Hi Jamie,

          I respectfully think there is more to ‘testing’ the spirits, so I prayed about it and was led to the meanings and translations of some words. Here is what I found regarding the literal SPEAKING to demons and asking them questions. None of the Bible translations I see actually tell you to ASK the demons anything… the ‘spirit’ you are listening to (either through a person or your thoughts) must confess or bear witness to the CLEAR word of God.

          The meaning of 1John 4:1-3 is NOT to talk to evil spirits. Rather the word to ‘test’ means to ‘COMPARE and bear witness’ to what the Bible says about what the ‘prophets and teachers’ are telling you… Hebrew meanings of some words are misunderstood by people who read the ENGLISH meaning/translation ONLY and don’t study further. (Acts 17:10-11)

          the reason for TESTING the spirits, for testing all religious teaching, is to see if it is truly from God or if it is a lie from Satan and his servants.

          The test is to compare what is being taught with the clear teaching of the Bible (*that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is a CLEAR teaching)… The Bible alone is the Word of God; it alone is inspired and inerrant. Therefore, the way to test the spirits is to see if what is being taught is in line with the clear teaching of Scripture!!

          In Acts 17:10-11 the Berean Jews were commended because, after they heard the teachings of Paul and Silas, they “examined the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so.” The Bereans were called “noble” for doing so.

          Testing the spirits means that one must know how to “examine the Scriptures.” Rather than accept every teaching, discerning Christians diligently study the Scriptures. Then they know what the Bible says and therefore can “test all things and hold fast to what is true.”

          Love and BLESS you Jamie♥️ I love your zeal and enthusiasm for teaching and for the Lord Himself.

    19. Amen, Sister! I needed to read this teaching. Thank you.

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