Don’t Cast Your Pearls Before Swine!

Don't Cast Your Pearls Before Swine | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comSomeone needs to hear this today: Don’t cast your pearls before swine.

What does it mean to “cast your pearls before swine”?

Well, Jesus is the one who coined this phrase. He taught on it in Matthew 7:6, when He said:

“Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces” (Matthew 7:6 NKJV).

The principle of “Don’t cast your pearls before swine” is all about boundaries.

I know … boundaries is the “b-word” that nobody likes to talk about. Nobody likes to have boundaries because it’s hard to develop them and harder to maintain them. But you know what? If you’re going to maintain your mental health, you have to establish boundaries.

Jesus taught on boundaries a lot, but in the church we frequently gloss over what He said. He said things like “Hey, Pharisees, if I said I wasn’t the Son of God, then I would be a liar like you” (modern-day vernacular translation). In saying that, He refused to degrade Himself in His speech or actions; He refused to present Himself as less than He was, and He refused to agree with the Pharisees’ opinion of Him. 

That was a boundary. Jesus had a backbone.

Well, if we are to follow Jesus’ example, you and I have to develop a backbone too.

One of my favorite preachers, Ray Hughes, says it this way (in the most marvelous Southern drawl): “When you get saved, God’ll give you a new heart–but you have to grow you a backbone.” 

And you know what? He’s right. 

You have to grow a backbone in this life.

Being a Christian doesn’t make you a doormat for people to walk all over. Yes, we choose to “turn the other cheek.” We choose to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. We choose to be all things to all people, that we may in any way save one. All of those things have their place.

But that doesn’t mean we should be little doormats, letting people abuse us all the time. 

For example:

  • Being saved doesn’t mean you allow your spouse to beat you up–verbally, physically, or in any other way. 
  • Loving Jesus doesn’t mean we agree with the lies other people tell about us–even when they speak those lies to our face.
  • Being a Christian doesn’t mean you have to say “yes” to everything people ask you to do, people-pleasing your way into an early grave or mental hospital because you never took care of your health, family, or even your own soul.

You have to grow a backbone in this life. A godly backbone that obeys God’s Word at all times–but a backbone nonetheless.


And that means you have to learn not to cast your pearls before swine.

“Don’t cast your pearls before swine” means not to throw your holy things before people who can’t honor them. Jesus described this command in two ways. Again, Matthew 7:6 says:

“Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces” (Matthew 7:6 NKJV).

When you cast your pearls before swine, you take what is holy–your time, talent, love, treasure, care, investment of mentoring/discipling, etc.–and you pour it into people or organizations that treat you badly. For example:

These are only a few examples, but take those examples and examine your own life.

Are you casting your pearls before swine? Are you throwing your holy things before dogs?

If you had a literal string of pearls, and you threw it in a hog pen, your beautiful treasure would literally get covered with urine, feces, pig slop, mud, and nastiness in every way. And if you throw a holy thing before a bunch of wild, rabid, hungry dogs, your holy thing is going to get chewed up, eaten, or thrown out into the grass. 

Dogs can’t honor what’s precious to you. (Think of your favorite slippers that your dog has chewed up!) Pigs can’t value fine jewelry, either. Exposing your precious things to animals like that means you will only lose what’s precious to you.

Are you casting your pearls before swine today?

Are you taking the things that are precious to you–your time, talent, treasure, mentoring, revelation, leadership abilities, etc.–and throwing them before people or places that can’t honor them? Are you giving your all while the place to which you are giving does nothing but try and crucify you?

These are very real questions, and I’ve been there.

Years ago, I had a distinct and sudden revelation that I was giving my all for a cause that hated me. It was very difficult to come into that revelation.

However, when I did, I forced myself to let go of the things (and some of the people) I was pouring into. I had to do that to protect my mental health, and I’m glad I did. It wasn’t a popular decision if you look at legalistic cultural dogma, but it was the right decision according to the Word of God.

What do you need to step out of today? How do you need to stop throwing your holy things to the dogs?

I don’t know your exact situation, but Holy Spirit will show you as soon as you ask. All you have to do is pray this:

“Dear Heavenly Father, thank You that Jesus said Your Holy Spirit will lead me into all truth. Right now, Lord, would You please show me any ways in which I am casting my pearls before swine? Would You please show me any ways I am throwing my holy things to the dogs? And then, Father, would You please help me have courage and backbone enough to stop?

Thank You, Abba Father. I give You all the praise. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen and amen.”

Friend, if you are casting your pearls before swine today, stop.

Full stop.

Obey Jesus and grow a backbone.

Establish healthy boundaries according to the Word of God.

You’ll be glad you did.

Does this word resonate with you today? If so, leave a comment below!

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  1. Sappirha Turner says:

    This word surely resonates with in me because there was a time where I was people pleasing ,afraid to say no.I was telling all of my business and the people who were listening we’re taking notes about my life just to attack me back stab me!So yes boundaries are necessary because it will begin to take a toll on your mental health if you do not set them.

    1. This is one reading that I have never heard before… Ni have learnt a lot. Thank you Lord

  2. Thankyou Jamie,

    It was as though this word was specifically for me, I am always giving what God has given me to pigs and dogs giving all my time and energy to people who don’t appreciate it, I am running with this word so that I can develop a backbone and take care of myself

    Be blessed in Jesus name you are blessed and highly favoured

  3. Angela Bittner says:

    Jamie thank you for this teaching. I have struggled with having discernment and wisdom with this Scripture and how specifically It applies to my life and with whom.
    As I feel that I should always do the right thing no matter what, for whomever at all times. However recently I heard a teaching and enlightening statement that said fir those of you that are so dedicated to always, always, always, doing the right thing. Think, right for who?
    You? Or them? Situations will also call you to do the right thing for you and that means to make the choice to do the “best thing” for you. Which will be “the right thing”.
    And save those lovelies of your pearls for God’s better choice to receive them from you.

  4. This post was a confirmation of what I have hearing and reading about boundaries. It was a Rhema breakthrough Word for me in Matt 7: 6 that the Holy Spirit reminded me of.

  5. Laurna Tallman says:

    Right on the button with perfect timing. Thank you, Jamie.

  6. Rebecca Jones says:

    A powerful and timely word for sure. I recall reading that the children’s bread referred to healing, I believe a lot of people are missing out on that promise by continuing to people please, and even let them make you sick in a sense.

  7. Thank you Jaime for this message from Daddy God. It’s what I needed to make right choices & walk away from what isn’t His will & best for my life. Thank you Jaime for Truth & Love from Daddy God. New life begins today. Shalom & love

  8. Last night I was feeling pretty helpless and unsure talking to a family member, trying to figure out some way to talk about God’s truth and love for him without annoying him; I haven’t lost hope for him. But right now, I know very well that he’s too hard in heart to receive it.

    The exact phrase “don’t case your pearls before swine” even popped into my mind after I left his room. I suppose this is confirmation that I’ve done my part and I have to leave it to God.

  9. Francesca says:

    Thank you so much – this is the article I have been unconsciously searching for decades – spending so time with those who did not appreciate me or the Bible’s message and moral guidance, today I sat by myself having coffee outside a coffee shop reading chapter 11 of Genesis – and Yahweh humbled me – and the message was clear – pray for those who revile you in the coffee shop for the colour of your skin, for the fact that my husband is overseas and not here to defend my honour when I am verbally abused mainly by white folk, who see me reading the Bible and hate the God I serve. Today I prayed for a gentleman who walked past, head bowed, and sad of heart – my heart opened up to him, and I said a prayer for him, for the angels to protect him, and support him.

    Kindness does not need a denomination – it just needs genuine apage love – I gave many years to a church that did not appreciate me and now I am so much happier – I thank the online preachers for their god influenced wisdom.

    1. Friend of God says:

      Francesca, I read your comment and I’m sorry you went through that, but can I give you the perspective from a white (Christian) persons view? If anyone mistreats you simply because of the color of your skin, that’s reprehensible. But I too, as a white person, have been mistreated by strangers before I’ve even said a word, I’ve seen hatred in their eyes. And they can be white like me, black, Hispanic or whatever. It’s the spirit in them that instantly recognizes the Holy Spirit in us…It’s much more likely that race is not the real issue, but the fact that you’re a believer and they aren’t. Evil spirits recognize people filled with the Holy Spirit and a battle takes place behind the scenes that we can’t see with our eyes, but it’s there. The Bible said to rejoice when we are persecuted for doing good. The same people that have come against you when you have done nothing to deserve that, would also come against me under similar circumstances. It’s the JESUS IN US that they hate, because they’re being manipulated by the spirit in them! I had to learn to take it as a compliment, and not an insult. I can’t take it personally because I know evil hates everything good. If the world hates you remember they also hated our Savior Jesus Christ. If you’re being persecuted for righteousness sake Jesus told us beforehand it would happen. Pray for them, but don’t take it too personally. 💕

      1. Amen. Thank you, friend of God, for saying this to Francesca. As sisters in Christ, we must remind each other where the REAL battle lies… and it’s not with skin color.
        Blessings to all who name the name of Jesus

  10. Sometimes , we share spiritual things with even friends that the Holy Ghost hasn’t prompted us to share. Maybe we do it in a bragging mode. Our friends aren’t actually swine, but we haven’t felt spiritually prompted in that moment to share. We need to be careful of this, along with sharing things which we know to be true, but sharing it with certain people we know won’t be ready to hear or deal with it, we are casting our pearls.

  11. Friend of God says:

    I’ve had two “friendships”, with other Christians, where I did all the giving and they did all the taking. I had to learn the hard way. When ministering to people God puts in our path, often we may do more of the giving and that’s ok. It’s not always going to be give and take and that may be what they need until they mature spiritually. But these women were supposed to be my friends. Friendship is different from ministry, as true friends should give, as well as receive. In both relationships God intervened when I prayed about ending the friendship, but not necessarily right away. He wanted me to learn something about boundaries. By doing too much for them I was keeping them from maturing, and I was standing in Gods way. Sometimes God didn’t want me to rescue them from situations they caused themselves. In both cases I’d give them the advice they asked for,(referring them to biblical wisdom), then they’d turn around and do the opposite, which didn’t end well for them. Advice and counsel is good, but if someone repeatedly ignores sound advice, that’s a red flag. Pray for them, but be willing to walk away if God says to.

  12. Taniqua Burns says:

    This word resonates with me and I’m so thankful for my abba father for continually teaching me lord you are good the way you teach us new things every day it is truly amazing to worship you. Thank you father

    Continue to guide me as I walk in faith in your holy name.

    Lord your daughter Taniqua burns is here and I am with you every step of the way.

  13. This a a powerful word because ive been letting people trample on me for too long its only in the last few weeks that ive grown a backbone I no give my time and energy to people who dont deserve it, thankyou Jamie

  14. Thank you Jamie for this word. I realized that I don’t need to allow all my time be caught up in my mother’s situation and not tend to mine. I’m learning putting the Lord first will give me all thst I need to tend to her. Also I don’t need to nor is it my responsibility to fulfill every little demand she feels she’s titled to. This I’m learning the hard way.
    With my mom having dementia she can be very unpleasant at times. Which I noticed the enemy uses alot. This is my wake up call. Thank you for the precious words you give. ❤

  15. Thank you Jamie for this word, this is a reminder and push from the Holy Spirit to let go of a personal relationship and toxic work environments that are overstepping their boundaries. I know Abba father wants and has better for us but nothing is wasted because there are lessons learned. thank you, Lord Jesus, that growing and keeping a backbone is needed to walk this Christain life. Thank you 🙂 Jamie for your obedience. 💕🙌

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