“Enter a Place of Rest, for I Am Coming,” Says the Lord

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Prophetic word from Jamie Rohrbaugh

I woke up this morning hearing Holy Spirit singing the song “Hero” (by Catherine Mullins). I know it wasn’t me thinking about the song, for I slept all night and truly had forgotten that song existed. (It used to be one of my favorites, though, years ago!)

After I worshipped the Lord and listened to that song for a few minutes, the Lord spoke this to me:

“You have been worried about many things, but only one thing is needful.

I am with you always to keep you, but sometimes you act like you don’t know that. You worry and fret, but I am aware of your needs and will provide for them all.

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    I know you take great responsibility because you love, and that is a good thing–to a degree. But it can also be a bad thing to other degrees.

    I need you to look to Me more than you have.

    You cannot provide for yourself, no matter how hard you try. You cannot take care of your own self. You cannot even heal yourself in the power of your own flesh–not with all the vitamins in the world.

    Do you not know that I truly hold all your cells together? I am involved in your life in a MUCH more intimate way than you ever dreamed! It is in ME that you live, and move, and have your being! Your very existence depends on Me.

    So why do you fret? Why do you act as if the mere acts of fretting and trying harder each day will solve your problems?

    You cannot solve your problems. All you can do is dwell in Me.

    But I am your Hero, and I am coming to your rescue. I am coming right now, today, and I want you to notice that I say that as My name: “I Am Coming.” I am always coming to you, and I am always here as well. I guard you behind and before, above and beneath, and it is in Me that all things consist.

    Let go of your troubles and give them to Me.

    I want you to learn in a new era of rest. If you do not know how to rest at this level of responsibility, ask Me to teach you. I uphold all things by the word of My power; do you not think I am busy also? Do you not think that I understand responsibility?

    I do understand responsibility at a much greater level than you do. Remember that it was I who took the sins of the world on My shoulders! In that moment, I knew that the fate of the entire plan of salvation for mankind rested upon Me, and on what I would do. The weight of that responsibility was crushing.

    But I stood it, because My Father’s grace was sufficient for Me, just like it is sufficient for you.

    I see the terrible weight you bear every day, and I want you to let Me teach you how to rest at this level. You truly learned how to rest at a lower level, but you are at a higher level now, and the techniques you will need for resting look different here in some ways.

    I am with you to help you rest right now. Remember that I said in My Word:

    “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light” (Matthew 11:28-30 NKJV).

    That part about being “heavy laden” has been crushing you, but it is My will that you should release it to Me.

    You will still have responsibility, but the level of responsibility you have been carrying is not from Me. You cannot make one hair of your head black or white. So do you really feel that you can provide for your own needs at the level you are at, or at any level?

    I tell you, you cannot. But I can. And I know you don’t know how to rest in Me at this level yet, although you have been doing a good job trying. Yes, I say it again: you have been doing a good job trying. I am not mad at you!

    But I will take care of you as you rest.

    You don’t have to be afraid of resting. You can rest without fear of recrimination. You can rest and do all things holy, knowing that I will take care of you and perfect the things that concern you.

    I want you to focus on the Psalms while I am teaching you to rest in this season.

    Read the words of My servant David, for I used him to shepherd all of Israel–but he still knew how to rest. Resting was not easy for him, but he had to do it because of the adversity he went through. The persecution he faced was ten times worse than you have ever faced, but he clung to Me and I used him to set an example for the universe.

    REST is one of the keys of David that I mention in My Scripture.

    Believe it or not, resting will open doors for you. Resting will help you receive from Me. And resting will bring you more grace in your life than you have ever dreamed.

    I am with you to keep you. I say that over and over again because it is true, My beloved. I need you to know that; to meditate on it; to commune with your heart upon your bed and be still. That is My Word in Psalm 4:4:

    “Stand in awe, and sin not: commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still. Selah” (Psalm 4:4 NKJV).

    And that is why I am speaking to you right now in a place of rest. I am going to make all things new; indeed, I am making them new right now. The darkest hour is just before the dawn. You feel like the darkest hour is upon you, but I tell you it is only a precursor to the dawn that is breaking.

    You will receive new levels of My mercies today, and you will rejoice.

    Confess that daily. THIS, and every day, is the day that I have made. Let you and Me rejoice together, and be glad in it!

    There is much to be glad about in your life, My friend,” says the Lord. “You have been looking for joy, and you are right to look for joy and count it all joy. But I want you to look harder; to focus on how much I have blessed you, and to give thanks for it all. Everything around you is an example of My blessing, and it will help you to pray through as many offerings of thanksgiving as you can think of.

    I am going to teach you in this season. You do not have to worry. Simply cast your cares on Me, and I will sustain you. I will truly NOT allow the righteous to be moved.

    I love your friendship, My dear one,” says the Lord.

    And He continued: “You have been a faithful friend to Me these many years, and we will grow closer still. I delight in you, despite all your feelings of failure and your taking false responsibility sometimes. I am helping to cure you of that, but it is a process and I am proud of you for loving like you do.

    You will follow Me in this season. I already know it, for I know you, and you will not abandon Me, for you could not if you tried! Remember that I am keeping you, and My keeping power is greater than your fatigue could ever be.

    Receive restoration and rejuvenation as you rest in Me, My beloved.

    My yoke is easy, and My burden is light. My burden used to be heavy like your burden is, and even heavier than you can imagine. But My work is finished; I am resting now, with My feet on the footstool of the nations. The finished work of the cross is now manifest in your life and in many places on the earth, and My Father will see to it that the nations become the kingdoms of your Lord, and of His Christ.

    I love you, My darling.

    I do call you that, for you are the apple of My eye. I am here for you and with you all the time. Lean on Me, for I am strong and you are relatively weak in My sight.

    You are only a child, as mature as you are; you will always be a child compared to My age! I laugh when I say that, but I assure you that I am not disrespecting you in any way, shape, or form. This is the life that I gave you to live, and you are doing a great job. You need to hear that: you are doing a great job.

    I want you to enter a place of rest, for I am coming.

    It is My name, and it is also what I am doing. Prepare your heart for Me and rest in Me. Seek Me daily and seek Me first, for the Kingdom of God is at hand in more ways than you know. Never fear or dread; I will not abandon you.

    I have visited you with this word, as you have asked me to do. Can we talk more often? I would love it if you would ask Me more questions and spend time just listening. I believe you will, for you care about the desires of My heart. Thank you for that.

    I love you, My beloved and darling child and friend. You are dear to Me. Thank you for loving like I love, and thank you for being Mine.


    Your Jesus.”

    Thank You, precious Lord Jesus.

    Friend, if this word comforts your heart today, leave a comment below.

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    1. This is a great comfort to me because I have been spending a lot of time listening to the word of God so happy he noticed, and joyous that he is still with me all thanks and praise to God

      Jamie stay blessed in Jesus name

      1. WOW! This touched my heart so………
        I am in tears….
        I am loved…
        I will rest…

      2. David Tetteh Dameh says:

        Jesus! I thank You so much for loving me and inviting me to Your precious gift if live. I appreciate what you have done for me. I will keep on resting on You. Amen greatful. Amen

    2. Karin Delaport says:

      Thank you for this word I needed it so much and it is talking directly to me and the season in my life and how my life is thank you thank you Jesus for your love and mercy that you have given me

    3. Nochickenhead says:

      Beautiful and heart-warming. God is awesome.

    4. Gloria lopez says:

      It was beautiful word God spoke directly to my heart . Thank you so much my sister may God Bless you for being my friend .

    5. Nicole Castaneda says:

      Wow! Amazing timing! Thank you.

      1. Sooooo timely….thank you for your obedience

    6. Kristina Brown says:

      Thank you! I felt God speaking directly to me. He has heard my prayers, thoughts, and knows my heart. Thank you! Thank you Lord.

    7. Dear ABBA father,
      I have tarried in faith for my burden to get lighter but it has gotten heavier n my heart has been weary as I continued to pray for joy unspeakable..thank you for being mindful of me and speaking to me today,thank you for Joy unspeakable cometh into my life..amen love you dad..

    8. My God! This word has spoken to me on such great levels. And as always… it is in perfect timing.

      This word offers peace and confirmation for my current place in life and my journey.

      Thank you for sharing this awesome word!

    9. Wow!!! That was certainly for me! I needed to hear that.
      Thank you Jamie for sharing. God is so amazing to give you a word that blessed others as well!!! Thank you Jesus!

    10. Beautiful word from the Lord, thank you for the encouragement. I’m always asking Him to help me rest in Him and to love like He does. May His blessings rest on on you today.

    11. Shamonie Taylor says:

      Amazing rhema word, it spoke to me in so many ways. I felt the Holy Spirit ministering to me through this word .Thank you for allowing The Lord to speak through you .May an abundance of blessings be poured into you and your ministry .God bless you all .

    12. Chris Brown says:

      This morning as I was checking my emails I saw “Enter a Place of Rest” and immediately clicked it. As I began to read it, I knew this was a personal word from the Lord to me. In this I saw where the Lord said to read the Psalms and how David talked about resting a lot. WOW. I just create a 90-day scripture reading for Psalms, Proverbs and the gospels recently, now I understand why. Thank you for hearing and posting. This was just for me. God bless you.

    13. Thank you so much Jamie! ! As I was reading this, this song was playing- DOE JONES “WHAT I’M WAITING FOR” a great new song! We say, I know what Im waiting gor, and god answers, “I AM COMING!” Here are part of the LYRICS:
      “I’m waiting on a Word
      Only You can Speak
      I’m waiting on a Win
      Only You can bring
      Sounds Like Healing
      Freedom, Resting, Revelation
      I’m waiting on a Word
      Only You can Speak
      So come on,
      Word and Spirit
      Come on, Move the Mountain
      Lead us through the Desert
      Lead us to the Fountain
      Springs of Living Water
      Leave me Thirsty no more
      I know what I’m waiting for
      I know what I’m waiting for

      [Verse 2]
      I’m waiting on a Wave
      Only You can Break
      I’m waiting on a Move
      Only You can Make
      It Looks Like
      Heaven, Pouring out
      The Kingdom, Coming down
      I’m waiting on a Wave
      Only You can Break

      Your Voice, Your Voice
      Is Canceling out
      The Noise, the Noise
      Come Draw to the Sound
      Your Voice, Your Voice
      Is Canceling out
      The Noise, the Noise
      Come Draw to the Sound

    14. This word brought tears to my eyes. It blessed me greatly.

      Thank you Jamie , as you continue to avail yourself as God’s vessel to pour out to others.

    15. Beth Jones says:

      This is very special today. Holy Spirit manifested Himself this AM in a wonderful way before I read this. I went to the front door and looked out, then a light brown feather floated before my eyes on the other side of the glass door. It went to my right then it turned and floated in front of me to the left side. It landed in a cluster of growing Spring “surprise lillies.” We live in northern Kansas, so the lillies are somewhat early. The doves we commonly have around here are Mourning Doves or Turtle Doves. I listened to some Dove calls next. The ones we here the most now are actually Eurasian collared Doves. They have a different call and when I first noticed them I heard by The Spirit what they were saying, it is You’re Going Through. Thank you Lord for this wonderful, encouraging Sign today.

    16. Irma Nortje says:

      amen thanku beloved for this powerful grace word

    17. I copied down this beautiful prayer and will speak it out loud daily.It made me understand the great love the Father has for me. I am so blessed that my Father calls me His darling.

    18. Yes, thank you for this encouraging word & prayer.
      Our times are in His hands.
      Lord, help me to rest in You & trust your heart in all that concerns me.
      God bless you, Jamie!

    19. I’ve been praying for you and your burden of responsibility, and now I get to see it answered! You’re an example and encouragement. What a beautiful word!

    20. Amen. I receive this word from My Love,Jesus Christ.
      The Lord told me His yoke is easy and His burden is light and that I must rest in Him.

      Thank you Jamie

    21. you surely gave it as the lord intended thank you

    22. Amen and Praise God! He always knows what we need. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    23. This was absolutely phenomenal and timely for me Jamie! Thank you so much for sharing. I find it quite difficult to rest so this was a tremendous blessing to read today!

    24. Amen thank you God for this prophetic word 🙏🏾. I

    25. Wow, just wow! Thank you Jamie for your obedience and thank You Father God for giving her this timely word!!

    26. This has wrecked me in happy, joyful tears. Deep in my heart. I am so thankful to Jesus for leading me here to read this. Just in time

    27. Corina Kostreba says:

      It so for me as well. Father has been speaking to my heart about resting in Him. Yeshua comforts me with these sweet words that are a dear reminder of how He feels little ole me.
      I’m so grateful.

      Corina Kostreba

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